Kickstarter Katchup 9th June 2012

I keep thinking about making a logo on a ketchup bottle, but thinking isn't doing.

Another week, another inbox stuffed full of Kickstarters people believe are worth a mention. So below you’ll find the latest on the status of all the projects that have caught our eye, successes, failures, and the in-between.

As ever, two things. Firstly, our including a link to a project here does not mean we endorse it, or believe it’s worth giving your money. That’s your choice. Secondly, if you think there’s something that should be in the list, email me at the address behind my name above, rather than leaving comments. (And can I suggest not being rude about, or titling your email, “I can’t believe you forgot…”) Sending us a link is no guarantee it’ll appear in the Katchup. The value of Kickstarter projects can go down as well as up. Your home may be at risk if you do not keep up your payments to Tim Schafer.

The Winners

Tex Murphy: Project Fedora – Aaron Conners and Chris Jones

The big success this week was Tex Murphy: Project Fedora. Chris Jones and Aaron Conners’ attempt to relaunch their well-loved FMV detective has flown past the $450,000 goal, and currently sits just shy of half a million. With six days to go, and some pretty smart tactics in how they’ve encouraged attention, I think this could even get as high as $550,000 by the time it’s done, which means a few of their stretch goals will be realised too.

Edge Of Space – HandyMan Studios

With the most remarkable surge toward the end, what looked like it might stall ended up clearing a $25,000 target by another $10,495, meaning a very happy indie team is going full steam ahead with their Terraria-a-like space-based multiplayer platformer. With sharks.

Xenonauts – Goldhawk Interactive

Obviously this one was successful about fourteen seconds after it launched, but it’s just winding up now with 30 hours to go. They’ve made an amazing $134,311, nearly tripling their $50k original goal, but now’s your last chance to get any of the reward tiers, should that be a thing you wanted to do.

The Losers

Rob Swigart’s Portal (1986) Reborn v2.0 – Subliminal Games

With no doubt at all that they weren’t going to make a massive $530,000 target, the project was cancelled this week, despite there still being three weeks to go. It stalled at around $20k, and had been stuck around that number for nearly two weeks. While it would have been fascinating to see this mostly-forgotten 80s adventure brought back to life, their ambitions seem to have far exceeded people’s interest. This was already their second attempt, with a massively reduced target. But of course, as I imagine will always be the case with failed Kickstarters, they aren’t giving up. And wisely, the first part of that looks likely to be an attempt to educate people who Rob Swigart is, and why they should care about Portal. And, I hope, come up with a flipping name for it. That could well involve another Kickstarter some time in the future.

Always Outnumbered – SRRN Games and GO Gaming

This attempt to create a new angle on a multiplayer tower defence never caught fire, and eventually stumbled over its deadline with only $9,483 of a $175k goal. They report the experience was positive, and have taken on board a lot of feedback. And of course are still working on the game anyway. They spent last week at E3 showing the game to publishers, so we wish them the best of luck in finding funding that way. They also released a new video:

The Runners

Dead State – DoubleBear Productions

Zooming up to $80k in their first week, the $150,000 total looks easily reachable for this incredibly ambitious zombie RPG. There are almost four weeks left, too, so they’re rather cockily already announcing their stretch goals. But that cockiness will likely pay off. You can find out an enormous amount about the project from our gargantuan interview with the developers.

Lily Looking Through – Geeta Games

I’m very pleased to see that the lovely looking Lily Looking Through is almost funded. Adam fell for it completely when it caught his eye last week. They’re only after $18,000, and they’re already over $16k. With three weeks to go, it seems inevitable that this’ll get funded, but it’ll be nice to see how much over that target it can get. If they can double it, the game will also reach tablets. Their video makes the mistake of spending too much time talking, and not enough time showing, but the goggles bit is great. (Also, they probably learned the lesson that you need to mic yourself, not the camera, a bit late.) Fortunately there’s a footage trailer too:

Two Guys SpaceVenture – Two Guys From Andromeda

Oh boy, this one’s going to be close. I think it was just bad luck for these guys that their launch caught a bit of a Sierra veteran project fatigue, coming in the dust of Jane Jensen and Al Lowe, and as great as some of the Space Quest games were, they haven’t been remembered nearly as favourably. Not having the ability to use the Space Quest name, nor characters from it, also can’t have helped. But that all said, they’re damned close to reaching their goal. With just three days left, they’re at $417,000 of their half million desires, and plenty of projects have seen that last lump come in in the final moments. However, I think they’ve somewhat blown their load with incessant, irrelevant and damned annoying updates throughout – 45 so far – meaning gathering attention at the end is going to be tougher for them. I know I unsubscribed from their bloody emails a week ago.

Haunts: The Manse Macabre – Rick Dakan

Despite a month’s advertising on the My Brother, My Brother And Me podcast, Haunts has been slow to get to the (apposite) $13,666 it’s gathered of its $25,000 target. A turn-based horror game, it’s a multiplayer haunt-em-up, where you can play as either the intruders or the ghosties. It’s only $5 to secure a copy, and then despite other rewards in the higher tiers, each extra $5 you donate nets you another copy. The highest tier of $250 gets you 50 copies. Which is mad. Also important to note is just how spoooooky Rick Dakan looks in his video.

Sam Suede In Undercover Exposure – Wisecrack Games

After a real mess of a launch, with very misleading suggestions that Al Lowe was actively working on the game, the project page eventually received a rewrite that, well, seems to say the same things but slightly less overtly. Of course, Lowe did work on the game years ago, and the character is partly his creation. And they’ve got Broken Sword’s Steve Ince secured to write on the project should it succeed. However, that’s not looking enormously likely, even with well over a month to go. Despite the considerable publicity the fuss gave the page, it’s still shy of $9,000, when aiming for a ludicrous $500,000.

TorchShips – John Carl Gillespie

Bearing in mind just how many people have contacted us about this one, I’m astonished it doesn’t have more than the $6k it’s raised for a $40,000 goal. With only 8 days left to go, it’s going to need a big turnaround in fortunes, but blimey, a lot of our readers seem keen that it will happen. It’s a space combat simulator that looks super-hardcore, with copies going for $10 pledges.

Skyjacker – DIGITILUS

I think I’ll be leaving this one off the list for a few weeks now, since there are still 43 days to go. They’re over a quarter of the way to their second attempt to make $200,000, but I imagine things will be quite for another month before a bigger finish.

Zombie Playground – Massive Black Inc.

Even though they say “plethora” in their video, and calling themselves “Massive Black [chicken picture]”, this online action RPG has already raised $55k of its $100,000 goal. Although it features playing as kids, it won’t be a game for kids. Instead it’s about capturing the imagination of childhood play, as you use children’s toys to fight real zombies. And thankfully they’ve just shown some footage in a recent update, with some pre-alpha code to see. And it looks super-cute. Nerf-batting zombies is something I like to see more of.

Word Realms – Asymmetric

Word Realms continues its glacial movement toward its $100k goal, now at $65k. With 12 days left, and hopefully some perceivable activity from the Kingdom Of Loathing developers, it could get there. But it’s going to involve more than telling us what the t-shirt design will be after silence since May. While you can certainly go too far the other way with updates, actually acting like you’re there is probably a good idea too. Especially when the game looks so ace.

Auro – Keith Burgun

I think pretty much guaranteed to make its teeny $7,500 in the next 20 days, since $6,355 of it is already raised, the turn-based strategy should be coming to PC by this Christmas. Although again, I always have a real concern when goals are this small. After Kickstarter and Amazon fees are paid, and then the total is taxed, it’s hard to see how far such a small sum can go in game development. Although although, with so long to go and already most the way there, people could see this one far better funded by the time it’s done. It’s a shame the video only shows phone footage, but the cutesy tactics game looks appealing.

Ground Branch – BlackFoot Studios

Alongside TorchShips, we had a ton of emails about this one. A former Red Storm employee, disappointed by the direction the Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon franchises have taken, is working on an impressive-looking tactical shooter, built in the Unreal engine. There are huge volumes of details on the KS page, and the video reveals just how detailed this plans to be, with plenty of in-game footage. At $33k, it has a long way to go for a $425,000 goal, but 27 days to get there.

Cold Fusion – Dustin Gleaves

“A steampunk inspired post apocalyptic indie RPG” is an excellent way to get our attention. A video filmed on a calculator is not. I really do despair at how little effort so many indies appear to put into their Kickstarter videos, putting up low-res, fuzzy footage of themselves talking and not showing. Only aiming for $15,000, they’ve so far made $1,781 with three weeks to go. But without even editing in a shot of the game in the top video they’re pushing their luck. Scroll far, far down and you can eventually see that it’s going for a JRPG Nintendo-esque look made with RMXP. They’ve had a little boost thanks to a tweet from Brian Fargo, celebrating them for choosing to Kick It Forward, but still have a way to go.

Retrovirus – Cadenza Interactive

About six months ago I was a bit rude about the first trailer for Retrovirus. Promising us a six-axis shooter of the likes of Descent, what we saw was an external view of a ship idly drifting in some rubble. But hooray! They took that to heart and have produced a video for their just-launched Kickstarter that shows it properly, and makes me want it. Along with a floaty-ship shooting all around it, they’re also including what sounds like Metroid Prime-like scanning. They’re looking for $75,000 in polish money (polish, not Polish, silly), and to put the modding tools out as early as possible. There’s just over a grand is raised so far, but it’s only just started, and fifteen bucks will secure you a copy of the almost-finished game. It looks spiffy, but being alpha footage, also rather sells the need for the polish:


  1. faelnor says:

    No Carmageddon. Someone email that man at once!

    • John Walker says:

      That was featured in our successful list last week: link to

      • DickSocrates says:

        But it hadn’t ended then and you didn’t mention it again when it did.

        • Jay says:

          What exactly would the point of that be though? They’d met their goals and everyone was happy, surely?

          Carma was never going to need much help, it’s one of those games that’s recent enough and people have such fond memories of that it was going to coast through.

        • John Walker says:

          I mentioned that it had reached its goals. In the week since it’s over and you can’t give any more money, so there’s no point in mentioning it again.

          • tomovo says:

            Actually yes it is still possible to donate to this project via Paypal, it’s just not going through Kickstarter anymore. However I believe the “rewards” are still valid even for the Paypal donations. I think with their attititude they are going to fulfill that.

    • deathrune says:

      Ok ok, not exactly the typical kick starter game but it deserves awearness!
      Very good game guy, youtube it now youll be amazed.

  2. AmateurScience says:

    Completely off topic but you mentioned Metroid Prime, and lordy would I love someone to make a Prime-like first person explorie, shootie, adveturie thing. I really must dig out my gamecube and have another bash at that. Has there ever been a game quite like it on PC?

  3. TychoCelchuuu says:

    Glad to see TorchShips on the list but I’m surprised people other than me emailed about it. It seems so ridiculously nerdy/niche-y that nobody would care (and it’s never going to meet its funding goal) but I’m glad to see that it has gotten into the heads of people other than myself.

    • Veav says:

      We bring it up (positively) at Skyjacker every time someone mentions realistic physics. The TorchShips guys have balls of steel. :D

    • EPICTHEFAIL says:

      Looks nerdy. Ahem.
      Still, I`m glad we`re getting an actual space sim (the most recent good sim was Independence war. No, Starwraith is not a sim. Quite the contrary, in fact.). Kind of surprised by their realistic sim toting ranges of only 20k km. REAL men nuke people from the other side of the system. Oh, how I hate living in a country where the appearance of a credit card makes people do a double-take. Can we PLEASE have a space sim? Please? Someone fund this, now.

    • ColOfNature says:

      I’ve been waiting for this game for the longest time.

    • varangian says:

      I was keen on Torchships – a mention of ‘Downbelow Station’ as an inspiration is a good hook for me, one of my favourite books – but the sign up process is a mess. Got through the Kickstarter side OK but then it sprung the unwelcome news that I need an account with US Amazon (I’m in the UK). Why they can’t just take my cc details directly or use PayPal’s one time payment option is a mystery – I really don’t need yet another online login that I’m only ever going use once or twice a year. But that’s was kind of academic as the Amazon sign up page was a large expanse of white space. At which point I decided that any system that makes it so difficult for me to give them money isn’t going to get any.

  4. googoogjoob says:

    I didn’t even know about the Portal remake. I could hardly have helped them reach the goal though, so i guess my belatedness doesn’t matter.

    I really love Portal. I read about it in a back issue of Infocom’s newsletter and then found a copy on HotU and played it in 2006-07. When everyone started talking about Portal in 2007 I was confused because I thought everyone was talking about an obscure visual novel-type thing from 1986.

    Anyway it’s a great game, and the basic concept of an astronaut coming to a deserted civilization, and learning about it through a combination of epistolary means (or whatever the term would be) and interacting with an anthropomorphic AI, is the same as in Analogue: A Hate Story, but Christine Love says she only played the very start of Portal, which is interesting.

    I’ll stop this essay here it’s getting way longer than I intended it to be.

  5. LintMan says:

    I’m really rooting for Two Guys SpaceVenture. I wasn’t that hige a fan of the original Space Quest games, but they’ve really put together a pretty impressive cast of voice actors:
    Ellen McLain – Portal 2 (GlaDOS/turrets)
    Gary Owens – Space Ghost, Laugh-in
    Rob Paulsen – Pinky & The Brain, TMNT, Monkey Island
    Robert Clotworthy – StarCraft 2 (Jim Raynor)
    John Patrik Lowrie – TF2, HL2

    I’m glad Xenonauts got funded but it’s a shame they won’t reach many of their stretch goals.

    • StingingVelvet says:

      I like the idea of them making another game but I just never found Space Quest funny or enjoyable and nothing on their kickstarter page changes my mind. Shame.

  6. StingingVelvet says:

    I got SO excited about the steampunk RPG until I finished reading the paragraph.

  7. malkav11 says:

    I think the reason Haunts is gaining ground so slowly is that they’re only asking $5 for the game and there’s not much at any other tier for most people to get excited about other than extra copies of the game, which I for one don’t really need. So, I backed for $5 and I’m guessing so have most other people that know about it. It definitely looks neat, though.

  8. Knightley4 says:

    And Malevolence(the infinite RPG) has 32,000 $ now .

  9. xerves says:

    Another one to check out The Repopulation. The Repopulation Sci-Fi MMORPG Sandbox Hybrid that is 65% of the way to their goal.

  10. Gasmask Hero says:

    I will be dropping money on Word Realms. This is the only Kickstarter I will ever fund. Probably. I do not agree with the Kickstarter idea, and I never will. But i’ll still put money towards nice looking ones. Gosh, aren’t I being contradictory!

    At the very least, it’s got me playing KoL again.

  11. Premium User Badge

    Hodge says:

    Yeah, the Space Quest stuff has been so annoying that I’ve been tempted to retract my pledge.

    • gschmidl says:

      I was happy to be informed about all the interviews and commentaries and tried to catch as many of them as possible. I really hope they collect this somewhere for eventul publication. Even if the Kickstarter fails, to have these documents is great.

    • TillEulenspiegel says:

      Wow, and I thought Jane Jensen and co. were annoying. They only had 33 updates to SpaceVenture’s 46.

      Kickstarter updates have traditionally been used primarily for important information, with relatively little noise. Spamming me every day is a faux pas at best.

      Looking at my history of backed projects, 10-15 is the usual acceptable number of total updates.

  12. gwathdring says:

    Ground Branch is actually looking pretty sharp. I hope, if it survives, a demo of some sort appears. I’m not sure how it compares to ARMA. Seems to have a significantly different emphasis and healthier ambition, but from videos at least it doesn’t seem like it would feel different enough to merit a buy.

    The animation looks sharper, so there’s always that.

    • Maritz says:

      I was getting my hopes up for this one, until I realised it was multiplayer only. Bah.

      • BOTA49 says:

        Temporarily multiplayer only ;)

        Remember the old Terrorist Hunt game mode from R6? That will most likely be in on release. Full fledged coop (mission oriented, larger teams, etc) other TH that won’t be, at least upon release, unless it hits the 700k mark. Still, the end goal is to be able to provide a SP and coop experience with the game at some point in time.

      • Jon C says:

        Hello, I’m the Producer of Ground Branch, and I thought I’d take the time to address your concern:

        I know why that could potentially put a bad taste in your mouth, but we need all of the support we can get, so I’m going to try to win you back…

        Our focus for the initial launch of the title, is to provide tactical shooter fans with a unique multiplayer experience, that focuses on objective-based, team matches. I can’t put any stronger of an emphasis on that “team” portion. The game mode will not support your typical “lone wolf” play style. You will need to work with other like-minded players in accomplishing the objectives to mee the winning conditions of the maps.

        We are in no way focusing on Team Deathmatch, or any of the typical “shoot dudes to level up” game modes. We maintain a healthy distaste for those game modes. Not all “multiplayer” designs are alike.

        The closest working example of what we are attempting to model would be Infiltration’s “Enhanced Assault” (EAS); wherein a team of defenders protects a series of objectives in the map from the assaulting team. It features randomization for certain approach paths and objectives.

        If you never played that game, let me explain it like this: this is basically Ghost Recon, only, your adversaries are evenly-matched humans that are expecting your assault, and have time to setup more realistic defenses (ambushes, flanking maneuvers and so forth).

        Also, we have an amazing AI solution planned, that will allow “patrol” scripting and AI squads. However, it is outside of our projected budget, and will require additional funding (either through KS, or through the retail sale of our game). Believe me, we know what you guys want (we want it too), but game development is extremely expensive; especially so when your target audience is limited.

        I hope that renews some of your faith in us. We can’t win everyone over, but our community is extremely small, and we need fans of the genre to pull together so that we can have more than a single game to play.


    • subedii says:

      I didn’t kickstart on “Takedown” (AKA “Crowdsourced hardcore tactical shooter”) because I didn’t trust the guys behind it, nor their understanding of what they wanted to do. And it took a LOT of mistrust for me to decide not to go with it, I’ve been craving for a new SWAT style game since the last one released.

      But this one already has my interest above and beyond what Takedown did, and at a cursory glance seems more well thought out and put together. Going to read a bit more on this.

      Plus they had my interest at mentioning “Infiltration” for Unreal Tournament. I am freaking amazed anyone remembers it, let alone name-checks it. I had a tonne of fun with that mod.

      EDIT: Also this part:

      “IMMEDIATE ACCESS TO ALL CONTENT (NO KILLSTREAKS, UNLOCKS OR LEVELING): You will have access to all of the weapons and gear, right off the bat. No DLC / Content restrictions, ever. Player skill will be determined by commitment to mastering the weapons, just as much as with their ability to assess, plan and execute strategies with their teams. The reward for playing our game, is a genuine sense of accomplishment.”

      I am tired of games thinking I need to EARN the right to have fun with the cool stuff, or EARN the right to make use of specific strategies. If a game is fun I’ll play it, I won’t continue playing it just there’s a levelling system, nor will the promise of a “new unlock” keep me playing past the point I would have found the game fun.

      • LuNatic says:

        Likewise. But the clear goals of this are exactly what I want, and the video has me convinced that they can actually pull it off. Really hope this gets funding…

        • Jon C says:

          Hello, I’m the Producer on Ground Branch.

          Thank you. We take pride in our “No BS” approach. Please, help us spread the word. Educate others that follow the genre, or that are even remotely interested in team-based shooters.

          Cheers. And thanks again.

      • Jon C says:

        Hello, I’m the producer on Ground Branch, and I agree with everything you’d just said. :)

        I’m glad that you liked my Infiltration call-back. It is a real gem in the genre, and there is just so much potential in that game that was never really improved upon. I’m not kidding when I say: “Think of our game as the marriage between Ghost Recon and Infiltration”. The multiplayer design was largely influenced by Infiltration’s DTAS (Dynamic Take and Secure — randomized objective placement) and EAS (Enhanced Assault — randomized approach vectors and objectives, with defenders and attackers). Unfortunately, it’s one of those things where “you just had to be there”, I guess. Unfortunately, the multiplayer climate in our genre tarnishes this otherwise unexplored avenue. Gamers are so set in their opinions that multiplayer is a foul word, simply because other developers don’t know how to capitalize on a proper experience!

        Help us change that.

        At our core, we are a small team of dedicated and frustrated developers, trying to restore PC gaming and the Tactical Shooter Genre to its former glory. In doing this, we must win the hearts and minds of fans, ex-fans and even casually-interested PC gamers. I feel as if we maintain a pretty phenomenal track record in the areas of transparency and willingness to actually talk to and listen to the fans of this genre.

        Forgive me for being so bold, but it sounds like you’re already sold on the idea. If so, I ask that you please attempt to educate others and spread the word. We need your help to make this a success!

        You can reach me on our forums, if you have any questions.

        Cheers. And thanks for the support.

    • Cugel says:

      Ground Branch just has so many things that I think would be cool in a Raven Shield-alike. Size of weapon has effect in enclosed spaces? Equip your character by attaching pouches/gear to hard points on clothing/armour? Realistic animation instead of hollywood style moves?

      Like someone mentioned above, I also never backed Takedown. They never really managed to clearly explain to me what they were aiming for. Ground Branch on the other hand seems exactly like what I’ve been craving for since Raven Shield.

      And I think ArmA is bad comparison/competitor because ArmA will always compromise away solid mechanics in close quarters in favour of scale (which is excellent! it just fills another niche).

      I sincerely hope they pull it off.

      • Jon C says:

        Hello, I am the Producer on Ground Branch.

        You just nailed it. While ARMA is great at “modeling to totality of war”, they do trade off a lot of things that are crucial to our design. As you mentioned (and as many often complain: their CQB experience is lacking, and they sacrifice accurate physics and gameplay mechanics to achieve that scale.

        Ground Branch is not about modeling an entire war — we are committed to accurately reproducing the mechanics of modern combat, with the adrenaline rush and “well-oiled-machine” teamwork that one experiences during a battle.

        Thank you for your support. I hope that you’ve decided to back us, and I would sincerely appreciate it if you would spread the word.

        Feel free to stop by our forums if you have any questions of concerns.


  13. zeekthegeek says:

    Missing out on Cult, which has been in the works on the developers blog and the Dwarf Fortress forums for 2 and a half years. Who would have guessed a Roguelike done entirely ASCII could be beautiful? David’s goals are pretty modest too considering the scope of the project, and has already almost reached their $5000 target.

    link to

    • caddyB says:

      Very, very ambitious. But I’ll be keeping an eye on it, since DF takes most of my time these days, I can live with little to no graphics if the gameplay is good enough. For $15, it’s nice. I’ll wait for more updates to see if I want to give more, though.

  14. JaminBob says:

    Kickstarter’s are a really exciting part of PC gaming. Thank you for covering them RPS!

    • Jon C says:

      Hello, I’m the Producer on Ground Branch.

      Yes, you are absolutely correct. Kickstarter is a great tool that has allowed us PC gamers to revive genres that publishers had all but declared dead.

      Don’t let the pessimists tell you that Kickstarter is dead, just because they’re “tired of hearing about it”. Use it as a tool for change. Back every project that you believe in, and help restore PC gaming to its former glory!


  15. karthink says:

    A sword fighting game by Neal Stephenson and Co.

    I can guess what you’re thinking. You’re way off:

    link to


    • Hoaxfish says:

      I love both those guys… but motion controllers and sword-fighting just aren’t my thing

      Maybe they can get together with Carmack’s VR goggles

    • Veav says:

      Okay, Neal Stephenson is awesome, Die by the Sword was awesome, but I have reservations – mostly about the mysterious third-party controller. $25 is a lot to pay for an arena minigame on top of having to buy a Wiimote. I’ll keep an eye on it and cross fingers for a controller/game bundle, a co-op deal, or (ideally) both.

      It also looks like they’re planning to multistage this, so there might end up being a second kickstarter after this one delivers to offer the full game? Does anyone have more info on this nebulous “arena game will become more will have samurais and narratives and giant enemy crab” aspect?

    • InternetBatman says:

      I’m surprised this isn’t all over the gaming blogs right now.

  16. D3xter says:

    This one looks cool: link to

    • caddyB says:

      Reminds me of Perry Rhodan – Immortals of Terra, which can only be a good thing ( I loved that game )

    • Dances to Podcasts says:

      In the shiny high-tech future, there will be… tits and ass!

      • D3xter says:

        You almost made it sound like that’s a bad thing.

        • Premium User Badge

          Phasma Felis says:

          I like my porn and my video games the same way I like my pizza and my ice cream: separate.

  17. SkittleDiddler says:

    I wonder how long it’s going to be before the AAA publishers dip their hands into the kickstarter thing and completely ruin it for everyone else?

  18. JerreyRough says:

    Damn it. Too many kickstarters now :X

  19. maladroid says:

    Yay for Tex! This has been a rather brilliant campaign so far, spot-on updates and cool ideas overall. It shows that they had this planned a couple of months ahead. My hopes for this game are very high indeed.

    And althought my wallet has taken quite a beating recently, Liily Looking Through is so charming I know I will end up throwing some orens her way, eventually >.<

  20. abandonhope says:

    Lodestar: Stygian Skies got overlooked again. It’s probably going to fail at this point. :(

    I really thought it was a shoe-in. Voxel-based, a procedurally generated world with an emergent, unfolding story, tactical turn-based battle system, discoverable party members with advanceable tech skills, crafting, rich sci-fi lore, Linux, player-hosted co-op, etc. It seemed to take some of the more interesting features from Minecraft and Towns and spin them into a really original RPG. Oh well.

    • malkav11 says:

      I dunno. For my part, the words “procedural content generation” move my fingers sharply away from my wallet. It’s a tool that has some specific uses but plenty of areas of a game where it’s not really appropriate, at least at our current level of technology. A project that’s going to use it needs to convince me that it knows where to do so, and where to put in plenty of old fashioned hands on design effort. Minecraft and Dwarf Fortress are commonly cited as successes of procedural content, but the strength of those games is in the rich, hand-designed game systems, like crafting, physics, and environmental simulation. The procedural content just puts the world together. It’s the stuff the designer(s) did that makes that world come alive and interesting to deal with. (And even then I don’t actually enjoy Minecraft, myself.)

      • abandonhope says:

        It’s a bit challenging to digest everything in the pitch and on the vast project page. My sense is that the majority of the story would be crafted, but revealed in a non-linear/emergent fashion in the same way it’s done in TES, letting the player set the pace of discovery. An entirely procedurally generated story in an RPG probably wouldn’t be much of a story at all, at least not yet.

        As for the success of procedural generation, I think Minecraft demonstrated that it can make exploration much richer, which, aside from some other minor game elements, seems to be how the Lodestar dev intends to make use of it.

        Presumably, other features in the game (crafting, combat, skills/occupations) would also be carefully designed. It’s just the unfolding of the experience that would be modified by procedural generation.

  21. Stense says:

    There are some really wonderful sounding projects coming up thanks to Kickstarter, but not having any spare funds myself to support those projects, I do feel a little bit of a fraud! Still, nice to see the likes of Tex getting rescued from the evil clown and being funded. That Lilly Looking Through game looks utterly adorable! Looks like one I’ll definately keeping an eye on.

  22. deathrune says:

    Ok ok, not exactly the typical kick starter game but it deserves awearness!
    Very good game guy, youtube it now youll be amazed.

  23. His Dudeness says:

    Why do so many of the games ask for polish money??? I had no idea that Zlotys are that desirable…

  24. Andy_Panthro says:

    From the Infamous Adventures folks (the guys behind the great King’s Quest III remake and recent Space Quest II remake), they have their own new game!

    link to

    Quest for Infamy is in a similar style to Quest for Glory, so will feature a mix of adventure and RPG elements.

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    What? why no love for The Repopulation?

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