Civ V Leaves Leonardo’s, Joins Steam Workshop

Steam Workshop, eh? My bulging eyes are scouring mod lists even now.

Civ V is integrating with Steam Workshop with the intent of making the use of mods much more user friendly. Create mod collections, browse what’s available through Steam and then fall to your knees in anguish because Fall From Heaven is nowhere to be seen in this version of the game and never will be. I haven’t explored the modding scene for this one a great deal, although now is the time for revisitations with the Gods and Kings expansion pack due on June 19. I’ll be telling you wot I think about that in due course and might be tempted to dip into modland as well.


  1. mr.ioes says:

    Whatever you do, make sure to check out this collection: link to Release in June 22 it says here (Austria).
    edit: Release: June, 19th (Northern America), June, 22nd (Rest of the world).

    • RF says:

      Despite the fact everyone was told it would be the 19th across the globe. But no. Virtual oceans ffs.

      EDIT: In fact, I’m fairly certain I checked this morning and it said three days. =/

  2. MythArcana says:

    The Evil Empire gains yet more footage.

    • LionsPhil says:

      Star Wars mod, you say?

    • SkittleDiddler says:

      I didn’t see Activision mentioned once in the article.

      • Unaco says:

        I thought he was talking about the Soviet Union. Myth Arcana is Ronald Reagan, right? He certainly comes across as equally unhinged.

        • SkittleDiddler says:

          Lolz, although Myth probably doesn’t have the excuse of senility/dementia and a screaming harpy of a wife like Reagan did.

  3. brokentyro says:

    I will not be purchasing this expansion unless they allow mods to work in multiplayer. Anyone heard anything about this?

  4. Machinations says:

    Am I the only one who thought Civ V was a massive disappointment?

    Oh look, giant animated backgrounds for leaders – too bad the diplomatic AI is worse than Civ III and the animations and negotiation options are lacking.

    One unit per tile – unfortunately, with an AI that is completely unable to leverage this. Oh, and your dudes turn into boats when they touch water, eh – none of this faffing about with boats – thats for nerds. (and, to my earlier point, requires an ability to put the I in AI)

    Now, Civ is not known for complex tech trees, but the new tree is underwhelming, with pretty linear upgrades in all areas. Why are hidden nationality units gone; no privateers (again – admittedly, a pet peeve)?

    Why is multiplayer so utterly broken? (last I checked)

    Firaxis may be looking for the vibrant Steam community to fix the above (and the community, dedicated as they are, just might) but I can’t help but shake my head when I think of Civ V – this is the company that made Alpha Centauri?

    THE Alpha Centauri (and *ahem* Alien Crossfire)? The one I have installed on my modern machine that could run 100 instances of it simultaneously?

    Civ V, according to Steam, has gotten about 12 hours out of me. I don’t think I could count how many hours I have sunk into the predecessors.

    What happened to Firaxis? ; and will they redeem themselves with the XCOM turn based re-hash? Or will they produce another bastardized, simplistic, ‘lets appeal to the Facebook gamers’ pile of a game that pisses on the memory of one of the titans of PC gaming? A strategy game ‘now with less strategy!’?

    I know after seeing the treatment Firaxis gave V there is no chance of me plonking down the price of a new indie ; or a established title like Torchlight2 ; on the chance they haven’t messed this ‘expansion’ up.

    Cool about the mods, I imagine a ‘smorgasbord’ pack will be needed to make the game playable, at least in comparison to it’s superior ancestry..

    • Batolemaeus says:

      Oh come on, comments like yours have been all over any Civ related comment thread all over the net.

      No, you’re not alone. Far from, actually. Civ 5 is a case of rushing out a game that just couldn’t deliver past the first few hours due to crippling issues, and with mod support that while promising, suffered from the delayed sdk, file size limits and tons of hardcoded stuff and bugs in the game itself. Many, including me, played Civ 5 for a while and then went back to Civ 4.

      Which is really sad, because I actually like 1upt and hexes. The AI just completely kills the entire game..

      • Machinations says:

        Nothing wrong with 1 unit per tile; what is wrong is turning a strategy game about meaningful choices into a game with few meaningful choices and war – being a major part of the game – being akin to beating your 3 year old nephew at chess.

        I guess I am still a little bitter.

      • The13thRonin says:

        I played Civ V for a grand total of six hours before reverting back to Civ IV which I have clocked up 100’s of hours on. Also from a modders perspective Civ V is absolutely a disgusting step backwards from Civ IV’s hey come look under the hood, feel free to tinker around! The kind of attitude that led to mods like Fall From Heaven. Civ V is almost unworkable by comparison [just have a look at the complete lack of mods for it]. Of course they made this decision so it would be easier for them to push their $5 a pop leaderhead DLC. Way to kill a franchise…

        • Batolemaeus says:

          Actually, it’s a bit more complicated than that.

          Their switch towards an sqlite database for many things is absolutely beautiful. No longer do I have to replace files just to modify research rate, and mods that modify the same attribute can coexist in some circumstances.

          UPDATE GameSpeeds SET “ConstructPercent” = ConstructPercent*0.5 WHERE “Type” = “GAMESPEED_MARATHON”;
          UPDATE Technologies SET “Cost” = Cost*0.3 WHERE “ID” < 12;
          UPDATE GameSpeeds SET "ResearchPercent" = 600 WHERE "Type" = "GAMESPEED_MARATHON";

          That's three lines, and they make marathon much slower tech-wise, while speeding up the early game a bit and making construction faster. No, this is not balanced, but I think it's a good example. In Civ IV, this is much, much more complicated.

          Sadly, they completely locked down so many parts of the game that the improvements in modding can't even come into play. They dumbed down the AI behaviour so much and fixed it into place that it's downright impossible to fix some of the worst issues with the game with mods. The mod browser is a joke, the sdk was too late, map generation is painful..

    • ulix says:

      In fact the combat system was, especially with its “one unit per tile” (Advance Wars style) battles, the only real improvement over previous Civs (apart from hexes, but that was about time…).

      Sure, the AI sucked, doesn’t make the combat system worse (at least not in principle).

      • LionsPhil says:

        Unfortunately, they were so eager to make you spend your time with the one improved mechanic that they even regressed the AI back to “hates your guts and will randomly declare war even if it makes no goddamn strategic sense for them to” levels, so enjoy trying to shuffle armies from front to front. What was once just a go-to command is now a damn sokoban puzzle.

        Also, that there’s only one non-military unit per tile is just irritating. What is the gameplay reason for (or simulationist excuse for) a great general not being able to pass a worker unless they carefully put their moves out of phase?

      • Jay says:

        Has anyone had a crack at a Civ V-style combat mod for IV? That would be aces.

        • The13thRonin says:

          Try the RISE OF MANKIND: A NEW DAWN mod. It’s very customizable, features an enhanced tech tree, many additions and if you want a one unit per tile, ranged units can attack from several tiles away system.

    • Stromko says:

      Well I’ve got over 200 hours logged on Civ 5. I’ve played every Civ before this, I’ve played tons of SMAC, I’m aware of what is missing in Civ 5 and what’s improved. It doesn’t play like other games of its ilk, and I like that. On top of that, I actually suck at these games, so the Noble AI level is still a small challenge for me despite its limitations. :)

  5. rockman29 says:

    I wish we could put multiple units on tiles. I loved the whole hex-tile thing, but as soon as I heard about 1 unit per tile I got scared. I always hated stacks of death in these games, but I figured we should be able to put up to 3 or 5 units on a tile… just some reasonable limit and not something like I put the whole army of NATO & BRIC on one stretch of grassland.

    Also, I get frustrated with the slow turns and it always puts me off playing a full game. I still feel these games are unoptimized. I did like the 2D interface in Civ 5, but I think they can do much better with that. Interface should be a lot more of a priority and much better looking in a turn-based game imo.

    The graphics engine seems unoptimized too. I mean, sure the graphics are good, but I don’t really see why it should be so much more strenuous than Starcraft II. It doesn’t look several times better, even though my framerate is several times lower when using the 3D map on the same laptop.

    • RF says:

      You can get death stack mods, but I don’t think the AI uses it. Which is a disappointment.

    • mr.ioes says:

      The collection I linked has multiple mods for that (2 stacks, 5 stacks, unlimited). But I think RF is right: The AI won’t be able to use it, unless the modder adds that (we could just ask him).

      • MaXimillion says:

        The AI code isn’t open for modders like it was in IV AFAIK, so not much the modder can do about it.

        • mr.ioes says:

          @mr.ioes The AI will use it and stack units, it just doesn’t use it that well (a bit like everything else it doesn’t do well!)

          So apparently it (kind of) works anyway :)

  6. Cooper says:

    Civ V already has it’s own internal mod installation / distribution system, so I guess this makes -some- kind of sense…

  7. Elmokki says:

    Hexes were awesome.
    One unit per tile (I do agree, some 3 units per tile might be better) would’ve been even more awesome if the AI just wasn’t so much worse with that.

    Other than that Civ5 was either pretty much even with or worse than Civ4. City states were kinda nice, but also kind of broken.

  8. Severian says:

    I’m sad that every CivV comment thread seems to de-evolve into unrelenting criticism and Civ4 nostalgia. Does anyone actually have any mod recommendations they’d like to put forward? I like the look of the “Revolutions” mod – has anyone tried it?

  9. SkittleDiddler says:

    I like the idea of having Civ V mods in the Workshop, but the implementation is horrible. Clicking on “Subscribe” in Steam does not actually add chosen mods to your database when starting the game — you have to Shift+Tab into the Steam overlay and then add them manually while the game is running.

    To be honest, I actually have no idea how the whole Subscribe thing works. I can’t seem to get it to add mods to any game I own.

    EDIT: NM, it’s working now. Ignore me.

    • Batolemaeus says:

      It is indeed a hack job. The only thing it does is add the mods to the regular mod browser thing.

      They also deleted all my mods in the conversion. Fuck this, I’m done with this game. I had nearly a dozen active mods that i can’t find on the workshop anymore and which I’d have to hunt down in raw form. I’m not going to do that again.

  10. -Zarathustra- says:

    I’m still annoyed that they made science a function of population size (huh?), and punished the player for building anything by making every building have maintenance costs, and made happiness empire wide and then used it to determine population size. None of these things seem intuitive. I suppose I wanted less ‘gamey’ abstraction and more empire management.

    Though, thankfully, Thalassicus’ mods do fix some of these issues – to an extent.

  11. pazmacats says:

    Civ5 is a trainwreck

    • vonkrieger says:

      Nonsense, a train wreck will have stacks of death.

      (Depending on era and circumstances of crash)

  12. hobbity_j says:

    so am I a thicky for enjoying Civ 5? I haven’t owned one since 2 ( i got side tracked by TW.) and I’m looking forward to the gods and Kings DLC. back on topic the proliferation of steam workshop is only a good thing.

    • LionsPhil says:

      Nah, you just missed 4.

      I’m not sure I’d call 5 an overall improvement from 2, but there are certainly many areas which have improved. A lot of 2 is still pretty iffy, even if it was very “big” in terms of gamespace. (Remember engineers and terraforming? Conversely, remember the days before cultural boundaries, where AIs would waltz up to your cities and get iffy about YOU being in THEIR territory, while barbarians spawned willy-nilly because your sight range was rubbish and apparently none of the people on your island drove around in the gaps that weren’t built-up cities?)

    • Panda Powered says:

      I’v played the series since the first one on my old amiga 500 as a kid and probably spent over a thousand hours on the series in total (no regrets!) and love both 4 and 5. In different ways.
      Civ4+Bts when I want to be burried to the neck in mechanics and features but Civ 5 more as a ‘game’. 5 is more a back to the roots of Civ 1’s board game-style.

  13. doktorfisch says:

    That guy very creepily looks like he is about to pronounce the definition of insanity..

  14. greywolf00 says:

    Might not be a FFh mod for Civ V but with the release of G&K the RiFE team is now moving full time to their own fantasy mod for Civ V. Will be called E’iten. Haven’t released any updated info on their website about it yet though.

    link to