South Park: The Stick Of Truth: The Trailer Of Footage

Is Kenny still dead? I've totally lost track of this show

Obsidian’s South Park RPG is now known as South Park: The Stick Of Truth. It has a trailer, and it sure does look and sound a hell of a lot like South Park. As in, it looks almost exactly like an episode of South Park, which is a fantastically ringing endorsement for the ongoing power and versatility of 2D art as opposed to its theoretically more high-tech 3D cousin.

Includes faux-melodrama, Jesus with a machinegun, quasi-ironic antisemitism, a fire-breathing bear, a man touching his own penis, farting and the stinky-cheese tagline that is “an epic quest to become… cool.”

Dunno what to think. I mean, it’s just a trailer, innit? It’s appropriately full of crazy and certainly seems stylistically in-keeping with South Park, but while I’m impressed on some levels I do worry it’s leaning a bit more towards wacky than it is the show’s deftness at tearing apart pop-culture. But c’mon, you probably shouldn’t listen to the blatherings of a very tired man who’s watching videogame trailers mere minutes before he goes to bed. Form your own damn opinions and let me go to sleep.


  1. FakeAssName says:

    uhm … ok.

    • FakeAssName says:

      I really just can’t think of anything else to say about that.

      … I’m trying, really hard, but I just can’t.

  2. Stevostin says:

    Ok, I am going to play this.

  3. CorruptBadger says:

    I don’t care if this game sucks as an rpg, matt and trey’s twisted sense of humour and beautiful voice acting ( I mean it in the sense that the way their characters deliver lines and just generally sound is funny in and of itself, not that they’re the next steve blum) will fuel me as i find that god damn stick.

    • HeavyStorm says:

      Yeah, but… Last experience I had with a South Park game (on N64) simply sucked. So I would beware…

      • Ruffian says:

        I do realize that every south park game has sucked, but I don’t understand why everyone is using that as a reason to avoid this one, seeing as pretty much all of the older games were half assed cash ins on the name south park that didn’t directly involve matt and trey. Just their track record alone with movies and shows is enough to get me to at least give this one a try. I’ve never seen anything that the two of them have actually worked on that wasn’t funny or interesting enough to hold my attention. That said, yeah I could be wrong, I mean they’ve never worked on a game before, it could suck. I guess I just have faith in their comedic prowess.

        • appropriate touching says:

          The South Park tower defence game on XBLA is really good, so the argument doesn’t stand up anyway.

      • hamish says:

        uh, hello, south park rally on n64 was hella cool.

  4. Buttless Boy says:

    See? Tasteless violence is good.

  5. thesmileman says:

    Prerendered trailer. Those graphics can’t be in game footage They are just toooooo good to be real.

    • Ruffian says:

      This is definitely how the game will really look. They’ve said they’re using the same assets as the show does. I don’t understand whats so crazy about it though. It’s all hand drawn 2d stuff. Doesn’t look any crazier than say Rayman:origins.

  6. somini says:

    I am conflicted.

    Obsidian or South Park.
    Gold or Poo.

    • ulix says:

      You’re in luck:
      both Obsidian and South Park are absolutely amazing.
      So both of them combined… damn.

    • djbriandamage says:

      Obsidian Pooblops, activate!

  7. DickSocrates says:

    So glad to see Obsidian with something guaranteed to be huge on their hands after they got screwed out of royalities for New Vegas. I don’t care if they signed the contract knowing what it was, the contract itself was BS, immoral crap. Someone kept their bonus money for themselves all because of one Metacritic point, a system which doesn’t make the remotest sense.

    • Drake Sigar says:

      Here, here! Obsidian have been getting screwed by publishers and mainstream reviewers since their formation. They have more talent on their team than Bioware and Bethesda combined.

    • Stevostin says:

      I am sorry but Obsidian certainly knew the clausis. Now if you ask me, FNV was by a long shot the game of its year and it’s entirely the fault of the press if the score was 84 and not 94. I even know a certain website which missed the target so much it didn’t even list it in the top 24 game of the year !

      THAT BEING SAID Obsidian was bashed on tech issues which were actually real. Now guess what another team with the same engine did better. So if Obsidian has any common sense (my guess is that they do) they’re mainly blaming themselves.

      The real scandal is that at the end of the day Obsidian isn’t making another Fallout. Which is a shame : FNV sold very well, ultimately.

      • Nick says:

        ah yes, the same tech issues that Bethesda never lose review points for.

    • Bhazor says:

      Obsidian seriously need to change their business model.

      As it is they essentially recieve a flat fee up front/on release. This means that not only do they risk being screwed over on royalties if they make a mega hit, New Vegas sold 5 million for example, but perhaps more damagingly it means that any delays or missed deadlines come out of their own pocket. I think that’s the truth of their reputation, they simply can’t afford the last three/four months of development.

      Obsidian with access to a AAA publishers money hose would seriously just own the genre. Just look at Bioware’s perfectly balanced mediocrity (everything about their games can be described as “okay” or “fine”) combined with the amounts of wonga EA is willing to toss at them for marketing and they’re basically just printing money.

      It’s sort of why I hoped Zenimax would just buy up Obsidian after New Vegas sold 5 milli-fuck-un units. I mean it makes sense right? I guess thats why none of the executives thought of it.

      • Phantoon says:

        Hahaha! Wonga!

        I know you were saying something, but wonga is such a funny word.

      • Big Murray says:

        That’s pretty much the price you pay for never bothering to create your own IP and leeching off the success of others.

        Sorry, I know everyone loves Obsidian, but I never got the big hoo-hah about them. They made Alpha Protocol (which is arguably a rip-off of another game I won’t mention anyway), and other than that … they’ve spent their time making sequels of successful games which invariably end up being worse than the first one. You can’t build your career around being a for-sale developer to everyone who wants a sequel made and then complain about the contracts not being good. Come up with your own IP if you want good deals, Obsidian.

        • Nick says:

          Yes, I imagine they should just create money out of thin air as they obviously never tried to convince publishers to fund their original IPs.

        • Bhazor says:

          Inferior sequels? Guess you never played New Vegas, Kotor 2 or Neverwinter Nights 2 then. You really should as they all represent big jumps in quality.

          Dungeon Siege 3 was a good game too but it was too much of a departure from the originals to compare them.

          But y’know using someone elses IP for your work isn’t a bad thing. Just look at Kubrick.

        • Joof says:

          I have to agree with Bhazor. Obsidian sequels are pretty much always much better than the original game.

  8. fiddlesticks says:

    This looks about as close to South Park as possible, though I haven’t decided yet whether this is actually a good thing. I’ll probably end up buying it anyway as I have an unhealthy love for Obsidian’s games.

  9. Shadram says:

    Looks great.

    Oh, and Kenny’s not dead. He made a miraculous recovery at the end of season 6, and doesn’t die very often any more. Although it’s usually amusing when he does.

    • Icarus says:

      I’m not sure why he’s dressed as Zelda, though. (Still raised a chuckle, mind)

    • pressstart says:

      Kenny may die, but they’ve explained how and why he always comes back.

  10. Sparkasaurusmex says:

    Not too worried about this one with the original Southpark creators writing the script.

  11. Jenks says:

    Will buy this one, despite it being Obsidian.

    • Xzi says:

      I will buy this one BECAUSE it’s Obsidian.

      I still can’t believe people haven’t figured out that having a few bugs left in the release version of a game is infinitely better than having shitty mechanics, gameplay, and story design. One of these things gets better over time.

      Which is the same reason that FO:NV >>> FO3.

      • woodsey says:

        ‘shitty mechanics, gameplay, and story design.’

        Yep. That’s Alpha Protocol in a nutshell.

        • Deadly Sinner says:

          No it isn’t. At all. Alpha Protocol is one of the very few games where you can have a large impact on the story. The conversation system actually felt like conversation where you have to think on your feet. The writing was fantastic and funny (Stephen Heck!) You could specialize and play the way you wanted during missions.

          People only bitched about the game because they expected yet another cover based shooter and they got a real RPG instead. Though I fault the SEGA marketing staff for that.

          • Xzi says:

            ^ This. When I did finally get around to purchasing and playing Alpha Protocol, I wasn’t disappointed in the least. It’s definitely not my favorite game from Obsidian, but it’s still a good game. Mass Effect 3 could have learned a thing or two from it.

          • Wizardry says:

            Not really. People wanted an RPG but got a cover-based shooter more like. How anyone can pretend that Alpha Protocol is a hardcore RPG is beyond me.

          • InternetBatman says:

            No, there were plenty of legitimate reasons to complain about the game. The contextual interfaces only worked half of the time, the dialog system did that annoying thing where characters say different things than the dialog you choose, there were a ton of bugs, the boss fights weren’t balanced at all, and you had to go through the same cutscene again to get to it. Stealth only marginally used shadows, and alarms would go off randomly some times. The checkpoint system was terrible.

            The only redeeming feature of the game was the amazing way the story worked together, but as an actual game it was a big steaming plate of dismal failure. And I love Obsidian, love em to death. But I believe that game is one of their biggest failures.

          • woodsey says:

            Mechanically it hardly ever works. The cover system is broken. The combat is completely unbalanced with stealth, and it often ignores the fact that you’re playing a particular character build by forcing you into action segments.

            The ONLY impressive thing about Alpha Protocol is how malleable the story is, but considering how tonally inconsistent, bland, poorly performed and just plain uninteresting the story is, that doesn’t really matter.

      • Wizardry says:

        All Obsidian games have shitty gameplay and shitty mechanics. They are a “story first” developer, and you can pile them into the same group as BioWare.

        • InternetBatman says:

          That’s just not true. New Vegas and NWN were fun, and New Vegas had awesome gameplay mechanics. Just roll up a melee guy and have fun.

          • Phantoon says:

            Pile them in with Bioware?

            But Obsidian’s games aren’t boring to the point of unplayable, with characters so wooden that they are more at home in a carpenter’s shop than a game.

          • Wizardry says:

            Yes. If you pick random CRPG developers throughout history at random you’ll realise that Obsidian and BioWare are perhaps the two that are closest to one another. Neither of them are like SSI, Sir-Tech, Origin, Attic or New World Computing. And neither of them are closer to Bethesda than they are to one another. Both do the “story and character focused” games with branching plots (Obsidian pulling this off far better than BioWare).

      • FunkyBadger3 says:

        That’s just, like, your opinion, man.

        Mine is FNV was tedious rubbish.

        • Kresh says:

          I’ll second this motion. The Fallout: New Vegas story was dreck. I still play the game, because wandering around the desert is fun, but I stopped caring about the story the second time I played through it.

          Serious Playthrough #1: “I’m in the new Fallout!” *Squeee!* “Giant battle on Hoover Dam! Wahoo!”

          Serious Playthrough #2: “Wait, he did say that?” “I guess they did say that.” “Did they really do that?” *sigh* “I guess they did.” “Wait, I have to kill who and for why? That makes NO SENSE! Screw it, I’m re-rolling and I’m gonna hit stuff with a stick until I get sick and puke from all the giggling.”

          The DLC were great until Lonesome Road though. I quite enjoyed the interconnected story lines even if they were full of logical holes. Lonesome Road was one giant logic hole full of shite.

  12. ResonanceCascade says:

    I’m definitely looking forward to this. I want to see some gameplay footage though. There’s no UI or anything in the trailer, so it’s authenticity remains suspect.

    If it really does look that good, though. Damn.

    • Ruffian says:

      I promise you this is how it will look. What is so hard about believing that hand drawn 2d graphics can look good? See – rayman : origins or any amanita game.

      • ResonanceCascade says:

        It’s not hard at all to believe 2d graphics can look good, of course.

        But I’ve heard the “the game looks exactly like the animation” line too many times to just jump on the hype wagon at first glance. I don’t doubt the technology at all, just the execution.

      • GreatGreyBeast says:

        It’s not just the “goodness” of the graphics. What’s the interface? One might assume side-scroller or isometric, but some of the shots suggested first-person. In this art style, I honestly can’t tell the difference. I’ve lost all points of reference.

  13. Blundero says:

    Noooooo you will form my opinions and I will like them!

  14. lordcooper says:

    …War Face?

  15. S Jay says:

    Pre-order to MARCH 2013?

    Studios are going to far with this craziness…

    • Puckoidiot says:

      I reckon it’s rather the publishers than the studios.

    • Bhazor says:

      On Kickstarter I’ve preordered five games that won’t be out for two or three years.

      Just be thankful theres no preorder exclusive dlc announced so far. I mean there will be, that’s not even in doubt, but enjoy these few months before the adverts appear about ordering now to unlock a level where you have sex with a pig or something.

  16. Puckoidiot says:

    I might buy this one solely on their E3 presentation.

  17. The Smilingknight says:

    Looks pretty, pretty, f`ing great.
    And hilarious.

    When was the last time we had a funny satirical RPG?
    I mean in this universe.

    Probably will be first Obsidian game i will actually buy in a long time.
    Besides, Tim Cain is working on it.

  18. Blackcompany says:

    I think I might be ashamed to admit that I might actually buy this. This looks…fun. Funny, too, which is a nice change from the usual blandness of the modern RPG destined-to-be-the-great-hero tripe. Yes, I think I may really get this game.

  19. wodin says:

    Maybe I’m a prude I don’t know but I found South Park humour shite. Like kids saying rude words, it stopped being funny when I was kid. The only time I found it funny when I’ve caught a few as everyone was saying how great it was was Steve Irwin (RIP) saying “I’m going stick my finger up it’s arse to make it real mad. The rest doesn’t even warrant a smirk. Sometimes I think people say things are funny because it’s “in” to find it funny.

    • magnus says:

      You’re a prude and your post included the word ‘shite’, HUH? Bet you like Family Guy! :P

      • wodin says:

        I said maybe I was a I don’t like Family Guy either. Also I said shite, but not for some sort of laugh.

        Anyway I just don’t see the humour. Sorry. It takes alot to make me laugh though granted, however the popularity of certain programmes dumbfounds me.

        Also Steve Irwin episode was hardly clever social satire…in any shape or form. It was just funny as, in away, thats what he did.

        Anyway different strokes for different folks.

    • Xzi says:

      So you liked the one episode you’ve actually seen based on the social commentary and satirical nature of the writers’ humor. What the hell could have made you think that the rest of the episodes rely solely on “kids saying rude words” to get laughs?

      Sometimes I think people may say things aren’t funny just because a lot of other people say they are. Nobody likes a hipster.

    • Dances to Podcasts says:

      Things aren’t funny/not funny because they’re rude/not rude. Not really any connection.

    • Strangerator says:

      “Sometimes I think people say things are funny because it’s “in” to find it funny.”

      That’s what is known as the “30 Rock Effect”. But it does not apply to South Park. They have been in there cranking out pretty good to awesome stuff for years, and I like that they don’t have a problem poking fun at either side of an issue.

      • Skabooga says:

        That’s what is known as the “30 Rock Effect”.

        I’m gonna tell you what I tell to every shark before I kill them: let’s take this outside.

        • Uninteresting Curse File Implement says:

          Now you have just kinda proven his point, haven’t you?

      • Xzi says:

        I’m with the guy above me. Insulting 30 Rock is grounds for a fight, mister. In recent years I think Community and Parks and Rec have surpassed it, but 30 Rock is still consistently humorous.

      • InternetBatman says:

        30 Rock’s gone way down in quality since the first two seasons, but it has some hysterically funny moments.

    • InternetBatman says:

      South Park is best when it’s being absurdist and worst when it’s trying to make a point or trying to be shocking. About 2/3rds of the episodes are of the latter varieties, but the other 1/3 are ridiculously funny. Willzyx and Super Best Friends are great examples of absurdist humor if you care to look them up on Netflix.

    • Big Murray says:

      The immature humour is a vehicle for social commentary and lampooning. If you’re going to slate South Park for that, then its Uncle The Young Ones would like a word with you.

  20. Anders Wrist says:

    I like Obsidian, I like South Park, and I liked that trailer too. I might just end up playing this game.

  21. ffordesoon says:

    I think it looks delightful.

  22. Splotch says:

    If i get to shoot turkeys again i’m in!

    But do I?

  23. Strangerator says:

    This looks hella cool.

    I’d trick a kid into eating his own parents to get my hands on this!

  24. Squirrelfanatic says:

    If I get to fight the Woodland Critters (i.e. laser bear) in this game, I’m definitely going to play this.

  25. gwathdring says:

    I like the absurdity of South Park, and I appreciate the cultural place it’s brand of irreverence occupies. But I just don’t enjoy a lot of the gore, vulgarity and flagrant “offensiveness.” I get it, and am not offended as such. It just doesn’t entertain me and sometimes puts me off my lunch (I’ve never been much for vomiting and blood spurts however unrealistic and exaggerated).

    I often enjoy the premises behind South Park stunts that I don’t enjoy watching, though. Their response to the Chef character’s actor throwing a rather irrational fuss was beautiful. The image of Donald Rumsfeld lowering a missile into a glowing imaginary portal to defeat terrorism will hold a special place in my heart for a long time even though I don’t know much about the in-episode context. And from one of the few episodes I’ve managed to go all the way through: Captain Hindsight has a fantastic superpower. The fidelity with which they recreated the meeting scene from Totoro via Carman teaming up with Cthulu was rather impressive. And drilling on the moon is obviously the only possible response to their previous drilling mistakes.

    They’re really bright, funny guys but I can’t get around the bloody, shit-stained exterior most of the time.

    • Squirrelfanatic says:

      That were some nice lines to read and they sum up my attitude towards SouthPark pretty precisely. Although I don’t like the frequent display of gore and/or faecal “humor” in the show (or in video games), I think it wouldn’t stop me from buying the game. I wonder why it is still present in the newer episodes, as the quality of the writing has mostly increased (well, mostly, I’d say the peak was at around season 11-12 for me) and the show doesn’t have to rely on it.

    • Big Murray says:

      You need the gore, faecal humour and offensiveness. Without that, someone might take what they do seriously.

  26. gwathdring says:

    P.S. That’s some damn nice looking artwork.

  27. LionsPhil says:

    South Park is still going? I thought it succumbed to Simpsons rot years ago.

  28. Kresh says:

    “Jews can’t be saviors.” I laughed my ass off. That sold me on the game right there.

  29. Carr0t says:

    The problem is the TV series, due to it’s quick and dirty art style, has a very quick turnaround time. So they can parody events that are happening *now* (more or less), rather than stuff that went on 6 months ago that everyone’s mostly forgotten about. They don’t have that ability with the computer game.

    • The Smilingknight says:

      But they have the ability to satire bigger, global, longer lasting issues dont they?
      Something they werent shy about before either.

    • Big Murray says:

      It didn’t give them a problem when they made the South Park movie.

      • The Smilingknight says:


        And wasnt that an awesome thing to behold… boy… if they could reach those levels ….again…
        – unclefukers…. media influence on children…. society.-parental failings…. pre teen sex education…. jesus…. devil and sadam… concentration camps…….canadians…

        – oh my.


  30. misterT0AST says:

    they should’ve shown the “new kid” in a mascot suit, like they did with Mohammad.

  31. The Smilingknight says:

    Seeing how this game isnt made under Bugthesda…
    – and seeing how Tim Cain is working on it….
    – and how Onyx handled itself last time, as an pretty much bug free engine….

    This is going to be… good.

  32. MistyMike says:

    This game will only work if the underlying rpg mechanics are up to snuff. Otherwise it will turn out as a grindfest with some superficial satirical elements. Like, say Dungeons of Dredmore.

  33. horsemedic says:

    It might be good if the game’s long production time prevents the writers from making it an overly extended metaphor about last week’s big news story — which is the reason I find most recent episodes about as funny as an animated Tom Friedman column. (No: I would actually find an animated Tom Friedman column funnier.)

    Southpark was best in the early seasons, when it wasn’t afraid to be zany and crude and not always have an obvious point. It has since bought into the critics’ hype and takes itself far too seriously these days.

  34. Sir-Lucius says:

    “which is a fantastically ringing endorsement for the ongoing power and versatility of 2D art as opposed to its theoretically more high-tech 3D cousin.”

    Kinda off topic I know but South Park is actually made using Maya and has been for several years now. I don’t remember the exact process but it’s something along the lines of flattening a 3D model and then using that for animation. Seems kinda counter intuitive that you’d make a 2D show in a 3D package but the flexibility of things like easily reusable assets and Maya’s rigging system allow them to have such quick turnaround times. In the end it’s a weird hybrid of 3D backend with a 2D finish.

  35. Emeraude says:

    Steamworks. May you die a swift merciless death.

    Another game I planned to buy I just can’t.

    • Xzi says:

      A bit late for the “swift” part, eh? You may disagree with any and all DRM, and that’s understandable, but let’s be honest: compared to everything else, and especially the more recent stuff (like always-online), Steamworks is one of your best options for unintrusive and feature-rich DRM.

      It’s pretty hard to stay mad at them when they consistently sell me games that become favorites for under $10.