Huh: Hawken Gets A Live-Action Trailer.

Actually, you are supposed to sit inside it.
Well, I wasn’t expecting thing: Adhesive games’ Hawken, the incredible-looking mecha-deathmatch that we’ve spent the past few months pining for, has got a live-action trailer, completed with grizzled-warrior voice over. You can watch it below.

I’m assuming this big-budget manner of trailering is down to Hawken’s big deal, which is to appear first on cloud-gaming service, Gaikai. Hawken will be free-to-play, and its going to be available on Gaikai from December 12th. There’s some kind of sign up for access at that time on the main site.


  1. Kollega says:

    Something i still do not understand about this game is it’s logo. I imagine that the reverse K and blocky concrete font are trying for something related to SOVIET RUSSIA (except that no Russian letter looks like a reverse K), but what does that have to do with a game about future and mechs?

    • jikavak says:

      Singularity did it too and I have no idea.

      • Kollega says:

        Yes, but Singularity was in fact set IN SOVIET RUSSIA, and the letters it used (backwards N and R) are actual Russian letters (sounding approximately like “i” in “machine” and “Ya” respectively).

    • gschmidl says:

      In the grim future of the year 40,000, everyone is Russian.

    • LionsPhil says:

      It’s bleak and grey, and British English doesn’t have enough silly letters to use instead?

    • Skyhigh says:

      I f you would read the Hawken logo in russian, you would get something like “Nashki”, don’t think it has a meaning in russian though.

      • Kollega says:

        “Nashkei”, actually, except the “N” isn’t turned around. And yes, it dosen’t have any meaning what-so-ever.

    • Skyhigh says:

      In russian: H=N, A=A, W=sh, K=K, E=ye, N=E (apprx.).

      • syndrome says:

        W -> Ш
        it’s kinda ridiculous when you can actually read it the way it is (as I’m from a country that uses both latin and cyrillic letters — not at the same time, obviously).


        И was obviously turned into a latin N (that’s Н in cyrillic lol).
        I can’t tell why they had to mirror К though, it doesn’t make any sense.

    • abigbat says:

      It was originally developed as a Toys R Us sim until the devs changed tact.

    • aamosnyc says:

      It means the batter has struck out watching the third strike go by.

  2. Text_Fish says:

    A well oiled axe?

    • MD says:

      And a steady hand, yes. How would you go about changing the tide, Text_Fish? A dry axe, wildly swung? That’s ridiculous.

      • LionsPhil says:

        Personally, I’d go for a gravity laser fired at the moon, but perhaps I’ve just played too much Evil Genius.

      • Luke says:

        I’m not sure what good an axe is going to be, oiled or otherwise, in trying to change a tide.
        I think I’d use a bucket and spade.

        • Vorphalack says:

          Well oiled spades are for moving mountains.

          You are clearly new to this.

      • kadeton says:

        Why is there no “I cannot like this enough” button?

    • BrendanJB says:

      You can oil up axe-heads to get far better penetration when cutting.

  3. c-Row says:

    Precious money that should have gone into creating a single player campaign rather than a video no one will care about once the game has been released.

    • Tridae says:

      By the looks of that video I’d say it’s not really that expensive. Most of it is just models taken from the game and processed a bit offline. It’s basic green screen shots and very little action. As far as live action trailers go this one wouldn’t have cost them all that much.

      • c-Row says:

        So, a rubbish single player campaign at least.

        • Tridae says:

          The marketing from this is worth more to them than the money spent on it. RPS might not directly approve of it but it was seen, and the general public will likely find it appealing. Hawken is back on the radar once more. That’s all they really care about.

          Crappy singleplayer you say? I’d rather have this video than 1 hour of crappy singleplayer (which is the max they’d be able to churn out on that video budget)

    • JerreyRough says:

      Sometimes the creator of a game doesn’t want a singleplayer game, and trying to force it down their throat won’t be pretty.

  4. Tridae says:

    Video reminds me of some Black Eyed Peas music video. They’ve done big robots kinda things I think

  5. LionsPhil says:

    This trailer is actually a little offputting, if only because the grizzled marines, formulaic voiceover (“CORPORATIONS!!!”), and general live-action/pre-rendering complete-lack-of-gameplay-footage put it uncomfortably deep into AAA-game trailer territory.

    I liked it better when it was that impressive indie team FPS thing with robots (and lots of gameplay trailers). That was about all the reason you needed to shoot the other robots; not some half-baked plot and human factor.

  6. dsi1 says:

    So, uh, how do I play this fast paced reactionary game without control lag due to “cloud gaming”?

    • LionsPhil says:

      How do I play this would-be-great-at-a-LAN-party game when we’ll all on the end of a single barely-broadband connection?
      How do I play this game in a couple of years once the cloud gaming host has become bored of it and wants me to buy the next big thing instead, so no longer offer it?
      How do I install mods?

      This, and many more exciting questions answered by “just release it for personal computers, you muppets”.

  7. Durkan says:

    Online mecha deathmatch + Gaikai (anyone’s really) cloud gaming = Best recipe for gnerating massive anger in your playerbase on launch

    since oo I dunno single player action rpg + no offline singleplayer.

    Woo wooo all aboard for the game launch train crash !!

  8. Miltrivd says:

    Wait wait wait, stop the freaking press.

    Is gonna be cloud gaming “only”? First time I heard about this.

    EDIT: Nevermind, is just a contract with Gaikai that will let people play on it prior to release and it’s gonna be “playable” on their service, not only on it.

    Damn, was I scared there for a second, to be perfectly honest.

  9. Nemon says:

    Ro, ro, ro your bot
    Gently down the stream
    Buffering, buffering, buffering, buffering

    I just want to scream.

    Damn net.

  10. kwyjibo says:

    Hawken raised $10M of venture funding, they can afford to do stuff like this.

    What they can’t afford to do, is build an MMO in Rhode Island.

  11. Muzman says:

    That’s some heavy duty soldier-wank in there.

    If you made a game featuring characters like the guys in Restrepo I don’t think anyone would understand it. They’re way too personable and un-pretentious, despite being shot at almost constantly. All the focus grouping would have notes like “The soldiers don’t seem realistic enough. Have them make grim pronouncements about suffering and duty every now and then”

  12. Roshin says:

    I have to admit that I’ve gone from “Will kill for this” to “Couldn’t care less” about Hawken.

    • Vagrant says:

      I’ve gone from, “this looks like it will be fun,” to “oh look there’s an acutal mechwarrior game coming out!”

  13. Moni says:

    There’s a plot? There’s nothing wrong with just robo-biff for the sake of robo-biff.

  14. says:

    A multi-player-only FPS with a live action teaser?

    That seems like a silly thing to do.

    • Sparkasaurusmex says:

      Yeah, being a stand out indie game was a great image. Being a Me-Too-I-Can-Do-That! wannabe AAA title seems like a silly thing to do.

  15. Lev Astov says:

    So, now that Hawken is a F2P game, how is that going to work at a LAN party? Won’t it be searching for official servers through the developers’ service and not on the LAN? That’s very concerning.

  16. takfar says:

    I was initially kinda interested in this, if only for the fact it was kinda like Mechwarrior. But I always felt from the videos the piloting felt too much like plain FPS’ing. Now that Mechwarrior Online is coming, and it seems to be every bit the weighty, unwieldy, walking tank “simulation” which I loved from the old MW games, I’m not really feeling very attracted to trying this out.

    That said, I’d dig a new SHOGO game.

  17. Sparkasaurusmex says:

    First announcements and videos of this game were too good to be true. Now we see why it isn’t too good to be true… F2P, Cloud gaming, trend following…

  18. Smarag says:

    This changed from the promising arcade like, skill based novel indie shooter that you could play for months to come and create a big community around into a most likely quick money grab ala Zynga without mod support.

    I bet they are going to do pay for “sidegrades” just like Tribes:Ascend did which are actually pay to win upgrades (and no playing months to unlock one weapon is not okay or an acceptable alternative that makes it not pay to win.)

    Also it will be played by a lot of people mainly Call Of Duty Kiddies who will defend the unlock saying “It’s not fun to have everything from the start.” What happened to having fun by competing with people on equal grounds challenging each other’s skills instead of relaying on upgrades and on seeing the person first?

  19. Shortwave says:

    That was bad, yea.

    I’m going to pretend I never seen this.

  20. FakeAssName says:

    WTF was so bad about this?

    it looked cool and introduced a human element to exist off screen as a “concept” that there are people inside the mechs instead of remote controlled drones.

    you guys really haven’t got shit for experience with mech games if your whining about the intro/trailer/promotional cinematic not meshing up with the in game activities. shit, that’s like pissing yourself because the game play in armored core doesn’t mesh up with how the cinematics play out.

    let me guess, it was the black guy; your all actually mad because the trailer centralized on a black guy instead of a dude-bro with mutton chops ….

    • FakeAssName says:

      on top of that it illustrates the scale of the mechs to that of a human, showing that they are less like towering voltron like megazord mechs and more like armored race cars with arms & legs.

    • LionsPhil says:


      You’re going to claim we don’t like it because of racism.

      • FakeAssName says:


        you got a better explanation why so many of the comments are crying their eyes out and claiming that they have no interest in this dead game anymore; over a promotional video that was obviously farmed out to a third party CGI studio and does not convey or represent that the game’s core mechanics will be any different than what we have seen so far?

        • LionsPhil says:

          Well, you could try reading them, rather than dismissing them as people crying. That tends to be a good start.

          • FakeAssName says:

            what exactly is there to misread?

            it’s a environmental slice enacting the game’s back story, and the narrative is next door to a line for line reading of the game’s plat description:

            shit sucks, the world has gone to hell, corporations have replaced governments, the general populace is all assed out and running out of resources, mercenary armies employed by the controlling corporations blow the shit out of each other fighting over said resources, and shit really suckey-sucks.

            additionally, the game has always been stated as being online only with no single player and the Gaikai thing is only for a promotional period (the article even states that by saying “first” instead of “only”).

            … did I miss anything?

            oh, yeah: F2P.

            I’m guessing the monetized content is going to be limited to mech skins and map packs, and (while I do agree that it sucks not to be mod friendly) unless your some kind of massive entity like COD; F2P is the only way to survive in the online-shootie-multiplayer only market because you need a healthy population of players to keep the game alive longer than 6 months.

            if nothing else F2P supplies a healty population.

            *edit* so in closing: the clip is less than a minute long and has absolutely no effect on the game besides providing a bit of E3 eye candy, nothing about the game’s mechanics have changed since it was announced, and it’s not going to be / never was going to be exclusive to Gaikai.

  21. pupsikaso says:

    Will the game be available to download one time instead of streaming from Gaikai?

    • FakeAssName says:

      yes: the Gaikai availability is only for a promotional period, after that the game will be available as a standard “DL & install” type thang.

      the only real notable element to the Gaikai release is that this game will be the first -full- game hosted by the service.

      up until now Gaikai has only been hosting demos, so this is mostly an opening shot across OnLive’s bow as they enter into the market of cloud hosted gaming, and I really wouldn’t be surprised if Gaikai was paying Adhesive to let them host the game.

  22. Armante says:

    When Hawken was first announced, I was excited right up to the point I read it is multiplayer only.
    I don’t do multi, I play my games solo, always have.

    Never mind the fact that when I try Gaikai my connection is always too slow. What is required to run their games? I get a steady 600kb, and mostly 1mb..

    • FakeAssName says:

      the game is not going to be exclusively available on Gaikai, it’s just for the game’s initial launch.