Lightspeed: FTL Beta Arriving Later This Month

Awesome-looking spaceship-managing rogue-like type FTL: Faster Than Light, is going to get a beta later this month, according to Mr Jubert speaking to BluesNews. You’ll recall that the game did extraordinarily well over on the Kickstarters, raising an extra special $200k when they were only asking for $10k. Really, Internet, you do spoil us.

New video below!


  1. Didero says:

    I still regret not backing their Kickstarter. I really liked the demo of the game on OnLive, and from these videos it seems like the game only got better since.

    • Gnoupi says:

      What’s unfortunate is that they don’t (currently) plan on allowing any ways to pre-order and get the beta, now that the kickstarter ended: link to

      What about alpha/beta access? Alpha funding? Crowd-sourcing?
      We ran an successful Kickstarter (here) that ended on April 1st. Since it was surprisingly successful, we don’t have any other need to crowd-source funding. We currently plan to restrict beta access to our Kickstarter backers.

      I guess they have enough money for now and don’t want/have the time to bother setting up a digital selling platform for further preorders.

      • frightlever says:

        A Beta only needs so many users and they’ve obviously exceeded that by a wide margin.

        • TJ says:

          As I understand it, Justin and Matthew were really keen to deliver on their promises to Kickstarter donators, particularly as regards beta access. If they go ahead and open the beta for anyone who buys the game the reward for early adopters becomes rather shallow.

          But yes, you guys are definately missing out – the game’s really fleshing out nicely :-)

        • adonf says:

          A Beta for an online game needs a lot of player, for an SP game like this one not so much.

          Also beta access was part of the Kickstarted package for donators above US$25. Those 2613 backers would be pissed if finally anyone who donated could get the beta.

    • Crius says:

      Worst. I backed the kickstart and amazon can’t bill my credit card (others project billed without problem).
      So FTL lost my pledge and i lost my preorder.

      Thanks amazon. Really thanks.

    • Joshua Northey says:

      Lucky for you the game will almost certainly be even better once it is released, and you will enjoy it more then than you would the beta. Have a little patience.

      Also does anyone else wonder if Galaxy Trucker helped inspire this at all?

  2. nizzie says:

    I hope they add the possibility to preorder the game somewhere for beta access. No credit card, no kickstarter madness. :(

  3. Jnx says:

    Really waiting for this. Didn’t participate in the Kickstart but there was never a question about me buying the product. Don’t even mind not getting access to beta. Don’t want to “burn out” before it’s ready.

  4. Was Neurotic says:

    Yeah, now that it’s taken another leap towards completion, my lust for this game is getting dangerous.

  5. Sarigs says:

    Yeah, backed this on Kickstarter after trying the OnLive Demo. Can’t freaking wait for the Beta/release!

  6. Drake Sigar says:

    I liked the end part – both ships losing power and their crews having a race against time to get their systems online.

  7. aircool says:

    I’m so glad I decided to watch the video. It reminds me of me and a friend scribbling away on graph paper after college, whilst our maths homework was, er, eaten by the dog.

    Looks great.

  8. Maldomel says:

    Note to self: kickstart the hell out of those projects so next time you can get a beta access.

  9. MadTinkerer says:

    Ooooh boy! So glad I Kickstarted this!

    With all the stuff being shipped, the various film projects wrapping up (Indie Game The Movie out very soon, and they’ve finally finished filming the epilogue for the Minecraft movie), and Alphas and Betas starting, it seems that the naysayers are 100% wrong for now.

    I’ve backed 29 projects so far, and other than the ones that didn’t make it, everyone seems to be pretty good about keeping promises. A few projects have been pretty quiet, but there’s no reason to believe they aren’t hard at work. A few others shipped right away, because the design work was all done and they just needed funds for a print run (or whatever). Most have been good about posting updates when there’s something worth communicating to the backers. Has anyone had any problems yet?

  10. jhng says:

    Glad this is nearly with us — looking forward to routing power to forward shields.

    What would be lovely (for a future iteration or sequel perhaps?) would be to add a ship building mechanic so you can plan and build a bigger and more complicated capital ship to manage as you progress — kind of like Sim City but with a big space ship instead of a city. That conception would make me very weak at the knees…

  11. NathanH says:

    It must be weird exceeding the kickstarter by a large amount. How much of the extra money do you spend on making the game better and how much do you keep for yourself? It must be a hard question to answer.

    • InternetBatman says:

      Stretch goals probably help with those decisions, but if I were a studio, I’d want to save enough for a year of development after the Kickstarter. I suppose it’s easier with small indie teams where the only real cost is living expense. Then you just work on the game until you’re done with it.

  12. TechnicalBen says:

    Looking even better. Cannot wait for the beta release. It’s like Dwarf Fortress in SPACE! Yey. (PS, excitement scale off the meter as I have beta access! :D )

  13. Greggh says:

    Yay! Great news Jimmy boy!

  14. Miltrivd says:

    This looks lovelier every time I see a new video. I really can’t wait.