Star Wars 1313 Footage Shows Fancy Shootin’

Oh no, he's got a raygun!
With a strong whiff of Shadows Of The Empire, new third-person shooter Star Wars 1313 (contentless Flash placeholder site) has been unveiled at E3 running on a “high end” PC. You can see SpikeTV’s footage of that, as well as a man-chat free cinematic trailer, below. It looks rather fancy, too, although it amused me that the developer said that their intention was to make the cutscenes so seamless with the action that “you’re not sure when you’re controlling, and when you’re not”. Anyway, it’s looking lovely, and manages to hit the grimy end of the Star Wars action spectrum rather confidently. Go take a look.


  1. Phinor says:

    This is one of those games that people go nuts about and I see nothing special. Some people are actually saying that the graphics can’t be achieved using current gen consoles and I say huh? All I see is very typical game visuals, nothing fancy at all.

    There was an excellent gif the other day with Donald Duck going to E3, coming out and stating “everything was Uncharted” and that really holds true here. Nothing against Uncharted, but I didn’t want three dozen Uncharted clones. I was hoping a lot more than what they are showing here. Very disappointed.

    • Shantara says:

      As someone who doesn’t own a PS3, I don’t mind Uncharted clones if games themselves are good and come out on PC.

    • BigJonno says:

      Damn, that did just look like Uncharted with a Star Wars reskin.

      • Lacobus says:

        Uncharted with A Star Wars reskin? Done well that sounds bloody amazing to me.

      • sneetch says:

        Sounds good, the tone of Uncharted fits the first three Star Wars movies (as in the older ones) perfectly.

        • Runs With Foxes says:

          Except this is supposed to be Mature, Gritty Star Wars. And the trailer sounds like something the modern George Lucas would have written (i.e. awkward forced banter between unlikable main characters).

      • Oculardissonance says:

        Actually this seems very close to George’s vision for his live action series. I think he’s testing the public’s reaction to mature gritty star wars in prep for that. I remember him being very impressed when Battlestar Galactica got rebooted and wanting his new series to go in that direction.

    • Syra says:

      Yep looks like nothing new and nothing special to me, what’s the deal with all the graphical ravings?

      Lets hope it turns into a good game atleast.

      • PoulWrist says:

        Dunno the graphics are pretty up there. Crysis and up standard.

        • RaveTurned says:

          As in Crysis, the cross-platform game from 2008?

          • Optimaximal says:

            Are you talking the 2008 PC-only system killer or do you consider it multi-platform because they released the first game recently on the Crysis 2 engine (missing half the detail)?

            Really, this looked impressive for a current-gen cross-platform release and the fact it’s even coming to the PC is good.

      • Rich says:

        It’s got to work on the xBox 360 and PS3 so it can’t be that advanced.
        A few game developers do seem to have squeezed a little more out of those systems recently though (e.g. The Witcher 2), so it’s probably just that.

        • grundus says:

          Pretty sure they said it was for next-gen consoles, or am I getting mixed up?

          • StingingVelvet says:

            All he said was “high-end PC.” If they want it to look anywhere near that good on console though it will have to be the next-gen ones. I would guess they will release for all 6 systems, PC, WiiU, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 and Xbox 3. The older console versions will just look a lot worse.

        • Jay says:

          Also, graphics beyond what’s actually capable is hardly anything new for E3. That it was running on some kind of hardware in real-time actually puts it above the usual bunch of ‘target renders’ and the like in the believability stakes.

          • Jackablade says:

            The pre-rendered demos of Motorstorm and… was it Killzone 2?… come to mind.

    • lionheart says:

      Really, that couldn’t run on current consoles. texture artists have gotten pretty good at covering for primitive technology, which is why games like COD, running on pretty ancient engines, still look good, and why it might not be immediately obvious to laypeople how impressive it is.

      The difference in that demo is those effects, that lighting, those physics; from what it look like aren’t being faked, pre-calculated or done using workarounds/shortcuts etc.

      If that really is in engine (and that’s a big if), then it’s next gen stuff. the animation looks stellar, and the quality of the ambient occlusion, which looks close to real time, and the soft shadows is way beyond what any console could do.

      Also, it looks like their skin has SSS applied, which as far as I know isn’t possible in real time on current gen consoles – which makes the whole thing looks a bit questionable

      • byteCrunch says:

        Indeed, certainly the biggest giveaway is texture resolution, alot of consoles games are maybe 1024×1024 textures at most. That and shadow resolution, the shadows in the video are really sharp and consistent, not a jagged mess like most current games.

        Consoles simple do not have the texture memory to get anywhere near that.

        I think the SSS is faked, the performance cost of doing SSS isn’t really worth the effect, it is easier and looks just as good to fake it.

        That level of detail is more than possible in realtime, we just do not see due to console limitations, the investment in it now is in preperation for what may be possible come the next generation of consoles, though I still think Microsoft and Sony are going to be shooting for price point rather than performance.

        • kraken says:

          Keep in mind that the demo was the PC version. So no real limitation on technology.
          Nothing prevents them from releasing uglier console versions.

      • dontnormally says:

        SSS = ?

        • byteCrunch says:

          Subsurface Scattering, basically to get an idea put your hand up to a bright light, the light illuminates the transluscent flesh under the skin as it scatters through it, just helps to add a little touch of realism to translucent materials.

    • Obc says:

      I bet the older guy is just like Sully and the story will deal with some mysterious sith artifact.

    • Felix says:

      Those graphics are actually very good, from a technical standpoint. The lighting and effects and physics, as another person who responded to you mentioned, are great if they are in real-time. This is something that will push visual artistry forward and show that a better GPU doesn’t mean just higher resolutions and more polygons, as many seem to think.

      • Ernesto says:

        I would be much more impressed if they could run it on a low end machine. Everybody can do fancy stuff on a high end pc…

    • The Doge says:

      Well I mean are games taking cues from uncharted a bad thing? the triliogy were some excellent games that never graced PC and I mean at least its not a blops or Gear or of war clone!

  2. Godwhacker says:

    I wonder if the lead character will discover that he can use the force at some point.

    • TormDK says:

      Hopefully not.

      • Godwhacker says:

        But that’s the whole plot of every Star Wars game and film.

        • TormDK says:

          Well, we can always hope that we don’t get to see any force wielding bounty hunters in this 1313 game.

        • Rich says:

          No force-users in Republic Commando.

          • Kyrius says:

            Republic Commando! That game was awesome!! More commando love, please!

        • Felix says:

          It was said by a developer (or someone related to the development of the game) that your character would not get any Force powers or use a lightsaber.

        • Nick says:

          Not in the original Dark Forces, nor the X-wing/TIE Fighter series..

      • adonf says:

        This trailer doesn’t feel Star Warsey at all, maybe because no one uses the Force. It’s not necessarily a bad thing.

  3. Dowr says:

    I found it hilarious when the host basically said the gameplay was generic cover shooting. That must of peeved the developer.

    • Vorphalack says:

      What worries me is that the nerd didn’t even blink when the suit said that. Almost as if the game play was an amusing but forgettable quirk of this engine tech demo.

  4. Monchberter says:

    Well, they’ve nailed the look alright, but where’s my X-Wing vs TIE Fighter reboot?

  5. P7uen says:

    Presumably during The Exciting Climbing On A Burning Flying Wreckage Sequence the player just holds the “up” button.

    I can’t abide “press X to do cool thing” stuff, it’s no better than QTEs even if it looks more like you’re actually playing the game.

    • Lemming says:

      It’ll control exactly like the beginning sequence of Uncharted 2, I’m sure.

    • neolith says:

      My thoughts exactly – this looks a lot like a “Press A to be awesome!” game… :\

  6. Ett_1762 says:

    Hm. I can’t get worked up about this game. And it’s not just because it’s a generic cover shooting thing, that doesn’t bother me. I mean, Jedi Knight was a generic shooter back when it came out. But it had something special, and I think that was the atmosphere it transported. I can detect nothing of that in this game. Sure, it’s fancy and triple A, but it just doesn’t do anything for me. And it sure doesn’t feel like star wars.

    Edit: Or do you guys remember Rebel Assault? That game was totally generic. But I played the hell out of it. Because it was Star Wars! Doesn’t seem like they can reproduce any of that.

  7. Hanban says:

    This just makes me miss Jedi Knight II a whole lot. And Jedi Knight, which was more wonky but still very enjoyable.

    I sort of have hopes that the game will turn out something like that but the focus seems to be more on spectacle than anything else. One can always hope!

    • Felix says:

      The Jedi Knight games are what I hoped very dearly the more recent Force Unleashed games would be. Unfortunately, none of the DNA of those dear old games was to be found. And this game promises no Force powers or lightsaber for the main character, so I am going to have to wait even longer for someone to resurrect that most excellent gameplay.

  8. Godwhacker says:

    Actually, this reminds me of the Syndicate trailer that I saw- it’s got exactly the same late-30s dickhead character showing the new guy the ropes idea, which was more or less the entire plot of the Modern Warefare games.

    I’m guessing he gets to open all the doors.

    Also, there were a lot of crates in that footage.

  9. Lacobus says:

    Not One positive comment? For shame, commenters, for shame. Looks rather spiffy to me. Not to mention a look at a not often mentioned corner of the Star Wars universe is a masterstroke. New enough to create new gameplay that doesnt adhere strictly to Star Wars LAW (see; Cortosis) , but still Star Wars. Colour me interested.

  10. Wertymk says:

    The best thing about it is that it seems (judging by the tie fighters and tyderian shuttle in the screenshot) to take place right before, during or after the original trilogy. I’ve been waiting for games to return to them for a while now. I’ve never really liked the new trilogy or “ancient times” Star Wars games.

    • Durkonkell says:

      OT era (and New Republic which is when JKII takes place) is my favourite setting, so that would be nice. I’m reserving judgement on the actual game until closer to release, though.

    • Betamax says:

      Yeah I read somewhere that it’s set ‘in between the two trilogies’, however the look of it so far evokes the OT more than the PT which is promising.

      There are still some rumours flying around that it may be tied into the long gestating live action TV series.

  11. gwathdring says:

    I didn’t really care for Uncharted and I’m not a Star Wars fan so … I find this utterly unoffensive and utterly uninteresting. Well, I actually love the video becasue PRETTY THINGS AND EXPLOSIONS, but the above holds for the game.

    E3 is great, I can watch all the prettiness without playing games that don’t interest me on a friend’s borrowed console. :D There’s so much amazing lighting at work. It’s incredibly busy as a game, but gorgeous as a piece of technical work.

  12. Maritz says:

    You can’t sit in that position on film whilst wearing a suit and be allowed to get away with it.

    What is the world coming to?

  13. Turbobutts says:

    Sooo … Uncharted in space? What’s with the obsession with “cinematic experiences” in AAA games lately? I want to play games when I buy them, not $60 movies.

    • Rich says:

      Well, I won’t be paying $60 for a start. I haven’t bought a game on day one since… hmm…. CoD 2 maybe.

    • Romulus16 says:

      You have obviously never played Uncharted… What made the second one so popular is that during the “cinematic” moments you still have all the control over your character like you would any where else in the game… link to watch from 1:41 to see a cinematic experience where you are in control of the character

      • fish99 says:

        TBH I still found those bits of Uncharted 1/2 a chore (i.e. QTEs, jumping puzzles, on-rails vehicle chase sequences). The best bits were exploration and combat.

  14. Jimbo says:

    So I wonder what that open world RPG they were working on is, if this isn’t it. Unless this opens up later, which could be neat. Hmmm.

    • serioussgtstu says:

      This won’t be a KOTOR style RPG, if that’s what you’re getting at. The gameplay looks very scriped.

  15. MeestaNob says:

    My oft-used yet always-reasonable cynicism doesn’t permit me to be excited by this.

    I’m trying, I really am.

    Even when each new game ISN’T Tie Fighter 2, I still cling to a shred of hope that this could be THE GAME where LucasArts are good at games again.

  16. Eclipse says:

    great tech but… another cover based shooter, damn it…. brink Dark Forces back :(

  17. Yachmenev says:

    The gameplay I´ve seen so far makes it look like Rebel Assault 3.

  18. Lemming says:

    It looks good but this and the new Tomb Raider owe a hell of a lot to the Uncharted model as far as I can see…

    • Kadayi says:

      Indeed. Which we’ve never had on PC so I’m not quite getting the hate. I don’t own a PS3 and I’m unlikely to buy one so I’m not unfavourably disinclined towards cinematic adventure games. Tech looks pretty impressive.

  19. iZen says:

    OMG IM HANGING ON A CRASHING STARSHIP I COULD LOSE GRIP ANY SECOND!!! Instead I won’t. The game just waits for me to press “Leftstick Up” to perform incredibly difficult climbing. Knowing that I am absolutely safe just kills any thrill in those situations, which is why I think they are worthless gameplay elements and should be kept to cutscenes.

    Nice idea, looks absolutely terrible (generic) though.

  20. adonf says:

    Is this supposed to be the guy from the terrible Battlestar Galactica reboot? I don’t really see the point in modeling video game characters after real life actors.

    • Thirith says:

      Is that “terrible” as in “critically acclaimed and generally well liked (except perhaps for the divisive ending)”? Or are you Dirk Benedict?

  21. The Sombrero Kid says:

    bored me rigid.

  22. Optimaximal says:

    The pertinent question is:

    Did the High-End PC cost $4000? THESE QUESTIONS MUST BE ASKED!

  23. Moni says:

    Very pretty. Particularly look at that grinning mug as he turns away, then it transitions seamlessly out of the cinematic. The fact that they made a character display emotion is pretty amazing.

  24. PearlChoco says:

    Is the guy on the right a so-called games-‘journalist’, or is he a promo guy paid by LucasArts? I honestly wouldn’t know.

    • Jay says:

      That’s their new ‘seamless PR’ engine. You’ll never be able to tell where the bullshit ends and the content begins.

      (SPOILER: The bullshit never ends.)

    • Hunchback says:

      Dunno, but he’s mighty annoying AND ridiculous.

    • Morlock says:

      He wears a suit and a tie, so I guess he’s legit.

    • PopeJamal says:

      I’ve always thought he was a fairly decent game “journalist”.
      link to

      Let me change that: I’ve always thought he’s a fairly well informed TV host/interviewer which is not necessarily the same skill set. He will occasionally ask fairly difficult questions of some of his guests. I remember him giving Reggie Phils-Amie from Nintendo a fairly good grilling a few years back. He also wrote that Behind the Scenes of Portal 2 book a while back.

      I know this and I’m your typical un-informed American. How can you guys not know this?

    • Toberoth says:

      Regardless of his credentials, I wasn’t “literally blown away” by the footage. He lied.

  25. lokimotive says:

    With gameplay like that, does it matter if it’s pre-rendered?

  26. identiti_crisis says:

    “With a strong whiff of Shadows Of The Empire”

    I played the shit out of that game. It might have been a pile of balls, but I loved it, it was just the right level of challenge for my pre-adolescent self. This new game isn’t ringing any of those same bells, though. Still, if they can trump Dash Rendar with this new character’s name, I’ll be impressed!

  27. Jim9137 says:

    Yay, another interactive movie.

  28. Mordsung says:

    I remember having an argument with someone on the SWTOR forums about how I envision Star Wars as being far grittier than it is portrayed in the movies and games.

    This looks like it could interest me as long as the gameplay is varied.

    I’m actually looking forward to the possibility of Star Wars film remakes 20 to 50 years from now where they take Star Wars and make it grimdark as fuck.

    And yes, I’m aware that making everything grimdark is cliche, but I can’t help it. I’m a 40k fanboy, so grimdark holds a special place in my heart.

  29. Brun says:


    -Original Trilogy Setting
    -Non-Jedi protagonist


    -Probably just Force Unleashed without lightsabers or force powers.
    -Not Jedi Knight III, Republic Commando 2, Battlefront 3, or TIE Fighter. You know, one of those GOOD Star Wars franchises.

    Seriously, why isn’t this Republic Commando 2? You’d think that would be a slam dunk given how obsessed with shooters everyone seems to be.

  30. Exylled says:

    Humm..graphic engine seems really good.

  31. kibble-n-bullets says:

    Theirs either no control of your character at all or a character oblivious to their surroundings and it turns me from this and every game like this. So where’s the in between stuff? Like a character that ducks or flinches on their own or one that doesn’t get pinpoint accuracy because their excited? How about shooting wildly as your character stumbles about? And don’t developers know yet that no matter how dramatic a sequence is that if you can put down the controller it’s just not exciting anymore?

    I was also not literally blown away from the above video.

    • Toberoth says:

      “I was also not literally blown away from the above video.”

      That pissed me off too.

  32. jackflash says:

    I love minimally interactive games that involve pressing buttons to influence cut scenes.

  33. Koozer says:

    Well, it’s no Bounty Hunter.

  34. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    Makes me think of the Force Unleashed. It looks pretty, but what will the gameplay be like? So far, I can join the chorus in saying that it doesn’t look hopeful.

  35. JackMultiple says:

    So here’s an idea. Next time, just put the banners and station logos and scrolling ticker tapes and popup “click here” windows all across the entire screen, and just run the video itself in a little 1″ x 1″ window in the corner. Oh wait… that would give an obstructed view to the content. Never mind.