Natural Selection 2 Selected For Rezzed, Naturally

it'll be lighter at the show, hopefully

Another quick Rezzed update for you – joining the increasingly mighty throng of games’n’devs attending the PC games show in Brighton, UK next Month are Unknown Worlds and their long-awaited multiplayer alien-vs-men epic Natural Selection 2. Hugh Jeremy from Unknown Worlds is going to do a stage demo of the Half-Life mod-gone-pro and audience Q&A at 5pm on Friday 6th July.

“Natural Selection 2 is now only months from release. Rezzed is about to get up close and personal to some xenomorph evolution,” quoth he. He joins a line-up that includes Gearbox with Borderlands 2 and Aliens: Colonial Marines, Creative Assembly talking about plans for Total War, Introversion and Prison Architect, Project Zomboid, Stainless and Carmageddon, Ubisoft with Far Cry 3, Shootmania and Ghost Recon Online and a whole load more. You can find out some of that more here, and we’ll tell you the rest later.

Here’s some NS2 footage to remind you what it’s like, like:

Rezzed takes place at the Brighton Centre on Fri 6th and Sat 7th July. Tickets are still available, at £12 for one day or £20 for both. Most of RPS will be in attendance, most of the time. Dammit, does that mean I need to shave? What about wash?


  1. Daniel Klein says:

    You mean Far Cry 3, I think.

  2. Duckee says:

    Here is a more recent trailer. The one above is quite old.

  3. Kez says:

    This game is coming together nicely. I preordered….geeez, a LONG time ago and forgot about it.

  4. ExecutionersBong says:

    This my friends, is something to be excited about.

  5. Torgen says:

    I suppose that it’s too late to stow away in a cargo container in a freighter and still get to Brighton in time, isn’t it?

  6. WhiteZero says:

    I’m pretty iffy about how the game will be with a Summer release. I really wish they would wait just a bit and do a Halloween release (to mirror the original Mod’s release date, and give a bit extra polish time)

    • El_Emmental says:

      I don’t know, there could be many reasons for a Summer or not a Halloween release:

      a) Avoid the release of other games (AAA or indie) aimed at a similar audience at the same time.
      => People are more likely to spread their purchases each months/3-months, rather than purely relying on the games’ quality criteria and saving for potential awesome games simultaneous releases.

      b) Avoid running out of money, thus avoiding having to borrow from banks or not paying all devs their normal salaries. As simple as that.

      c) Have a bigger “beta testing” audience, to get NS2 really fixed for Halloween and for the inevitable Christmas offer/sale.