Playable Far Cry 3, Shootmania, Ghost Recon At Rezzed

Ah, I was perhaps a bit hasty with my Rezzed story from yesterday, because since then Eurogamer have confirmed that we’re also going to have Paul Wedgwood from Splash Damage doing a keynote presentation (12pm, Saturday 7th July) in which he’ll be talking about how his studio’s independence has ensured its survival.

Not only that but Ubisoft are going to be providing playable Far Cry 3, Shootmania, and Ghost Recon for the show. Add that to the other games, and that’s a veritable slab of unreleased games, as well as all the presentations and so on. We’ve not even revealed the indie games stuff yet, which is another full facet of the show. It’s looking pretty good: Tickets are £12 for one day, £20 for both. Brighton Centre, Brighton on the 6th and 7th of July. Come along, do.


  1. BreadBitten says:

    Not really, all they need to do is abolish any further use of DRM, in any form whatsoever, in their future PC titles and all those forks and torches will be dropped like a bag of severed testicles…

    EDIT: Oh dear, apparently the comment I replied to has been deleted or magically made to vanish!

    • somini says:

      They toned it down to activation-only, but everybody attacks them the same. It’s a losing battle really.

  2. Lewie Procter says:

    If Ghost Recon gets delayed again, that’ll be another unreleased game playable at Rezzed too.

  3. Njordsk says:

    That guy looks completly crazy. I already like him.

  4. Yosharian says:

    ” in which he’ll be talking about how his studio’s independence has ensured its survival”

    But not the ability to make good games, it seems.

    I C E B U R N

    Seriously, is anyone still playing Brink?

    • Njordsk says:

      nop, stopped a week after release. One of the biggest flop/disappointement ever for me.

    • El_Emmental says:

      I recently took at look at the forum, there is like 50 people still hovering on it:
      – 10 of them are posting “I just had an idea: make Brink a F2P !”
      – 10 of them are angry-mad ex-players
      – 10 of them are saying “it’s sad people couldn’t understand Brink and gave up on it”
      – 10 of them are trying to pretend there is still enough players to enjoy some regular fight-nights
      – 10 of them are speculating on Brink 2

      There is still a few players some evening/nights, I played a few rounds and the same game-design flaws showed up, preventing us from having an enjoyable experience.

      To name the top 3 flaws: unpatched maps choke points, unbalanced classes roles (engineers > medics > soldiers > operatives), unpatched impossibility to change body type and characters without disconnecting.

      * Fixing maps (x10) choke points: 2 weeks of 1 mapper, or releasing the map editor.

      * Unbalanced classes roles: 2 weeks of 1 coder (switch unhacking to Operatives, allow Soldiers to damage repair-objectives up to 30% of the total objective health (= engineers have to repair 130% at max), give Operatives a boost to give to their teammates (faster speed ?) or make the Operative’s radar informations directly visible on the HUD of teammates on a compass direction indicator (just like the damage one)), + 1 more week of 1 coder for the inevitable bugs fixing, or releasing the SDK.

      * Change body type and characters mid-game: 1 week (maximum) of 1 coder, or releasing the SDK.

      In 1 month -nah let’s be generous- 2 months and 2 devs (1 programmer, 1 mapper), they could make Brink worth it. They won’t.

      And they’ll later tell you how difficult (“but exciting !”) it is to be an independent dev studio.

      • Yosharian says:

        Haha wow, it’s worse than I thought it was. I stopped playing pretty early.

    • T4u3rs says:

      I stopped playing Brink because I was affected by performance problems that never got solved and made the game unplayable for me. Obviously, I was told that the problem was on my end. Even on lowest settings and lowest resolution, it was totally unplayable. I know what my rig can play and this was ridiculous.

      What really pisses me off is that I loved the design but they just cashed-in and abandoned the game and its players… IN A FUCKING MULTIPLAYER GAME!!!

  5. TE_owner says:

    Uhh are under aged people allowed to attend this I’m 14 I believe I’m Mature and all that and I will be civil and on my best behaviour Pwomise

    Oh and you guys are freaking awesome at RPS savygamer has saved my tones of money.

    EDIT sorry read the actual Rez website I’ll get my Dad to take me then :)

  6. Binary77 says:

    I totally wanna go to this, but can’t afford the ridiculous train prices. Is anyone driving down from Birmingham to this? I’d chip in with some petrol money!

  7. MozzerV12 says:

    I want to come to this but I am afraid that people will poke me with pointy sticks :(

  8. SelfEsteemFund says:

    It’s certainly shaping up to be an awesome show, you guys should be very proud! I really really wish I could attend damn it.

    As a sidenote I can’t say I’m bothered about any of Ubisofts titles though, ‘meh’.

  9. Phantoon says:

    All this shameful plugging of a commercial venture! RPS has sold out to the man- which in a twist, they ARE the man!

    Ban this sick filth!

    • somini says:

      Are you saying RPS sold themselves?
      And to the lowest bidder, 20 QueenEuros is a ridiculously low price for this bEtt3r.

  10. kzrkp says:

    YAY! Oh, wait, none of these things are good or interesting. Also Ubisoft.

  11. Jimmeh says:

    We’ll be there too :D