Krater Launches, Perhaps Not Quite Ready [Updated]

Well, at least it looks nice.

Update: The achievement system has officially been patched in, and it sounds as though many glitches are largely confined to specific hardware configurations. We’ll have our thoughts on the game itself up soon, but in the meantime, the coast appears to be largely clear.

Original article: So Krater sounds really great to me. It’s the silver-tongued sales shark of action-RPGs. “Tired of graybrown, grimdark post-apocalypses?” it asks. “Well, ours has color!” Then it adds “Planning to take another 11 years off from ARPGs after that one with the guy and stuff? Well, we have three guys and stuff. And also permadeath in a mode you don’t have to unlock.” “Sold!” I’d immediately reply, if I didn’t briefly gaze into Krater’s wavering eyes and detect a hint of fear. “What about bugginess and missing features?” I inquire, head cocked to one side. Beads of sweat pooling on its forehead, it stammers out an “Er, um, well, about that… hey, a trailer!”

A quick perusal of Krater’s forums yields reports of a missing achievement system, no audio options, botched keybindings, sound glitches, incomplete voice acting implementation, and plenty of other odds and ends. Fatshark, of course, is promising fixes, but – given that the beta was also something of a glitch-ridden mess – I can’t help but feel like this is incredibly disrespectful to customers. Fatshark was clearly aware that Krater’s riddled with holes, but it decided to pass it off as a complete product anyway.

Jim’s playing it for a review – [Expect that early next week – Jim] – but for now, exercise caution with this one. On paper, it has all the makings of an interesting experience, but – much like an actual bottomless radioactive hole in the ground – you might want to look before you leap.


  1. Phantoon says:

    Still better than Diablo 3.

    • Eclipse says:

      not with those bugs

      • Phantoon says:

        I mean at the base level, it’s still playable.

        Unlike Diablo 3 at launch.

        • Toberoth says:

          Can we not turn this into another D3 debate? Just this once?

          • ShineyBlueShoes says:

            Until the expansion comes out and makes it the single most amazing thing ever it’s going to happen, was the same way when D2 came out and was “terribly disappointing”.

          • Wreckdum says:

            There isn’t anything on earth that can make Diablo 3 a great game. It was the embodiment of hype and nostalgia. And stop using excuses of they need to sell you another game to make D3 better. They released D2 then learned from their experience and added on to it with the Xpac. They already learned all that shit 10 years ago. You can’t relearn how to make a game that you already knew how to make. Face it. Blizzard releases mediocre games now. They do it every couple years. SC2? LOL Every WoW Xpac? LOL What a joke. In the mean time let me get back to playing Krater and waiting for GW2 to be released.

          • piratmonkey says:


          • ScubaMonster says:

            Wreckdum, you’re an idiot. Just because you think the game sucks doesn’t make it fact. It’s just your opinion. I’d say sales records say most people disagree with you. I’m not that fond of Diablo 3 but that’s just my opinion. There’s far worse games on the market. And by the way, the game is completely playable. In fact, other than some minor server maintenance I never experienced the errors.

            Also, what exactly is wrong with Starcraft 2?

          • dontnormally says:

            “what exactly is wrong with Starcraft 2?”

            It was considerably less innovative than Warcraft 3.
            It was very much like Starcraft [1] with new graphics.

          • Snakejuice says:

            “It was very much like Starcraft [1] with new graphics.”

            It had to be. SC2 was never about innovation.

        • Kresh says:

          Apples and oranges. Keep that in mind please.

          • P7uen says:

            Is this the new RPS WIT rating system? A binary “Better Or Worse Than Diablo 3 At Launch”?

            I give it 2.5 Diablo 3’s out of Peggle.

          • TsunamiWombat says:

            I give it 3 Starcraft’s out of 5 Not as Good as Guild Wars 2

        • Zlt86 says:

          I thought D3 launch was great. I played mostly consistently for like 2-3 days. And most of the people I know that are hating on Diablo 3 already have 300 hours played.

          I’ve got around 60 hours on my monk and 80 on my WD. Soon i’ll make another class and have fun with that until I do all the classes. Even the people complaining, look you got 300 hours out of this, be happy. People are complaining inferno is too hard. What did you expect?
          People are complaining about the AH. Well don’t use it, play just with your friends. I still use the AH and it is fine, even with all the exploits I am still slowly making money and upgrading.

          • Stromko says:

            I bet you’re the guy that loses all those pant-sizes in all those weight loss commercials, too.

    • Xzi says:

      Correct. It is better than Diablo 3. I’m not even going to state that as an opinion, but as a fact.

      Mostly just to hear people whine, “you can’t do that, a fact is something that everyone has to agree on, blah blah…”

      Really, the bottom line is that Diablo 3 has about 7 hours of original content to it. And unlike the previous Diablo games, that content is not good enough to bother repeating.

      Krater is more challenging, more engaging, and far more unique than Diablo 3. Not even mentioning that it has more than twice the amount of original content for 1/4th the price.

      • weego says:

        I’m almost entirely sure you don’t know what the word fact means. It is however a fact that I’ve sunk about 100 hours into diablo3 so far and am still very much enjoying it (just finishing up getting my third class to 60).

        I’ve no idea what your definition of “original content” is, but it seems to vary between uses and your first use of it seems to be completely at odds with anything that someone who understood d2 would say.

      • Quarex says:

        Your grasp on “fact” in this context does seem loose–particularly when you have a perfectly good “fact” to work with, the fact that Diablo 3 was, indeed, less playable at launch than Krater, as stated when tihs whole thing started. Krater is a game you could purchase and play, whereas Diablo 3 was not.

      • TsunamiWombat says:

        I played about 20 hrs before I finished normal, actually…

      • DrGonzo says:

        I would be relieved that it’s only 7 hours of clicking on things and watching loading bars. To you big Diablo fans, have you ever tried downloading torrents? You would love it. Plenty of clicking, plenty of bars moving along. And it’s free!

        • UncleLou says:

          Loading bars?

          Although if long load times and clicking on things is something you avoid, I would thoroughly advise against Krater. As opposed to Xzi, I’ve played both Krater and D3, btw.

          • Xzi says:

            Assumptions, the mother of all fuck-ups. I’ve played both games as well. Diablo 3 is a huge disappointment. Should have been titled, “ActiBlizzard’s GrindFest Designed to Keep Funneling Us Money #2.” That shameless cash-grab based on name recognition sure doesn’t belong in the same series. Especially given that none of the people who helped develop the previous Diablo games worked on Diablo 3.

            Admittedly, it’s not really fair to compare Krater and Diablo 3 side-by-side, but with the state Diablo 3 was released in, and even the state it’s in now, I’ll be happy to attest that nearly any RPG not named Dragon Age 2 is the better game.

            Just as a side note, loading anything in Krater takes me approximately 0.5 seconds. But I do have a 3.2GHz quad-core, so I’m probably not the best barometer for that.

          • UncleLou says:

            7 hours of content.

          • Xzi says:

            I said 7 hours of ORIGINAL content. That’s how long it took me to beat normal, and watch all the cutscenes/read all the lore. Repeating that same content in Nightmare was not fun in the least. Far too little of the game is randomized now, with far too much of it just being static linear corridors. Essentially they made a whole game based off of the level design from Diablo 2’s bug tunnels below the Act 2 desert. It SUUUUCKS.

            link to

  2. Shandrakor says:

    Are we talking more or less broken than SotS 2? Estimate for delivery date of ‘actual final product, this time we mean it?’

  3. mondomau says:

    I was literally just about to buy this on Steam, when I loaded up this page. Will sit back and wait for a bit I think. Thanks!

    EDIT: Um, actually, when you read through that entire thread, it seems to only be a couple of people having technical issues and there is some evidence that this is down to specific hardware configurations, not to mention a fair few people that didn’t read the hardware requirements properly.

    I’m not saying that the developers shouldn’t patch it ASAP or that it makes it okay to have missing features, but I feel this article maybe jumps the gun a little.

    • trjp says:

      Don’t buy it on Steam.

      Buy it on GamersGate where it’s cheaper and you get a Steam Code :)

    • Ragnar says:

      Co-op expected to be patched in July 10th.

      That’s not a minor feature there, that’s the primary feature I look for in ARPGs. Thus there’s no point in me buying it until at least July 10th, though realistically later since I’m sure the co-op will have some bugs that need to be fixed to make it playable.

    • benab says:

      I bought it on Steam 3 days ago. It seems to run fine on my machine, but it’s “updated” (30 minutes) each day.

      So yeah, might want to wait a week or so. Still, fun game, so far.

  4. Hoaxfish says:

    I was kinda looking forward to this, given some of the ideas it was putting out (sci-fi, the art style, “squad based” ARPG)..

    • frightlever says:

      Dungeon Siege was kind of a squad based ARPG. Not a good one. Oh no.

      • mondomau says:

        Says you. I loved it. DS2 onwards though, proper pants.

        • TsunamiWombat says:

          Whats her face the magic gun gypsy in Dungeon Siege 3 could’ve used some proper pants

          • Ragnar says:

            Well played, sir, well played.

          • Phantoon says:

            Path of Exile, only two of the character classes have pants. And only one of them has a shirt.

      • elevown says:

        Alot of people realy liked DS1. The sequels however were alot worse.

        • Hoaxfish says:

          Probably the best thing I remember about Dungeon Siege was when my fully ladened donkey got killed, producing a huge fountain of loot that covered every inch of visible ground with items

      • povu says:

        I loved Dungeon Siege but holy shit that game aged badly.

  5. gwathdring says:

    Even the articles about things that don’t particularly interest me always have at least a couple lines that make me crack a smile, and one that makes me laugh. You guys are ace. :)

  6. Sian says:

    I saw this available on Steam and was quite tempted to buy it right away, but something made me wait for your verdict. Seems that was a good hunch.

    • P7uen says:

      I’m tempted to buy it before its patched just for the fact that it doesn’t have any achievements.

      • onsamyj says:

        There are achievements and you can get them.

        • P7uen says:

          I probably misunderstood what “missing achievement system” meant, but y’know, it’s just larks.

          • mondomau says:

            Nah, you probably just didn’t read the linked forum posts where it states that this bit is already fixed.

          • P7uen says:

            Nah, I was probably just making a joke. Alright it might not have been cutting edge satire but geez there are a lot of hugs needed on the internet today.

        • Ahtaps says:

          Achievement unlocked:
          It’s Alive!
          You were able to start the game and begin playing.

        • SelfEsteemFund says:


      • SelfEsteemFund says:

        Don’t worry man I got what you meant. You know you could try disabling steam overlay if you want to avoid seeing those damn achievement popups, also another tip is just to enable cheats (not actually use any though) that way achievements are automatically disabled!

  7. Kresh says:

    I watch a stream where I had a discussion with the streamer about what constitutes a finished game. The game that brought the topic up was, in fact, this very game. He contended that a finished game, in his opinion, has all the story and content that should be in there. I countered that a finished game has all the features completed and working (more or less, I’m pretty forgiving due to balance issues being tough in a multiplayer game). It was an interesting discussion.

    The game looks and sounds great but I’ve already purchased a few “unfinished” games. I learned the hard way to wait a few months before buying new games. I’m starting to feel that a game isn’t finished until the fourth or fifth round of patches has come out. Then again, that could be my cynicism talking.

  8. rusty5pork says:

    Bugs or not, the game’s really good. A fresh take on ARPG’s. Managed to tear me away from D3 for awhile :)

    • AngoraFish says:

      I participated in the ‘beta’ (really it was only an alpha, maybe kickstarter-ready at best). Three days before launch the game was still patching in such things as text for the quest chain in the tutorial. There was never any prospect that this game was going to be anything but a buggy mess and I have since avoided like the plague. 6 months from now this might be worth picking up in the Steam Xmas sales, if the devs keep patching the thing and don’t go under – clearly a risk since they appear to have had no choice but to release rubbish rather than finishing the thing over the next 4-6 months as was clearly required.

  9. Xzi says:

    The game is great as-is and the issues it has are definitely overblown. Full voice acting was never promised for the release version, either. What the developers have promised is to continue supporting the game for years down the line, adding both co-op and PvP online modes, as well as several content add-ons and expansions. All for free.

    It’s a game that is unquestionably worth the $15 they’re asking for it. UNQUESTIONABLY. DO NOT QUESTION. GO BUY IT.

    • Cosm says:

      Agreed. It does seem weird to push out the game before everything is implemented (mainly options, online, and certain settings) but the game is awesome right now. The voice acting has an undeniable charm to it, even though yes, some lines are cut out. Still, what’s there is great, and what’s not there really isn’t missed too much. I haven’t encountered anything I’d call a bug, and like you said, the devs seem devoted to this game and are active on the forums to try to help and figure out ways to improve it. Sucks that the first thing I saw about this game on RPS has been negative. It’s been a lot of fun and I’d hate to see it fail because of an (arguably) botched launch.

      • trjp says:

        I honestly suspect that they set a release date eons ago and just decided to stick to it.

        I also suspect they set that date because it’s the date they’d be skint – e.g. they needed the money to keep going.

        Plenty of games companies are taking people’s money and not giving them a game now – it’s the new way of buying games! At least here you get a playable game and the promise of more to come!!

        Hell there’s all those drones who paid (actually paid – not left a deposit on or promised future payment) for Guild Wars 2 with NO idea of when they’ll get it for starters…

        • Cosm says:

          Haha, well I guess I’m also one of those drones. I was a big fan of the first Guild Wars, so I was going to buy the second regardless. Getting to play the beta with some friends who-knows-how-long before release was too good of an offer for us to pass up I suppose. I’ll admit that paying to test out a game doesn’t make a whole lot of sense though haha.

          But yeah, I think you’re right in that it’s kind of the state of the industry right now. A lot games, particularly from smaller developers just can’t get the funding from anywhere else besides their would-be customers, hence why Kickstarter has become such a big thing for indie developers lately. As far as Krater goes though, even if there were no more patches/updates planned, I’d say based on what I’ve played (about 10 hours) it’s well worth the $15 I spent on it.

        • Brise Bonbons says:

          I prepurchased GW2 because I knew exactly what I was getting, and wanted to support them for making an online RPG with a unique and (I think) very fair business model. I can buy the full game, and have total access to PvP from the start with no BS unlocks or hiding character customization behind time/pay gates. Also I’m a nerd, and wanted to be part of the beta, which is basically the same as going to see the midnight opening of the latest nerd movie with all the other supernerds.

          Anyway, given that Fatshark is currently working on War of the Roses for Paradox, I somehow doubt that they released Krater due to immanent risk of financial collapse. I played the beta, and found it buggy but complete enough for my tastes. My concern instead focused on if the game is deep enough to hold me for more than a few hours; I found the character progression system lacking, specifically I longed for more skills to better customize my crew. Also since my progress was constantly reset in the beta, I never saw much variety of enemies of scenery.

          I think there is a huge amount of potential there, but I’m not going to spring for it until I see reviews from people who had a chance to play deeper into the campaign.

        • Phantoon says:

          WARNING! WARNING! User of the term “drone” spotted! This poster is a troll! And not in the funny tongue in cheek I’m going to say silly things that you should realize are not to be taken so seriously, but someone that is really out here for no reason other than to make people mad about things they take seriously… for whatever reason.

          Sidenote, I’m pleased that by having the first post, and having it be mild and not spicy flamebait, that we haven’t naturally got to godwin’s law.

    • Ragnar says:

      Adding co-op?
      So there’s no co-op now?
      “Not so much.”

  10. zeekthegeek says:

    Not nearly as buggy as Nathan makes it out to be, yes there are bugs but many have already been patched and they have a steady patch schedule adding several more this week.

    • Sian says:

      Now that’s good to hear. Still, I’ll wait a week or two, then check again to see what’s what. I’d also prefer a demo, to be honest, but I prefer a demo on everything.

    • f1x says:

      So is it worth after all?

      I mean gameplay, etc

      • Flowette says:

        Gameplay feels somewhere inbetween a Dawn of War 2 squad-based RTS, and a 3-man World of Warcraft dungeon run, with a bit of Diablo’s ARPG feel thrown in. It’s kinda hard to explain without actually playing it I think.

        Feels good, makes you plan ahead and try to react quickly when the fan gets hit by excrement.

  11. gwathdring says:

    In case anyone else liked it, the song is by Karl Buhre and can be found here:

    Nothing too special, but it makes a great background for a particular project I’m working on. Nice atmosphere.

  12. mr.ioes says:

    Played a bit, massive framedrops from 60 to 30 at times. I checked steam forums and apparently I’m the only one.

  13. Senthir says:

    It’s pretty great that this article is framed by a giant page-sized advertisement for the game.

    • fuggles says:

      I no longer see the adverts, it’s like watching TV on widescreen – there’s just a thin bit in the middle to look at.

  14. Secundus says:

    i played teh krater beta and it was the first game in like ten years ive seen with a completely dead serious “kill these rats in my basement” questline to start off the game

    • Xzi says:

      Quite un-serious, actually. Your party even asks, “rats in the basement? Seriously? A bit cliched, don’t you think?” And it’s not the starting quest. It’s about 6-7 quests in, and totally optional.

      • Eclipse says:

        “rats in the basement? Seriously? A bit cliched, don’t you think?”

        Nice! but then you have to do that stupid quest anyway, so, no. Not nice at all.

        • gschmidl says:

          You can not do it. It’s optional.

        • Brise Bonbons says:

          I found the humor was similar to that in Magicka. If you like nerdy references, you will probably guffaw at this game pretty frequently.

          I personally enjoyed it, but, well, I like nerdy referential humor sometimes. I liked the hungry woman in the starter town who asked for parts of bears, boars, and wolves to eat, as well (which your characters respond to with knowing bitterness). My main concern wasn’t the quest text or the tasks given to me, but that these quests all send you into basically identical looking areas (there were only about 3 “outdoor” maps to fight now that I ever saw) against pretty much the same enemies.

          That might have been a beta thing, I just don’t know. I hope they have more randomization in the full game, because while the combat has a ton of potential, its strength is not highlighted by tackling the same half dozen mob packs repeatedly.

    • TariqOne says:

      The first (and non-optional) quest of Dragon Age: Origins, for human characters, is killing rats.

      • TsunamiWombat says:

        And a character makes a more or less similar “Sounds like an old adventure cliche lool” nudge and a wink to you.

        This is somewhat cushioned by the fact this is when you get the totes awesome vicious warhound, Barkspawn (that is his canon name yes. That or Steve)

    • trjp says:

      The fact you say it’s the first quest suggests you played the ALPHA and then didn’t bother going back…


      • Secundus says:

        i played it two weeks ago and i just followed the quest markers because its a fucking ARPG and i dont want to read shitty prose to get to killing things.

        im sorry, after killing the basement rats i then spent 40 minutes clearing out a cave with rats in it, it was a hoot

  15. onsamyj says:

    It’s not buggy, in my experience, but definitely incomplete. Interface alone is like from 90’s.

    Living title – the game comes from a long test phase with weekly updates of the Steam build that has improved gameplay, added content or new features. This will continue even after release and you can expect free expansions that add or expand on game mechanics, locations, player characters and enemies.

    I hope they can deliver on their promises, because game has very cool ideas.

  16. StevoIRE says:

    Remember when RPS used to actually play games before stating their problems instead of posting a whole “one” problems page with a mighty 2 pages of little discussion. Maybe they could of bothered to see that the Achievements bug had already been fixed and updated before this post was even written.

    Stop being lazy!

    • onsamyj says:

      They don’t read comments, they lazy.

    • mondomau says:

      I am a little concerned about this actually. Nathan’s aggressive zeal in calling out Zenimax over ESO was refreshing, but I think it needs tempering a little here.
      I’d be careful about that tired route of implying the whole site is going downhill though – this is just one post by one (over)enthusiastic member of RPS trying to look out for his readers.

      • fuggles says:

        I would rather RPS call out caution to a game that is due for imminent release than know something is looking wonky and not tell us. I would assume investigating further implies they are playing it, but you know PC’s – what works on mine will not work on 12 other rigs and RPS may not have the problems the forumites do, or vice versa.

        • Zeewolf says:

          On the other hand, they’re a big site, and if they’re too quick to condemn an indie game then that’s going to have consequences for it. They can help make a game a success, but they can also help make it a failure. And I’d like to think that they’d only do that if they’re very, very sure.

          From the article I get the impression that this game is an unfinished mess I should stay away from. Not only that, but it paints a grim picture of the developers. I have to actively read comments and forum threads to find out that this might not be the case after all.

          Nathan writes: ““What about inexcusable bugginess and entire missing features?” I inquire, head cocked to one side. ” – and I’d like to know who he asked, and if he gave them time to respond before posting.

          • StevoIRE says:

            Exactly “Power…responsibility” etc etc But what irks me is that a site that is supposed to give the opinion of the average gamer has basically said “We haven;t played this game hell we’v just google searched it since it appear on our banner and apparently it has issues thread which is already out of date, do not buy”.

          • TsunamiWombat says:

            I really think you lads might be reading a bit too much into this. I never had any Diablo 3 connection problems, I didn’t accuse RPS of making shit up or reporting poorly. When your dealing with a consumer base of millions of people, your gonna have a few thousand with no probs at all.

          • mondomau says:

            That doesn’t make any sense. Krater has a couple of support threads with a maybe a dozen people complaining about bugs – very few of which seem to be gamebreaking, and some of which are actually a result of insufficiently beefy hardware. Add to that the fact that one of the issues Nathan mentioned had long been fixed when he posted this, and that it appears he hadn’t actually tried it for himself, it seems a bit irresponsible to point a finger at an new indie game and call foul.
            Unlike, in your example (sigh) D3 – where there were hundreds, if not thousands of people, including the authors of the site that were completely unable to access the game.

            Apples and oranges, I tell you.

    • frightlever says:

      They used to let the games get made before recommending you pay for them, but Nathan is more progressive than that when it comes to Kickstarter.

      link to

  17. datom says:

    ‘We’re investigating further, but for now, exercise caution with this one. ‘

    If only there was a way to investigate further easily, such as purchasing the game and playing it prior to posting the article!!!1

    This isn’t really up to RPS’s EXCEPTIONALLY HIGH STANDARDS. Here we have a blog post that essentially says ‘don’t buy this game, I’ve been on the tech support forums and some people are asking for tech support’. Surely “don’t buy this, because we’ve played it, and it’s broken” fits in with the spirit of RPS better?

    EDIT: Unless you’ve got a WOT I THINK for me coming soon. In which case you are completely forgiven.

    • Zeewolf says:

      They don’t need to buy it, the devs have sent out Steam keys to the press.

      • Lagwolf says:

        Actually funny enough my editor tried to get a review copy for me to play. The devs not only were not forthcoming they didn’t even bother to reply… guess they are rather busy. The site I write for gets 30+mil uniques a month or so. Guess they weren’t willing to have it reviewed until it was fully sorted, probably a good idea.

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      I’m working on a Wot I Think, but I don’t think it’ll turn up before next week as my plate is a bit full.

      • sneetch says:

        Great, looking forward to the Wot I Ate to go with the Wot I Think now.

        • datom says:

          Excellent news indeed! I have delegated all my ARPG purchase decisions to RPS thus enabling me to spend all my time confused as to whether I should buy Conquests of Elysium 3.

        • roryok says:

          [Jim steps out of a tiny shed]

          This week, I have been mostly eating wotsits

  18. abandonhope says:

    I played some of the beta; seemed okay. I’m still having nightmares over the release state of EYE: Divine Cybermancy,, which prompted me to create an RPS account so that I could post a string of marathon rants. Good times. I still hate the ever living crap out of that game. Even in beta Krater seemed a more finished product than that hot mess.

    • Revisor says:

      You have some issues, sir. :)

      • abandonhope says:

        Oh, I’m one sick labradoodle alright.

        Edit: Ha, the user name I chose for RPS was a reference to my feelings on EYE. I guess I’m stuck with it.

        • Blackcompany says:

          You’re still good. It works well for posting about Bethesda games, too.

  19. stinkytaco says:

    It is a FatShark game. Every one of their titles are half baked, and untested.They where all unplayable for some people.

    They basically make their consumers into unwilling beta testers.

    My solution. I boycotted them.

    Sad too they have some very talented artists. They also have some very greedy people in the front office that have botched every game they have ever made.

    Going to give this one about a year before I buy it. Either that or if it is on the steam sale for around $5 I may consider buying it.

    • mondomau says:

      Out of curiosity, do you actually understand what ‘Boycott’ means?

      • jRides says:

        Are you looking for the proper definition or the internet fanboy BF player definition?

      • stinkytaco says:

        Umm, you mean Boycotts can not be temporary?
        Ok ,cool troll , you got me.

        Yeah, It means that I will not buy the game until my demands are met.

        If you are using Google Translate, be sure to check Wikipedia before you make a fool of yourself.
        link to

    • JB says:

      Hah! Mondo, you beat me to it.

      Yeah, Stinky, I don’t think you grasp the whole boycott thing.

      • lasikbear says:

        He’s boycotting it, not mancotting it; he’s just waiting to let it grow up.

    • Brise Bonbons says:

      Funny, I bought Lead & Gold on release and it was fine for me. Of course, being a non-F2P original IP shooter, the community died instantly…

      While I recall a few little niggles here and there, I certainly don’t recall the game being broken at launch… Maybe my memory is failing me?

  20. roryok says:

    A few years ago this would have been inexusable, but given all the recent developer closures (THQ, 38 Studios etc) I’d say there’s enormous pressure on devs to get things out the door and start making money.

    It’s probably going to become more and more common

  21. Mattressi says:

    I might have missed something, but to me the forum posts all look to be regular day-after-launch bug complaints. Hell, I haven’t even seen someone saying that a bug has made them unable to play; which is better than most other games just after they launch.

    Are there particularly horrendous bugs that I’m not hearing about? I don’t want to buy a game which is completely broken, but from what I’m reading, the game is much less broken than Skyrim and many other games on release (remembering Skyrim’s horrible UI/key bindings, quests like Blood on Ice which could break and not be unbroken, etc).

    • Flowette says:

      My keybindings were a little icky, but I’m pretty sure that’ll be fixed shortly.

      I ordered direct from the developer and didn’t get the DLC/Soundtrack bonus, so they emailed me an extra Steam key (without me nagging).

      Achievements weren’t working, they now are.

      It’s pretty good, I’m enjoying it. I’ve paid much more for massively buggier messes. If people are THAT bothered, they should wait a week or two, but for now the game is out there for all to see and I’ve no beef with it.

  22. caddyB says:

    Sorry, not buying another Sword of the Stars II. Although Kerberos has been fixing their game pretty well so far, it was released more than 6 months ago and still has problems. ( mostly fixing turn times and ui now though, it’s almost completely feature complete ). And I’ve preordered that one as soon as it was up for preorders.

    And I’m pretty sure I can buy it later at a reduced price when it’s fixed and playable.

    • StevoIRE says:

      Dear god it’s not SoST2 why are people saying this? This is exactly why I hate this lazy reporting by Nathan. He’s linked one forum post and declared “THIS GAME IS SO BROKEN RIGHT NOW I WOULDN’T EVEN LOOK AT IT” and yet he hasn’t even played it!! The game is fine and playable unlike SoST2.

      • caddyB says:

        Well in that case I’ll even buy it this weekend. Looks fun.

  23. Zyrocz says:

    The bugs isn’t really that bad. The only bug that’s been bothering me is the one that mess up what attack you bind to the 1-6 keys if you try to move them around from their default spot.
    They could’ve waited another month with the release, but atleast you’re able to play the game on it’s release.

    They fixed the achievments yesterday btw.

  24. DestructibleEnvironments says:

    I made this thread a few days before release. link to

    Everyone should listen to me from now on! Also I will hand out free ice cream to anyone that likes my words.

  25. Stranglove says:

    Those bugs that people are having are not consistent, I had a little trouble with the resolution, but that was fixed by a quick restart. Unfortunately, the lack of sound options is a real bugger. I want to turn that beautiful beautiful music up!

    The game itself is pretty solid fun, and I’ve enjoyed the hour or so I’ve played so far. A real shame that Multiplayer is not being implimented for another month.

  26. Bobka says:

    I was in the beta of this game, and I never managed to get the game running. Upon loading, I either just had a black screen with “loading…” text, or the opening splash and music; either way, the game shut down. Lots of fiddling didn’t help. I was hoping to buy it, but meh, I’d rather buy something I know I can get to work.

  27. fatshark_mwd says:

    To be honest I think you should try the game.

    It is very stable and the issues that is mentioned is already fixed by a patch.

    • Llewyn says:

      To be honest I think you should try the game.

      This is a prime example of why all developers* should aim to have a demo available on release. Then we could, you know, actually try it and not have to take your word for it that it’s stable (or Nathan’s somewhat discredited claims that it isn’t).

      At the moment my suspicion is that, stable or not, I might not get on well with the game mechanics, so I’m not buying it despite it looking somewhat interesting.

      *other than the small minority who know they’re producing something awful.

  28. kaoswielder says:

    Just came here to say that quoting a single thread from Steam forum doesnt make a game broken. I am not able to run it as intended but many I know can. Also I’ve found out and posted workaround on their forum too. Moreover, devs have shown their commitment to bug fixes and patches. Just maybe you guys bashing big players has crept into your behaviour and has extended to others as well. Are RPS just reducing themselves to petty journalism now? Unless FS dont provide fixes or fail to address issues, I absolutely disagree with the article. Once you guys said that you dont want to make or break a game by publicising its KS then why are you bashing an indie dev without waiting for a while and not giving a knee jerk reaction instead ? I am not saying that you dont bash them but only when needed so.

  29. skyturnedred says:

    Seems like an interesting game, but sadly it does not support Windows XP, which I’m still using.

  30. lhzr says:

    Hmm, an interesting small game launches and we immediately get a post linking us to a 1.5 pages thread of reported bugs, while using phrases such as “inexcusable bugginess”.

    As an aside, Binding of Isaac’s addon, Wrath of the Lamb, was greeted with stuff like “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go play it until I reach the end of my natural lifespan. ”

    Here’s the bug thread for WotL: link to
    The thread was already about 13 pages long at the time the article praising WotL was posted. It’s now at page 45.

    There’s now a second bug thread for WotL: link to because after about 5 patches, WotL is apparently still not fixed. The new thread is15 pages long atm.

    Anyway ,thanks again for warning us about Krater having inexcusable bugs, like missing achievements and too small fonts.

    Disclaimer: I bought both WotL and Krater and I like’em both.

  31. Strangineer says:

    Really enjoying this so far. Some features are rather unexplained, but everything works!

  32. Maldomel says:

    It’s a shame, that games looks really good otherwise. I intended to buy it when I get a new pc, so I thinks fixes will be out by then, but that is indeed inexcusable for a launch.

    Why are devs releasing games with so much bugs and glitches anyway? Even more so when there has been a beta? Deadlines and all? Wouldn’t it be better to just delay it instead of disgusting customers/potential customers and signing the death of your game?

    Fatshark better be doing a marathon of patches like Arrowhead did for Magicka, yet another game that buggy as hell when it launched.

    • InternetBatman says:

      Magicka never really was fixed for me. The single player worked all right, but the terrible checkpoint system and occasional crash meant that I was stuck on Fafnir. I was never able to get multiplayer working. I got into the game with my friend and every time the non-host would lag to a point it became unplayable.

  33. JackDandy says:

    A single thread on the steam support forums constitutes for this kind of an article?

    For shame, RPS. :\

  34. TariqOne says:

    Yeah, hate to join the mob of angry peasants wielding waggly fingers but … I’m sternly wagging a finger at you guys here.

    “I can’t help but feel like this is incredibly disrespectful to customers. Fatshark was clearly aware that Krater’s riddled with holes, but it decided to pass it off as a complete product anyway.”

    That’s a damned strong and absolute statement there. You almost had me believing you had a basis for it. Please do better and be more measured and precise in the future.

  35. daldora says:

    as a person who purchased this game ill throw out my oppinion
    im about 3 hours in and have come across the upgraded soldiers (uber jacked).
    this game offers a unique rpg strategy expiernce. you will find yourself in a vast world where you can go into a dungeon complete it and then comeback tomarrow and notice it has a compleyelt new layout
    the leveling system is unique in that you have a level cap depending on the soldier you use (grey maxes at 5 green 10 purple 15) a large array for weapons of all classes as well as addtional gadgets to buff or damge.
    level ups offer no actual stat increases instead you do this through the implanting system and mod spots of your chharcter
    have your bruiser equiped with a mod to slow down all enemy movement speed or your medicus heal allies while damaging enemies the possibilties are endless with each charcter having a max potential (purple charcter only) of 5 mod slots per abilty and 15 implant slots
    glitches are very manageble and most have cures at this point examples of such are the mouse being off centered you can play around with resolution till it auto corrects. some people (myself included) got the info for needing the new C++ microsoft
    just go into your program folder, delete the one it mentions (i think its x84?), restart your game and tada fixed after this is done you will find that the game nolonger crashes and runs quite well
    all in all im thinking about a 9/10
    and stop comparing things to diablo 3 its annoying mst games have something that stands about them so why would you try to compare these 2 games? oh yay there top down rpg’s… yah well would you compare pikmin to diablo? no? good now quite plz my head hurts… (oh snap gamecube refernce!)

  36. Tayh says:

    This game, and its premise, sounds really interesting; especially the squadbased and permadeath gameplay.
    Is there a steam-free version, or will I have to wait ’till it turns up on

  37. Tom OBedlam says:

    (Caveat: This and the steam page are my only exposure so fir give me I’m hugely off the mark)

    Is this a Borderlands/Diablo mash up?

  38. TsunamiWombat says:

    Given these chums are indie and aren’t a wholly owned subsidiary of one of the Publishomatic Behemoths, i’m willing to cut them some slack. Not like, Sword of the Stars 2 slack, that was goddamned inexcusable and I still haven’t forgiven them for getting me all excited then selling me that unplayable crap.

    Hows that game patching up, by the way?

    • caddyB says:

      It’s alright. Needs work on Ui and the Ai, but almost fully feature complete now.

  39. aliksy says:

    I have no idea what the gameplay is like, and that’s key for my purchase decision.

    Quick combat? No long cool downs? Interesting advancement system (fuck skill trees with +3% dmg per level)? Can I feel effective with my character, and not like a dumb transport mechanism for my gear?

    If it has better hit detection than diablo3 that’ll go a long way towards making it not suck.

    • Kinth says:

      It’s something fairly new but i’ll try to explain it as best I can.

      You have a squad of 3 class types out of the 4 currently available (i think they plan on adding a fair few more in the future)

      The combat is fast but it’s also strategy based it’s short cooldowns and no resource pools like mana etc.It’s all real time and not turned based. The movement of characters can be a bit spotty at time sbut it mostly works fine.
      Character advancement comes through implants which works kind of like gems in Diablo except you put them straight into your character. You find them on through looting or crafting they are usually just +5 str etc (for me so far at least but I’m not very far in the game.) you can also get boosters which you can apply to your skills to give an extra affect like add a heal or do more damage. These are also looted or crafted
      Your characters don’t have upgradeable armor they have a weapon slot and a gadget slot. The idea is that your squad is sort of expendable depending on your mode (normal upwards) then you can have squad men permanently die if then get injured to much you can hire more squad men you have to train them up and I think you lose all their stuff if they die so there is some attachment to them but its not like Diablo hardcore where you only get the one guy and that guy dying is game over. In normal mode your men have to sustain 3 injuries(Getting knocked down 3 time equals an injury) before they die. In hardcore I think its one knockdown kills them.

      The game is more about exploring than D3 is you can just wander round freely once you hit the games world map the further you go away from the start zone the harder the mobs will get. There is a story and side missions though. Overall it seems a lot more freeform than most Arpg’s. Think of it like a mix of Baldurs gate and Diablo.

      The game certainly needs work and they plan on adding a lot but for its asking price its well worth it. I think they plan on adding to it based on community feedback I personally would like armour upgrades added in because its a good measure of visual progression and another layer of added customization. The game is great to play but an ARPG without the loot game loses re playability once it’s completed.

      If the progress they did in the beta is anything to go buy it wont take long for them to add new stuff. I was plying the beta a month ago and the game was nowhere near as polished as it is now its astonishing.

  40. ElElegante says:

    I’ve played for about three or four hours and have yet to run into single bug. There are some features I would like to see, and the interface is a little wonky, but nary a bug anywhere. It’s rather enjoyable.

  41. Delusibeta says:

    Amusing that RPS posts a negative article about a game who is currently paying for a “site takeover”. Hopefully it’ll mean that planks stop claiming that the site is biased towards the game that is currently on the “takeover” roster (spoiler: it won’t).

    • Malawi Frontier Guard says:

      Obviously if RPS wanted to give the impression of being unbiased towards advertisers they would make a small release carry the burden instead of a big one, right?

  42. Kinth says:

    The game is great even in it’s current state at the start of the game they do say that it is unfinished and it will be getting heavy fixing…. basically the minecraft model. They really should put that bit of information on the Steam page for it though and not wait until people have bought the game to tell them.

    But yeah it’s a lot of fun to play.

  43. drewitt says:

    Very disappointed with the article- you have a responsibilty as a reporter/reviewer to do so honestly, and to utter a single word without having actually played the title is irresponsible at least, but betrays a possible bias on the part of the reporter.

    A lot of individuals consult your reviews to determine where to spend their hard-earned money, and if they don’t bother to delve deeper for themselves, your words could very easily mislead them, not only from purchasing this title, but possibly any others in the future from this developer.

    Please refrain from literary vomitus in the future. This article borders on slander.

    • TariqOne says:

      On the bright side, seems they’ve finally found a replacement for Quintin Smith.

  44. kaoswielder says:

    I’m waiting to read “Wot I think” and also glad RPS changed the language. I’d love to not get a knee jerk reaction in future as some people even came to the official forum saying BS instead of voicing concerns politely and helping devs fix it. The game is in a more playable condition than many AAA titles I’ve seen over past few years. Still buggy but glad that it is being looked at and fixes are comin in

  45. Lucas Says says:

    I love reading that the issues are overblown when I cannot scroll right or down in this game. I can go up and left, but neither of the two directions the tutorial goes in.

    It seems like an “early alpha” feature to me, being able to actually navigate the map.

  46. piratmonkey says:

    I think I want this game but I’m not sure? It looks absolutely pretty and I want to explore the world but I’m not sure if the combat system meshes with me.

    • UncleLou says:

      It’s a bit like Dawn of War 2’s single-player campaign in its combat mechanics, if that’s any help. Squad of 3 with different roles and abilities that compliment each other, all in a Fallout meets Team Fortress 2 in Sweden setting.

      I am finding it a bit fiddly to control atm, but I’ve only started really, and quite like it, all in all.

  47. Tokamak says:

    Well I’d err on the side of caution myself. Not to mention this suspicious influx of posters coming out of a relatively unknown game.

    • kaoswielder says:

      Yeah we’re basically nice little friendly neighborhood bots and spammers. Nothing to be afraid of :P

  48. Solrax says:

    Hmm… I’ve always hated comments that say “well *I* don’t have any of the horrible bugs so you are all full of it”.

    So I won’t say that. I’ll say that based on the premise and setting and awesome art design I took a $15 chance and bought it. I’ve not had any issues other than the one with the MS redistributables that was patched the first day and is now fine for me. I am running a pretty standard (homebuilt) machine with a good CPU and graphics card and have no issues with graphics or sound.

    I’m enjoying the style and the setting and the gameplay is quite engaging. I’m finding the (admittedly only partially voice acted) quest descriptions clever. The action can get quite frantic as you are controlling 3 characters in combat. At first I thought the two abilities was limited, but really it would be difficult to control more given the pace of combat.

    So I am enjoying the game, no regrets buying it at all. I hope they patch the issues others are seeing because I would like to see the game be a success. And heck, it was here at RPS where I first heard about and have been following the game.

    Oh, to be fair, I should add that at startup it explains that online mode is disabled and will be enabled later. So I guess that sucks, but I bought it for single player and I had no idea there was an online mode (or even any idea of what it is – cloud storage? multiplayer? I guess I should look into that).

  49. TE_owner says:

    That track’s a bit emo aint’ it?

  50. Blackcompany says:

    I understand Nathan’s sentiments. After SoTSII, Skyrim, Diablo, I think overzealous is the right approach. We pay money for finished products. I wouldn’t buy books with missing chapters, movies lacking voice work. Nor would anyone sell them in that state.

    So why is it oh in a game?

    On the other hand, I want to play this. I personally am willing to forgive much from Indies for $15 that I would never tolerate from AAA @ $60. Not saying its right to sell unfinished games. Not at all. But I personally have a sliding scale for tolerance, taking much into account.

    The right way to do this, though, is to cone out & say to us, “we are short $$.,we want to sell what we have for much less than AAA studios, and will have the rest soon.” Tat makes it an informed decision.