Zokk! There’s An Arkham City Demo On Steam

With everything else that went on last year I felt like we skipped over Arkham City a bit, which is a shame because it was a great game, with ideas aplenty. Also: Batman. Anyway, consider this your reminder to take a look if you haven’t, because there’s a demo gone up on Steam, giving you limited access to Arkham’s open-world Batman ’em up. Perhaps them compare those experiences with Adam’s verdict.

Thanks Blue!


  1. Xardas Kane says:

    Sure took their time with it…

    • baby snot says:

      Funny you should say that because it’s a timed demo. 15 minutes. Two missions. Free Selina from Two-Face and then rescue some hostages from Harley’s thugs. You can explore a small area but there are invisible walls pegging you in. Works great as a stress test. Overall I’m happy to know that it runs perfectly well o my little notebook using a 310m (low settings – haven’t tried turning them up yet) and looks and plays ok.

  2. Mistabashi says:

    Word of warning – there’s no FoV setting, so on a widescreen monitor it may give you a headache. There is a hacky workaround, you can modify one of the configs to add a keybind that sets it to whatever value you want (something around 100 is probably good), the only problem is that it’ll occasionally revert back to default when there’s a cutscene or whatever, so it’s a bit of a pain. Fucking irritating that devs don’t seem to understand the basic principles of FoV, the game was literally giving me a headache after 20 minutes or so because it felt like I was squinting the whole time…

    • Shortwave says:

      You can use this tool called Widescreen fixer and it will fix the fov in Batman and a lot of other games with a few simple clicks. : ) You’re welcome. Makes life easier man.

      But yea, freakin’ Devs n’ their damn FOV ignorance.
      InB4 it’s fine and it doesn’t give you headaches?

      • Mistabashi says:

        That’s an awesome find! Thank you, does it definitely work without problems in this game though? the fact that the cutscenes tend to revert the FoV makes me worry it might have issues in places.

        • Shortwave says:

          It did not for me, but did for others if I recall.
          But even so, the solution to get it back would just be to hit the bound key you selected to activate and deactivate the FOV fix in real time.

          Anytime dude.

    • baby snot says:

      I usually have an issue with FOV but I had no problems playing this demo.

  3. deadstoned says:

    From my friend bitching about his saves disappearing and that the game uses GFWL, I think I’ll just leave it til I get a PS3. Plus GFWL will probably want a CD-key like Bulletstorms demo did.

    • AmyRabbit75 says:

      As far as I understand, the game has to be connected to GFML to save. So if you get disconnected from the service, a little GFWL popup warns you, and then the game will no longer save your progress. If you don’t notice the warning and keep playing, when you come back later, you’ll be unpleasantly surprised to realize that you lost your progress. It seems a particularly bad design decision not to display “YOUR GAME IS NOT BEING SAVED! PLEASE RESTART!” continually in an impossible to miss way.

      • kud13 says:

        solution to this, and 80% of other GaFWL problems:

        use offline mode. always.

        good luck getting the client to update itself to get to that stage. That’s the other 20%

    • Shortwave says:

      TBH, I never had an issue with any GFWL games but I do realize that’s not true for everyone.
      Just a little idea for you, it’s something I do.. I simply mirror the “my games” folder to backup on another drive for me. That way whenever I reformat my PC I still have all my saved games. (Sometimes I need to manually backup a few games that don’t default to My Games but hardly. I have like 4 years of games saved like this.. Works great and yea, you don’t really need to worry about losing them so easily of course. Just check out google on how to do that if you ever really decide you care.

      • Cooper says:

        Backing up save game folders isn’t enough for all GFWL games.

        GFWL encrypts your save games; if you do not also backup the encryption files (usually in a separate “XLIVE” folder somewhere in AppSettings or ProgramFiles you’re screwed.

  4. Narzhul says:

    The game’s still not in my region. I still hate WB.

  5. Jamesworkshop says:

    I noticed this and was surprised, I fully finished it on my PS3 anyway, I have to say I was worried that the walled off city would be dull but it had some of the most unexpected level design in certain parts that I had no idea would be included and characters I was not expecting.

    For a game with such a lot going on it tied the abilities in really well, nothing felt unfinished.

    My only problem is I felt that the Riddle thugs interrogation got a bit grindy

  6. Zarunil says:

    Bought this on Steam for €11,99 a few weeks back. Excellent game. However, it comes with GFWL which – as all games with the malware – caused initial problems for me until I figured out how to create an offline profile through a guide on YouTube.

    Once you get past GFWL, the game is very good. I’d say it’s one notch above Arkham Asylum.

    Beware of Advanced Augmented Reality Training #1, though. You have been warned!

    • Maktaka says:

      Is that the one where you have to glide perfectly horizontally down the rail track? Because if so, yes, fuck that one.

      • Zarunil says:

        You are correct. I attempted it at least 200 times before being successful. Fuck it, indeed. Whoever thought of that exercise is a sadist.

        • kud13 says:

          it’s annoying. however, once I got good at it (only took about 150 tries) all the other ones were done in about 5 tries.

    • AmyRabbit75 says:

      Bought it in the steam sale as well, and have been really enjoying it–many, many hours in. It seems like there’s always new location to see or some new supervillain to punch.

    • Shortwave says:

      Ha, last night my buddy was just saying to me.
      “The funniest thing is, most people who hate GFWL just havn’t figured out how to make an offline profile..”

      HA! >.<

  7. Shooop says:

    These “year too late” demos are getting annoying.

    80% or more of the people who wanted the game have already bought it. And it would have been much more effective for nVida since they were using the game to hype their 500 series.

  8. Shortwave says:

    Releasing demos months and months after a game is actually out is the dumbest idea ever.
    They should either have a demo BEFORE or AT Launch.
    You know.. So people can decide if they want the game or not.. To see if it even works for them before they buy it.. Yea..

    Don’t give people a demo to try a game out and what’s going to happen?
    Right, they are going to go pirate it instead. A ten year old could of told them that.
    /me golf claps


    • kinglog says:

      I was never interested enough to buy the game at launch but enjoyed asylum (bought late on a steam sale). I’ll probably try the demo over the weekend and if I like it I’ll get it on the next sale.

      With digital distribution games are available ~forever – they don’t sit on a shelf for a few months and disappear. Very late demos may well initiate a second wave of sales.

      • Shortwave says:

        You strike a good point but still.
        From a marketing prospective it’s still very simply counter-productive.
        Naturally you want to ride that first “big wave” as hard as you can.

        And it’s the fact that so many people DID go just torrent it instead of buying it for fear it it being total shite.
        And it’s the fact that at least half of those people probably decided after they wouldn’t bother buying it..
        ONLY because they had already played a bunch at that point and got their fix.
        Only if they had a demo, they would of enjoyed the demo and it’d of ended and they’d of WANTED MORE.
        Whole point of a demo really.. But yea, they can’t have that effect now because well.. All those people who wanted to try it.. Have already done so now likely by other non-legal means..

        I simply think Devs under estimate the value of a simple DEMO when it comes to fighting something like piracy..

        • Llewyn says:

          I’m not sure I entirely agree with you – people who are going to pirate the game and not buy it if it’s good (ie not the ‘try before you buy’ brigade) are going to pirate it anyway, demo or not.

          However I do agree with your main point – a demo is essential when games are release, if not to deter piracy then to deter apathy. In either case the aim should be to maximise sales. I bought AC recently during one of the £10 sales; if there had been a demo available they’d have got my money at full price when the game released. In contrast, the only PC game I’ve paid full price for in the last 6 months was CKII, after being seduced by the demo.

          The obvious exception is when a game is unmitigated crap. In that situation a demo will hurt sales more than it will help them. Unfortunately these days I tend to assume a game is crap if there is no demo, and only buy when it’s cheap enough that I won’t mind too much if I’m proved right.

  9. Ravenger says:

    GFWL limited activations + Securom limited activations + disc check / Steam DRM is keeping me away from this game, despite really wanting to play it.

    Three layers of DRM – Seriously?

  10. Zaboomafoozarg says: