Engineer We Go Again: Dead Space 3’s Universal Ammo

Below you will find twenty minutes of Dead Space 3 footage, interspersed with executive producer Steve Papoutsis saying ‘super’, ‘awesome’ and ‘superawesome’. It confirms my fear that the game won’t contain very much fear, although there is a bit with a giant drill that sends limbs flying through the air like patriotic streamers and champagne corks at a Jubilee street party. Hurrah, Clarke and Carver (attourniquets at law) cry out as the celebrations begin, hurrah for gratuitous dismemberment. Those people already worried that the atmosphere of the game may be diluted by Isaac’s new argumentative companion may be further concerned by magical ammo. Trailer and disconcerting screengrab below.

Before you watch, be aware that this obviously contains spoilers. It’s twenty minutes long and it’s not just a logo on a loop. There are new enemy types shown, including a boss, and quite a few environments so do look away if you want to see those things for the first time when you actually play the game. If you’re worried that a man talking about the “super awesome” work that went into the “pulping” may make you queasy, queasier than the pulping itself, I’d also recommend avoiding that play button.

Otherwise, in we go!

But what has buzzed into my brain like a scalp-stinging bee into a bonnet?

Wither the line racks and the plasma energy, wither the solitude and the fear of death?

Lost in Dead Space Planet it might be and I’ll probably find something to like in Isaac’s icy adventures, but universal ammo is a step too far. Maybe it’s just for actual guns rather than nifty engineering tools that slice and dice, but just seeing it fly out of some innards gave me a troubling feeling in my own innards.

A cover system suggests less up close face mauling and more projectile-flinging opponents, universal ammo could mean much more running and gunning, and the whole setup seems even further from the first game’s claustrophobic menace. I enjoyed Dead Space 2 but couldn’t help thinking, “Aha, so this time it’s war, eh?” Well, this time it may well be warrier.


  1. grundus says:

    Maybe Dead Space is mirroring the Alien franchise. First a good survival horror, second an equally enjoyable but totally different venture (featuring more killing of all sorts of things) and then trailing off into irrelevance to the point where I’ll consider Dead Space 3 and 4 to be non-canonical, maybe even non-existent. Sure, I’ll watch Alien 3 and 4 again someday just to make sure I gave them enough of a chance the first time, but as it stands they’re not a patch on the first two.

    • Ironclad says:

      There was an alien 3?

      • abigbat says:

        Yes, and it’s a fantastic film.

        • Yosharian says:

          Can’t tell if trolling or not…

          Alien 3 is a pretty awful movie

          • Makaze says:

            He has to be trolling… I hope he’s trolling…

            Alien 3 wasn’t a good movie on it’s own. When compared to Aliens and trying to live up to that level of awesomeness, it’s just plain terrible.

          • BreadBitten says:

            Alien 3 was a great film, honestly speaking I found it genuinely more interesting than Aliens…

          • Bursar says:

            Directors cut of Alien 3 is very good. The original cut, not so much.

          • Makaze says:

            What’s good about it? It wasn’t as suspenseful as Alien, wasn’t as exciting or visually impressive as Aliens, it was ludicrously predictable, and in my opinion worst of all it made the ending to Aliens half a joke by killing off the other 2 survivors. Hell, what was the point of the last 1/4 of Aliens? Newt just ended up dead anyways. Rather than crafting a coherent story that advanced the franchise they just rammed an ill fitting script in there and slapped the word Alien on it. Case and point her sacrifice at the end didn’t make any difference since hey we need a 4th film to make some more cash here. The whole movie was pointless.

            At least Aliens 4 had a rocking first act with the mercenary crew. I’d watch a whole film with just those guys in it.

            Edit: Haven’t seen Finchers cut, only the theatrical release.

          • dancingcrab says:

            Why are people so absolute in their hatred of Alien 3? “It’s not the first two films, thus it sucks.” That’s an underdeveloped argument.

            Personally, Alien 3 is pretty good. It is not as good as it’s predecessors, but that’s some very big boots to fill. Fincher tried some stuff, it didn’t all work, but he managed to get some new ideas in there at least.

            Alien Resurrection, on the other hand, was genuinely bad. Bad concept, bad script, bad characters. IMHO, anyways.

            If DS3 turns out to be the equivalent of Alien 3, then I’ll be O.K. with it. If it jumps to Resurrection, then I’m done with the franchise.

          • KenTWOu says:


            I’d watch a whole film with just those guys in it.

            Cause Joss Whedon wrote the script.

            Edit: Haven’t seen Finchers cut, only the theatrical release.

            There is no Fincher’s cut, there is only so-called Director’s cut.


            Why are people so absolute in their hatred of Alien 3?

            Cause Foxes didn’t allow David Fincher to finish his work.

          • jmtd says:

            I actually don’t think the director’s cut of A3 is any better. I can’t put my finger on precisely why either is flawed, but the key differences between the DC and the theatrical release don’t solve them for me. E.g., I think the dog being the host is an actual improvement.

          • int says:

            Alien 3 had Brian Glover, that’s enoff.

          • zeroskill says:

            Aliens 3 was trash.

          • Jackablade says:

            You know what would have improved Alien 3? If they’d just gone ahead and used the whippet alien.
            link to
            This fellow (with a suitably phallic head piece) was actually going to appear in the movie at one point before some kill joy decided it was just a little too silly. Tell me that wouldn’t have made for a better movie.

      • PopeBob says:

        Personally, I’m put off by the enemy design in this one. They all look like they’re aliens in the xenomorph wheelhouse, except seen in full daylight and providing no threat whatsoever. Dead Space’s necromorphs were interesting, albeit silly, designs because they were like flesh piles knitted together with an arc welder. Now they’re all chitin covered crab monsters hiding inside human bodies. Or, like the larger enemies seen in the footage, just giant crabs. There’s no body horror here, no psychosexual brain prodding, just some Lost Planet aliens to shoot.

        And some humans as well, with absolutely zero context for why Isaac has to murder them. Which is always great.

    • lasikbear says:

      Then finally Dead Space vs Predator 2?

      • grundus says:

        Dead Space vs… I can’t think of a game where the first sequel was utter crap, there must be millions and I can’t remember a single one.

    • wodin says:

      Sadly Prometheus started great and soon lost it’s way to become mediocre. Some of the editing was very obvious to the point the film kind of jumped from one scene to the next in somekind of head long hurry to the climax. Which was very obvious at felt like it was thrown in at the end to say look it’s a prequel or then they said it wasn’t, oh then it is, yes it is a prequel. Such a shame that film. I only hope a directors cut comes out and we get the full movie as to me it looked like a good hour had been chopped away. Infact the editing was the worst I’d ever seen in a film.

      • grundus says:

        I wanted to know what Prometheus was like from an Alien fan (which I’m assuming you are)’s perspective so thanks for that, that’s another film added to my ‘pretend it never happened’ list. Out of seven films featuring Xenomorphs I only want to acknowledge the existence of two… But they are spectacular enough to make up for the stuff that followed.

      • Brun says:

        There were several scenes in the movie that didn’t seem to add anything to the plot (or were just plain inconsistent with everything else that was going on) and were never properly explained (zombie crewmember, exploding alien head).

        • Vandelay says:

          Quite. Although I found Prometheus to be fairly enjoyable (maybe even very enjoyable,) it certainly had many moments that did not make any sense or just weren’t explained. I would like to see an alternative cut of the film (knowing Ridley Scott, there is no doubt there will be one, two or possibly even three,) but I’m not sure whether it will help, as there are just too many loose ends that couldn’t be properly explained in a couple of additional scenes.

          Still worth seeing and would say it needs to be seen in the cinema. It really is a beautiful film.

          • Subject 706 says:

            Beautiful yes, but the script is a goddamn travesty. It’s like Ridley Scott had a lobotomy prior to directing it. This is mega-trillion-zillion mission, and who do we choose to crew it? The creme-de-la-creme? No! The dumbest morons on this side of the galaxy! Sometimes I thought I was watching Friday the 13th or something, due to the unbelievably (and unrealistic) erratic behavior of the crew.

          • Brun says:

            The crew are idiots, to be sure, but at least their idiocy serves a purpose – it pretty much enables the entire plot. Some of the other little details are completely inconsistent though – for example, when Shaw has the squiddy thing inside her and she goes to the medpod to have it removed, it says “this device is calibrated for male patients only.” Really? It’s built into the lifeboat designed to “provide Ms. Vickers with everything she could need to survive” and no one thought to calibrate it for a female patient? And it ends up adding nothing to the film (maybe a tiny bit more suspense) because despite that limitation it goes ahead and performs a C-section without any issues.

          • Hallgrim says:

            @ Brun: Did you consider that the life support, indeed the entire pod, was really for daddy Weyland to use on his way back to earth after being cured? (The voyage was obviously intended to prolong his life)

            You mentioned the zombie guy before… did you notice that the unpleasant geologist had the face of his helmet melted off and ended up face down in the “change you into something else” goo?

            The movie has some pretty big holes, most of them intentional imo. I didn’t care for it because it felt like it was deliberately obtuse. That said, I think calling it “dumb” is a bit much.

            Someone else mentioned a director’s cut… sadly Scott said there would be no director’s cut. This was before the film came out, so maybe he’ll change his mind after his “Aliens meets Lost” movie gets poor reviews from his bigger fans.

          • Brun says:

            @ Brun: Did you consider that the life support, indeed the entire pod, was really for daddy Weyland to use on his way back to earth after being cured? (The voyage was obviously intended to prolong his life)

            Nope. Good point.

            You mentioned the zombie guy before… did you notice that the unpleasant geologist had the face of his helmet melted off and ended up face down in the “change you into something else” goo?

            The problem I have with this is that the “change you into something else goo” is totally inconsistent in its effects. It has wildly different behavior every time we encounter it. I think that the implication is that it causes life forms to evolve rapidly (as we see when the little worms are exposed to it), but it also seems to make alien heads explode, aliens dissolve, humans turn into zombies, humans not turn into zombies but get filled with little worms that make big squiddy proto-facehuggers in women, etc.

          • Subject 706 says:

            Indeed, but if the crew have to be complete idiots to enable the plot, the plot is shit. Which it was. Compare it to the first Alien movie. None of the crew were remotely as idiotic in their behavior (or as clichéd), but hey, the plot was still enabled.

            And I agree with you about the little details, by themselves they wouldn’t ruin a movie, but there were so MANY of them in Prometheus. I rate it slightly better than the AVP-movies, only because of the beginning, where David goes about his business when the crew sleeps. The rest was painfully bad.

          • Vandelay says:

            @Hallgrim – I agree that most of the plot holes are intentional. There are supposedly a potential two more films to fill in the gap between the end of Prometheus and Alien, and it definitely felt as if it was leaving things open for these sequels. Either way, it isn’t a good thing.

            You are definitely right about the medpod thing; the audience is meant to go “hmm…” at that point, with it then being explained later by the reveal of the extra passenger onboard.

            On the director’s cut, I heard Scott say the complete opposite. Check out the interview with Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode that went out on BBC Five Live the Friday of release (the podcast is still available.) He doesn’t say there will be, but he says he will if he feels he needs to.

      • Ebon Hawk says:

        And here we go, Prometheus slapping session. Internet is full of people who know better than Ridley Scott himself what they movie is about and where it fails. How unusual right?

        In my opinion Prometheus is a very good movie (though not without its flaws). You have to watch it with an open mind (because mind is like a parachute, it only works when open). And most of all you have to accept the work for what it is and stop desperatly holding onto some silly idea that all directors and all movies should be made with your approval and specifically for you.

        Last but not least, if you fail to understand Prometheus… Google “Atra-Hasis”.

        • KenTWOu says:

          if the crew have to be complete idiots to enable the plot, the plot is shit.


        • Subject 706 says:

          No, you need to watch it with extreme cognitive dissonance applied. The main failing isn’t eventual plot holes or ‘not getting’ the movie. The main criticism I have seen (and agree with), is the extremely stupid and erratic behavior of the cast. It really sinks the movie. Add to that a really sloppy attention to details, and no shallow philosophical babble can save it.

          Did you really not find anything slightly strange about the crews behavior???

    • Jackablade says:

      I guess that means they get Michel Ancel to design the next one. I’ll start saving my pennies.

  2. rei says:

    It could just be something that works alongside weapon-specific ammo, so that instead of having to sell ammo for gun A and buying ammo for gun B with the proceeds, you’ll just sort of convert it into whatever type you desire. Or something. Something!

  3. Maldomel says:

    Universal ammo. When you mentioned that, I didn’t picture it would be called like that.

    • Hunchback says:

      Lol, me neither, that’s ridiculous!

    • Kdansky says:


      As for that: I dare you to name a single game where unified ammo was an improvement over multiple ammo types.

  4. woodsey says:

    Well, it didn’t look very scary, nor did it look like a very good shooter. So… err….

    • kirkbjerk says:

      But it does look like a great deal!

      “two games for the price of one!”

      Wow, now that I think of it; DA:O was a much better bargain than I had ever considered. Shame on me for considering any game with companions any less than a great deal.

      • Enso says:

        “Now there’s incentive to share Dead Space with a friend” is barely an attempt to mask a marketing phrase said to shareholders.

  5. Turin Turambar says:

    “Lost in Dead Space Planet it might be and I’ll probably find something to like in Isaac’s icy adventures, but universal ammo is a step too far”

    Look, I am the typical pc gamer that hates universal ammo, health regen, scripts and qtes, etc, etc but I have to say isn’t that different of the previous DS games. Because in them the ammo system was a “tricked” system, you would find ammo just exactly from the weapons you had in that moment, if you switched to other weapons in a store point, then forward you would find ammo for that new weapon. It wasn’t by chance, exactly.

    • Giaddon says:

      That’s a very good point.

      • Premium User Badge

        Adam Smith says:

        Yes, but it did mean that having several weapons meant you’d receive ammo for all three and might have to resort to one rather than the others.

        • subedii says:

          Indeed. You were generally recommended (or at least I recommended) carrying just three weapons, not the full four you were allowed. You were generally provided with more ammo for each weapon as a result, which helped out a lot, at the cost of being less versatile.

          Personally after the first playthrough, I used to keep the Contact Beam on me, not for general usage, but because the ammo was useful to sell when you felt you had enough.

          • Brun says:

            Was there even a need to carry more than two weapons? A primary (the one you put all of your power nodes into upgrading) and a secondary (as a backup in case you ran out of ammo). Once you got deep enough down the upgrade path for the Plasma Rifle it was just about the best weapon you could get for every situation.

          • Chaz says:

            The line gun was my favourite. Take both legs out at once and then both arms when they hit the deck. Also enjoyed the flamer too, because toasting mutants never loses its appeal. The ripper was pretty damn handy too.

          • TsunamiWombat says:

            I only ever used the basic cutter frankly, and that forcepush/shotgun thingy and maybe a flamethrower for the tiny crawlies.

          • chopsnsauce says:


            That was only the case in DS1. In DS2 you needed a range of weapons.

    • HellHitZ says:

      I don’t believe that was true for the second game.

      I remember realising that was the case in the first game, which led me to carry only 1 or 2 games the whole time.

      When I tried the same thing in DS2 and I was still getting ammo for guns I wasn’t carrying, which sucked because I only needed the Plasma Cutter and that mechanic made me use other guns…

      EDIT: typos.

      • Makaze says:

        It’s softer in 2. You still find ammo mostly for the guns you’re carrying but some of the ammo that’s built into the level instead of dropped by enemies is of a specific type. There’s also a small chance that enemies will drop a type you don’t have. That seems to happen most often right around the time you can first buy that weapon.

        Which reminds me, stupid DLC crap clogging up the store really annoyed me. Thanks, I don’t particularly want to cheat my way through the game by getting free weapons and armor…

        • HellHitZ says:

          Ah yes, that description matches my experience very well.

          Also, I completely agree with you. I despise DLC in general (not the idea of it, though), but “Buy cheat codes DLC” is way up there in the list of most ridiculous types of DLC

    • Snargelfargen says:

      I think the point of tailoring the ammo drops was to encourage experimenting and switching between different weapons, without punishing the player for using any particular loadout. I thought it was a nice compromise.

      Universal ammo might seem the same, but often leads to less switching between weapons, as a player finds a weapon they enjoy, and are loath to leave their comfort zone. There is a difference between good choices, and too many choices.

  6. nimzy says:

    Oh… oh god. Universal ammo? I’m starting to have some rather uncomfortable flashbacks to that one Deus Ex game that people pretend doesn’t exist. I think I’ll go lie down now.

    • LionsPhil says:

      Ah yes, the Deus Ex Christmas Special.

      Jolly old men. Ruling the world.

      • Phantoon says:

        And then, Wookies growling at each other in Wookie for twenty minutes.

        With no subtittles.

        • LionsPhil says:

          Either MJ12 has been releasing transgenics into the sewers, or they had an escape at one of their laboratories.

  7. Yosharian says:

    More awful mainstream garbage

    • Phantoon says:

      They just wanted the Call of Duty audience, dude!

    • db1331 says:

      I’m calling this one Dude Space from now on. It’s completely targeted at Dude Bros.

      • EPICTHEFAIL says:

        Dead Brospace, featuring:
        No gameplay!
        Generic pew-pew gun!
        No horror whatsoever!
        A PR guy who bears a disturbing resemblance to Jeff Corwin!
        A boss that totally isn`t a ripoff of Lost Planet, Gears of War, Resident Evil, and twenty other franchises!

  8. Calabi says:

    Maybe it fires mini universe’s?

    • grundus says:

      I shouldn’t imagine he’d be too happy about that, that guy is full of questions.

  9. HermitUK says:

    I only ever used the plasma cutter in DS1 and 2 anyway. Mostly this removes the need to go to a shop and sell all the other ammo.

    This game has basically gone Resident Evil 5 on us, though.

    • fezmonkey says:

      Resident Evil 5 had neither universal ammo or a cover system. Just sayin’.

      • TrueBlueGamer says:

        Are you really sure, because I can perfectly remember them introducing that lazy cover mechanic after that level with the spider boss at the end, oh and there was universal ammo in RE5, just not that obvious, normally you would find ammo yes but then again it was scripted ammo scattered throughout the level, more often then not ammo for a gun you were about to get, for the most part though enemies would always drop the ammo for the guns you were carrying at the time and they died, just like Makaze explained above.

      • HermitUK says:

        Was thinking more that any pretense of horror is lobbed out the window in favour of more combat. I’m also unclear as to whether your buddy just disappears in single player, or becomes some sort of horrible AI escort for the entire game (again, hello RE5).

        • Chizu says:

          What they’ve said is that Carver is only present when you are playing co-op.
          In singleplayer you run into him repeatedly, but he does not actually join you in gameplay.
          So kind of like Ellie and Stross in 2, where you just keep running into them, then seperating and so on.

          One of the vids shows a short section of singleplayer and then the same bit again in co-op.

          This is one thing I am glad they are doing.
          As i will most likely play this solo first time, and save co-op for once I have already been through the game once. I’d hate to have terrible AI forced on me for the duration of the game, not mentioning any names *cough*Sheva*cough*.

          Universal ammo though? naaaw. get rid of that shit.
          I like there to be a chance i might run out of ammo for the gun I am using and have an actual reason to swap to another.
          as it is, you will always have ammo for your mainstay weapon, or none at all.

  10. Eclipse says:

    I found the first Dead Space to be a very bad game, one of the examples how AAA titles suck this day.
    It was all “Hey Isaac, go from A to B to fix generator\activate manual control\open something we can’t do from remote”. So you had a clear path of projected light to follow from the beginning to the game end.
    Letting the player know where to do and precisely what to do is probably the most un-scary thing you can do in any game, and for a game that’s know to have removed and on screen HUD, boy it had a lot of tips that ruined immersion and signals to let you know what you had to do at every moment

    • Snargelfargen says:

      The first game did a good job of directing the player towards each goal, but saying there was a path of projected light is hyperbolic. Maybe linear shooters just aren’t for you?

      I know a lot of people went into Dead Space expecting something similiar to System Shock 2 which is a great, but very different kind of game.

      • Makaze says:

        Actually there was a literal projected path of light. You just had to hold down a key to do it. I will say however that I loved that feature. Dead Space was at it’s core a pretty linear corridor shooter and it was nice having something explicitly tell you that yes that little panel over there completely hidden by shadows and with virtually no other distinguishing feature is actually the next step in the game.

        Do I prefer somewhat less linear games? Sure, but if you’re going to give me a linear game then do it right, and that holographic objective indicator was doing it right.

        • Snargelfargen says:

          Haha, wow I must have missed that button! In any case I have to agree, Dead Space was a linear shooty game but done very well.

    • Yosharian says:

      There are plenty of games that are linear shooty games that are excellent. Often it’s not what you do, but how you do it. Anyway, Dead Space is a pretty polarizing title, I never really understood why as I thought it was an amazing game but there you go.

  11. lordfrikk says:

    “cover system”


    • Snargelfargen says:

      This cover system trend has got to end sometime.

      A friend called me out of the blue several days ago to complain about the cover system in Gears of War 2. He’s had an xbox for less than a year and he’s already tired of the mechanic.

      • Phantoon says:

        How did he manage to take that long to get bored of it? I mean, it was fine in Deus Ex: I’m not a Human Refrigerator, but action shooty games shouldn’t use it.

        • Snargelfargen says:

          Previously he had only encountered the cover mechanic in the Mass Effect Series and Deus Ex, both of which are arguably more interesting outside of the shooting parts. He had a mild epiphany when he started on Gears of War and realized how tedious the “hide and plink” strategy really is.

          I’m not sure if Deus Ex should be lumped in with the other cover shooters, as the cover actually serves a purpose for stealth and takedowns, instead of padding out the game’s length.

          • TrueBlueGamer says:

            Yeah, the cover system on Deus Ex Human Revolution was really good, I would go far as to say it’s the best cover mechanic in a game ever, just because how intuitive it is, with that said your friend should really play Vanquish on the consoles, it also uses a cover mechanic but it rather useless (although still very stylistic) due to the nature of the combat, you will understand if play it, I don’t want to ruin the surprise though. ;)

        • Runs With Foxes says:

          Cover systems are never ‘fine’.

  12. mcnostril says:

    Carver has a soul patch.
    He is officially the designated Douche.

  13. zeroskill says:

    So this is a big surpise how exactly considering the publisher?

    • Makaze says:

      Well Dead Space was part of EA’s since aborted push to develop new IP. It was hailed as a celebrated long shot and a break from their normal paradigm. Of course, now that it’s successful it’s time to run that sucker into the ground!

    • Phantoon says:

      It’s only surprising in how swiftly the transition came. Then again, EA is literally incapable of looking at perspectives other than “CALL OF DUTY SELLS, AND WE LIKE MONEY!”

  14. Incredulous Dylan says:

    What a disappointment. When so many people love the core gameplay of your series why would you turn it into something else entirely? What the heck is Isaac doing in an open space with daylight? That video just showed a bland third person shooter with generic snow and rocks strewn about. Dead Space 2 worked like magic at naturally herding you along the story with plenty of suspense and awesome art direction. Plus the 3D treatment was one of the best I’ve ever seen in a game. If you feel the need to show more intense conflict couldn’t you devise a situation that would place Isaac in a Dead Space sort of situation while working the larger conflict into the narrative? Maybe through some grand vistas showing fighting or what have you. This just looks nothing like what the franchise is about. People say that about game series and I always roll my eyes but come on now.

  15. captain567 says:


  16. Dowr says:

    I have no issues with expanding Dead Space’s action elements further. Dead Space has never been a survival horror franchise – yes, it has a horror theme, but in gameplay terms: it is just an extremely visceral shooter.

    But what I don’t like to hear is a cover system. That’ll just be at odds with DS’s combat style and Universal Ammo is just a cheap mechanic for the designers convenience.

  17. Turbobutts says:

    Might as well just rename it Dead Gears Of Space War 3.

  18. MordeaniisChaos says:

    Guys, Dead Space 2 was shown originally as being just as actiony, and they said pretty clearly there’s much more suspense in the full game at E3. Lets not be hasty and judge a game completely within weeks of it being shown for the first time.

  19. wodin says:

    WOW thats novel, glowing bits on aliens which shout shoot me here and I die, evolution wasn’t kind to many creatures in games these days.

  20. Jimbo says:

    Epic Dead Space for the winnnnn

  21. subedii says:

    Well I can safely say that these changes are definitely going to bring in that 5 million in sales that EA requires for the game to be a success.

    link to

    Yeah… it’s these kinds of nutty expectations that aren’t doing major publishers any favours. Or their franchises, typically.

  22. katinkabot says:

    I’m confused by the evolution of this franchise. The first game – though not as horrifying as something like Amensia – definitely stressed me out. Close quarters combat, dark hallways,screaming alien/humans/spikes, almost always low on ammo. Fun times. This now looks like one of those mediocre buddy cop comedies on TNT/TBS i.e. Rizzoli and Isles, Franklin and Bash etc. I will hold out hope that Clarke and Clark’s buddy shenigans make this into something like Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein. I could live with that.

  23. fezmonkey says:

    From what the developers are saying, the game will actually play out differently if you are playing alone versus co-op. It will actually have different cut scenes and such. They acknowledge that having co-op will make the game less scary, so for the co-op campaign they concentrated more on the troubled relationship between Isaac and John.

    Apparently in the single player game, you only run into John occasionally. Kind of like running into Ellie in DS2. He isn’t with you the whole time. So, the single-player game will be able to opt for a more scary experience. Which means my plan is to play through single-player first and then play through co-op.

    I know this doesn’t alleviate the “universal ammo” thing much, but it does provide hope!

    • Subject 706 says:

      Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.

    • TrueBlueGamer says:

      You know what would be nice, if the devs would implement a twist for the coop campaign, something along the lines of Splinter Cell Conviction where you ended up having to kill your partner, given the theme of the game and the things the marker does to people to convert them it isn’t that bad of an idea actually, in fact I would welcome it with open arms, sort of like a side ending to the story.

  24. Easy says:

    Uncharted Gears of Dead Space: The Sequel.

  25. Vagrant says:

    To be fair, the first Dead Space was only scary for about 5 minutes. Then you pick up the plasma cutter and things go from ‘scary’ to ‘feebly crawling on the floor with no legs.’ In fact, Dead Space 2 should be praised for them managing to make the series even remotely terrifying. DS2 might be the only game I’ve ever played where I’ve felt both empowered AND terrified.

    RELATED ASIDE: Anybody who thinks Fatal Frame was scary fails at first person shooters! I felt like less like a scared little girl and more like a photog badass in that game. Good controls made it more Ghostbusters and less 7th Guest.

    Anyways, they could announce DS3 is a real-time strategy game (I hate those, btw) and I’d still be sold. I love the series for it’s amazing visual and audio design, not for how scary other people claim it is. Also, for the weapons. How can anyone be scared when you have a gun that pins monsters to the wall, electrocutes them and makes them explode?

    • Brun says:

      The Dead Space franchise does have some of the best sound design ever.

    • ThinkAndGrowWitcher says:

      “How can anyone be scared when you have a gun that pins monsters to the wall, electrocutes them and makes them explode?”

      Sorry, but you’ve obviously not been playing some of these games in quite the right kind of way Vagrant…

      the fear factor (in anything) does *not* stem from ‘logic’ – in that way every horror/chiller film would never create scares because ‘how can anyone be scared of a film you know isn’t real and will end soon?’.

      The scares in Dead Space are down to the direction and (even more so) the audio elements, and *your choice* to feel part of it all. To that end, anyone *not* playing this type of game with headphones, a darkened room, difficulty on high, and a *desire* to be scared is going to lose out on the necessary pantfill factor.

  26. freduardo says:

    My mind is boggled. How many times in the same year can one company palette-swap the same cover shooter and sell each version for $60 plus DLC? How many times will people BUY the same palette-swapped cover shooter every year?

    Whatever they’re putting in the water, I want it in undiluted form. That is clearly the good stuff.

  27. PC-GAMER-4LIFE says:

    Way to ruin the franchise EA in search of your holy grail of 5m sales units minimum you are:

    1: Forcing yet another unwarranted MP mode wasting dev time/money/resource. Did they not research how few bothered with DS2 MP (as it as boring/poor).

    2: Forcing Co-Op play to unlock all the story/cutscenes how lame is that.

    DS3 is going in the wrong direction just for the sake of being different they could have easily squeezed another game into a space station & giant space ship(s) with the same polish as DS1+2 but no EA know better & have forced the developer to build some franchise candy into the title. How about Frostbite 2 that would have been better than MP for most players!!

    I predict a slight letdown what should have been amazing will just become Dead Space3 vs Lost Planet 3 (which is due way earlier than this BTW!!).

  28. catmorbid says:

    Looks like a boring on-the-rails shooter, which tries to capture some of the atmosphere from the Alien movies, but fails terribly. The first game felt pretty fresh and the second managed to be pretty interesting while improving some sections (zero-g), but also ended up being more boring than the first one. This looks like total waste of time and money, and somebody please make sure that guy on the gameplay trailer never gets to show his face in a trailer again, because he was pretty fucking annoying.

    Also, are they really going to call the universal ammo universal ammo, or is it a placeholder? Did they even try to challenge their imagination with some kind of remotely pseudo-scientific way of integrating the moron mechanic so it’d at least maintain some degree of verisimilitude, or does the team’s imagination department consist of lobotomized lab monkeys…

  29. povu says:

    Ah right, universal ammo. Because that worked so well in Invisible War.

  30. zehooo says:

    Cover system, universal ammo, lol, guess I won’t be buying this. I was already disliking the toning down of the horror for more action. Now I’m told it’s a COD clone in space, no thanks, don’t like COD. There’s enough games out there for 14 year olds already ;-( . Oh well, to be expected, it’s EA after all, sigh.

  31. Styles says:

    Universal ammo?! *ragesplosion* ….hooray for the continual dumbing down of games! EA truly is run by colossal morons.

  32. Hunchback says:

    Alarming. I hope they won’t ruin one of the best (probably THE best) survival horror games by turning into some alien TPS with “scary” moments.
    The first two games are simply brilliant, someone should start a petition and a kickstarter to protect the future!!1

  33. checkthisout says:

    So, that’s the only thing you find critic-worthy?
    Dead Space 1 was nothing else but a gorier System Shock for the Console Generation.
    This one is some generic Gears of War nonstop firing shooter – the only thing I’m missing are chest-high walls to make it even more generic.

  34. Dances to Podcasts says:

    Gratuitous dismemberment – Cliffski’s next game?

  35. Jupiah says:

    I don’t really like it either, but it seems like the new Universal Ammo is a necessary evil so they can have the new weapon crafting system that lets you mix and match different gun parts. You might have noticed that in that gameplay trailer Issac is wielding a weapon that combines the primary fire modes of both the plasma rifle and the force gun.

    They probably had beta testers complaining that it was too annoying to have to keep track of different ammo counts for both the primary and secondary fire modes of each of their guns, which is potentially 8 different ammo types assuming they still let you carry 4 guns at a time.

  36. Jupiah says:

    I really wish they’d make the dismemberment mechanics look more realistic. It’s not so bad for the alien looking necromorphs but watching every human enemy Isaac kills comically pop apart at the joints is just ridiculous, especially when he’s killing them with a machine gun.

    It’s even dumber when he blows a guy up with a grenade and the corpse is perfectly separated into a torso, head, 2 thighs, 2 shins, 2 upper arms and 2 forearms, each chunk cleanly cut into whole, identically sized parts with little blood.