Counter-Strike: Global Offensive On August 21st

CS:GO will appear on Steam for Mac and PC on August 21st. It will cost $15. Valve point out that CS beta 1 was in August 1999.

That means I am very old.


  1. gwathdring says:

    That’s a great shot.

    • seanblah12 says:

      actually it’s not?

      • Aedrill says:

        I think you missed his point. We’ll give you one more shot, don’t blow it this time.

        • seanblah12 says:

          I think it was they who missed they who missed the point surely?

          • gwathdring says:

            I have no idea what any of us are talking about anymore.

          • seanblah12 says:

            smile and wave boys, smile and wave

          • Aedrill says:

            I’m afraid we have dud here. Don’t reload the page, there will be no more puns. Unless we use different tactics, we can end up only with fire in the hole.

    • lijenstina says:

      A brilliant metaphor in this great shot of bullet decals, scaffolding and what it seems a medium truck tire. The decals symbolize the results of the aimless American foreign policy for the last decade. The truck tire depicts the economic downturn with the economy wheels stopped turning and falling over. The scaffolding in the back represents the need to rebuild the basics of the World’s economic order.

      Brilliant, Valve brilliant.


  2. Daryl says:

    Heh, you’re old.

    I think I’ll be picking this one up. I have played the beta a decent amount, and I really enjoy the demolition mode. And $15 is a good price for me, since I know I’ll get a lot of mileage out of it.

  3. G915 says:

    15$ is okay but I thought it was going to be f2p, where did I get that idea?

  4. slayniac says:

    CS is three years old already? Duuuuude.

  5. Beelzebud says:

    I remember playing CS, when both teams looked the same, and the only way to tell the difference is that one team had long sleeves and the other didn’t.

    • meatshit says:

      I remember playing back before they added a knife. Most early rounds consisted of everyone running out of ammo and then dancing around each other until either the timer ran out or one side committed suicide.

      Also ten foot tall toilets.

  6. Smarag says:

    And I’m still not in the beta. I think I will just go and cry in the corner.

  7. Sic says:

    So, any old CS 1.6 guys want to chime in on if it’s worth playing?

    I haven’t kept in touch with the community lately, and it’s been a couple of years since I played 1.6, but I can say this much: CS: Source was sort of rubbish, in my opinion. Better graphics isn’t going to gloss over strange physics and poor weapons handling.

    Is this GO any better? Does it feel more like 1.6?

    • subedii says:

      I’m not an old CS 1.6 player, but I feel I can add this:

      CS:GO isn’t trying to be CS 1.6. And it’s not CS2. It’s trying to be CS:GO.

      If you want an exact replica of 1.6 with updated visuals, you won’t find it here.

      • Veritaas says:

        I HATE that argument.

        CS:GO is ABSOLUTELY an upgraded CS 1.6 and Source.

        It does a few things differently, but largely it’s extremely similar.

        • subedii says:

          Similar, but not same.

          The hard-line 1.6 players hate it.

          Not that there isn’t much the don’t hate mind you, but there’s probably still going to be another split because the 1.6 community isn’t likely to make the transition over to GO because of the way it plays and feels.

          If CS:GO does succeed, it’s likely to do so by attracting a newer crowd, one that is perhaps slightly less vehemently hardcore. As outrageous a crime as some might hold it to be.

          • mondomau says:

            Sorry, but I have to point out that it could be an exact port of CS 1.6 and the ‘hard-line’ players would probably still hate it. That’s the way it works, especially on the internet.

    • Bungle says:

      In terms of gameplay, GO is between 1.6 and Source. It’s the best game of the bunch IMO.

    • MadTinkerer says:

      As someone who has barely played either, except the madly named but sublime Condition Zero Deleted Scenes (which is basically Half Life But With Some Tom Clancy Gadgets, Counterstrike Weapons, And No Aliens), I can confirm that GO does indeed have both Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist teams.

      And better textures.

      Oh, and guns. CS:GO has guns. CS players will definitely like it.

      Also, Easy Bot teammates will run into your line of fire, which makes it 100% accurate to every multiplayer shooter ever.

    • liquidsoap89 says:

      I don’t think asking 1.6 players what they think is the right way to go considering those people hate everything that isn’t 1.6.

      To me it doesn’t feel as “precise” as 1.6. That is to say I can manage to live for more than 4 seconds without somebody dinking me, awping me, or getting a 1 deag/ 1 ak on me. Spraying seems a bit more viable (which is something I tend to fall back on, FOR FUN I SWEAR!). One thing I’ve noticed is that pistols seem incredibly janky if you move even 1 step while you shoot. I’ve managed to get a fair amount of 1 deags in my CS time, but in CS:GO if I’m moving at all my pistol shots become WILDLY inaccurate.

      I don’t think the 1.6 diehards will flock to this new version, but only because they wont even flock to 1.6 remade in the source engine. But if you enjoyed Source (or just shooters in general) then there’s plently to like here. I especially like that gun game is a standard game mode in the game (with a new version that has a bomb site in it as well).

    • enph says:

      Been playing CS since 2000 so here’s a few quick thoughts. GO is more of a casual CS than the other 2 versions. There is a lot of subtle differences between 1.6 and GO (just like 1.6 and Source, probably more). The spray patterns are different (no big deal) but the over all feel of the guns is a lot different than the other versions, it’s more of a thing you just have to experience on your own. Landing from a jump or crouch has been slowed down to feel more like that of Source than 1.6. The maps are very detailed and good looking, but also very cluttered and (to me) obscenely distracting, a lot more CoD feel than CS. This was also one of my main problems with Source, I just can’t get passed all the distracting details intertwined throughout the map. Using the competitive versions of the map helps some, but I can’t shake the feeling the map makers were trying a more CoD feel to bridge the gap between games. It really pains me because I loved the simplicity and design of the original maps.

      There are some good things: matchmaking, map overview and game mode explanation on loading screen, nice HUD, but it’s missing the charm that got me into the original CS. I have been hard pressed to play much of this game in a lengthy period of time, for me it’s just not as enjoyable. Some will enjoy the slower paced more casual friendly game play and good looking maps, but I can’t see myself really getting into it like I did other FPS games, it really doesn’t seem to offer anything new and exciting in the gameplay department that would make me want to play it over 1.6, Source, or other FPS games. I think ESEA did a lot of videos a while back comparing things in GO to 1.6/CS:S, you could see the changes in those better than my lackluster descriptions.

      I’m interested to see if Promod ever gets off the ground, even though it doesn’t seem likely now–but as someone who has been waiting for a new competitive FPS game, I’m looking forward to ShootMania!

  8. xfxian says:

    Great price tag! But I wonder if we will get any purchaseable head-mountable devices in the future…

  9. Cytrom says:

    Valve fanboys can say whatever they want, releasing the same game over and over with a bit of graphical improvement is not good game developement.

    People hate cod for releasing the same crap every year, and yet they actually bring more new stuff per release than cs, or Dota 2 now. Although those new stuff are still mediocre garbage with little substance, originality, style, creativity or effort..

    CS has the advantage of being solid to begin with, but that doesn’t make regularly cashing in on practically identical games over and over anything but cheap and lazy developement.

    Start working on Half Life 3 already!

    • Pathetic Phallacy says:

      And how many Counterstrike games were released in the last 13 years? And how many Call of Duty games were released in the last 5? Yeah, I thought so.

      And how many Counterstrike games have been given to Half Life fans as a little extra something for purchasing Half Life? And how many Call of Duty games have you acquired free of charge? Yeah, I thought so.

      How many sequels does Valve release of their games? How many sequels are there to Call of Duty? Yeah, I thought so.

      Oops, I just presented facts that were counter to your anti-Valve tirade. Oops! I must be a “fanboy”!

      Where did I put my derp meme picture?

      • Fumarole says:

        Agreed. Many things can be attributed to Valve; regularly releasing games is not one of them.

      • gwathdring says:

        But they need to stop making crappy sequels to tired franchises so they can bring a brilliant close to a fresh, active IP which was intended to be a trilogy!

        • Mr. Mister says:

          I don’t think the “Ricochet” IP can be called fresh anymore.

      • Lemming says:

        Pretty much this.

      • Cytrom says:

        I’m well aware of all those facts, I’m not a valve hater, I wasn’t looking forward to an actual new valve game, if i wouldnt approve of their work.. its just that they stopped working many years ago, and all they do now is buying mods and developing “HD” remixes.

        CS:S, CS: GO and dota 2 are carbon copies of their predecessors regardless if they are made annually or with a few years in beetween “sequels”. Who does that and gets away with it with wild applause?

        • SockDog says:

          Huh. I fail to see how Valve identifying popular mods/developers and taking them on board to make excellent games is a negative thing. You’re saying it’s more important that they hire people with no ideas, sit them in a room and then say “go make something original” is the sign of a good developer?

          Who’s to know how L4D would have turned out without Valve’s touch? Buggy and missing the mark like Payday perhaps? What about Portal, would the concept have had the impact it did without the Valve narrative and design?

          CS:GO appears to be another experiment. Working with a third party, updating an existing franchise to be more accessible, xplatform play, different modes etc. It seems to be a Valve learning exercise, one they may already be using on the cooperative L4D and Payday thingy they announced.

    • Bungle says:

      CoD games are $60 each with $60 worth of map pack DLC for each game. Don’t even try to compare CS to CoD.

      Furthermore, CS fans love the core gameplay and don’t want that to change. CoD has no core fans anymore because they left when MW1 was released.

    • hosndosn says:

      Compared to CoD, CS:Go is a minor gameplay revolution and the last CS came out 8 or 9 years ago. Plus, indeed, it’s $15.

      Don’t try to use this to defend Activision. Actually, that’s almost insulting, lol.

      • Cytrom says:

        Did it feel like I was trying to defend activision? Read again. It was more like “x shits on people and they hate it, while y shits on people too and people love it regardless. How does that make sense?” And i wouldnt call minor gameplay tweaks a revolution. they are selling with de_dust 2, aztec and the rest of the recycled content, same weapons, same gameplay with small tweaks at best, and people go crazy.

        I’m not hating, it just doesnt make any sense. And beyond sense, the only answer is fanboyism.

    • nibbling_totoros says:

      Are you actually comparing the development cycle of CoD to CS:GO? People will seriously find ANY reason to bitch.

  10. Pathetic Phallacy says:

    Excellent! I can’t wait to play.

  11. mr.ioes says:

    15€ only? Hmm. If I just wouldn’t be a worse player in CS:GO than in CS:S. The picture could be a screenshot taken from my galery. However the game feels incredibly smooth and polished. I’ll need to see the full game first to decide if it’s worth 15€, but it looks promising.

    • subedii says:

      It’s all going to come down to the matchmaking. If it’s good, and there’s a decent sized playerbase, then you should be able to learn at your own pace.

      • Stellar Duck says:

        Matchmaking? Please tell me that there are servers as well? Matchmaking is the devils idea.

        • Rattlepiece says:

          There are proper servers too, no need to worry.

        • Smarag says:

          Of course there are proper servers. Matchmaking is to let all the noobs play so that we have more targets to shoot.

  12. sharkh20 says:

    Game still has a way to go.

    • ResonanceCascade says:

      Agreed. In both gameplay and visual polish.

      Still, I’m having a lot of fun with it as-is.

    • mr.ioes says:

      Don’t click the link. Obviously it’s a dubious site.

      RPS please let us report those spammers, it’s about time you implement the red button.

      • mondomau says:

        Problem is report buttons tend to be abused by the uh, less mature community members on any given site. Really, people should be bright enough to never click on a truncated or redirected URL.

  13. Messiah Complex says:

    I don’t think CS:GO is going to catch on with any particular gamer demographic. The 1.6 guys seem to hate it, and there’s little about a steep learning curve that’s likely to entice much of the CoD/BF crowd. Maybe the CS:S guys will switch over.

    • liquidsoap89 says:

      I doubt this game will have a problem finding a player base. Considering how both CSs are some of the top played games on steam every single day, there are obviously people that like them. And I think the name alone will interest a lot of people (either the “hey I remember playing that game years ago” people, the “I hate COD! BF3 FTW! I’m bored of BF3…” people, or even just the steam regulars.

      Plus I’m sure we’ll see this everywhere on steam before and when it’s launched.

  14. Koozer says:

    1999? Oh but it that was only…*calculates*…oh god.

  15. pakoito says:

    This will depreciate my beta key even more. Bye-bye Torchlight 2 :(

  16. P7uen says:

    I always preferred Janeway to CS:GO

  17. Eclipse says:

    long time in the beta here, sadly at the moment the game is a bit of a let down, it is basically a prettier CS:S, you’ll play in the very same maps, with similar weapons and a lot of bots (as the game is basically empty at the moment)…
    Fans probably will not be disappointed by it, as it’s basically the old same stuff. Players looking for something even barely new should stay the hell away

  18. Kestilla says:

    Still on the Half Life 2 engine?

    Where is the Half Life 3 engine already?

    • Brun says:

      Valve have already said that they don’t intend to create a brand-new engine any time soon. That’s why they designed Source to be highly modular – so that it could be upgraded and refined continuously.

  19. ichigo2862 says:

    That guy up there must be fighting some stormtroopers or generic action movie thugs.