You Can Planet Yourself: Gameglobe

I'm going to make Beyond Good & Evil 2.

I’m surprised Square Enix don’t hold their own E3 press conference. With their current line-up (Tomb Raider, Sleeping Dogs, Thief IV, Quantum Conundrum, Dead Island: Riptide, Hitman) they could have pipped Ubisoft to “win” E3 hands down, rather than offering highlights during console owners’ dismal shows. Also, that conference would have featured the reveal of Gameglobe, a free-to-play, browser-based create-your-own action game. And stop that sighing, because despite everything, you’d have sat up and taken notice.

Watch this:

If this is really as versatile as this trailer implies, it could be extraordimentary. It seems to offer the ability to create both third-person action games, and platformers, which you can then share with others. And that level creator looks bloody beautiful, painting in scenery like a GOD.

Clearly they’ll need to work hard on features that allow the best creations to float to the surface, because there’ll be a lot of dross. But if, like me, you crave more decent third-person actioning on the PC, it seems inevitable that the real amateur talent out there will generate some interesting stuff. And it’ll be free, for some reason. That does of course bring in some troubling ideas, like how they’ll monetize it – the idea of being charged extra for new building blocks, objects, animations, etc, sounds horrible. It’d be a real shame if they went in that direction.

There’s a peculiar publishing deal, shared between both Square and German pubs, Bigpoint, for a game created by Square-owned Danish devs, And right now, details are pretty scarce. But I’m telling you, if they’d shown this on the big screen, right after some brutal murders in Sleeping Dogs and before showing Lara have every bone in her body meticulously broken in a series of six hundred and forty falls, the whooping would have been heard from here.


  1. max pain says:

    LittleBigPlanet on PC!

    • Dominic White says:

      I’ll be pretty surprised if it offers even half the flexibility/tools as LBP2, though. If it does, though… well, that’d be something rather special.

    • Mordsung says:

      I was about to say that this seems to have quite a LBP feel to it.

    • Vagrant says:

      Looks like they got Mario (Galaxy in that one clip) in my Little Big Planet. Movement looks a LOT like 3d Mario games.

  2. ekuurh says:

    Awesome! I love cheesy gaming tools, because one of every hundred (see: unity) turns out to be magnificent. No way it would have the same liberty as unity, but still seems lovely.

  3. Dominic White says:

    As for business model, they really should just copy LittleBigPlanet – players get everything for free. They can play whatever levels they want and just enjoy themselves without worrying. Creators get a basic set of tools and components for free, and can pay to unlock more. It stops the community from getting split, and brings in money – everyone wins.

    • RobF says:

      Yuss, but ease off on the having to play through levels skillfully to get all the goodies thing. Witholding content from those who just want to pick up the extra tools is silly.

      • Dominic White says:

        I honestly thing that Sony would make a fortune if they just offered a $10 unlock pack that immediately gives creators everything from both LBP1 & 2 plus any official level packs they’ve bought. That’s the kind of convenience stuff that people will happily pay for.

        • RobF says:

          I was fairly shocked that they didn’t already do that. I spent a good ten minutes scrolling through the store in a “come on, they’ve got to be here somewhe….oh.”

  4. somini says:

    Make Rayman 2 in this… It has everything needed.
    Looks great!

  5. Jay says:

    Great stuff. I think there’s never been a better time to release game creation tools for more casual users/dabblers. Sure, there’s a lot of crap, but seeing some of the frankly staggering stuff the LBP community can come up with, I only wish there was more of them.

    Some might say Unity/GM and the like have that market covered, but that’s a different thing really, for all their user-friendliness they are fairly heavy bits of kit. At least in the sense that you can’t just drop in and start messing around with levels and enemies without doing some fairly serious groundwork (or having a significant understanding of someone else’s).

    Anything that gives people a taste of the fun stuff can only be a good thing. I know there’s a few of us that wouldn’t be hacking away at games stuff if it hadn’t been for tools like SEUCK *strokes greying beard with a withering hand*.

  6. HisMastersVoice says:

    SE did not show Thief 4, right? I would have noticed if they did…

    • Tyrone Slothrop. says:

      Everyone would have noticed if they did. All signs point to a next-generation outing to be shown next year given the two main console manufactures being tight-lipped about projects for the next hardware cycle, Watch Dogs tomfoolery notwithstanding (Oh, this game with graphics that are a generational leap from everything else on the market? Yes, it’s definitely coming out on Xbox 360 and PS3… yes, that’s the ticket).

      • Mordsung says:

        It’s still possible Watch Dogs will come out on current gen, it just won’t look nearly that good.

        If you run BF3 on the highest settings on a state of the art rig, it does look a step beyond current console hardware.

        It’s very possible that Watch Dogs was just showing off max PC graphics, and that the console versions will be muddied up.

        • Tyrone Slothrop. says:

          Well Ubisoft are suggesting it will be out in about two years (“definitely not this year” at the least)… just in time for new hardware with an engine that can certainly scale to new hardware.

  7. jhng says:

    This looks great! Is there any knowledge on whether the art assets are going to be prefabricated or whether people will import their own art (or both options)?

    Really good and varied prefab art that can be easily used would really give this the jump on gamemaker, unity etc. It will also be interesting to see how much flexibility there will be in terms of ability to tweak mechanics or invent new ones within it.

  8. Grey Ganado says:

    That’s a nice pun you built into the headline.

  9. Jackablade says:

    I wonder what the odds are of being able to add new content to this oneself might be. I’m thinking slim to nil, right?

  10. Phantoon says:

    “If this is really as versatile as this trailer implies”

    John, don’t you have a rule about how games never live up to the trailers?

    • Imska says:

      Yeah, but it looks like the trailer was almost entirely in-game footage. That’s gotta count for something, right?

      • Phantoon says:

        It counts for how lazy their trailer making team is.

        I could be wrong, sure. But I’m hedging my bets that this will be mediocre at best.

        • wu wei says:

          Wait, what? First you accuse the trailer of being unrealistic, then you claim it’s lazy for actually being in-game capture?

          So you’ve made an a priori assumption it’ll suck and nothing’s going to change your mind. Nice.

  11. emptee says:

    If this turns out to be as good as it looks… weeeeell, there go months of my life working on a vanity project thet will be played by a few of my fiends…

  12. Dizzard says:

    That is what worries me about this game. If it becomes a game where you’re only limited by your creativity AND the size of your wallet the whole game will turn sour. (at least for me)

  13. Greggh says:

    Double jumping, basically…

  14. rustybroomhandle says:

    *launches Kickstarter for SEUCK 2013 reboot*

  15. Bobby Oxygen says:

    I worked on this for some time, and I’m glad to see it finally coming out :)

    It really is very good.