Flying High: Ankama’s Fly’N

Ankama (Wakfu, Dofus) are making a lovely-looking leafy platform game called Fly’n, and you can see a lavish trailer (or as they quip, a “treeler”) for that below. It’s all looking a bit Botanicula, in that it’s about a tree’s residents protecting themselves from nefarious forces. This, however, is a multi-aspect platform game, with different characters playing different roles, and using various abilities to defeat the levels ahead of them. Ankama’s nine-man Fly’n team promise exploration and puzzles, as well as a “dreamy” experience. It looks like they might deliver.

The game is due in the autumn.

Look at that, eh? Lovely, lovely.


  1. Alexander Norris says:

    I have to say, I’m absolutely delighted to see Ankama branching off into non-MMO stuff. I think they’re one of the best chances France has at rebuilding its games industry and I really hope that a) it does well for them and b) they do more games in more genres.

    Also, if anyone knows what the track is in that trailer, please let me know. It is delicious post-rock.

    • Hoaxfish says:

      Pretty much agree.

      Dofus and Wakfu are nice ideas, but the follow-through is a mess (mostly because they’re trying to cash-in on a subscription model). They rapidly become quite grindy, and while the turn-based combat is better than the normal hot-bar drudgery it lacks the depth like height/terrain/etc you get in similar single-player games. Their combat arena spin-off makes it a lot better by giving you a whole team to play.

      Their art, comics, cartoons are all top-notch. Islands of Wakfu showed potential, if it occasionally fell through. Some of the minigames like boufbowl at least show they have some neat ideas.

      Probably the only other thing that really holds them back is their continued re-use of the Dofus setting (every single one of their games, roughly around 7+ games so far shares it).

      • Maldomel says:

        Arena is the best of the bunch for sure, being really about tactics and allowing one team on a single account.

    • felisc says:

      this looks charming but i really woudn’t say Ankama is “one of the best chance France has at rebuilding its game industry”.
      I’d be more enclined to give a “well done guys” medal to people like Amplitude.
      edit : to elaborate, i wouldnt place my hope and love in a big company that does licensing. they do bring some big money to north of france though, so that’s nice.

      • Tatourmi says:

        France is not doing too bad at the moment. Not a whole lot of games, sure, but they have some nice studios all around. Arkane studios are top notch, as are Swing swing submarine, some Ubi studios, Cyanide and so on and so forth. Yeah, sure, this is not the usa, but there is a lot of talent and, besides, it is one of the few countries nowadays that is really working towards a full scale legitimization of videogames as an art form with, recently, the opening of the Gaité Lyrique in Paris, a rather large and high profile number of museum events (Which included the Grand Palais and the museum of Arts et metiers) and a new, and extremely serious, class in the Sorbonne university dedicated to the study of videogames, whose one of the admitted goals is said legitimization (Of course other specialized schools and classes exist in france, but this one is dealing with the cultural side of things) . Really, as far as videogames are concerned, I wouldn’t be too worried about France.

  2. Anguy says:

    Oh my god, this looks absolutely amazing!
    In addition to looking a bit like Botanicula, I see some Rayman Origins in there as well :)

  3. Maldomel says:

    They have always been very good at creating good looking stuff like that. I just hope the game doesn’t need any patching when it’s out. (yes it’s not a mmo but still)

  4. LTK says:


    Seriously, WOW.

    I’m going to watch that again, be right back.

    …Okay, so what I see is a dose of Botanicula’s charm and atmosphere, a helping of Super Meat Boy’s platformer pacing and handling, and a dash of Rayman’s creature design. And then they throw in different characters with different abilities. The whole looks absolutely amazing.

    • Ultra Superior says:

      Dont forget Gish. Sticky mechanics look quite copy pasted.

      • LTK says:

        I’ll give you that, but can Gish bounce like a basketball? Launch like a rocket? Or make things spontaneously burst into bloom by the sheer radiance of its joy?

        (You can probably tell I’m a bit more charmed by this than by a boring ol’ ball of tar.)

  5. Hunchback says:

    So pretty :D

  6. Ringwraith says:

    Nice to see their usual art and game style branch out a bit. Certainly looks promising.

  7. MadTinkerer says:

    Looks like a contender for my GOTY.

    (Especially since Quantum Conundrum makes my laptop’s GPU hurt…)