We Are Storm Legion: Rift Getting Massive Expansion

Sadly, Trion Worlds will soon have to change its expansion, as Storm Legion is the name of my progressive metal act.
Have you ever expanded anything? For instance, how about your house? Maybe you caved a few walls and – with a liberal application of elbow grease – crafted the most impressive garage in the entire cul-de-sac. Well, Trion Worlds, by comparison, has the most impressive garage on the entire planet. And also, it’s not a garage. Rift’s Storm Legion expansion – which will apparently triple the already beastly beast-slayer’s real estate – will up the level cap to 60, introduce two new continents, add a smattering of new dungeons, and test out a form of player housing known as “dimensions.”

GameSpot has the full details, which also include a new zone event creature called the colossus. It’s 100 times the size of a normal player, so, uh, good luck. As for the continents, Dusken’s got a vague horror influence to it – but is unfortunately not called FromDuskTilDawnen – and Brevane is home to the Eternal City, which sounds pretty important. I bet it has some amazing garages.

If you hate the outdoors, though, there are also seven new dungeons, three new raids, and one new story-centric Chronicle – all leading up to a showdown with Crucia, Queen of Storms. Continuing the story focus, Trion Worlds plans to move away from golden exclamation points and toward more instant adventures, which whisk players away to battle-packed zones, well, instantly.

Also, perhaps most importantly, you can wear capes now. Only time will tell whether they billow majestically or simply stick to backs as though anchored by a slimy film of sweat, but either way, they’re bound to enhance your adventures by 224 percent. At any rate, you’ll probably feel more capable.

So basically, the modus operandi of Storm Legion is “more.” If you’re looking for out-of-left-field curveballs, you probably won’t find many. But, if you’re a Rift player who came down with a mean case of wanderlust, maybe this will finally bring you back home. And then you’ll get stepped on by a colossus. Just like old times!

And now, a CG trailer that’s completely non-representative of what Storm Legion will actually be like when it launches this fall:


  1. porps says:

    wow no comments? I guess there really is that little interest in Rift. Shame really, i actually thought it was quite a decent post-wow mmo, could never understand why it wasnt popular.

    • Njordsk says:

      Yes wondering the same.

      Is there still a good player database? I’m kind of looking for an MMO right now, but if not many peoples play it…

    • Sarkhan Lol says:

      Failure to comment, as regards MMOs, is actually a far more positive testimony than most leading examples of the genre, which generally boil down to jihad in a little under a paragraph.

    • ScubaMonster says:

      Same reason why people are losing interest in TOR; copied same old WoW mechanics. Why play a re-skinned WoW when you’ve been playing it for 6 years?

      • porps says:

        because people like that style, but at the same time like new things. But you are right, i think the similarities to wow did put many people off. But i also think most of what it did, it did better than wow, unlike Sw-Tor imo.
        Somehow though, it felt much more fun in beta than at release. Maybe because I pretty much got to 50 without having to talk to any other players. While i loved the multiple specs and how easily you could switch between them it does mean that you rarely if ever had to advertise out of your circle of friends for that specific role you need to complete your group.

        • deadfolk says:

          I read ”Sw-Tor imo” and was momentarily convinced you were using a Dragon Shout on us!

    • aircool says:

      Sorry… I was too busy playing the weekend warfront in rift to notice this article.

    • President Weasel says:

      I’d say it wasn’t popular for much the same reason as SWTOR is losing players by the hundreds of thousands – there’s not enough ‘there’ there. Personally I raced to 50, hung around for a week or so, thought “huh, WOW again” and left. I’ve done the high-end raiding thing to death in WOW,and Rift wasn’t offering anything I wasn’t already bored with.

      One of its main innovations, the system where you could swap in souls and multiclass with the same character, probably added to the drain – with a more traditional and restrictive approach to classing, people might have stuck around longer to try new classes.
      There was even less high end stuff available in SWTOR, although the single-player plotlines were engaging.
      A complex and interconnected crafting system and economy would have been nice, too.

      Sounds like there’s a great deal of ‘there’ in this expansion, enouh to keep the current playerbase happy for a while. Don’t know if it’s likely to persuade people who have already left to return though – anyone know someone who is thinking of coming back for this?

      • darkwonders says:

        Trion’s CS is leagues better than Bioware in this department though. Also, they patch stuff up like nobody’s business. I think they’re on hotfix 10 or 11 for 1.8. If they find something wrong, they will fix it asap.

        I gave up on waiting for Bioware to fix the major issues of SWTOR.

      • malkav11 says:

        I dropped Rift because although they had some interesting gameplay features, the worldbuilding was cliched and boring and I couldn’t be arsed to solo through that stuff when my coop partner turned up his nose at the game.

        I have no real expectation of an interesting endgame (or flashpoints, once they proved to mostly be largely plotless dungeon crawls with bosses carefully scattered along the way) with TOR, but they’ve done enough with the story and setting that I’ll probably stick it out for at least a full run with my Sith Inquisitor and maybe my Bounty Hunter. (Despite my coop partner once again having bailed.)

  2. Mr. Mister says:

    THESE THINGS ARE NOT DIMENTIONS MEDAMMIT.YOU’LL JUST STORE THINGS IN THE SAME 3D-dimentional position, but on different points of just one other dimention.

    • stahlwerk says:

      Shiny, shiny diments!

      Edit: The existence of dimensions and how many there are is deeply disputed in physics and philosophy. As a result, it’s so ill defined across linguistics, that the “science-fiction meaning” has become just another valid dimension of that word.

      • djbriandamage says:

        I’ll just leave this here. You people can leave your brains neatly in a bucket next to mine when you’re through.

        link to tenthdimension.com

        • Torn says:

          The tenth dimension stuff is pseudo-scientific stoner theory. Interesting, but not backed by anything credible.

          • djbriandamage says:

            I just take it as philosophy, not fact. Food for thought if nothing else.

    • FlowState says:

      You are aware that the term “dimensions” is used colloquially for many other things than spatial descriptors, right?

      For instance, I’m helping a friend with a neural network. Each of the decision nodes represents a ‘dimension’ (or consideration) of the decision model.

      I do have to agree in one way, however. If they’re meaning dimensions as in parallel universes, then it’s a bit of deprecated terminology, afaik.

      • theleif says:

        Well, parallel universes has always been called dimensions in fantasy RPG:s, so I’d say it’s a pretty established denomination within the genre.

  3. djbriandamage says:

    I tried the unlimited trial mode with my wife and we had quite a good time – excellent graphics, decent story, complex skill trees, flashy skills, lots of variety. My favourite aspect was that you get pretty exciting skills to start; skills that you’d have to grind 80 levels in WoW to get access to.

    Unfortunately we’re in the middle of our WoW annual pass and Rift was just too similar to warrant maintaining two subscriptions.

    We only had a superficial look at the first 15 or so levels, though. Can anyone comment on whether this game is enjoyable and has a good community? It looks pretty strong with its dungeon finder, multiple raids, and very unique take on fantasy art style. Is it worthwhile to invest time into this game today or would it be best to wait for the expansion which should reinvigorate the community?

    • theleif says:

      I had lot’s of fun when I played it, but I never reached max level. I stopped playing at lvl 47 (of 50), but that is actually the closest I’ve ever come to max level in any MMO. And, as I said, I did not quit because I was bored, but simply because I couldn’t convince any other friend to join. But I had a great time, and people where very friendly, even to someone that’s far from an MMO expert, like me .

  4. Howl says:

    @porps: I agree, it was pretty decent in terms of combat and visuals. It was linear though. It was a road from A to B, dotted with quest hubs. When I reached B I had nothing interesting to do and cancelled my subscription. I’d certainly be happy to see ‘more’ so I’ll probably pick this up.

  5. Shockpaddles says:

    “you can wear capes now. Only time will tell whether they billow majestically or simply stick to backs as though anchored by a slimy film of sweat, but either way, they’re bound to enhance your adventures by 224 percent. At any rate, you’ll probably feel more capable.”

    haha love the puns :D

  6. Kits says:

    I played the beta, then 6 months or so from release. It was a fun game, and felt like it had more to do than most MMO’s, especially at release. But every single patch made it easier and easier..
    Eventually there was no point playing. No challenge, no reason to attempt anything new.
    A few months after release, the “hard” mode of dungeons were dropped down to about the difficulty the normal ones were at in the beta..so stupid.

  7. Orazio Zorzotto says:

    I hear you on the capes, capes are awesome. I sure can’t wait to Trion one for myself!

    • ColOfNature says:

      I played the beta and I’ve always manteau go back. If the capes do indeed billow majestically I shawl have to seriously consider giving it another go.

    • djbriandamage says:

      Capes are massively multiflayer!

  8. Ringwraith says:

    So, turns out I randomly ‘won’ a digital copy of Rift, although the subscription kinda questions the value of such a free thing. I really don’t like subscriptions personally, paying for the game constantly doesn’t sit right with me.

  9. mjig says:

    Odd, I seem to remember them saying they had no plans to raise the level cap, and instead would expand the Alternate Advancement system, to avoid making their old content obsolete. Odd they chose to go back on that.

  10. Evil Betty says:

    Re-subbing for this… I have to ration myself with this though, Rift sucks me in…

  11. Hug_dealer says:

    what a ripoff.

    This content should have been included with the original game. Now they want us to pay more and a monthly fee for all of this. Thats total bull. I refuse to pay for it.

    They are divided the community into haves and have nots. Turning it into a pay to win. What if i want to play with my friends who have the content and i dont. ITS BULL!

    • darkwonders says:

      I would almost believe you, but I’ve seen your other posts. :p

    • n0s says:

      @Hug_dealer – Actually, it hasn’t been announced whether it’ll be a paid expansion or not.

      • Hug_dealer says:

        actually they have announced it .simply look in the faq. they say pre orders will be available at all retailers

  12. Hardmood says:

    rift is a really nice game, but for me there is 3 major reasons not to be played or payed.
    1. sub is to expensive (for 15euros a month i get a ton of brilliant indi games :-D, and some good mps)
    2. all skills r annihilated by using maximum 3 macros (even 1 macro spamming is possible…lol)
    3. some serious design flaws in classmechanics (so its worthless to spec some souls because of ZERO benefit compared to the cookiecutter builds trion is supporting…). and they have no clue to solve the problem

    hm, let me guess, theres a 4th reason…called SKYRIM haha

  13. PlusFour says:

    You can get a free copy of rift and 30 days playing time if you’re looking to try it out. Not available to existing Rift players however.
    link to raptr.com