Gratuitous Tank Battles Demo Rolls Into View

Cliffski’s game of tank (and mech!) battles now has a demo, as per his strict policy of producing a demo for every game he puts out. You can pick it up from the game’s own site, or from the GTB page on Steam. The demo contains a sample of the game’s two-way tower defence action, where you can choose to build the defences, or to drop waves of soldiers and armour into the trenches of an alternate World War I. It’s worth playing the demo, because this one’s not for everyone, as Tim’s verdict concluded.

Trailer below!


  1. Mctittles says:

    Been waiting for this. As a fan of both GSB and Tower Defense I want to like this game, but it hasn’t received the best reviews.

  2. Baka says:

    Just a heads-up: If you’re getting constant sound hiccups as soon as the combat starts, either start GSB.exe outside of steam or wait for the upcoming patch. Seems like Steam and the demo don’t really mix well right now.

    • cliffski says:

      oh man… I thought that was fixed already in the last build… I cannot reproduce it on any machine I own, so I can’t work out what is causing it (and valve can’t either).
      Anything unusual about your PC or setup that might point me towards the cause?

  3. Cooper says:

    I’m not vastly interested in this; I bought GSB and it was certainly interesting, but I didn’t totally click with it to spend long on it.

    But I dropped by to say it makes me very happy that there’s a demo for GTB. More happy than it should do; for we live in a time where the demo is almost dead. I will play the demo, I might change my mind and buy it. It totally astounds me that so few games come with demos nowadays. Well done that Cliffski.

  4. Snakejuice says:

    I don’t even have to download the demo, I just have to look at the video to see I’d have a blast with this! I’ll pick it up as soon as I’m done with Diablo III!

  5. Network Crayon says:

    The trailer sadly reminds me of my own garden….

    If only my lawnmower was a tank.

  6. dawnmane says:

    I didn’t play GSB, but I’m loving the demo for this! The whole more-is-more feel in terms of units on screen, design choices and variety is great.

  7. mckertis says:

    Just a heads-up for anyone with non-English windows – turn off autosave ! It will crash the game, since it, like many other games, stupidly tries to write its saves into “documents and settings”, instead of its own folder. Microsoft boot-lickers…when will you learn…

    • Malibu Stacey says:

      People with no idea of software development commenting on issues with software development.

      What a truly wonderful place the internet has become.

      • mckertis says:

        That’s because YOU just make it. WE use it. Go tell Bill Gates that people saying “640kb isnt enough” were wrong.

        Apparently some people still hold on to that kindergarden-level logic of “you can only criticize something if you can do same or better”. Sorry, hun, real world doesnt operate on your delusions. When you go to a restaurant and you complain that you got served a dog turd – there is no chef groaning “oh, great, someone with no cooking skills is unhappy about the food i made”.

    • Cooper says:

      The alternative is to write to the game folder. Which may well be in program files. Which may well be unqritable unless you run the game as adminstrator in vista or Win 7.

  8. Shandrakor says:

    I did love fiddling with GSB’s units and such. I think I spent far more time poking about in the design screen than was possibly healthy, particularly the Empire beasties with the shields. I’m not nearly the fan of tanks that I am of Spaceships, but I’ll give the demo a try and see wot I think.

    Ta muchly for making a demo available. =D