The Heroes & Generals Beta Wants You

The only game I’ve actually played today has an ‘@’ where you might expect to see a person, not even bothering to trot down to uncanny avenue, and yet I find myself posting a second video with actual human beings in it, running around and doing things, ambulating and acting. This trailer feels like a call to arms as Heroes & Generals looks to expand its beta community and although live action advertisements for digital playgrounds should rightly be pelted with vials of furious wasps this is an enjoyably silly example. There’s a part when some people pretend to be a tank and that’s always good to see. When I play (soon), it’ll be mostly for the bikes and…well, watch to the very end.

It really does make this headline reference all the more relevant. I reckon it’s an unofficial adaptation.

I’ve read lots of positive things and hopefully I’ll be writing some positive things of my very own in the coming weeks. Sign up for the beta here.


  1. Discopanda says:

    This is the game with the bicycles, right? Oh hell yes, Axis vs. Allies bicycle races please!

    • El_Spartin says:

      I’ve heard the Axis has fancy 12 gear bikes! We can’t let them get ahead in the race for the finest bicycle of our era! Therefore, I propose we create a 14 geared bicycle and when we catch up to them in our ultimate racing machine, show them that they can’t bring us down by bringing them down off their bike and landing them in a ditch with a number of broken bones!

  2. Greggh says:

    *Let me just get that giant rock out from that hole in the ground that I call home*

    How come I never even heard of this game before???

  3. Makaze says:

    Just tried and I have to say very meh…

    Capping bases happens so fast that half the time 1 person can cap something before you can even get there from spawn. The German rifle is just well… crap. Allied player comes at you, you shoot him first, then he shoots you twice and kills you before you can reload. Respawn, rinse, repeat until loss. Combine that with some pretty significant jumping warping when shooting at long ranges and it was not a fun experience. That’s compounded by bullet travel time and gravity drop, two things I’m normally a big fan of but with the lag, not so much. Yes, I’m sure there are some people who will jump all over me and scream about how awesome they are with it or about how some other German weapons more than makes up for it. But as a new player who only has access to that gun my first impression of the game sucked which pretty much turned me off from ever running it again.

    Love the concept but question the execution.

    • Reto.KenSolo says:

      We’re still in early beta and the network code hasn’t been optimized yet. Could I have you contact our support and give them your dxdiag + a short explanation of what you experience? This would greatly help debugging and improving the network code.

      Our support can be found here:
      link to

      We’re also working on a better first time experience right now (we actually had a kickoff meeting about this yesterday), so if you have any good suggestions, please tell us in our forum:
      link to

      Btw – where are you located? We currently have EU, US and Russian servers in the same war, so you might have joined a server far from you. You should look out for the “ping-bar” next to the missions in the mission list and choose a mission where the ping-bar is green or yellow and definitely avoid the red.

      PR Manager @ Reto-Moto

      • Makaze says:

        Located in NYC, and I usually get ~30-40ms ping to most games. I was fighting in Amsterdam and northern France. All of the ping bars appeared red to me other then a few of the odd village ones all in a row in the Mediterranean that looked like test maps and not part of the war itself. So sounds like I may have been on distant servers and that was causing the lag. I actually thought that was map population rather than ping since I assumed all the servers would be collocated. On a different comp now but will try to send a dxdiag when I get back on the gaming rig.

        As far as new player experience goes I’d say having a way for new players to fight each other rather than having to go up against tanks and machine guns right off the bat would go a long ways. Also I’ll say again that the German rifle was just plain terrible to start with. I can see how it could be decent at range and with some practice but it makes for a very poor noob weapon. Mentioned it in game and was told either that I suck or to use my pistol instead, that’d be great IF you started with a pistol.

        Love the video btw

        • Reto.KenSolo says:

          Thanks for the info! Could I get you to start a new thread on the forum about “new player experience” and write what you just did here? This way we can gather all opinions in one place and I think that your feedback would be a great starter for a discussion.

        • StoneMason says:

          Trying to balance a semi-automatic rifle with a bolt action rifle is futile, just look at the rail rifle silliness in Day of Defeat: Source. The asymmetry in WWII infantry firepower makes for an interesting gameplay mechanic. The Allies have strong individual weapons while Germans need to rely on teamwork and the crushing power of the squads machine gun.

          The closest that i’ve seen so far is the Darkest Hour mod for Red Orchestra, when an MG42 is covering a sector you damn well know it.

          • wengart says:

            It really doesn’t have to be that unbalancing. H&G just has unrealistic fire rates. It takes 5 seconds to fire a full Garand clip and nearly 10 for a K98. Whereas it would actually take 2 and 4-5 seconds respectively.

            This ROF cap handicaps the K98 in two ways. It reduces its ability to fire quickly in CC combat, and it prevents the garand user from expending his clip in 2 seconds. Which means that he will end up firing in a more controlled and accurate fashion than he might otherwise.

      • alilsneaky says:

        I really hope you can nail the gunplay and netcode parts of the game.
        What has always been make or break for FPS games for as long as I can remember (with a few odd exceptions) on PC has been solid netcode where the player feels like the feedback they get from the game is VERY consistent and how rewarding it is to shoot the guns and actually hit someone (recoil/spread/hit detection/netcode/animation all combined).

        CS 1.6 still has 40-60k players ALL day every day because the gunplay, feel and netcode are so solid.
        It doesn’t have rpg carrots, it doesn’t have fancy graphics or lots of bloom, it doesn’t have american men screaming ‘hoorah’ at you, it didn’t have a 20m advertising campaign yet it’s still one of the most played shooters in the world even after 12 years.
        Part of that is also because it still has a niche as one of the only games out there (the only game of its kind aka modern shooter) that actually has good gunplay and netcode and it is actually rewarding to get a kill (real rewarding, not GOLD star good boy here’s some exp rewarding).

        Aim for that kind of consistent feedback for the player and solid reliable lagless netcode or your game will just be lost in the slurry of the hundreds of other subpar shootbangs out there. (and deservedly so).

  4. piratmonkey says:

    That was way more entertaining than that should have been.

  5. wodin says:

    I played the closed beta through an IGN prime offer. It has potential but was still along way from fulfilling it.

  6. Grey Ganado says:

    It’s a live action trailer and still told me more about what playing the game is like than most other trailers.

  7. Hunchback says:

    ROFL Awesome trailer!

    Haven’t heard much about this project, it looks promising though. Hope the devs manage to make the shooting part good and deep enough.