The Repopulation Is About To Get Populated

Space Geoff had an appointment at the clinic.
Super-ambitious sandbox MMO The Repopulation has raised a bit of cash on Kickstarter, and that’s helping to propel them forward into their alpha test. The game is intent on doing things a little differently, allowing players to mess about crafting and building bases, and not just questing and all that usual MMO fare. Being set on an alien planet where human forces are struggling against both the locals and each other, it’s looking disturbingly like doomed sci-fi MMOs Earthrise and Tabula Rasa, but perhaps these chaps can get it right. They’re only a small team, and taking on something vast, so they could do with your help – assuming, that is, that an open-ended space MMO with both PvE and PvP possibilities actually grabs your interest. Sign up for the alpha test just here.

Trailer south of here.

You know, I can’t get the innuendo implicit in the title of this MMO out of my head. A game called “The Repopulation” can really only be about one thing. And thats, well, makin’ babies. Eh? Not seen any of that in the trailers so far.


  1. LTK says:

    Now I want an MMO that, in order for you to join, you need to be born to two other players.

  2. Everyone says:

    The idea is great, especially if you can set player built towns on fire. However the combat looks rather ropy indeed.

  3. Cyrius says:

    I am a backer of this, I am glad you finally featured it. I can’t wait to siege towns.

    I am also eagerly awaiting an alpha invite, or at least a quick transition to beta :)

  4. Sc0r says:

    Would be 10000times more awesome without the sci-fi theme.
    I’ll stay with Haven&Hearth/Salem/WurmOnline

    • Malawi Frontier Guard says:

      My condolences.

      This is the state of sandbox MMOs. All of them awful for different reasons.

      • Sc0r says:

        Yea, actually, the best one of them is haven&hearth imho, but it has been abandoned by the devs even before they began working on Salem. It has been a lag-fest for years now, its almost unplayable. Also, its a pest, that most sandbox-games are in java.
        I think the main reason that most of sandbox mmos suck is bad developer choices. Doubt many indie devs know how to elaborade game-design decisions.
        It feels more like one of them had an idea, the others were like “well ok, he’ll be frustrated if we don’t do it, so lets do this and he’ll be happy.”

  5. Jim9137 says:

    Walking, running, pointing at your feet. Ooh! Boxes.

  6. f1x says:

    The idea of an MMO based on construction/town making its something I would like to see done well,

    I mean when I was a child and my parents were not in the house I would build my own fort with the sofa and some chairs, and when MMOs appeared I always thought they would be great for recreating that,

    maybe someday

  7. skyturnedred says:

    I miss Tabula Rasa :(

  8. Discopanda says:

    Earthrise? I don’t even remember Earthrise…

    • EPICTHEFAIL says:

      I can`t be the only one who accidentally read it as Earthdawn and got an additional headscratcher.

  9. shadow9d9 says:

    The idea is great…but that kind of money isnt enough to develop a quality game…

  10. Lobosolitario says:

    As a former Star Wars: Galaxies player, there are a lot of little details striking a chord here – the item menu, the building style, the furniture…

    • Vernalagnia says:

      Yeah it really reminds me of SWG in a lot of ways. In a good way. Pre-CU SWG is really one of my favorite MMO memories, and this looks like it’s strongly in that vein of sandboxy-ness

      • Lobosolitario says:

        From a brief look at the website, it seems to be a bit of a hodge-podge. There’s definitely references to SWG in there (even overt mentions on the website), but I also note the odd bit of WoW here and there and some other stuff, all jumbled together – never managed to get Tabula Rasa to work, so no idea if any inspiration was taken from there.

    • TwwIX says:

      That was my first real MMO. Man, what an enjoyable, atmospheric and complex experience it was. I used to have a blast just by simply exploring the various and vast Planets with my Wookiee BH/CH. SOE sure done fucked it up. lol i still remember the mass exodus that followed after the NGE hit. What a bunch of fucking out of touch morons they are. They exhibited the same type of dismissive and arrogant behavior during the DCUO’s beta and its short lived retail status. No wonder it went free to play. The UI was fucking horrible and it still is from the looks of it.

      I am looking forward to playing Planetside 2 but i fear for its future. They’ll probably fuck it up with a pay to win business model.