I Put A Spell On You: Word Realms Trailer

Not quite a unique one there, then.

Asymmetric, they behind Kingdom Of Loathing, have a new game I’ve been mentioning in the Kickstarter Katchup for a few weeks now – Word Realms. And finally we have some footage of the game in action. It’s a Bookworm-style spell-em-up, but in a far more involved RPG. Which is a thing I want. Spelling words to attack opponents, who are AI-spelling words back at you, while gathering equipment, gold and ADVENTURE.

They say they’ve already written thousands of unique taunts for words spelt, and are continuing to write them. The more of those they can write before release, the better.

The Kickstarter around this is a little unusual. They’re not actually raising money to finish Word Realms, but rather letting you pre-order World Realms in order to fund an MMO version of the single-player game. $11 gets a copy when the game’s out in October, while $23 will put you in the beta test hopefully later this month. Then there are obviously many tiers above, at excellently silly numbers like $2,323.


  1. AmateurScience says:

    Topor is a perfectly cromulent word

  2. ZIGS says:

    Can’t wait to use words like “penis”, “cock”, “ass”, etc

    • The Random One says:

      They beat you to it by having both PENIS and BONER in the trailer.

      plus you’re thinking small. There are naughty words worth a lot more points, like DOMINATRIX and (again, their suggestion) CALLIPYGIAN.

  3. Jackablade says:

    Now I love me some Bookworm Adventures and I’ll absolutely throw a few of my precious, precious dollars down for a chance to play a more sophisticated version no matter what the presentation is like, but it’s tough to get past just how damn unappealing that art style is.

    • kaabii says:

      Yeah, same here. Probably not even going to get it because of how ugly it is. It’s like a flash game.

  4. Maldomel says:

    Can’t wait to spell some nasty words to my foes!

    • bronze says:

      At 1:49 they missed a perfect time to attack with “Vagina”

      • Joof says:

        I saw that, and was kind of upset when they didn’t use it. =(

  5. SlappyBag says:

    They should probably hire an art team…

    • codename_bloodfist says:

      This. It looks like Adventure Quest. As shallow as it might sound, I can’t picture myself paying this unless they completely change the art direction.

    • pakoito says:

      You didn’t play Kingdom of Loathing, did you?

    • El Acordeonachi says:

      When you say things like “They should probably hire a art team”, stop and think for a second.

      Done yet?

      Alright. I’ll continue. Of course they have a art team. This is the direction that they chose to go. Not all video games need to be rendered with a 3D engine. In fact, there are many games that suffer because of it. There’s no reason that a game like Civilization V should require a computer powerful enough to play Crysis 2. I would have just as much fun playing Civilization V if they still used the Civ 3 graphics engine, because it’s the game that’s important, not whether or not each individual soldier in a army is rendered. Heck, I’d still rather play the original Colonization over the Civ IV version, because it’s a better game.
      Like all art, either you like it or you don’t. The end. If you don’t like it, don’t buy the game. But don’t crap all over the hard work they’ve put into it. If, like me, you do like it, throw some money at the Kickstarter. I can’t wait to get into the beta.

      • SlappyBag says:

        I’m an amateur dev so I know art doesn’t instantly mean block-buster AAA 3D graphics. I said art not graphics for a reason. It just looks naff, even adventure quest looks better. It looks as though they’ve struggled to make it look good.

        I’m sure its fun though.

      • Pasco says:

        Bullshit. This isn’t about the technical quality of the art, or 2D vs 3D.

        This game is Ugly with a capital U. The art sucks and is the single reason I haven’t contributed to the Kickstarter.

      • El Acordeonachi says:

        Since you didn’t bother to read to the end of my comment, I’ll say it again.

        “Like all art, you either like it or you don’t. The end. ”

        You dislike this art. And that’s fine. Play something else. No one is forcing you to buy it. However, I like the art, and I like their writing. Isn’t it a fantastic thing that everyone’s tastes are different?

        • qrter says:

          Isn’t that what the OP said, though, with “They should probably hire an art team”, that he or she doesn’t like the art?

          It might be a snarky way to say it, but surely you didn’t take that literally?

    • cai says:

      Kind of a dick thing to say, tbh. You don’t like art != art is bad, yo.

      I think the art is pretty great and fits well with the animation. It’s expressive enough to render recognisable characters (as on the kickstarter page) and an ideal style for highly customisable characters. It absolutely suits the apparent self-aware humour which we’ve seen in Kingdom of Loathing and seems present again from the preliminary stuff they’re released. The art has made me excited about this game.

      By all means don’t alpha-fund this because you don’t like how it looks, but don’t be a dick.

    • Savagetech says:

      I don’t understand how people are actually *defending* this game’s graphics. Enjoyment of art is subjective, yes, but displays of artistic technique can be very objective. This game displays a poor understanding of perspective/scale, has almost no shading beyond obvious gradients, and actively *misuses* shading to boot (watch the lady fighting the skeleton: her sword is darker on the frigging TOP). Subjective and objective measures of judgment exist simultaneously in every work of art; I can love my daughter’s painting of me reading to her while acknowledging that it fails nearly every objective test of artistic skill. Likewise, I can hate a concert but still admit that the musicians were very gifted. Taste is very important in personal evaluations of art, but it does not preclude people from judging art on a technical level.

      To turn the popular pro-subjectivist argument on its head: just because you enjoy a piece of art doesn’t mean that it’s actually good. I guarantee if you just showed this game’s art to a wide spread of gamers and asked them if it was made by a professional or an amateur, the vast majority of them would say it’s the work of an amateur. I have nothing against 2d art or minimalism, I love them in fact, but this is simply clumsy stuff. I’m sure somebody worked hard to make it, but that doesn’t make it any good. People expect a certain level of quality when they’re paying for a game, and the sad fact is that there are thousands of free games that blow this away in terms of graphical quality.

      I’m usually not one to comment on a game’s art, but (subjectively, for you nitpickers) this is DISTRACTINGLY bad. I’d actually prefer technically worse graphics like Kingdom of Loathing’s rather than this “my first Flash game” fare; at least KoL had a cohesive style befitting its tongue-in-cheek tone. Unless they’re intentionally trying to make this look like a teenager’s foray into Flash designing, these graphics are just pitiful. I mean that in the most literal sense: I actually feel sorry for the artist and the people he’s working with because it seems like a fun game, but I bet a large number of people will be dissuaded simply because of the art.

  6. pakoito says:

    I have played this game before…Bookworm Adventures?

    • Joof says:

      Well that explains the second line in the article then!

      “And finally we have some footage of the game in action. It’s a Bookworm-style spell-em-up, but in a far more involved RPG.”

  7. MeestaNob says:

    The MMO version of this is actually a more interesting sounding concept than Elder Scrolls online.

  8. DataVortex says:

    You can now purchase Word Realms for $11 at link to wordrealms.com