Ah, I Just Need To Share This Day Z Story…

Day Z has a bit of a problem. I realise that by writing about it that I might make people realise that it’s possible, and therefore make the issue worse, but hey, I am sure Rocket is aware and will want to fix it. In the meantime, I had to laugh…

I’ve been having a run of bad luck in Day Z. My characters haven’t lasted long, or have got murdered in terrible fashion as soon as I picked up neat kit. So for the nth time I spawned back on the beach, and began my foraging. Having been through a couple of fire stations and a shop (usually good places for loot) all I had was an AK with a single clip of ammo, and a bit of food. Really, it wasn’t happening, and the cool things I needed to survive weren’t appearing. And it had begun to rain.

So there I was, outside one of the map’s larger cities, Elektrozavorsk, in the miserable weather, when I heard gunshots. Two bursts. It was an assault rifle firing across the valley. Not at me, but certainly at someone. Deciding to investigate, I headed in that direction. I kept to the woods, realising that I might be able to come up behind the combatants in the trees if – as I suspected – the sound was someone being ambushed on the hill that overlooked that power station. I ran for a few minutes without seeing anything, and then there they were: the bodies of two poorly-equipped survivors. Who ever had looted them hadn’t bothered with the crossbow and Lee Enfield rifle they were carrying. Why would they? They’d take some consumables and move on. Poor bastards. Someone with a proper military weapon – that assault rifle – had obviously caught them out in the open and gone for a quick kill.

I moved back up into the woods, looking around warily, before I spotted a lone figure. A lone figure carrying an M16 with under-slung grenade launcher. He had his back to me. He hadn’t seen me. He was almost certainly the culprit from the slayings I’d heard and then seen moments earlier. I tried to get closer to him to dispense some bandit justice of my own, but I lost sight of him. I searched around in the woods, panicking a bit. Perhaps he’d seen me and I was just lining up the shot. I walked backwards into the woods.

Eventually, annoyed, I stopped at a good clear point in the trees and peered from my hillside vantage point into the rain. If he’d continued on the line he’d appeared to be travelling in, I’d be able to see him from this view into the city. I scanned and scanned, and there there he was in the far distance, in the power station. I could see the entire complex from here, so it would likely be possible to set up an ambush as he left. I watched and waited. I saw him slowly emerge from the main building. He stopped for a moment. Was he looking at me? I couldn’t tell from this distance. He moved into one of the outlying, loot-bearing sheds. I’d easily be able to see which way he left when he’d finished looting that. Only he didn’t come out. I waited. One, two minutes. And nothing.

And I realised exactly what that fucker was doing. He’d logged off. Not only logged off, but logged off because he’d seen me. He was going to cheat. He was going to exploit Day Z’s awesome persistence feature to try to kill me unfairly: he was going to log onto another, different server, move to roughly my location on the map, and then log back in to this one. He was going to sidestep my tracking him by cheating. Basically teleporting on top of me by exploiting the game’s functionality.

I backed up the hill by about a hundred metres, giving myself the perfect vantage point on my former position. A moment later, he popped into existence just behind where I had been.

I hit the trigger. Watched him try to run.

That felt pretty good.

And even better when I picked up his top-end back pack, and the M16, and all that ammo, and blood packs, and a map, and a knife, and a compass, antibiotics, matches, hatchet…

Yes, cheaters and exploiters, you do spoil the game for everyone else. But sometimes you make the game, too, because it’s really quite satisfying to destroy you so completely.

So thanks for that. It was a memorable moment.


  1. nimzy says:

    Truly the most dangerous game…

  2. Bobtree says:

    The server-based nature of this in a persistent permadeath mmo-ish world is increasingly annoying. I keep finding myself wishing it was more like the asynchronous model of Demon’s/Dark Souls, where you don’t get to directly choose “where” to play or who to play with, but instead run across players at random, or via some Left4Dead-director style manipulation.

    Alternately, they could ditch the realism cliche and go full-on STALKER instead, embracing parallel world play via anomalies, having persistent factions, etc.

    As is, once you know how to sneak and survive a bit and accumulate loot, I don’t see that there’s much to do besides becoming a bandit hunting vigilante, or a bandit, or some kind of vehicle specialist or collector. It’s too bad there isn’t a better incentive to group up and kill zombies. The FFA sandbox would be better with proper support for teamplay.

    I did read that global chat is going away soon, or on a per-server basis (and location specific direct-chat and voice work in the ArmA2 beta releases). That would cut down a lot on the constant “who’s shooting in Elektro?” and “any friendlies in Cherno?” noise.

  3. Vivi says:

    This is one of the reason I’ve taken a break from the game until some more updates are released. It’s essentially become a deathmatch, in which the features of the game (the giant map, the need to scavenge to survive, the zombies) are viewed as little more than annoyances by the majority of players.

  4. Madlore says:

    God that must have felt good >:D

  5. Maldomel says:

    That’s a nasty way to cheat, and since I’m no Rossignol, I would have probably never thought of this, and thus died a horrible death, not understanding what happened.

    Bravo, Jim! For your quick thinking, your bravery, and…wait a minute, weren’t you not at ease with killing people in the first place? You murderer! (still a very good story)

  6. jellydonut says:

    This is why Day-Z needs a cash infusion or a Kickstarter so they can get real infrastructure running.

    That is to say, they need to make a single-SHARD world, with all the servers clustered together.

    Either CCP-style by building it themselves, requiring a fuckton of money, or by developing software that will let the present server runners contribute their nodes to the swarm, ala distributed computing projects.

    The game would also be a lot more populated, for better and for worse.

  7. Snoken says:

    The exact same thing happened to me a couple of hours ago,.The only difference was that the cheater logged because I had been quicker on the draw with my far inferior Enfield than he had been with his AKM. I saw him bleed like a pig when I hit him in the chest, he fell to the ground stunned and just as I stood above him to give him the killing blow and steal all of his epic loot, his body vanished. The bastard had logged… Worst thing is he had been up on the green hill in the tv station and probably found lots of nice gear.

    Truth to be told I am not the kind of person to shoot random survivors in the face, but I learned my lesson after the third time someone screwed me over to feast on my backpack. I only trust rl friends in this game and if I get unlucky and die at least I take it like a man.

    PS: I am still very sad about the nice bicycle though (32km/h driving uphill). I lost it to some guy at the powerplant, he shot me in the face for no reason and killed two of my buddies. The times I had with that bike, sighhh…QQ

  8. Auspex says:

    I’d never have figured out his ploy so quickly D:

  9. Moraven says:

    Do not think I have had others do this to flank me, but I have had many I am shooting at logoff to escape death. Glad more are becoming aware of this.

    I would have no chance to do this even if I wanted to try. My luck I would pick another server that I could not connect to or took 5 minutes waiting for server response. Then being lucky to reconnect to the original server fast.

  10. mrblick says:

    Nice. Now I want to play this game. It sounds awesome.

  11. Eukatheude says:

    I want to play this so much.

  12. nicraM says:

    I had to register just to comment about this story. While I feel your pain. You have to understand that Rocket, considers what the bandit did, to be completely within the rules. It is called Meta-surfing and is not considered a cheat, nor an exploit. You did the right thing, tactically, though. Good for you. But, to say he was cheating, is not entirely correct, seeming the developer of the game, doesn’t think so.

    Also, for it to be considered cheating, you would had to have fired on him. Then, if he logs out and does the meta trick, that is cheating. But, you didn’t. So he wasn’t under any obligation to stay in the server.

    So, you can boohoo all you want, but the fact remains the game is hardcore and doesn’t cater to whiny pizdas. Just throwing that out there. The day it changes and starts placating to the CoD kiddies is the day Dayz dies.

    That is all.

    • Jay says:

      Here we fucking go.

    • Vivi says:

      I don’t know where you got your info, but it’s wrong. Server hopping is extremely frowned upon, if for no other reason than the strain it puts on the servers. And disconnecting to avoid death is an exploit. There’s a topic on the official forums stating just that.

    • cptgone says:

      i don’t care if the devs consider it cheating or not, it’s immersion breaking (and therefore bad for the game).

      • nicraM says:

        Like I said, Rocket does not considering it cheating. I myself do not do it because I consider it cheesy at the very least and I frown upon it too. I have been killed by meta-surfing countless times. Even when I fired upon the person. They disconnected and surfed. Them’s the breaks…

        What the player did, is borderline. But, since the writer of this article just sat there and didn’t open fire initially. The other player can just say he didn’t really notice him and was just surfing to a better spot. Once again, I don’t condone it, but the fact remains the devs don’t think it is cheating. So, with that said, everyone’s gripe with it, is 100% moot.

        But seriously, if you still have a gripe with it after that lil fact… there are many other ‘easier’ games out there.

        • Jay says:

          It may not technically be cheating in the sense that it’s working within the confines of the game’s systems without any outside modification, but it’s still an exploit.

          If it doesn’t get patched out, it could well be a gamebreaker. It’ll fast become standard practice for ‘power’ players, most others will eventually get pissed off with it, and you’ll just be left with a small pocket of hardcore gankers circle-jerking forever.

          • nicraM says:

            10K new people buying a 2+ year old game each day, to play an alpha product, says otherwise.

            The fact remains, while I don’t agree with the exploit which I agree it is. I don’t let it bother me too much. The bugs bother me more. I can avoid power players, because I am fast becoming one too. I have almost 200 hours logged in 3 weeks.

            What my argument is, is the fact if the creators of the game don’t consider it wrong, then why should the players? Rocket already said he made this game because games nowadays suck and cater to the wrong players. The CoD kids I mentioned. Listen to the power players for once. We play the game the most and surely deserve MORE say than someone that will play it for a month and leave.

          • Jay says:

            The counter-argument to that being if you design something entirely towards power players, you’ll eventually remove whatever entry point the game had, then you get no new players period and diminishing returns as the power players slowly get sick of killing each other and the whole things dies a slow and painful death. The sales numbers are irrelevant as the exploits are only starting to become public knowledge, it’s not really going to affect those one way or the other yet.

            If you don’t like the exploit yourself, why even support it? Why assume something like that should be a necessary evil and not something that should be fixed? There’s no legitimate reason for it to be a feature. Is it just because it makes the game aritificially harder for people who don’t know about it?

            Edit: Actually thinking about it, the idea that it makes the game more hardcore is bullshit. It’s not that it makes the game artificially harder for people that don’t know about it, it’s that it makes it artificially easier for those that do.

          • Moraven says:

            I bet those 10k players do not buy the game knowing they can do this exploit to get the jump on people. Or to barricade supplies.

            Turns people off the game and to stop recommending it until the game is changed.

            Exploiting things like this happen the most in games like CoD and other online games sold to millions. Power players play the most, so they learn more of these things to abuse on people who just heard about this great mod on RPS only to get killed by some guy logging off and spawning behind him.

        • SkittleDiddler says:

          Funny you bring CoD players up by claiming they are the ones doing all the whining. To me, exploiting glitches in any multiplayer game is a purely immature condition, and CoD kiddies are experts at discovering and abusing glitches — no adult gamer would dare to pull such asinine behavior.

          Countless games have been ruined due to glitch abuse: Homefront, Section 8 Prejudice, Halo, and on and on. You’re a douchenozzle if you think there’s nothing wrong with it.

          • nicraM says:

            Do you people even read?

            I agree it’s wrong and an exploit. But, as it stands now, it is not considered cheating.

            Deal with it, or don’t.

            Your loss. This is the best game ever to come out. EVER!

            It takes a shit on every gaming experience I’ve ever had. And, I love it.

          • Kuze says:

            If that’s truly what the dev thinks (and I don’t think it is) then may his mod crash and burn. I dont want to play a mod where exploits and cheese are considered fair play.

            As for all this “hardcore” nonsense I’m getting sick of it, your not “hardcore”. I was playing games in the 80’s on tapes, am I hardcore? NO. We are gamers some play more some play less, some are better at it, some play for money most do not. In the end we are all gamers and anyone who thinks that because they are better/play more/get paid makes them somehow better or more important needs a reality check, because it doesn’t!!

          • SkittleDiddler says:

            nicra, you’re justifying it by claiming that the devs themselves don’t consider it a cheat (which is highly inaccurate, BTW). You can parse words all you want, but your attitude to those who don’t feel the same way as you on this subject only highlights your childishness.

            You either use this glitch and are afraid to admit it, or you’re just an asshole.

          • Jonith says:

            “Your loss. This is the best game ever to come out. EVER! ”

            And suddenly he loses his entire point as with that one scentence he confirms the obvious. He’s just a fanboy.

        • FunkyBadger3 says:

          You shouldn’t need somebody else to tell you right and wrong. Well, not if you’re older than 8 years old, anyway.

      • Arglebargle says:

        ‘The devs consider it to be okay’ is a failure of an argument. Developers make screwy mistakes all the time. Sometimes they doben’t even understand the problem. The more a game can be messed with by rules lawyers, the less interesting it becomes….especially when you don’t have the option of not playing with said lawyers. Easilly exploitive game play attracts the wrong crowd, imo.

    • Howard says:

      You are moron and the reason this game will collapse. You high-and-mighty wankers, ranting on on the DayZ forums are the most idiotic bunch of self-righteous jerks I have ever heard.
      You blind fanatics have no idea what the word “hardcore” means, you just mistake a badly designed, underdeveloped, half-idea of a game that lacks any pretence at balance and is open and available to the wilfully destructive who get their kicks purely from destroying other peoples fun for it. This is the game version of those who deliberately hack and cheat in other games and that sanctimonious, talentless hack Rocket is just fuelling your pathetic, childish fires.
      Those of us who make complaints (though there is no point doing so any more as the DayZ forums are a trollers paradise and Rocket just sits there with his eyes closed and his fingers in his ears to any comment that is not littered with fawning and praise) do not have problems with the “realism” of this game (scoff: ARMA is about as realistic as stop-motion animation) nor with how easily death comes nor that our enemies are not conveniently labelled and easily recognisable. What we want changing is the fact that for this to be a game (and kid yourself not, kid, a game this most definitely is – you can blow your “sim” nonsense out of any convenient orifice) it HAS to have rules, control and structure (just not a lot of them in this case).
      But any time any one says that, the frothing ARMA/DayZ fanboys just start screaming that we should “go back to COD” and that we are not “hardcore” enough.
      You disgust me. Thanks for killing a game that could have been great.

  13. nicraM says:

    Also, LOL at all the whiners complaining about the PvP.

    Go play some CoD, you losers. =/

    • Berzee says:

      I agree with your opinions expressed thus far, though not with the lack of jaunty flair in your tone.

    • JB says:

      @nicraM – Weird, I don’t see that. What I see is people being (rightfully) pissed off at players server hopping because they’re a wuss and don’t want to risk getting killed. It’s an exploit (no, Berzee, it really is =P =P etc etc) and it’s a weak thing to do. Take your lumps and get on with it. It’s DayZ.

      • nicraM says:

        I agree with you, but once again. You are preaching to the choir. Maybe you should take your lumps and move on?

        And yes, I may seem brash at times. And, I do agree I over use emotes.

        *I almost did it again.*


  14. ichigo2862 says:

    Delicious. Congratulations Mr. Rossignol, that was justice well served.

  15. UltimateBrent says:

    This game is kind of like Eve for me. I have much more fun reading about other people’s adventures than I do playing it myself.

  16. nicraM says:


    I could not reply to you, nor Moraven. I did not have the option to.

    But here is my take, and it is very simple. I am just stating that the meta surfing trick/exploit, whatever, is not a real game breaker. Sure, it is annoying as all hell. But, it is not something that kills the whole gaming experience. Sometimes it is fun to start your adventure all over again. But, that is neither here nor there.

    The point I was trying to make, albeit from the devil’s advocate point of view, is the fact that if the creators don’t think it is an issue then it’s not for you to say otherwise. You can boohoo all you want but the fact remains that power players are the mainstay of this game and many new players, if they press on through adverse odds, will, themselves, become power players.

    And, that is fucking satisfying. It is satisfying to kill 10 people from a hill with a DMR and the whole server complains about you and then subsequently most of them leave. Pure joy and hilarity.

    The reason I even bring up PvP is because the people that complain about the meta-surfing BS are also complaining about PvP. And, if they weren’t complaining about that, they would surely be complaining about something else.

    And, Moraven,

    I would have to go as far as to say… Good!

    Those players aren’t wanted anyway. This game is for seasoned gamers, not impatient 15 year olds.

    • Jay says:

      “if the creators don’t think it is an issue then it’s not for you to say otherwise.”
      There’s nothing about that statement that isn’t wrong. I don’t even know where to start.

      “This game is for seasoned gamers, not impatient 15 year olds.”
      But meta-surfing is the epitome of an impatient 15 year old trick. It’s the last deperate act of a scared little kid who doesn’t want to have his toys taken away.

      “The reason I even bring up PvP is because the people that complain about the meta-surfing BS are also complaining about PvP.”
      It’s a PvP game, fair enough. It’s not the bloody matrix. I think complaining about the meta-surfing BS is a fair enough move.

      • Kuze says:

        I think your flogging a dead horse the more this guy writes the more he sounds like a meta surfer (despite his claims otherwise)15yr old CoD player he so hates.

        “And, that is fucking satisfying. It is satisfying to kill 10 people from a hill with a DMR and the whole server complains about you and then subsequently most of them leave. Pure joy and hilarity.”

        So you think ruining someone else’s fun is “Pure joy”?? How twisted are you boy. I have killed plenty of people in DayZ some in cold blood, but I never did it for pure joy and hilarity. Nope I did it for supplies or the simple fear I couldn’t trust them (didn’t respond to chat etc). I’ve never bitched or moaned about PvP in any game its a risk you take but I’ve never understood how folks like you enjoy ruining someone elses fun, twisted.

        • nicraM says:

          So, you are saying you didn’t get any rush out of killing those players?


          I was a nice guy in game, at first. Then I got ganked, and murdered a bunch. No more. I find it hilarious because most new players think the coast is a good place to sit and scavenge. I provide a service…haha… I drive those players into the woods. Where, they will hopefully find a new gaming experience. Even the fact I shot at them, gave them a jump to their heart and that is something special when speaking of a video game.

          What am I getting at?

          Relax, you ninny, it’s a fucking video game.

          Ruining their fun… Hah!


          And, I’ve never meta-surfed in my life. Not to gain tactical advantage or loot.

        • nicraM says:

          I’m just going to end this “argument” with a quote from Rocket, the games creator.

          (05-27-2012 07:35 AM)rocket Wrote: So the DayZ world has gone to shit? Good. We’re on track then. Because its a fucking Zombie Apocalypse.)

          • Kuze says:

            Erm that quote could refer to anything its not in context at all……….

            And no i didnt get a rush killing them, I was grateful for their beans and it was tense meeting them etc and laying the trap as it were, but no I didnt get a thrill killing them. I felt sorry for them BUT at the end of the day I wanted their beans. Sure I ruined their game, but my motivation was far different from yours.

            Also yeah its a game which people play for fun, so yeah you enjoy ruining fun for others because someone did it to you it seems. How very noble of you. I got beat up as a kid so I’ll beat up some other younger/wimpy kid mentality very mature of you.

            While it is indeed only a game it seems you dont enjoy playing fair or with others, I’m sure that says something about you………

      • nicraM says:

        It’s not for you nor me to say. He didn’t really create the game for us, he made it for himself and his friends and was kind enough to share it.

        Remember that.

        Also, it’s not really. It’s smart in a way. Think of the servers, not as individual planes but rather, as all encompassing worlds linked through a central database. It’s like a parallel dimensions in the same universe. There are also some other things that will (hopefully) never change either. Like the fact admins can’t kick players because it affects the whole of the game world.

        We can argue like this forever. But, the game probably won’t change in your favor. I think, in fact, the way the database and world is set up (persistent). That it is, in fact, impossible to solve the meta trick. Once again, it’s not that big of an issue. Only people that are below par at the game, complain about it.

        • Kaira- says:

          >It’s not for you nor me to say. He didn’t really create the game for us, he made it for himself and his friends and was kind enough to share it.

          He shared it, at which point it became open for anyone to discuss. If he can’t deal with it, it’s his loss. If he is too blind to see an obvious exploit that works not within the rules of the game, but on some extraneous plane which isn’t clear for the players without deep knowledge about the technology behind the game, I’d say he should just give up the development of the mod to the community.

    • Muzman says:

      Still waiting to hear why leaving this meta-surfing thing in is a good idea.
      All this teenage stuff about whiners and PvP and hard -core keeps getting in the way. What that has to do with it seems mysterious.

    • Colej_uk says:

      You’re generalising too much. I love the PvP and hate the meta surfing. I actually think the meta surfing breaks the PvP. There’s no point in having PvP if you can just quit straight out of a fire fight and be fine. I thought this game was about survival?

      There’s a lot of ‘hardcore’ players that absolutely can’t bear the fact that they aren’t invincible no matter what weapon you have in this game. No matter if you have a DMR, M16 Acog, Night vision, whatever. If somebody gets the drop on you, you’re dead, or at least you should be. The choice to quit out of the game to save themselves the pain of knowing they’ve been bettered shouldn’t exist. Man up I say.

      And it is game breaking for me- one of the reasons I’ve stopped playing along with the loot system.

      When you know where the good loot spawns it gets a bit dull, and breaks the survival aspect too. When you realise you can get most of the good weapons from deerstands, which are in the middle of nowhere and therefore relatively safe from players and zombies alike, it’s a no brainer. No need to visit towns.

      But the joy of this game for me ended when I stopped struggling to survive. The meta-surfing breaks the PvP, which is the only other thing there is to do once you’re bored of the loot fest. Who is it exactly that rearms these deerstands with military-grade weapons every 10 minutes?

      I love this mod, but they need to re-think some of the design to have it stick to the original concept. If a realistic survival game isn’t the goal of the developers any more, then they’ve lost a player here and hopefully somebody else will take a shot at it.

  17. nicraM says:

    Kuze, you seem to not understand what I am trying to say.

    People like you are the reason games get nerfed to shit. Grow up, please. It’s a video game and I take enjoyment out of killing other players and zombies alike. I almost never kill newbs cause it is not a challenge. My motivations, are not also solely for the thrill. Although, that is a nice bonus.

    I am at the point though, where I don’t get an adrenaline dump anymore when fired upon. It went away last night as I was running from the NE airstrip, after my partner was murdered. (3 inside the ATC ; 1 really good sniper) We spent 6 hours collecting stuff and neither he, nor I complained about it. It was a thrill just to get into that altercation. Because let’s face it, without the PvP aspect and that paranoia that you might get murdered anytime, this game isn’t that great.

    So, in conclusion. Your whining makes the game annoying for some, like my killing makes it annoying for most. The difference is, whining is not part of the game, killing is.

    • FunkyBadger3 says:

      You sound an absolute joy to game with.

      • dajjal says:

        Come the apocalypse you will inevitably get asshats ruining your day

        nicraM fill that roll in DayZ…

        • Kuze says:

          Nerfed to shit eh? I just want “meta surfing” or cheating/exploiting bugs removed (as well as afew other issues with the game fixed). I dont want idiots like you removed from the game because you are (and judging by the majority of others here) the kind of person everyone on the server rejoices about when you get owned. Kinda like when a ganker (you) gets hounded for hours by better skilled players and you get some of your own medicine.

          As for me nerfing games, erm just no. The dev’s/pubs are the ones in charge if they listen to my opinions (they dont), its their choice to implement them. Its then my choice to walk away or wave my wallet. The blame solely lies with dev’s/pub’s and do they want to stick to their core/niche market or do they sell out and try to please everyone. If they stick to their vision (and lets say meta surfing/cheating is in their vision) then cool, good for them but I wont be playing. If they change to attract more people then so be it you’ll stop playing (i doubt you’ll be missed), in the end it was their choice.

          I suppose we could say the mighty American dollar (replace with local currency) is the real enemy here, so as to not get corrupted I suggest you give what little you have away to the local charity shop and go live in the hills somewhere.

  18. nicraM says:

    And LOL at fair in the zombie apocalypse.

    You are a ninny.

    Oh, and I have a few people, that are real life friends, that I group with. Why would I want to group with some random ass person, that will shoot me in the back once I get something good?

    You obviously don’t understand the mechanics of an apocalypse.

    • mondomau says:

      “obviously don’t understand he mechanics of the apocalypse”
      Like teleporting around the Map? Sounds legit.

  19. stinkytaco says:

    Needs to be a better way to distinguish the bandits. Getting really tired of trying to get a decent game going and some coward just shoots you in the back.

    Or some elitist prick sits on a hill with a sniper riffel killing new characters because he has one ofthos trollface tshirts on.

  20. zagor says:

    oh stalker 2 what could have you been,with coop to.Fuck the world of games and resi 6,ds2
    Games for kids that does not appreciate greatness

  21. nicraM says:

    Zagor gets it.

  22. Clavus says:

    I’ve been put nearly 75 hours into this game the past two weeks. It’s amazing. Playing with several guys from my community, looting high risk places and ambushing people trying their luck. So far I’ve got 100 zombies and 9 killed (and some wounded) players on my name. We finally found a vehicles and some tents, which means my group can finally move to establish a main base and store our loot.

    People complaining about the PvP don’t get how this game works. It’s pure player driven chaos and causality. If you’re dying a lot it means you have to change your playstyle, and be even more vigilant instead of becoming impatient.

  23. FunkyBadger3 says:

    I’m missing the point of this – its: Zombie: The Griefing, isn’t it?

  24. vodka and cookies says:

    Fantastic but this is exactly why I will never play this game, it’s a newbie hunting simulator. You have to stay on top of various hacks/exploits to just stay in the game, that’s no fun to me and something for masochists to enjoy.

  25. stinkytaco says:

    What the game really needs is a “Nerf” system.

    Guys who PvP like brave men keep their status.

    Spineless cowards who sit in the bushes shooting people in the back should loose accuracy and starting health after the second act of cowardliness.

    People running in gangs should also get nerfed. Make so that they only get 10% of the usual loot when they shoot people from behind in groups.

    They are doing some serious overhauling now. I will be very happy to see some of these troll’s either nerfed until it is unplayable for them, or they simply get IP banned for grieving the servers.

    Bandits, I have no problem with. We need to just work on making them a bit more noticeable is all.

    • Secundus says:

      i hope they never listen to people like you

    • CrookedLittleVein says:

      “What the game really needs is a “Nerf” system.”

      Interesting, go on.

      “Guys who PvP like brave men keep their status”

      Bold opening gambit.

      “Spineless cowards who sit in the bushes shooting people in the back should loose accuracy and starting health after the second act of cowardliness.”


      “People running in gangs should also get nerfed. Make so that they only get 10% of the usual loot when they shoot people from behind in groups.”

      Oh Christ.

      “They are doing some serious overhauling now. I will be very happy to see some of these troll’s either nerfed until it is unplayable for them, or they simply get IP banned for grieving the servers.”


      “Bandits, I have no problem with. We need to just work on making them a bit more noticeable is all.”

      Bit a of damb squid at the end there. You were speaking for the community with breathtaking arrogance as a reaction against those who have the audacity to disagree with YOUR particular vision of the game. Stop the server hopping and a few other slight tweeks to do with adding a little more life to the environment, but let the rest go you twit.

      • spamenigma says:

        That will be a Damp Squib :) otherwise totally agree with your response to him :D

  26. tmac says:

    Man-o-manochevitz… the comments here are nearly as good as the story!

    With any luck, Day-z will become the next CounterStrike. Like CS, if Rocket continues to get good backing, and listens to the general direction of the Day-z community… (lop off the outlying whiners and hold true to core vision) this could really take off. Its the edge of a new genre of online gaming – continual tuning can make this great!

    If you have steam, and check the current/peak players, Couter-Strike is consistently in the top 5 of online games at Steam… as I am looking there are 34,637 currently playing with a peak of 52,865. If you’ve been around a long time in first person shooter games, you likely get what I am saying… but let me spell it out for the young’ns and those who have missed it.

    CS (link to en.wikipedia.org) has been around for ~TWELVE YEARS and the “low” graphics original (1.6 non-source) is still highly playable (I said top 5 right?). All that from a free mod for Half-Life (also awesome.) I couldn’t confirm this, but I believe they were one of the first games to not have “perfect aim” and different range/power/accuracy for their guns… could be wrong… first game *I* remember having it… But that came about from listening to the community and it was a subtle way to even up playing against some of the quick wrists out there… they worked to correct the bunny hopping issues, they brought in flash bangs as a tool to combat campers…

    Not enough room to talk about the cheating side of things… with great notoriety comes all manner of play to deal with… commercial steps were taken, you can read about it in the Wiki… we started our own server so we could manage the cheaters… sometimes we had fun with them and on verrrry rare occasions we were harsher than banning… (!)

    I have played only a little of Day-z but I seem to be talking about it a lot, even to non-gamers… it is close to the Online Stalker that so many of us want and… may get…

    I will play more… because it evolves…

  27. Blob-World-Eye-Weary says:

  28. Secundus says:

    anyone ever notice that dayz articles read like 19th century anthropologists following around “savage natives”

  29. tangoliber says:

    Killzone 2 clan match: Assassination round, with the other team on defense.

    The other team uses a glitch to get their assassination target out of the map. But most high-level players know the glitch. We used the same glitch and hunted him down in the out-of-bounds world. It was pretty surreal.

  30. famicube64 says:

    Does this sort of thing happen often? I was thinking of buying ARMA 2 for this mod but not if it’s loaded with assholes like this. I have enough problems in BF3 with cheaters.

    • Howard says:

      It happens CONSTANTLY. No one ever stands for a fight. They log out, they cheat, they act like the sad, pathetic little COD players they are.

      This is not a game its a griefers paradise. The hype is just that. Avoid

    • woodsey says:

      In my experience, I’ve had no problems with it. If I’ve been killed by other players it’s because they’ve had the nobility to shoot me as I CROUCH-PRONE-CROUCH-ZOOM in sheer panic.

      It really shouldn’t stop you from playing. Every character I’ve had has some sort of interesting story attached (although the first few characters you create generally have a ‘story’ that’s equivalent to a funny limerick).

      The game is updated pretty frequently too, they’ll probably start curbing this sort of behaviour soon – and some servers take note of people who use exploits and send them off to the devs anyway (or at least they claim to).

      • Howard says:

        The game has not been updated in a while now (DayZ – ARMA has been updated plenty) and Rocket has made it painfully, painfully clear that he will make no attempt at all to curb ANY exploits or introduce any balance to the game. He is just as idiotic and arrogant as his baying pack of fanboys.

        • Unaco says:

          10 days ago was the last update for DayZ. Not that long ago. And Rocket has been dragged to E3 by BiS… so obviously no releases during that time, which isn’t a long time at all.

          I’d also like to see a source for Rocket saying he isn’t going to make any attempt to curb/fix any exploits. I know he’s said that he wants PvP in there, that it’s a huge part of the game, and that he wants the servers and the players to descend into chaos etc. (it IS a Zombie Apocalypse). But I don’t think he’s said he’s going to leave exploits alone… someone has even quoted him down page, saying that he’s definitely planning/rolling out a solid fix for disconnecting to avoid death. He also took the ‘save =true/false’ item from the debug monitor, so you can’t exploit save lag etc. He’s also tried to prevent server hopping for loot (get to place X, a really good loot place, on server 1, loot. Move to server 2, loot again. Move to server 3… and so on).

          I don’t think it’s true at all to claim Rocket isn’t going to fix any exploits. And then to just straight up insult him, claim he’s arrogant and idiotic… and make use of the f**b** word. I don’t think that’s fair at all.

    • Unaco says:

      I also never had any issues with it, although I did do my best to avoid other players. There will always be some… a small number of ‘griefers’ or whatever you want to call them, pushing, bending, breaking the boundaries and the rules and the systems and the like. But it doesn’t happen CONSTANTLY… the size of the map, and the number of servers means you can avoid these sorts of things.

  31. SoggySilicon says:

    One of the few articles in which I read most of the post.

    As an anecdote or comment I have found that in Day Z that when one “witnesses” or “perceives” a murder of one player against another that the inhibition to do harm to “the killer” is highly diminished.

    As one gains lewt, ones desire to “team up” with strangers drops exponentially.

    As far as the article, what Jim did or didn’t do is not really here or there, but what is interesting is that he “headed towards” the danger. He constructed a scene of carnage, and plotted how he would kill this killer.

    Of course, he didn’t see those kills take place, he just assumed.

    It’s an interesting aspect of Day Z, as Jim takes on the roll of the vigilante to a crime he only came in on after the fact. The defender/killer chooses to remain engaged in a high risk situation.

    The “play” here is that both men are engaged in an extremely lethal (in game terms) of cat and mouse. It takes minutes to log in and out, with no guarantees of getting back into a game (especially one with a high server pop).

    Day Z engenders “choice” and “consequence”. Right or wrong, good and bad, what makes Day Z work is the distinct lack of enforcement when it comes to people making decisions and the consequences both positive and negative of those actions.

    Punctuated by the extreme lethal nature of firearms, lack of resources, quest for lewt, boredom and chaos of a world with no rules other than those one makes for themselves.

    I’ve seen solo players get into “group think”. Making bad decisions and become murders… I’ve seen CoD kiddies learn how to think for themselves… it’s a strange thing, and one that I personally have not seen since the days of perhaps Ultima Online… or old school games like it.

    The lethal nature of the game cannot be understated, and I often see comments being made that seem to emphasize an early, middle, and late game… it’s unrepresentative of what Day Z is.

    You log in, that’s it… that IS the game, it IS the game every moment you play it, it is what it is, at every moment.

    Get a bunch of hours in… be sitting next to your camp fire, tent pitched for the night… crunch of leaves behind you… hear the pop of a makarov…

    smile… your heart beat stops, your killer’s is bursting through his chest… he has balls…


    there is nothing more to it than that… I don’t think it ever claimed to be.

  32. Yagadoor says:

    Great story, I enjoyed it very much. You did a very good job teaching that poor cheating bastard a lesson to remember!

  33. Ham Solo says:

    Assault rifles use magazines, not clips.
    But a great story. At first I couldn’t imagine someone going through all the crap that game can give you when trying to connect to a server. Waiting for response, Retrying to authenticate and so on. But because the game itself plays very slow-paced it now seems plausible.

  34. sonofsanta says:

    Your years in New Eden have made you paranoid and cunning beyond what these mere FPS griefers can cope with. I can only imagine the smug satisfaction you must have felt. Glorious.

  35. Zarunil says:

    I have faith that Rocket will fix this exploit.

    Also, well played!

  36. DXN says:

    From the Day Z forums:

    Disconnecting to avoid death

    05-27-2012, 10:10 PM Post: #1
    DayZ Staff
    Posts: 713
    Joined: Apr 2012

    Disconnecting to avoid death
    I don’t know why, but people are assuming that I think this is part of the game.

    It’s not. I posted in a thread that was talking about that, that META-GAMING is explicitly allowed. I.e. infiltrating teamspeak servers and groups etc…

    Disconnecting to avoid death IS an exploit.

    It will be patched out, very easily, in a future update. The update is ready to go and will be released when the Beta patch for ArmA2 is out.


    • joe says:

      So does this just render all of the rambling by nicraM and others on the previous page pointless?

      • Berzee says:

        No because,

        firstly, my rambling was about disconnecting to sneak up on people, not to avoid death (though they’re mostly similar) and,

        secondly and most importantly, my rambling was about how if something is considered an exploit it *should be patched out* instead of being left in the game and made ban-worthy. And lo! it is being patched out! Just like I said. The game will be better for it than if they had left it in and said, “Promise not to click that button at the wrong time.”

      • Jay says:

        Seeing as nicraM’s sole argument seemed to be “rocket said it’s part of the game” (despite no evidence of this), I think so.

        Note that some people are claiming meta-surfing is still okay provided the person hasn’t already shot at you yet. Which is equally silly for obvious reasons, but there you go.

        • campingfag says:

          Made an account and logged in just to say woo fucking hoo. Been reading NicraM’s ridiculous douchbaggery and “hardcore” attitude and it turns out the only (barely credible) point in his argument was false all along.

          Fucking griefers. Of course he won’t respond to this, because, being the cowardly shitstain (an american colloquialism, if you don’t mind gents) he is, perfectly proving the aforementioned points.

          Hardcore my ass. These people are invariably in real life the sort of weak willed jelly kneed nancyboys in real life who got beat up in high school. So they have to get their jollies bulling people behind a screen.

          EDIT: Oh before anyone points out the irony of my name, its an appellation I got from watching chokepoints as a terrorist in Counterstrike some years back. I thought it so absurd that I kept it as an screenname.

    • Colej_uk says:

      Thank God.

  37. Grape says:

    Trash like this guy should be forcibly banned from multiplayer games.

  38. drewski says:

    Good read. Makes me want to play this game even less but, nonetheless, good read.

  39. eightiesmullet says:

    Jesus – DayZ forums got hacked last night and all hell has broken loose. They tracked the hacker down and his details are being posted on reddit and 4chan for some good old fashioned internet pitchfork justice….

    End of days indeed.

  40. Patar says:

    My hero.

  41. modulev says:

    And I just had to say that Dayz is a terrible game.. It favors campers moreso than any game I’ve ever played. The majority of people that play this game are losers who can sit all day in one spot, waiting for that poor noob to run across the field. And when I hear shots coming? I spin around and around, but I can’t see anyone because the gfx suck and my vision gets blurry from being hit! Poor design. This game is so buggy too, with many hackers and exploiters I don’t know why anyone would want to play it.. The aiming system is very buggy, it’s easier to shoot in real life and I break my leg from a 5 foot drop.. This game aims to be realistic but turns out just being a big pain in the ass! Please, someone explain how this game is fun. And don’t give me that “constant danger” crap, because 99% of the time I’m just wandering around, all alone, with the feeling that the longer I play, the more time I waste! I highly enjoy Black Ops 2 as it’s a quick game I can pickup and actually play with my friends (rather than spending hours trying to find each other in Dayz). Dayz seems like a great game for serial killers in training! I bet Adam Lanza loved this game.

  42. ericzhu says:

    After watching the Blade and soul video ,I think Blade and soul is so amazing.Just as the bns news said, the game style is so beautiful.The game players will be attracted by the balde and soul artworks.