Seed If You Like It: Botanicula Demo

The power of the demo! It’s not that I didn’t notice John’s joyous effusions about Botanicula, heck, I had to fetch the mop and bucket from the cellar and clean up afterwards, but despite all of that I didn’t actually play the game. Today Amanita have made a demo available, played directly in your browser at the website, and now I have played it. I played until the demo was over and then I started playing the full game and now I don’t want to carry on writing things for people to read because that means I’m not playing Botanicula. It’s absolutely lovely. Try the demo and maybe you’ll agree.


  1. Setroc says:

    I’m just going to plant this pun thread here and see what stems from it.

    • Lambchops says:

      Good to see you have the faith to leaf us to our punning imaginations.

      • rokahef says:

        The music is gorgeous! Was it made using a photo-synthesizer ?

    • InternetBatman says:

      Amanita minute to come up with a pun.

      • TomxJ says:

        I simply love Amanita’s crop of adventures. Its been a real treat to watch them grow and branch out into other areas too.

    • NailBombed says:

      Very frond of the way punthreads always pop up on RPS.

    • Skabooga says:

      Well, looks like your pun thread attempt took root.

  2. Lambchops says:

    Effusions? Eeww icky!

    PS: Botanicula is brilliant. What are you doing here? Go play!

  3. Freud says:

    It’s one of the most charming games I’ve ever played. Had a silly smile right through it.

  4. Orija says:

    Title makes it seem like an invitation to torrent the game.

  5. Skabooga says:

    For those who may be curious, if you played the demo and liked it, the rest of the Botanicula is of the same high caliber and craft, perhaps even impossibly getting better the further you get in the game.

  6. Cosm says:

    That demo was great. If any of you guys are feeling sad, check it out, it was welcome dose of happiness. Same guys that made Machinarium apparently, definitely a good sign.

  7. phelix says:

    In the time of hyper-violence FPSes, this is a welcome treat of happiness. A must play, if you’re still unconvinced.

  8. LintMan says:

    Geat music. Great, charming game. I definitely recommend it.

  9. arcarsination says:

    Funny John mentions that his wife doesn’t play anything, but loves Botanicula. My fiance did the same thing with Machinarium. She’d always ask me if we could play “that cute robot game” when I’d get home from work. Can’t wait to see if she likes this as much. Too bad Floex didn’t do this soundtrack though…

    • vivlo says:

      Aw, don’t let that bother you, the soundtrack guy this time is as gifted as machinarium’s :)

    • Torgen says:

      My wife also thinks this is extremely cute, but insists that I play it while she watches. We’re stuck now, at the giant sleeping bat and the bubble snail, so she got bored and went to read Hollywood gossip. :P

  10. Ayron says:

    It’s only 9 euros on Steam.
    So, that’s less money.
    Also, the people who actually created this game will make less money if you buy it there.
    So… now what? Ah nvm, you probably already own this game!

  11. EPICTHEFAIL says:

    Dafuq did I just read?