Medal Of Honor Warfighter Is Impervious To Bullets

The game can also be called MOHW, which sounds like the noise a hungry cat would make.
I’ve always found it curious that Medal of Honor Warfighter‘s title is singular. Well, OK, first I found it curious that anyone would name a game “Warfighter,” but – based on the numbers these things do – there is an incredibly discerning customer out there somewhere who walks through GameStop treating his Homefronts and Duty Fields Of Honor like fine vintages, considering each with a seasoned palette and meticulously popped collar. Still though, why Warfighter? Why not Warfighters? Seven minutes of new footage, however, finally doused my most burning of questions. Put simply, they only need one.

That man is clearly some sort of bullet-proof bullet magnet. Right off the bat, he ate a sniper shot and merely fell down – as though briefly caught off guard by an overzealous puppy. After that, he showed blatant disregard for cover, because what else would you do if you just discovered your own immortality? I also like how enemy snipers simply stopped firing on him during the downtime between his call for an airstrike and the moment it actually launched. It’s like they were saying, “You know what, dude? You got us. Awesome job. We knew you could do it.” And then they saluted him as a rain of Warfighter’s (singular!) warheads reduced them to charred flecks of dust.

And then there was the little drone that could. Sure, it struck me as a bit of a “Hey, we’ve got them too” aimed in Call of Duty’s general direction, but the dreaded, treaded weapon of disproportionate destruction had a last stand moment that was sort of neat. So yes, lots of rah-rah-rah shooty shoot loudness with Frostbite 2 doing quite a number on bullet-shredded airborne bits. If that’s your thing, this looks to fit the bill decently enough. It’s out at the end of October, and will hopefully also explore the philosophical ramifications of being an immortal, ageless being who knows only bloodshed. But probably not.


  1. Toberoth says:

    Nice FMV.

    • Syra says:


      Seriously though, I have no difficulty believing this is gameplay at all.

      I remember seeing it at E3 and thinking ‘Oh ok so the guy just got sniped, but he’s up and good to go again. It’s gonna be one of THOSE games.’

      • byteCrunch says:


        Supposedly the demo at E3 was on a PC with a controller, I suspect this is the same.

      • Toberoth says:

        No no, I know it’s gameplay in the sense that someone is inputting commands, but in this case it’s like watching a film and saying it’s gameplay because you pressed the start button on the dvd remote. I don’t see a game here. Maybe an “experience”, but not a game.

        • Wreckdum says:

          Yeah I heard that. I have the feeling this game is going to be pulling the CoD move and having a FOLLOW dot over some guys head the whole game. o0o0o0o wow I get to stand in the foreground and watch a giant set piece get destroyed in the background?! SWEEEET! Haven’t seen that for the last 5 years running… This game is doing EXACTLY what CoD does every year but somehow because it’s EA/DICE I’m thinking it will be received differently… Unfortunate. It is BF3 re-released and they are going to cash in selling the same game for 60 bucks a pop.

          Don’t get me wrong. I love BF3. But I’m not paying another 60 dollars for some new character skins, rehashed multiplayer objectives, no vehicles and less destructible objects…

          EDIT: Not to mention this is exactly what they did with Battlefield Bad Company 2 and the first Medal of Honor reboot… They make a game that sells well. Then reuse the engine the next year on a Medal of Honor game that adds nothing. I hope this doesn’t become an annual thing. Invest that time and effort in Battlefield. I’d much rather have a Battlefield 2143 than this pile of crap.

          • Monkeh says:

            This will happen every year, EA has already confirmed that. At least the MoH and BF teams are separate, so it’s not like the creation of a MoH game in between BF releases will deteriorate the quality of BF games.

          • Lordcrazy says:

            At the very least they don’t use the same engine four years running like Activision, though Medal of honor has always been EA’s response to CoD. Some of the games have been enjoyable, but others, not so much. European Assault was probably the most recent one I liked. Which probably says something…

          • Spider Jerusalem says:

            yeah good thing the quality of the bf games are safe.


  2. nasenbluten says:

    I like shooters, but all that scripting and immortality is getting really old, it pisses me off.

    • haradaya says:

      Pisses me off while also making me nauseous that they’re wasting money developing this kind of shit we’ve seen over and over ever since 2007’s CoD4. All I want in a game is tools to have fun playing with, not scripted scene-for-scene bullshit. Let me make my own stories damn it.

      And regarding the bullet sponge syndrome, Yahtzee was on to something when he suggested a “luck meter” in FPS. As long as you got some “luck”, the enemy’s shots will either miss or graze you, but it goes down the more bullets pass you. Once it’s down you’ll be down in one or two shots. It’s like an action hero meter. In this case I’d be fine with it regenerating. Nothing makes me feel less like a badass than absorbing bullet after bullet, getting hit is failure.
      Plus I hate the screen jumping all over the place from hits.

      • danimalkingdom says:

        They used what was essentially a ‘luck meter’ in Syphon Filter on the PS1. If you did something stupid like wander about in front of sniper fire, it rose, and was basically a ‘percentage of likelihood that you’re going to die’. It was a great mechanic and I remember as a kid thinking that more games should use it, but none have.

        • Neurotic says:

          I remember Syphon Filter, I loved that game, as well as SF2. I was gone from the PSX by the time I’d heard about 3 though, which is one of my great gaming regrets. They were classy, well-made games.

      • jimjam says:

        The maps & scripting in the clip are unimaginative but it’s the twit that’s controlling the GODMODE avatar makes it unbearable as they try to ‘show’ you scenes in the most dumb ass of ways.

        On a positive Frostbite2 looks as good as ever. shame its wasted on this pulp.

        • xavdeman says:

          Man, that water in the beginning… Ever since I played Far Cry Instincts: Predator on the 360 in 2007 all game lakes look like more like puddles to me than actual bodies of water that are affected by wind and the characters. Example of that sweet, sweet water rendering: link to

    • max pain says:

      I find it amusing how he refuses to kill the enemy on the window, even if he is exposed the entire time and hitting them hard, just because his teammate is scripted to throw a grenade at him later.

      Also, I’m pretty sure you can’t kill the bazooka guy with a drone, as he’s scripted to destroy you.


      • xavdeman says:

        Meh indeed. Give me some of that Bad Company style free-roaming destruction instead of that Call of Duty 10: FOLLOW gameplay.

  3. felisc says:

    for some reason i thought “oh nice they pretend you have a squad and they instantly all get sniped at the beginning”, but no, same old same old.
    Looking forward to breach a door with a macho squadmate for the 3098403982098 time.
    also “for honor, for country”.. blaergh.

    • Mr. Mister says:

      Well… gotta think of the children who haven’t plated by these rulrrules yet. After all, and unlike first to thoird gens. of gamers, they haven’t found thrmdelve with sa msrket crntered on what they want ss they hrow up.

  4. IshtarGate says:


    • hamburger_cheesedoodle says:


    • 65 says:

      Am I the only one who finds WARFIGHTER even more ridiculous than WARFACE?

    • Afrododger says:


    • Jimbo says:


    • mouton says:

      I love RPS

    • Misnomer says:

      You all can be proud of yourselvesfor making fun of what you think is a silly word, but once again in your RPS elitism you fail to actually think or look for outside sources. No ignorance quite as fun as group ignorance right?

      Simply put, warfighter is a gender neutral term used by U.S. military forces to designate anyone involved in those war operations regardless of service (navy, marine, army, airforce).

      Perhaps it is still a silly word, but Danger Close is being authentic here and using the right word.

      I’ll let you get back to shouting like children now.

      • Brun says:

        Two things:

        1) Strangely appropriate name for such a post.

        2) The whole WARFACE thing is an RPS in-joke that’s usually tossed about whenever there’s mention of words involving “War” or “Face.” It’s not really meant to mock this particular title.

        • Misnomer says:

          So that is why they do the same thing to Men of War? or silly names for games like World of Tanks or World of Planes?

          No this is bias. Warface is a joke directed at that Crysis game, it was carried over here by the blind hatred of military shooters. Much like the Duty Field stuff in the post.

          • Brun says:

            The Warface joke isn’t really born from the hatred of shooters. It’s born from the fact that the name sounds funny. I’ve seen it applied to games that weren’t even milshoots.

            I can’t really speak from Men of War as I’m not that familiar with it, but World of Tanks is hardly a “formula-designed” game. There’s nothing inherently wrong with Military Shooters – but most of them are just rehashes of the same tired formula that the industry, in its infinite wisdom, has seen fit to shove down our throats for the past 5 years. The fact that it’s begun to pollute other genres makes it even worse. THAT is where the hate comes from.

          • Misnomer says:

            The WARFACE joke is nice and all as a criticism of games, but what I was trying to show you is that all you are doing here is insulting a term that many people serving in the wars carry with pride. If you meant to do that…free speech and all…but I think ignorance is the real culprit here.

            Dislike of scripted linear shooters doesn’t justify ignorant mockery. Especially since Danger Close told us some veterans enjoyed the message and presentation of the last game and more came forward to ask if they could help with this one.

          • Skabooga says:

            I wouldn’t say hate so much as gentle derision. I’m sure there are a number of RPS readers who enjoy these games, and there is nothing wrong with that. But the opportunity to make light of such serious, bombastic titles is too good to pass up.

            I remember reading somewhere long ago the opinion that a tyrannical movement such as Nazism could have never thrived in a place like England because of the people’s inherent tendency to mock anything taken in under the force of its own gravity; e.g., they would make jokes like Monty Python’s “Ministry of Funny Walks” sketch. The degree to which this is true is certainly subject to debate, but nevertheless, I believe the same spirit motivates our mockery of titles such as Warface and Warfighter.

          • Toberoth says:

            Bias? Get a grip. If you think this game in any way accurately represents the experience of actual combat or the emotions of actual soldiers then you have a screw loose. It’s a dumb, bombastic game, with a dumb, bombastic name, whether that name is taken very seriously in a different context or not.

            [Edit] In the interests of full disclosure I absolutely do not give a single fuck about the feelings of people who willingly volunteer to go shoot/bomb other people, or actively support those acts. Thought I’d better say that right now.

          • Misnomer says:

            Good for you, like I said. Free speech and all. But most people aren’t making a political statement about their feelings on war or soldiering here, they are commenting about a silly name for a game that they have been mistakenly led to believe by this blog was picked like “warface” as a “Grrr. Grit and war and stuff” sort of title instead of as an applicable military phrase.

            Much like when the blog went on about Honour instead of Honor. The Medal of Honor is an actual award title in the U.S., if you don’t respect it…fine…but stop being ignorant about it as more than just the name of a game. Criticize what you actually mean to criticize, don’t justify a bad criticism later with something tangential. Just admit you didn’t know and were wrong.

          • Brun says:

            I think the interpretation of “Medal of Honor” as the name of a well-known video game franchise (rather than the highest military honor awarded by the United States) is appropriate in the context of a video games website, of which RPS is one.

          • Toberoth says:

            OK, I freely admit that I didn’t know “warfighter” was used in that context, so thanks for the information. But I also don’t think it makes anyone here “wrong” to take the piss out of it as it’s being used in this context, because it’s a very silly name for a game. And I also think you’re choosing to get offended over nothing here. If you want to stand up for soldiers then maybe you should be more pissed at EA for depicting them in a dumb, gung-ho, slaughter-all-the-arabs sort of way, instead of being pissed off at RPS commenters for enjoying a bit of wordplay.

          • TariqOne says:

            You can take away my wordplay, but I will NEVER apologize for loving America, Misnomer.

            If that really IS your name ….

          • DXN says:

            Good for you, like I said. Free speech and all. But most people aren’t making a political statement about their feelings on war or sldiering here, they are commenting about a silly name for a game that they have been mistakenly led to beleive by this blog was picked like “warface” as a “Grrr. Grit and war and stuff” sort of title instead of as an applicable military phrase.

            But the thing is, the whole point of Danger Close choosing an “applicable military phrase” is exactly to imply “Grrr. Grit and war and stuff”. The recent Medal of Honor games in particular, but also the CoD-likes in general, are all about having a thick smeary veneer of cadged military terminology, ripping off “actual” army culture – or at least a filtered, polished, refined version of it – and generously dolloping it over a bombastic, cinematic, propagandistic hero fantasy. To me, it comes across as somehow both sycophantic and disrespectful to actual soldiers who have to face the real issues of war, the uncertainty and the fear and the frustration — not this “Reality(TM)” of muddy lens-filters and perfectly-scripted heroics that Danger Close et al. are hawking. Or chickenhawking, perhaps, hoho.

            And it is a fantasy – you just have to look at this trailer to see that. The fact that “Warfighter” is a ‘genuine’ term doesn’t change that, and mocking it is not the same as saying “Warfighters (i.e. actual military personnel) are dumb!”. Although, of course, plenty of us do have plenty of problems with real-life modern militarism (as do many soldiers), and if that shows through in our tone here, well, it’s kind of disingenuous to try and shut that down by waving a flag over the preciousness of this particular word.

          • Toberoth says:

            @DXN – Much better put than my attempts!

          • Misnomer says:

            I think you are still missing it a bit DXN. I was not trying to say the word is patroitic or wonderful or precious, just that it has meaning beyond gaming (subject to its own ridicule) that has never even recognized here.

            The posts above my first are not satire, brilliant or otherwise, they are one word plays in an ongoing joke started by RPS writers who don’t get the word.

            You can ridicule the game, the style, the attitudes toward war….but that does not make the people who post single word things on here like “wargasm” or “warface” comparisons understand that warfighter is an actual word with meaning outside the video game title. THE BLOG ARTICLE ITSELF has Nathan admitting he has no clue what it means.

            My point is that maybe you can look that up RPS rather than wallowing in ignorance and latching on to anything to ridicule. (Only to use your attitude toward military shooting games with linear single player stories (and would have whether this one existed or not) to justify that ignorance.)

            Combine that with mocking the damage the player takes despite the obvious way the demo was set up with invulnerability (rather than maybe mocking that they had to do such a thing for their demo)…. just makes this a poorly thought out / knee jerk article.

          • Brun says:

            Context is critical in understanding the meaning of terms. Every video game uses terms (in the title or otherwise) that can mean something else in a non-game context. However, given that this is a gaming blog, the assumed context for ALL terms is video games. So if someone says “Warfighter” in a comments thread on this website, the correct interpretation, by context, is that they are referring to an upcoming entry in the Medal of Honor video game franchise. That said, even real terms can seem silly, ridiculous, or pretentious when used as video game titles, which is why people are mocking the “Warfighter” subtitle. That, and it happens to start with the letters “W-A-R-F” which makes for an easy tie-in to the already well-established RPS in-joke.

            Also, the article poses the question as to why the term is singular, rather than plural. It doesn’t say anything about not knowing what the term means.

          • Misnomer says:

            “Well, OK, first I found it curious that anyone would name a game “Warfighter,”

            That was Nathan’s invitation to the comments above and I took it as another admission the RPS writers still haven’t looked up the term. It COULD mean he just finds it a weird word despite his knowledge of its DoD usages, but I have read the other articles about this game on this site and those were my context.

          • TariqOne says:

            While I think you’re being kind of a high-handed, patriotic jerk in the way you’re going about it, it’s pretty clear to me that Nathan was ignorant as to the origin of the term. I know I was.

          • nmute says:

            i was actually fully aware of the terms “warfighter” and “warfighting”, yet still found all these jokes hilarious and will probably continue to do so. i don’t really think it’s particularly relevant whether or not most did or didn’t know it was a real term; it is funny and kind of an absurd unintentional self-parody of the US military’s penchant for long-winded bullshit names and acronyms. real or not real, it’s still funny.

            and like the other fella said: i too don’t really give a shit about the feelings of those ostensibly depicted here who serve under the tag.

          • TariqOne says:

            @nmute: I will NEVER apologize for loving America and the troops. These colors don’t run.

          • stuffisthings says:

            But you guys! Warfighter! It’s a super valid and meaningful term. Thank goodness someone came up with it, because we’ve been lacking such a term since the dawn of human civilization/organized warfare.

            Now if only we had a good term for the expression one makes while conducting organized warfare…

      • stuffisthings says:

        A firefighter fights against fires. What does a warfighter fight against?

    • Greggh says:


  5. Totally heterosexual says:

    I hate when demo’s use godmode/super easy to show off the game. Could you not just play on normal difficulty and do a new take if something go’s wrong?

    • Demon Beaver says:

      You’re right, it just might be the demoing. Watching it, I was sure the game is just THAT easy… I wanted to put the video right next to one of the Normandy mission in the original MOHAA, for comparison.

      • Makariel says:

        I remember the previous Medal of Honor: Beards of War was on the easy side. I generally play games on normal difficulty, but the Tier 1 Beard-simulator I played on hard difficulty and it still felt easier than your regular Call of Duty: Modern Warface: Black Ops or Battlefield.

    • battles_atlas says:

      The difficulty chosen seems rather redundant when the intro scripting has you shrugging off a sniper’s bullet. It feels like a line has been crossed here. Clearly CoD and its clones have succeded in generating their own reality to such an extent that even the cutscenes can now disregard such basic logic as being shot having an effect.

  6. icarussc says:

    ” …will hopefully also explore the philosophical ramifications of being an immortal, ageless being who knows only bloodshed.” And for goodness’ sake, why not? I would think someone would have written a reflective and philosophically minded game on this long ago.

    • Nemrod says:

      hear, hear…

    • Jupiah says:

      “Holy shit Stump, you’re still alive!? But- but you were just sniped in the head! Three times!”

      “My God, Stump just headshot 4 guys in less then 2 seconds when we breached that door…”

      “Jesus, Stump just took a direct hit from an RPG and he only needed 10 seconds kneeling behind that chest-high wall to recover. Is he even human?”

      And thus for most of the game you constantly run ahead straight into enemy fire like a CoD bro while your squadmates realistically hide behind cover and use you as a distraction to flank the enemy, all the while regarding you with awe and fear.

  7. freetup says:

    Why do the flashlights go out when they die?

  8. blind_boy_grunt says:

    reading the the title i thought: nice one rps, poking fun at the redundancy and general lack of subtly of those kind of games by calling it WARFIGHTER. True story. COMBATWARRIOR FIGHTFIGHTER WARSOLDIER, see you(i) can’t even top WARFIGHTER.

  9. The Godzilla Hunter says:

    No, no, Nathan, you got it all wrong. The PC is not the WARFIGHTER, Mr. Beardy (seen at 0:31) is. You see, the twist at the end of the second act is that the WARFIGHTER does not just fight the wars…but that he creates them. The final act of the game centers around the conflict between the WARFIGHTER and the PC. He has the ability to create unskipable cut scenes, QTEs and other such things. You have the ability to quicksave and survive all cut scenes. It really is very intense.

  10. Shortwave says:

    Well I suppose we finally got COD with better graphics at least, bwaha!

  11. ZIGS says:

    Isn’t this the footage they showed at E3?

  12. Anthile says:

    I don’t get it. Why have both Battlefield and this?

    • kaoswielder says:

      Money – Pink Floyd

    • Brun says:

      The same reason that Activision have both Modern Warfare and Black Ops. It’s so that there can be a new Modern Milsim every year, alternating between franchises.

  13. Grargh says:

    As long as I cannot jump a horse from an exploding skyscraper to desperately cling to a helicopter, this is an inferior warfighting experience.

  14. Sinomatic says:

    This looked remarkably like he was playing in a Crysis nanosuit on Maximum armor.

    And what was that bullet time bit all about with the 4 people to kill? Is it a sort of ‘Quick Time Shooting Event’?

    Was rather pretty though (can I call it pretty? Is that weird?).

  15. Rumface says:

    This looks just as terrible as the first medal of honour reboot. I can’t actually believe this is what it has come to.

  16. Juiceman says:

    You guys are really, really simple aren’t you? They turn off damage when they demo games like this for E3. Dying and having to restart constantly is counter productive to what they’re trying to do. They are trying to show off the level design and different aspects of the game, not give you a full blow representation of your experience playing it. If you want to know how quickly you can die in MOH go play the reboot from 2010. I assure you, you won’t last long doing anything he did in this video.

    • roryok says:

      if they just turned off damage, why bother crafting an animation where he gets knocked into the water and slowly gets up again? Nope. It’s in the game. Just like that first level of Black Ops where you could complete it without firing a single shot. Not a demo, but a real game

      • Juiceman says:

        Because that particular sniper shot is scripted… Could it be any more obvious?

      • MrUnimport says:

        I just want to mention that people have been complaining for years about useless AI comrades in warfare bullet-slingers such as this and now that they finally have competent ones they complain that the player now doesn’t have to do all the work.

    • kaoswielder says:

      Which I think is as useless as an Engine tech demo or a non-gameplay Trailer or a live-action for a game. If you want to show a game, then show what it really is and yeah get a better person who can actually play without dying a million times. You can always show how beautiful your game “looks” or level design by recording from the editor/engine when absolutely no enemies are spawned.

      • Juiceman says:

        It’s not pointless at all. If it was, I doubt nearly every marketing department in the industry would be making similar videos. It shows off the level design, graphics, gameplay, and enemies you’ll encounter while also being seamless and not starting and stopping every two seconds. It accomplishes quite a lot.

        I love video games, but good god our community sucks. People cry about everything. Now you’re whining about how games are presented. At least bitch about something that’s actually part of the game, ffs.

        • kaoswielder says:

          Mind toning down the language mate ? A game is a game, if I wanted to see a movie, I’d go and see that. Also, half-assing gameplay+showing off level design is as bad as it can get. If community is a pain for you then stop coming here or you can do something to make it better by not buying into stupid marketing crap that guys at the likes of EA produce.

          • Juiceman says:

            Being put off by language on the internet, which by all accounts was pretty tame, that’s a good one. As for the rest of your post, typical gamer snobbery. Hate to break it to you, but those games you claim to be reminiscent of just watching a movie, people like them. Sorry, buddy, but you’re in the minority. And give me a break? They half assed the gameplay? All they did was turn off damage so the demo video wouldn’t take 20 minutes. Is it really that hard for you to fill in the blanks for what it’ll be like in the final product? If so, you have more problems than just being angry at EA.

    • mondomau says:

      So the scripted event where he shrugs off a sniper shot will in fact, result in instant and unavoidable death every time you start this level? Man, that’s hardcore.

    • jimjam says:

      We know! We saw the funnelled path way, we noticed the QTE, we recognised the sniper at the start is only ALLOWED to be killed by airstrike.
      The trouble is us seasoned players did not find it new or exciting.

      • roryok says:

        yeah that pathway was a little obvious wasn’t it? They might aswell have dropped some prefab corridors out of helicopters for you to walk through.

        The airstrike begs the question, why not just airstrike it all to feck to begin with? I’d like to see a game where all you do is position airstrikes and watch them come in and shred things. Cold and detached, but the better for it. Like that level in MW where you control the gunship.

    • Misnomer says:

      Logic and knowledge of the games industry at RPS in response to an FPS? Practically unheard of. Blind hate is all that is accepted here.

      • Brun says:

        It’s nothing short of what formula-designed milshoots deserve.

  17. abandonhope says:

    War video games, war video games never change.

  18. bit.bat says:

    FINALLY they have reintroduced the bit where you sit in a boat and go towards a beach that was so popular a few years ago. But they did forget to do the other bit where you look to the side of the boat only to see the boat next to you exploding which reinforces the horror and all that. Maybe there is another part in the game where you sit in boats that does that.

    • roryok says:

      Also nobody vomits before a battle anymore. I guess army food is better than it used to be

  19. roryok says:

    The opening scene is a little reminiscent of the Normandy landing bit from the orginal Medal of Honor. But in that part of that game, if you got hit even once you were pretty much a goner and had to start over. It was all about the horrors of war. I died maybe 20 times running up that beach, and I remember thinking for every time I died, in all likelihood somebody had actually died that way, at that part of the beach. It was horrific and eye opening, and I felt like games had crossed this line from silly to serious, from being stupid shooty action to being genuinely thought provoking and giving us a true insight into history.

    Fast forward to Dirk J Warfighter brushing off a bullet to the head from a sniper who is apparently made of mirrors

    • kaoswielder says:

      Ah. The original MoH and CoD 1 and 2. Where death was fast and plentiful :) Brings tears to my eyes.

      • roryok says:

        they were more grown up, weren’t they? I’m not just imagining it. I think it was before we got tired of all those Winston Churchill quotes everytime dogs bit you on the penis

        • kaoswielder says:

          Yeah I can’t imagine there was a time when I used to like CoD games (had fun playing them). I am all for flashy action, better graphics and the likes if they just remove QTEs (they are needed in God of War or DMC games and not here), make death more meaningful (scary) and make health-regen/blood-on-screen limited. Also, more focus on singleplayer and less scripted events would be a welcome sight. MoHAA had good MP aspect with singleplayer IIRC.

        • MrUnimport says:

          I went back and played COD 2 just recently, actually. It’s basically the exact same except with a lower budget. The main difference is the number of disposable friendly NPCs who will shoot a couple of Germans before being caught off guard and fatally shot themselves. IIRC the Modern Warfare saga still incorporates these, but only to the extent of one guy in your squad, the rest being all invincible and such. It’s a bit of a shame, really.

  20. ukpanik says:

    Sniper potato gun…obviously.

  21. BreadBitten says:

    “Authenticity” my ass…

    • Davee says:

      I take such claims as complete BS and marketing tricks unless it’s limited to something like weaponry/vehicles/locations or comes from someone with a reputation for creating a reasonably realistic (*cough* “authentic”) representation of combat situations or the experiences of soldiers (war is hell etc)… But as soon as they start to say it’s depicted in the story/combat/characters I get very cynical about it…

      I wouldn’t mind it so much if it came form someone like Bohemia Interactive (ArmA) or even TripWire (Red Orchestra). Their games are harsh and to the point.

      Series like CoD, Battlefield and MoH however… They are action games and fun entertainment for the masses and they’re good at it. As a result their depiction of war isn’t mature at all – it tends to be more of a patriotic-over-the-top-action-hero-with-a-troubled-past-that-mows-down-hordes-of-bad-guys-thing. Because it’s so much easier for everyone.

      If they’re in any way combat or story authentic, the enemy or their bullets are obviously not the real threat to todays soldiers – cutscenes are.

  22. Davee says:

    Wow, CoD is looking rather ‘meh’ on Frostbite 2! (Sorry.)

    But seriously; While the demo guy was obviously playing stupid in godmode soaking up all those bullets to show off a plethora of scripted sequences, I was more worried about how many times he got hit while forced through a reasonably safe passage with no other cover around (when under the pier just after the landing for example). This either means you’ll die a lot of frustrating deaths to such events or just end up soaking up bullets like they don’t matter (almost like the demo here). See the first line of this post to gauge my excitement/general thoughts.

  23. dazman76 says:

    I’m loving the visuals, which seem to be quite gorgeous. The content – not so much. Overly-familiar tedium sprang to mind, shortly followed by “In the window… IN THE WINDOW. Shoot the guy IN THE WINDOW, HE’S RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU! Please shoot the guy in the window?”.

    Damn these easy-mode, controller-based demos. And snipers firing potatoes. And slowmo-for-enemies-but-not-for-youuuuuuuu moments. And terrorists with AK-47s. And celery. And people who start sentences with And.

  24. TariqOne says:

    It was a silly word back when it was in Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter.

    Considering this involves a mere warfighter of the non-advanced type, I’m pretty zen.

    • Makariel says:

      GRAW ist the noice I make when I show my WARFACE.

    • Milky1985 says:

      Whats the point of playing a normal warfighter if there is already an advanced one out there, shurly the advanced one is better with more gadgets!

      • TariqOne says:

        Maybe advanced refers to the warfighter’s age, in which case the non-advanced warfighter would have the edge.

        Unless of course the elder warfighter leans more to “wily, experienced” than to “toothless, liver-spotted,” in which case I’d be inclined to call it a toss-up.

  25. Eukatheude says:

    Why did the sniper point a stadium sized spotlight on them before shooting?

  26. Conor says:

    That flash when being hit is even more unspeakably annoying than the usual jam on face.

  27. Hoaxfish says:

    probably the best thing about this trailer is that it only took about 10 milliseconds to display all the “we worked on this” self-advertisings.

  28. Wut The Melon says:

    Well, it’s not as if anyone expected this to be any good anyway. I mean, when was the last time we saw a remotely interesting FPS? Linear, extremely simple in its design, no story, characters or anything else that generally makes for an enjoyable gaming experience… Why does anyone want to play this?

    Edit: also, I’m glad they very clearly marked the door ‘Door’ in addition to having the AI tell you to go through that door and the linearity of the game forcing you towards it. I’m sure it’s very helpful for those that get easily confused.

    • Shooop says:

      Ramirez! There’s a door!

      Ramirez! We need to go through this door!

      Ramirez! You need to shoot the enemies on the other side of this door!

      Ramirez! …I’ll think of something later.

  29. magnus says:

    I felt sorry for the bot, it had more personality than anybody else had in that footage.

    • blind_boy_grunt says:

      me too!
      But i also imagined it to be a guy in a wheelchair. So grain of salt and all that.

  30. BenA says:


  31. Nokterian says:

    “Hey,this way!” “Come over here!” That times 30,hearing just in that gameplay footage makes my brain melt. Walk this linear path with me!

  32. Totally heterosexual says:

    Oh my. I just realized my first comment was all too serious.


    “War is hell. Unless your squad consists of muscular hunks who have not seen a woman for months. That way it might actually be kind nice”
    -sergeant Twinkle Bollock

    There. That should do it.

  33. MrUnimport says:

    Well, this is no surprise, considering Medal of Honor has always been the Call of Duty to Call of Duty’s Medal of Honor, and such. The player seems to be taking an impressive number of hits, so perhaps careful movement and cautious behaviour are the name of the game here?

    Shame about that slow-mo breaching moment though.

  34. DutchElvis says:

    Wow, after reading 3 pages of comments, I feel like I’m the only person still excited for Warfighter.

  35. BreadBitten says:

    [1:45] I like how the grenade flies in a different direction than thrown–THAT’S authenticity ladies and gents!

  36. MordeaniisChaos says:

    This may surprise you but getting sniped, falling down, and getting back up is a thing that happens in war. In places like the Middle East it isn’t unusual for enemy soldiers to use small enough caliber rounds from far enough away that body armor stops the bullet. There’s a pretty well known video of it happening, actually. Body armor folks, it actually works sometimes.