The RPS Bargain Bucket: Know The Course

We’re basically halfway through the year, and the massive Steam Summer sale is looming overhead. Still, there’s some fantastic deals to be had on some great games right now, and if this selection isn’t enough, remember you can always direct your web browser toward the SavyGamer internet website to get clued up as to what are the best deals in gaming across all formats at any time. Here’s your weekly roundup of the best PC download deals around:

Mass Effect – £2.49/$4.99
A big fun time in space. In Mass Effect you’ll spend about a third of your time clicking on baddies to make them die, a third of your time clicking on dialogue options to decide whether you want to be a by-the-books intergalactic hero, or a loose cannon that gets results, and the rest of your time split between wanting to punch whoever at Bioware was responsible for the inventory design and Mako controls. Still possibly my favourite of the Mass Effect games, although it’s also quite slow to get started properly. Easily worth a shot at this price. RPS coverage here.

Condemned: Criminal Origins – £2/€2/$2
A nasty, brutal, game about shambling down corridors you don’t really want to shamble down, armed only with a set of competent first person melee combat controls and a bit of pipe you found. Condemned is full of tension and atmosphere, and guys that want to bash you to death with blunt objects. The actual detective stuff is on the lightweight side, but despite being around 7 years old it’s still a bit of a looker. How come no one has tried to make a similar game to this for a while?

Dragon Age Origins: Ultimate Edition & Dragon Age 2 (PC/Mac) – £6.36/€7.89/$9.99
These are from Amazon US, so you’ll need to have a US billing on your Amazon account to buy them. They’re also available individually discounted.
Both of Bioware’s big games about hitting a dragon with a sword. Here’s wot John thought of the Dragon Age 2’s opening, after thoroughly enjoying the first game:

It’s safe to say that for the first chunk of the game, a good eight hours or more, I’ve not enjoyed it at all. Which astonishes me, after Dragon Age: Origins gripped me from the opening moment and became an all-time favourite straight away. It has felt more like playing the beginnings of a tiresome MMO – just walking between quest markers because it will increase XP, barely interested in the story behind why.

Oh dear. More here.

Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines, Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty & The Void – Pay what you want.
Possibly a bit of a stretch of the term “indie”, indiegala have got a new bundle featuring two games that wikipedia tells me were published by “Eidos Interactive”, who sound a little bit like a major publisher to me, but I’ll let that slide because it’s still a pretty good bundle. You’ll get the aforementioned games for any price, but if you pay $6.24 or more, you also get Commandos 2: Men of Courage, Commandos 3: Destination Berlin, Ion Assault, Air Conflicts: Secret Wars & Cargo: The Quest for Gravity. I’m pretty sure these all register on Steam.

Deal of the week
The Club – £2/€2/$2
A brilliant shooter, from sadly defunct British wonder-studio, Bizarre Creations. Some bloke called Kieron said this in the RPS Verdict:

The game litters the courses with actual targets which keep your combo bonus up – in practice, on the standard difficulty levels, the real soldiers are as little threat as those things pasted to the walls. So, when you know the course, actually trying to maximise your score works really well. Trying to decide when you should shoot that guard – you end up farming them, realising that if you shoot them immediately, by the time you reach the next bad guy, you’ll have lost your combo… so you wait untli you’re nearer to take the shot.

You probably gave this a miss first time around. For £2? Totally worth a try.

Also of note:
Hitman: Codename 47, Hitman 2: Silent & Hitman: Blood Money – £5/€5/$6.25
Warhammer promo at Steam.
Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition – £6.24/€7.49/$9.99
Deus Ex: Human Revolution – £4.98/€7.48/$7.48
The Undergarden – £1.75
Yar’s Revenge – £2.99

You can find more games for cheap all the time over at


  1. trjp says:

    The Club is basically a driving game where you have a gun instead of a steering wheel and targets instead of apexes…

    If you play it as the developer’s intended (and Kieron talks about that) it’s actually quite good fun – getting really high scores requires exploration and puzzle solving skills (so that’s everyone who’s plays MoH or CoD out then).

    Problem is, more people see the first-person view and gun and think it’s a shooter – and it’s a bit rubbish as one of those.

    • shaydeeadi says:

      I seem to remember it being third person?

      • Baines says:

        Played the console version, and it was third person.

        Actually, we never even played the score attack/racing single-player. We just played the split-screen multi-player deathmatch (consoles had 4 player split-screen), which was quite fun in a non-Halo non-COD way.

        • Puckoidiot says:

          I played the console-box split screen once with a couple of friends and I remember I was surprised by how much fun I had. It wasn’t terribly good, it was just terribly fun.

    • Malibu Stacey says:

      Sounds great. However GFWL.

  2. Unfair says:

    As usual, quick reviews for anyone on the fence about the new indie bundle this week, Indie Gala 6:

    link to

    The Void
    Ion Assault
    Air Conflicts: Secret Wars
    Cargo: The Quest For Gravity
    Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines
    Commandos: Beyond The Call Of Duty
    Commandos 2: Men of Courage
    Commandos 3: Destination Berlin

    • Malibu Stacey says:

      Just to confirm since Lewie doesn’t appear to be 100% in the article itself. They do all register on Steam. I purchased it earlier in the week when I saw their announcement.

      Not played any of the others but the Commandos games are loads of fun (certainly the first & the expandalone at any rate). They’re a hybrid of strategy & puzzle games which work spectacularly well.

      The Void is meant to be alright too by all accounts.

      • Unfair says:

        Yeah if you play Commandos try the first one before you judge the series, don’t just jump to Commandos 3. Even though it has worse graphics the controls are way better. My two favorite games in the bundle are Air Conflicts and Ion Assault though.

      • Baines says:

        Not only do they all register on Steam, each game gets its own unlock code. That stands out to me when other bundles seem to only use two codes, one for all the “pay-what-you-want” games and a second for all the “beat this particular price” games.

        Though the only game I already owned was The Void, and it is one of the “pay-what-you-want” games, so there hasn’t been much point in finding someone to give the key to. Less trouble for people to just buy the deal at the minimum to get it.

        • trjp says:

          Whilst it’s nice they do this – I do think people asking for the ability to gift games from supercheap bundles is taking the piss a bit.

          “I want loads of games for little money and on the off chance I already have some of them I want to be able to trade them for other things” – it’s a bit mean spirited isn’t it?

          Also – at least wait until the bundle is over before you do it or you’re actively reducing sales to other people which is perverse…

    • Wut The Melon says:

      Will there be a review for the new IndieRoyale bundle as well? I’m pretty new as far as Indie games go, so I generally don’t know many of them… your reviews are very helpful in that respect!

      • Unfair says:

        Yeah I should have reviews for those out tonight – I generally review every legitimate indie bundle, unless it’s mobile apps.

        I’ll also be reviewing a bunch of games, and achievement videos for the Steam Summer Sale, whenever that happens

  3. Toberoth says:

    Wowee, that’s a whole lot of Warhammer :-) I’ve been waiting for this to be really cheap, so here we go!

    • Edawan says:

      About the Warhammers, I’ve played and enjoyed DoW 2, I own but haven’t played yet the Chaos expension. Should I get Retribution ? What about the 18 DLC available for it?

      • fart says:

        Chaos Rising is worth it for sure, Retribution only if you’ve got cash to spare. DLC is for online play only, never bothered with it, definitely not necessary.

    • Dave L. says:

      Space Marine + the Chaos Unleased and Dreadnought DLCs are well worth it at this weekend’s prices also. Dreadnought MP is actually pretty well populated, and pretty awesome.

  4. Fullforce says:

    Can’t agree more regarding Condemned. Absolutely fantastic game, old but gold. Full of tension and terror. The sequel’s pretty brilliant too but inexplicably only available on 360/PS3. Would LOVE a third game.

    • SkittleDiddler says:

      Condemned is amazing, but I’m shocked at how poorly its engine runs on modern systems. A game that old should be playable with maxed-out settings, yet it struggles on certain setups.

      I’m going to pick it up anyway. Maybe this time I’ll get lucky and be able to experience it at more than 15 FPS.

    • trjp says:

      I enjoyed Condemned for a whilst but I thought it was a missed opportunity for the most part.

      The ‘investigation’ aspect of it is a thin layer on top of an FPS bludgeonathon – they give you some forensic stuff purely so they can make it sound like CSI when it’s really just a ‘smash things to death in corridors’ game, for the most part.

      It’s quite an enjoyable ‘smash things to death in corridors; game mind – but it’s not Manhunt…

    • Quarex says:

      Indeed. I bought Condemned right around the time Condemned 2 came out, and there were plenty of suggestions that it was going to see a PC release, but obviously that has not gone so well. I think there is little chance of it at this point, unless someone decides to reboot the franchise.

    • Kaira- says:

      Yeah, Condemned is one of the best new-ish horror games made.

      Though that may also result from the fact that when someone mentions “new horror games” I think of Amnesia, Condemned, Dead Space and Resident Evil 4 and forth. But Condemned is still so, so, great. I played it on console toys and it was immense. You’re doing yourself a disservice if you like horror games and don’t get it.

  5. Yosharian says:

    Does anyone know if the Condemned game can be activated on Steam using that £2 deal?

    • Jason Moyer says:

      Has Condemned ever been released on Steam?

    • Khalan says:

      It uses GetGames own downloader and activation app, can’t activate on Steam.

  6. Inverselaw says:


    Is also for sale, incidentally. Its not the greatest game ever made but its certainly worth a play-through.

    • caddyB says:


    • Dilapinated says:

      I have to disagree here; I played Spess Mareen and found it the most bland, boring experience I’ve had in a while. And that’s as someone who enjoys (parts of) the WH40k fluff/universe. Dull combat, dull characters, dull plot, dull all round.

      YMMV obviously. But it’s one of the worst games I’ve played in a while.

      • wodin says:

        Oh why hasn’t there been a decent WH40K game that actually plays like the tabletop game..until then I’m not interested, best game thats been made with that license was Chaos Gate, oh why oh why doesn’t someone do a kickstarter chaos gate like game…probably because GW will jump from a great height yelling odd space marine like phrases with regards to heresy or some such.

        • SkittleDiddler says:

          I still pop my old Chaos Gate CD into my PC drive every once in a while to see if I can get it to run. It never works. As far as I’m concerned, Chaos Gate is still the only W40K video game to successfully capture the feeling of the original.

          On a side note: Advanced Heroquest. When is someone going to make a worthy digital version? I’m going to keep mentioning it in any Games Workshop-related RPS post until someone gets the hint.

        • Dilapinated says:

          Or a KOTR/Mass Effect style game based around the Inquisition. Being a newbie Inquisitor, picking your retinue from those you meet on your travels, choosing how fanatical/moderate to be, how violent blood’n’purging, or soft-stepping, how much you’ll tolerate/utilize the Warp and it’s denizens in the pursuit of your goals, and the conflicts these decisions bring with them both inside and outside the Imperium/Inquisition.

          There’s such good 40k potential out there, it saddens me that most of what gets realised turns out to be gung-ho space nazis vs evil aliens.

          • iucounu says:

            I have been thinking for a while that a kind of XCOM/roguelike twist on ME using something like the Inquisitor RPG rules would be a fine thing. A lot of procedurally-generated star systems and environments to do turn-based combat in. I was interested to see the XCOM reboot doing the move+action thing that Inquisitor and other WH40K RPG rules did.

  7. TechnicalBen says:

    Can anyone recommend or give me warnings about gamersgate and GameStop? Just to save me spending too long searching their T&Cs.

    For example, do they allow additional downloads etc? Basically, I only buy Steam/Indy right now, as they allow unlimited redownloads. If I’m being limited, I’ll stick to physical distribution to save on the stress. :P

    • Vinraith says:

      Gamersgate’s the best digital distributor out there that isn’t named “GOG.” Lightweight downloader instead of an intrusive client, excellent and responsive customer service, a huge catalog, good sales, and store credit back with every purchase. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

      Gamestop is Gamestop. If you’re from the US, you know them as “those bastards that own every remaining brick and mortar game store,” if not replace the name with your local equivalent and you’ll get the idea.

      • Unfair says:

        Those “lightweight” installers get super annoying if you buy a big bundle like a publisher catalog. link to
        (The 1C bundle was *85* individual installers…)

        I’m also not a big fan of how they try to DRM all the installer files – encrypting them if you close the install, rather than letting you freely back them up. (Yes, I know it’s possible to get around it, but the point is that I shouldn’t need to do that)

      • trjp says:

        The only markon GamersGate’s record is that they continue to be involved with the hilarious con which is Indie Fort.

        That aside, they’re nice people who respond to emails fast and if you’re the sort of person who finds the astonishing convenience of Steam threatening – they’re your goto guys for sure.

        • d32 says:

          What’s wrong with Indie fort? It’s certainly not the greatest bundle, but I don’t see anything shady or bad about that.
          There’s one running right now and it has several semi-interesting games: 3079, Intrusion 2, Aztaka.

          As for GamersGate themselves – I don’t think I can say anything bad about them (I own about 50 games there). Prices are good, service is OK (some don’t like their separate installers), support is OK (2-3 days to get a response).

          • trjp says:

            The way the first bundle was handled amounted to a slap in the face to people who bought it – they promised bonuses and when sales reached that level they simply offered nothing and ignored people’s questions for over a week before digging out some long-dead game and offering it almost like they were doing people a favour.

            On that basis, I’d not deal with them again – I’d certainly not bother with any bundle they offer – they’ve shown themselves to be fundamentally dishonest in that respect.

    • malkav11 says:

      If given a choice between the two I would go Gamersgate. You get store credit back and there’s no client required. GameStop used to be Impulse but it was bought by the aforementioned terrible monopolistic game retailer. Honestly I haven’t noticed any real change to their policies or the usual inadequacy of their sales, but they do make you use a client and don’t give you cash back (also I think they charge sales tax), so they are inferior by that alone.

    • jalf says:

      Apart from all the praise they already got, it might be worth actually answering your question as well: yes, they allow unlimited downloads. (And I’m not aware of any other fishy limitations either)

  8. pakoito says:

    That SF comes with a Steam code?

  9. abandonhope says:

    Also, Amazon kicks off a pretty respectable sale tomorrow: link to (thanks CaspianRoach)

    • Blob-World-Eye-Weary says:

      Here the official link link to
      Note* all of these games are digital download.
      Great deals in here, Spec Ops: The Line 25USD, Battlefield 3 36USD , Max payne 30USD, and tons more that I don’t feel like listing :P

  10. ThTa says:

    Also worth noting, all of Bohemia Interactive’s games are 25% off on their own site, that includes ARMA II: CO.
    link to

    • Mac says:

      Is Arma 2 worth getting? I remember the reviews being a bit meh

      • ThTa says:

        I think most of the recent attention’s been for DayZ, and rightfully so. Though the game itself is fairly interesting, as well. (Interesting, not necessarily fun.)

      • Valhuen says:

        ArmA 2 is an incredible game if you like realistic modern military military sims (read: not CoD clone shooters). I know it has gotten a huge surge of interest due to Day Z, but I have been playing it since release and it beats any other current sim on the market IMHO. Like the Battlefield series, you can operate both vehicles and aircraft, but the mechanics are far more realistic. Nothing like stumbling into a major tank battle while attempting to maneuver your T-72 through the narrow Eastern European village roads with infantry swarming all around.

        It is a must own if you enjoy these types of games. The learning curve is not as difficult as one may initially think, though you will take some time mapping aircraft controls specific to the setup you are using. Combined Operations includes quite a bit of gear and options, but would also highly recommend the British Forces & Private Military Contractor packs that add several interesting scenarios along with the appropriate vehicles and kit.

      • jRides says:

        I picked up the forthcoming Czech Army DLC for £5.99 thanks to this 25% off.

        As for being worth it, I would say it is, definitely. Like many I bought Arma 2 for the Day Z mod. I actually ended up getting Arma X from Amazon as it comes with all the DLC as well as the previous iteration and xpac, it was the same price as Arma 2 + CO and it was never being reduced anywhere.

        The game itself is just outstanding and I can’t recommend it enough. Since I bought it, I’ve played Day Z once, the rest of the time enjoying the vanilla game, both single player and multiplayer with the RPS community (and Folk on Sundays), fellows who don’t take things way too seriously, but just enough so that its a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

      • wengart says:

        Arma 2 can be a lot of fun, especially when played CO-op. If you do get It I recommend you stop by the Arma RPS sub-forum and checkout our 3 different events. Folk (Sundays) and Tactical Tuesday (Tuesdays) are both Europe based while Americas’ Night is 8PM EST on Thursdays.

  11. YourMessageHere says:

    Personally I view the Mako as a parody of vehicles chucked into games that aren’t about vehicles. It’s not exactly a problem, it’s just weird. It’s also lots of surreal fun repeatedly tapping the jumpjet key as you sail off the top of a mountain, letting this angular, three-axle pseudotank glide gracefully back to the ground. But the inventory people do badly need to be fired, there’s just no excuse.

    EDIT: another thing: while most people will by now already have Deus Ex Human Revolution if they have any interest, I just checked and the previously-exorbitantly expensive Missing Link DLC, which I was avoiding on account of not being made of money, is only £2.50. I can stretch to that much more happily than £7.99.

  12. Morte66 says:

    The Mako was the thing I disliked least about ME1. It went when you told it to go, it stopped when you told it stop, and it shot what you told it to shoot at. Which is more than I can say for the artificially “intelligent” sidekicks.

    • abandonhope says:

      I loved the Mako. For me, it contributed heavily to the tone, helping to convince me that I actually was jet-setting around an alien galaxy. It also felt like a nice update and nod to Lunar Lander.

      • DHP says:

        I hated the mako first time i played. Then I played the PC version, which is much better than the 360 version. Now I miss the mako :'(

      • Yosharian says:

        If you, me and Morte all know the truth about the Mako, that it kicks all kinds of ass, then why does half the internet and Bioware seem to think it’s pants?

        • x1501 says:

          I think the main reason is that the whole planetary exploration system was very underdeveloped in the first game. They should have improved upon it, especially the physics, instead of completely cutting this aspect of the game out in the sequel. For me, even with its flaws, that still was one of the best ideas behind Mass Effect 1.

          • Sassenach says:

            I liked the Mako (a hovering tank, whee!), but the levels for it did seem to fall into two sets: drive along this set route or drive to one of 4 generic objectives in an open level. Consequently it did seem a bit too flimsily tacked on.

        • malkav11 says:

          Because the controls are extremely finicky and squirrely, to the point where I failed a time sensitive Mako driving segment late in the game repeatedly because it would lurch off at a completely different angle under the smallest provocation.

          • Jason Moyer says:

            Were you using a gamepad or something? With the mouse and WASD the Mako was a wonderful drive.

        • Phantoon says:

          Because Bioware fans possess poor reasoning skills, otherwise they wouldn’t be Bioware fans still?

  13. Dilapinated says:

    What’s the DRM/bloatware that comes with Mass Effect? What gauntlets will I need to sign up for, verify with servers, and whathaveyou?

    • Jon says:

      I don’t know about the DRM because “Item not available in region.” :( Why price it in pounds but then not let me buy it? :( :( :(

    • jalf says:

      I don’t think there is anything. Impulse is/was pretty good about letting you start your games directly, without having to have the Impulse client active in the background (unlike Steam). So the DRM would just be whatever ME1 itself has, and I don’t think there was anything particularly horrendous there either.

      • Vandelay says:

        How easily we forget!

        Mass Effect caused a stink prior to release, following the announcement that it would be using a version of SecuROM that had to call home every 10 days. This was soon retracted. Instead, they stuck with a one time activation, which could only be done three times before you had to ring up EA support to get your activations back, with no way to revoke a activation once it was made.

        Having a glance around, it looks like the limit has since been increased 10 and a revoke tool has been released. The Steam version has SecruROM removed though.

      • jmtd says:

        If you stumble over to the link, it says very prominently right at the top “Protection: SecureROM”. One may speculate no longer!

  14. Cytrom says:

    The same site that sells condemned also has Cryostasis on sale for 2.49E (among a bunch of other games). I always wanted to try that game because the atmosphere and the unique gameplay mechanics and setting seemed interesting, but the rumors about technical issues kinda put me off and just forgot about it. I’d rather get it on steam though…

  15. SkittleDiddler says:

    Note to Lewie:

    Both Condemned: Criminal Origins and The Club are showing up for us Ugly Americans as $2.99 each, not $2 as you originally listed them.

  16. manuelcalavera says:

    Can anyone tell me how to fool Amazon into thinking I’m from the US?

    • Woodwork says:

      Use a card and email that Amazon UK doesn’t know about. Pick a genuine address in USA with a reasonable telephone number for that city and off you go.
      They don’t seem to care about a UK IP address.

      • Malleus says:

        I have an Amazon UK account, and all I had to do was log in to with the same account, add another address in my address book (a US one this time) and select that during checkout. Nothing else had to be changed…

  17. Falsen says:

    The IndieFort Bundle is still active.

    link to

  18. Shooop says:


    Nevermind, you already have at the end of your list. Nothing to see here.

    • Vandelay says:

      There are actually 4 Hitman games. This pack is missing the third game, Contracts.

      • Shooop says:

        And even better, RPS did in fact mention that already. They’re getting ahead of me, or I’m falling behind.

  19. boldoran says:

    Does anyone else have trouble paying for the IndieGala bundle? It says that an email with the keys will be sent to my emailaccount but I never did get a redirect to PayPal.

  20. destroy.all.monsters says:

    Not sure why the DotEmu sale isn’t being mentioned. If you haven’t gotten Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines yet buy it now for only $6! They have the best customer service of all the download sites and are completely DRM-free. Each day is having different sales.

    I have no idea why they don’t get any love here.

    Edited because I got the price wrong.

    • Jay says:

      DotEmu seem stuck in a weird situation where GOG get pretty much all the love and support at their expense. They seem like a decent service and I’ve never had any problems with them, but if I didn’t get the occasional regular newsletter I’d forget they even existed, so rarely are they ever mentioned anywhere.

      The same happens with BeamDog for me, but that’s understandable to some degree as you’ve got Steam, Gamersgate and so on competing in their corner. DotEmu’s an especially weird case as they’re more or less ‘the other guy’ in a field of two.

      • destroy.all.monsters says:

        Beamdog is also a developer of sorts. It is a crowded field – except for DRM-free (Gamersgate tries to be as DRM-free as possible but since they’re much more mainstream – read as carry new and current games – they can’t really be that specialized).

        They aren’t as good at promotion as GOG, absolutely true. However every game you see that they both share is one that DotEmu fixed up to be resold at GOG.

  21. bill says:

    That indie bundle is just weird all around.
    Can it be called “indie” or a “bundle” when it’s basically an ancient big-budget game, an expansion pack and on indie game?

    the fact you have to pay more to make it really indie or a bundle is very odd.

    Commandos was a great game when i played it back about 15 years ago! But i’ve seen it in bargain bins for over a decade now…

  22. RegisteredUser says:

    Has anyone told people yet that that Dragon Age Amazon deal is for Origin, not Steam?

  23. jmtd says:

    Perhaps I missed an earlier announcement but this seems to skip over the Indie royale summer bundle, link to, which looks pretty interesting IMHO.

  24. Games says:


    amazing posting. keep in posting.

  25. alundra says:

    Heads up for those using Amazon with fake addresses

    link to

    It seems to be a security measure, and not permanent if you can validate your account, at any rate, be careful, don’t go around losing all your music files and e-books.

    Oh and actively get in contact with your bank, Steam is known to close accounts fast in cases of CC fraud.