Metropolitan Future Blues: Hoodwink

Adventure games are so dead that occasionally one goes on sale before I’ve even noticed that it was in development. Hoodwink is available now, nestled on Origin’s electronic shelving units. Developed in Malaysia, it’s the first game from E-One Studio and is set in a dystopian city. Dystopian but wacky and light-hearted. A noirish shadow falls over the lead character’s misadventure, although it’s somewhat dappled by zany robots, cel-shaded graphics, anime influences and a hoodlum who suffers from a severe case of anthropomorphism. That’s all based on the trailer, which you can judge for yourself below.

The guy at 24 seconds in is the happiest cop on that or any other planet. He absolutely loves surrounding buildings, more than he loves his wife and two young daughters. Give him the option between going to the game with his pals or surrounding a building with his workmates and he’ll have a perimeter around that building before you can blink.

I was almost entirely dismissive on first watch but about halfway through on a second viewing I realised Hoodwink’s world reminded me of something that I like, although I couldn’t quite figure out what until I thought on it for a while afterwards. It was Anachronox. Perhaps I’m just looking for something generous to say, but there are tonal similarities and if Hoodwink does come together, I imagine it’ll be by having hits and misses rather than coherence.

That doesn’t mean I’m convinced to put in the hours and find out though. In fact, I’m more intrigued as to how the game ended up exclusively on Origin. Perhaps one day there will be a point and click adventure about a man who travels the world, seeking out indie developers without distribution agreements, sidling up to them in a smoke-filled bar, opening his briefcase, handing them papers to sign.

Hoodwink is available now. £9.99.


  1. Hoaxfish says:

    Getting a taste of Anachronox in that trailer, unfortunately overwhelmed by the strong Origin aftertaste.

    • Zerbin says:

      Ditto, dude. ‘——‘
      Or lady.
      Or nameless, faceless, gender neutral, culturally ambiguous internet person.

    • BillyIII says:

      Looks like it doesn’t use Origin at all.
      Origin have downloaded and launched a standalone installer, which looks like a generic software installer (Choose dir – Create shortcuts? – Install). The game itself requires a serial key, which is provided on the Origin game page. Also it runs fine with Origin being closed.

      • xavdeman says:

        Does it even show up in the Origin client on Windows? If no, why is it even an Origin exclusive? And why does EA not market Origin exclusives on the Origin front page?

    • Shadowcat says:

      Every now and then I see “Origin” and for a moment I still think it means Origin. Then I remember that Electronic Arts killed Origin, and then pissed on its grave when they used its name for their shitty shitty service.

      • Quarex says:

        And you, my friend, have identified why I will never play Hoodwinked.

        Remember, Electronic Arts thinks deeply discounted games are devaluing intellectual property, and that this is a bad thing–whereas actively and completely devaluing intellectual property on purpose (Origin Systems) is completely acceptable.

  2. povu says:

    Khajiit has no words for you.

  3. Kaira- says:

    Looking at the thumbnail(preview?) of the trailer (with the antromorphic feline with gun) I can’t help but think that adventure game based on Blacksad would be mighty nice.

    And well, the trailer leaves me bit torn. On one hand, I like the light noirish setting with comedy and whatnot, but it would seem the writing fails more often than not. “I meant to do that”, really now?

  4. xavdeman says:

    Color me intrigued, but Steam sales have pampered me, I am not buying this on Origin for that price with 0 reviews: link to
    Can someone do a quick review? What other games have the devs made?
    Their website is a barren informationless wasteland painted BORING.

  5. Zyrocz says:

    Can’t find it on Origin.
    Anyone else unable to find it?

  6. Acorino says:

    Waiting for reviews, but this could turn out to be a pretty good comedy adventure!

  7. Kits says:

    I wonder if his name’s intentionally a pun, or that’s just a happy coincidence

  8. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    Could be decent enough. Well, when it’s available outside of Origin.

    • PopeJamal says:

      Yes. EA can rot. I’m already pissed off that I had to “login” to play Dead Space 2 and Dragon Age. I’m not going to encourage that even more by using Origin. “Publisher Portals” like Origin, the coming soon “Battle Net for 3rd Parties” or whatever they call it, and whatever third-rate effort UBI squeezes out of it’s orifice are a blight upon humanity.

      Yes, I know, “but Steam too!”, but I see it this way:

      Steam has been out “forever”, and yet EA and Acti/Blizz have done ten times more to piss me off in the last six months than Valve has done in the last seven years. That says alot to me.

  9. Rothkildam says:

    link to

    “Hoodwink is exclusive on Origin for 3 months….”

    • bear912 says:

      “Hoodwink is exclusive on Origin will be bought by no one for 3 months….”

      • zeroskill says:

        Well I think I agree the people who use Origin mostly are not interested in adventure games.