Have A Randy Old Time At Rezzed

Here he is, trying not to think about jetlag

Excellent news, troops. Reinforcing the ranks of impending PC games show Rezzed – orchestrated of course by Eurogamer and this here website – is lord of the Borders Randy Pitchford. The Gearbox head and former magician whose surname isn’t but should be Pitchfork, veteran of Borderlands, Brothers in Arms, Half-Life: Opposing Force and Ukeday Ukemnay Oreverfay, will take to the stage in Brighton on Friday 6th July at 2pm for a live demo of Borderlands 2, followed by a bout of answering your questions. Randy’s company Gearbox will also be presenting Aliens: Colonial Marines at the show, incidentally, so I guess you could also shout “yeah man, but it’s a dry heat!” at him and he won’t be too confused.

More details on Rezzed, which runs over 6 and 7th July in Brighton UK (I live there! It’s great!) are here, as are ticket-booking stuffs. They’re priced £12 for one day or £20 for both. Also due to appear at the show are the likes of Far Cry 3, the Creative Assembly, Carmageddon Reincarnation, Prison Architect, Splash Damage and, ooh, more.


  1. Matt-R says:

    Hmm this is turning out to be a great event, now if only I could ship myself from the heart of the midlands. Middle of the country, never too far from anywhere they say, more like never convenient to go anywhere.

    Oh uhhh


    • AlexClockwork says:

      I am not even in the UK, and not many of those kind of events are held on Spain, so… >.<

  2. The Dark One says:

    They’ve talked up the non-shittiness of their PC port, but words won’t be enough after the insulting state of Borderlands 1.

    (and I liked Borderlands 1)

    • Mollusc Infestation says:

      Yeah, i’m really hoping that my cynically low expectations are misplaced. My purchase of Borderlands 2 is entirely dependent upon a decent wot someone thinks.

  3. AmateurScience says:

    Alas my best friend is getting married on the 7th at the other end of Britain. This is looking better and better though, hopefully you guys can turn this into an annual thing (maybe move it somewhere a little more central though!).

    • Chris D says:

      With you on the more central location. Though really, if they want to be sure of resetting their geography-karma, next year’s should be in Inverness.

  4. f1x says:

    game over man, game over

  5. MSJ says:

    Randy, how fast did you recover from being punched in the balls?

  6. Premium User Badge

    particlese says:

    Good thing I read the article: For a second there, I thought you were making a different titular pun since “Rez” was a regular (albiet console) game you could get with a vibrating peripheral. Wikipedia says it’s been made to work on PC, too, so I guess that’s even tenuously on-topic.

  7. Hoaxfish says:

    So, after a cold shower, does he have to change his name? Because it’s quite wet in the UK atm.

  8. Bhazor says:

    Randy as a fan of Brothers in Arms can I just say link to youtube.com

  9. dmoe says:

    Dude has dolphin teeth.

  10. AntiCitizenJuan says:

    Randy Pitchford is like the professional used car salesman of the gaming industry. He talks his products up, and they usually end up as shite.

    Remember Hell’s Highway? I never asked for this.