Take This Platformer For A: Spin Spin

Aw, they suit each other.

I’ve previously hypothesised that one day every novel platforming mechanic will have been thought of, and on that day we all have to pack up and go home. We’re not there yet, but even Spin Spin‘s creator Chris Hughes admits it’s borrowed its core idea from And Yet It Moves. Although never mind, frankly, as it’s done so nicely here in this bite-sized web-based episode. It’s your afternoon tea distraction.

Lasting around 15 minutes (add or subtract for your personal uselessness), you guide a little square-headed dude around a spiky maze in an effort to reach his girlfriend. You can move the guy left and right, and also rotate the screen in either direction – and that’s your lot. And the unique-ish spin on it here is that you can only rotate the room once per move. So there’s no flip-flopping back and forth – instead you’ve got to figure out how to safely move about knowing you can only turn once.

My only real issue with this, other than a couple of dodgy checkpoints, is that the controls felt back-to-front for me, meaning I kept spinning the room in the wrong direction. An option to switch over would have been nice. Otherwise, here’s a short burst of free fun.


  1. SketchyGalore says:

    I get nauseous playing games with room-spinning mechanics in under five minutes of play… Kind of unfortunate! This looks interesting.

    • DrScuttles says:

      Give it a go; John’s 15 minute estimation seems generous. I just beat it in about 5 minutes and I’m pretty useless.

    • Sinomatic says:

      It’s room-turning, but because you have to land before you can spin again there aren’t generally many areas where there’s much of an actual spinning effect. Might be worth you trying it out to see.

      I really quite enjoyed it, took me around 15 minutes I think, but I got stuck briefly a couple of times because I was overthinking things.

    • EmpiresBane says:

      You won’t have to worry about that in this one. You rotate, then worry about falling. You won’t rotate again until you are standing safe again, so there isn’t any mid-air gravity gymnastics to make it confusing like And Yet It Moves.

  2. MadTinkerer says:

    While this is not as polished as VVVVVV or AYIM, it’s a nice little tech demo / tribute. I’d like to see more if the author has any ideas on making a bigger, more varied version. Maybe with more VVVVVV like exploration and AYIM physics puzzles.

    • alpha0924 says:

      Not as polished as And Yet it Moves? Did you play that game? I don’t want to hate on it too much as it was a fun game and worth what I paid for it, but polished it was not.

  3. Text_Fish says:

    Good. Both the length and price suit this type of game perfectly.

  4. The Dark One says:

    I also liked that he didn’t need to save his girlfriend- he who had fallen down.

  5. Zanpa says:

    I liked it. Play it if you have a few minutes to spare.
    My only gripe with it is that I had to use A and D, while I am using an azerty keyboard (French layout). So I would have liked to be able to use Q and D instead. Only a minor problem, really.

    • AshEnke says:

      A little alt + shift with a secondary qwerty keyboard previously set up works every time.
      It’s even linked to the tab or application you’re using, so you can go to any other tab and type with your precious azerty layout without having to manually switch the keyboard again.

      • Zanpa says:

        Oh yeah, I forgot about this since, for some reason, it did not work on my previous computer. Thank you!

  6. RogerMellie says:

    Thanks for the heads up on this – enjoyed it. Nice and simple. Reminded me a lot of MMMMMM, which RPS highlighted a while back.

    Also couldn’t get the left/right spin thing figured at all. Many deaths. Checkpoints didn’t bother me though.

  7. EmpiresBane says:

    It was a good game. Very short. I probably beat it in a few minutes. For those of you having a hard time with figuring out which direction you’re going to turn, think of it this way, press in the direction you want to fall. So, when you press left, the room will rotate clockwise, resulting in you falling to left of where you were standing.