Lilly Looking Through Hits Target, Sets Sights Higher

Gorgeous point and clicker Lilly Looking Through has passed its $18.000 Kickstarter goal with 16 days to go. Slightly confusing that, mainly because I’m becoming accustomed to Kickstarter projects reaching their target with hours to spare. They’re like the wired up explosive with a digital countdown readout of game development, counting down, ever down, but more for dramatic effect than any actual possibility of failure. Maybe that’s a little insensitive actually, considering the amount that do fail and the number of renegade cops whose last day on the job ends messily, hunched over a box, a pair of hastily procured nail clippers in hand. If you haven’t already, try the demo and read about streeeeeetch goals here.


  1. wccrawford says:

    Actually, Kickstarter says that most campaigns either blow past their goals or don’t even come close.

    We’ve been skewing that a lot lately, but it’s still not the norm, despite the perception.

  2. Eddy9000 says:

    Just out of interest, I assume that people with kickstarters have to use the money they asked for for their project under some kind of fraud laws, but if they go over the requested amount are they obligated to spend it on the project? How does it work?

    • povu says:

      I do wonder what happens when they get much more than you ask for and you don’t know what to do with it. At some point your game is just done. What then? Create extra content/ports/advertising until you’ve burned through all the remaining money?

    • kaoswielder says:

      I think that’s why they create goals/milestones that if they reach X amount of funding, they will do so and so. Unless that is explicitly stated, I don’t know what they do with the extra money. I funded Grim Dawn and the milestones were there in that one :)

    • Twoflower says:

      Which is one reason why I’m shying away from Kickstarter for my projects. Writing a book doesn’t exactly incur a lot of expenses, and with print on demand and ebooks, there’s not many expensive stretch goals to reach. But you have to do SOMETHING with the extra cash beyond pocket it outright; it has to go back into your project in order for you to stay legit in the eyes of Kickstarter.

      Fortunately for games, there’s always something you can do with extra money… port to other platforms, add new features, or just make the game longer. All of those things cost cash.

  3. GameCat says:

    Great news, demo was so adorable. And it wasn’t “click random things to proceed”, but more like classic adventure game.

  4. alfonzoburton says:

    Lilly looks awesome and I’m glad to have backed them and seen them become successful.
    I can’t wait till the final game I know it’s going to be incredible.

    Keep supporting Kickstarter and it’s projects. Indie game development is taking over!!

    We are doing a Kickstarter project as well and really love the opportunity that a community can support itself which will allow for so many different types of games to play.

    Indie dev advances game play. It’s like most peoples first album or the first movie in the series they are typically better because it’s sweat, blood and tears in it to make it work!

    Tell me if this looks legit or not we’ve been making games for others for years now it’s our turn.
    link to