Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron Rolling On PC After All

And then everyone lived happily ever after.
So I haven’t actually played Transformers: War For Cybertron, but Alec liked “the bit where the robot punched the other robot.” If there is a more ringing endorsement – aside from, hypothetically, “it let me punch, kick, crush, blast, boil, mash, blend, throw the sun at, and gravely insult Shia Labeouf” – I’ve yet to hear it. For the longest time, however, its upcoming sequel was confined to the robo-space-planet of Consoletropolistopiatron, because developer High Moon Studios felt it wasn’t capable of delivering an up-to-par port. Fair enough – given that War’s port was a bit shoddy. Still though, nothing isn’t generally better than something. So now, High Moon’s passing the baton that turns into a fully featured kitchen off to the aptly named Mercenary Technology.

As GameSpy so eloquently put it before seeking clarification from Activision, “who?” Turns out, Mercenary’s staffed by gobs of people who’ve worked on “an extremely diverse set ranging from aerospace avionics, flight sims, first person shooters, racing sims, music games, 3rd person action games, casual games, strategy games and more” on basically every platform imaginable. This is, however, the first console-to-PC port the wayward developer’s ever taken a shot at. So, uh, fingers crossed?

On the upside, the PC version’s launching day-and-date with its console cousins on August 28th. So, if – for some strange reason – you don’t have the patience of a saint who also teaches kindergarten while working customer service when it comes to your robot-punching, you’re in good hands.

So then, obviously, there was a fair amount of demand for this from, well, somewhere. Was it you, though? Did this thing make its way back onto PC due to honest-to-goodness fan love, or was it outcry that stemmed from the principle of the thing?


  1. TormDK says:

    I liked the first PC game.

    Sure, it was a port – but the multiplayer worked surprisingly well.

    Oh, and – TRANSFORMERS!!!!1111!!

  2. Was Neurotic says:

    The first game was brilliant (on the PC anyway), but I think that if you weren’t a TF fan, and didn’t know that it was the first element in the latest TF reboot (that now includes the Irvine novels and the excellent CGI TF Prime series), then the experience was only a ghost of what it could be.

    having said that, that ghost was a solidly built experience. A lot of reviews (PCG UK included) cited an overall colour-blandness about the levels and a samey-ness in the enemy attack patterns, and whilst one could possibly credit them the first criticism, the second doesn’t really hold up.

    First of all, the PC version most likely benefited from the higher resolution gfx, at which point one can see that, despite the non-stop metallicness and machiney-ness of the backgrounds (this is a metal planet of course), there is actually a huge amount of variety between the levels. Each level of the game is subdivided into 4 portions, each one a different part of the overall level, and each one is, again, pretty distinct. The energon processing levels later on are amazing, with vivid blue energon pools sloshing around.

    Secondly, the enemies weren’t revolutionary in terms of AI, but they did try to flank you – around, over and under. They focused fire on you and made some *seemingly* quite strategic decisions. They deployed in interesting ways, with mixed aerial and ground units breaking up waves of many lesser bots or a few super bots. Plus, there were some really epic Mini Boss and Boss fights in there too.

    What really nails the first game for me though, is the story, and I think it works really well whether you’re a TF fan or not (I am). It’s a linear campaign, that begins with 5 sub-divided levels played through as the Decepticons, and 6 to 10 played through as the Autobots. That latter campaign occurs at the same time as the Cons’ levels, so there are some cool cross-over points where you go ‘Ah ha, that’s how that gigantic bloody ship crashed right on my head, wiping out the entire neighbourhood and sparking off a battle that lasted 30 minutes!’ The voice acting is spot-on and the script and plotting are (imho) well above-average for any game, let alone a shooter. This is partly because Hasbro (usually) take very good care of their franchise, and this was a new timeline launch for them.

    So, I say, all credit to High Moon for pulling off an absolutely awesome game the first time, and even more credit for backing away from a potential botch-job for the second’s PC port. I must admit, I didn’t know it was a console-only launch, and whether these mercs can do a similarly good job with the new port, who knows. But overall, yes, I wanted this second game (and the third, it is supposed to be a trilogy) fervently. Me and my kids have played the shit out of TWFC, and if I had to eat a bowl of dick to get a second game as good or better than the first, I’d only say, ‘Gimme a goddamn spoon’.

    • ThinkAndGrowWitcher says:

      Totally agreed (apart from the dick & spoon).

      “Linear” in this gaming age seems to be a dirty word that makes people want to be physically sick into the latest over-hyped sandbox…

      Give me some linear-assed levels filled with well paced gameplay, great storytelling/atmosphere, and – for christ’s sake – some *decent voice overs* any day of the week. War For Cybetron (for me) has all those, plus (apparently) fun multiplayer on top.

      Oh, what the hell ‘Was Neurotic’ – I’ll share your spoon…

  3. HermitUK says:

    Got it in a sale on the PC, and what I played was great. Sadly, the god awful controls stopped me persevering with it; keyboard and mouse was borderline unusable, and for some reason the gamepad controls decided to put transform on the left stick button, which meant I kept hitting it by accident.

    Do a decent port job this time and I’m sold.

    • JD Ogre says:

      The main problem with the PC controls, other than not being able to rebind them, is that the mouse is soooooooooooooooo slow, like half the speed you get aiming with the stick (though, of course, more precise ‘cos it is a mouse). And you can’t do anything to fix that ‘cos, for some insane reason, the config file (TransGame\Config\PC\Coalescend.ini) is 232KB and encrypted or a binary).

      Other than that, the extreme discontinuity between where the character is facing and where the mouse pointer is (making it a bitch to move in a straight line), and its obscenely short length, and the mission where you have to defend Ratchet while he’s repairing Omega Supreme, the game was awesome.

      • HermitUK says:

        I found with the mouse, on foot aiming was terribly slow, but then when in vehicle mode it was incredibly oversensitive.

        And the .ini file is encrypted, because for some silly reason the game uses the same settings for SP and MP. All the options are in there. There was a program for decrypting it, since vanished off the net, but it allowed people to alter things like weapon damage and essentially cheat in multiplayer.

        It’s a shame so little thought went into the port. Hopefully they’ll do it right this time :p

  4. somini says:

    Here is hoping for a new porting company to rival nixxes.
    And now I have to try the first game, with all this positive opinions.

  5. AshEnke says:

    What I want for this sequel :
    – Less linearity : I don’t want an openworld, but some sequeces were almost like a rail-shooting.
    – More variety in the powers : there was only a few in singleplayer, and it got pretty boring because of that
    – Better jet feeling : it was nice in multiplayer in the small arenas, but in single player it felt so slow !
    – More outside and less inside : I liked all the levels that took place in the “streets” of the planet, with bright colors and variety, but most of the game was spent underground around shades of purple
    – Funky multiplayer modes ! Why not a race&shoot mode where you race around circuits blasting each other with canons and new vehicle powers !

  6. Alec Meer says:

    I am well-pleased by this news.

  7. Chizu says:

    Oh yesh.
    I enjoyed WFC alot when it originally came out, was really disappointed when this one was announced to be console only (I coulda still played it, but my friends I co-op’d the first with wouldn’t).

    So this is good news indeeds.

    Love me some Grimlock, Hope he’s fun to play, one of my favourite characters from the originals, along with Soundwave and Starscream.

  8. Jake says:

    Hooray, the first was a really great co-op game.

  9. Xocrates says:

    The first one was surprisingly good, and it makes me very happy that this one will come to PC too.

    Sadly, it’s released in too close proximity to Darksiders 2, and I don’t think I’ll be able to justify full price for both of them :(

    *sigh* I’ll mark it down for christmas sale.

  10. aguamoose says:

    Am I the only person that noticed?


  11. fooga44 says:

    While Transformers WFC for the PC had excellent graphics, it’s gameplay was pretty average to below average. While new gamers might think WFC is fun. If you’ve played first/third person shooters since doom. WFC wasn’t doing anything new. They just wrapped shooting in transformers graphics.

    The single player levels while artistically great were poorly designed. The enemies and action got repetitive and certain levels were poorly paced and went on way too long. WFC was a game that was about the flash not the substance.

    The multiplayer while great if you’re a gamer without much experience or history of gaming just doesn’t make sense when there are better multiplayer games that are much older (i.e. UT2004).

    New games should build on the advancements of older games or try to bring something new to the table.

    Also the transform mechanics and weapon feeling was extremely fucked up. You really didn’t get the sense that being in vehicle form was awesome. They never really worked being a vehicle into the game. I was hoping you’d get a sense speed like nfs and have cool car chase battles like you’d find in something like Saints Row The third.

    I loved driving around in saints and doing the car chases with people shooting. Transformers should bring that kind of vehicular excitement when you play it. Instead TWFC was really lame and flat and really catered to slow-mo inexperienced console gamers.

  12. Urthman says:

    The section of the Decepticon levels where you spend several levels on the run from Omega Supreme until you finally have to fight him was fantastic. The rest was pretty good.

    I used AutoHotKey to rebind the controls and had zero problems playing with K+M.

    I think they could have done a lot more with the vehicle stuff — big arenas or long highways that focused more on vehicle-based combat — but it’s a lot better than any of the previous attempts at Transformer video games. I enjoyed the flying missions quite a bit — they reminded me a bit of Descent 3. And while the vehicles modes didn’t feel much like cars, they added some good variation to the (mostly solid) basic 3rd-person shooting mechanics. Particularly during some of the boss battles there was a nice balance of using the vehicle mode to zip around dodging enemy fire and grabbing health / ammo and then then switching back to robot mode to fight.

  13. ScottHarrigan says:

    I want this game to be good. It would give transformers a chance to be awesome again and recover from the sickness that was Bay. I have always wanted to make giant transforming robots fight other giant transforming robots in a video game. The trailer looks pretty sweet, but we all know how deceptive they can be. I am cautiously optimistic.

    link to

  14. tehsorrow says:

    I really liked the original. I agree with what people are saying here in that being a TF G1 fan goes a long way to enjoying these games. I’m glad they’re not going to look me over just because I play on PC