Finally Flowing: Left 4 Dead’s Cold Stream

Is it possible to hate streams? I can't imagine anyone being offended by one.

Left 4 Dead 2’s Cold Stream DLC has been through more tests than a guinea pig that just survived a nuclear blast. As well as the new map, the DLC contains Blood Harvest, Crash Course, Dead Air and Death Toll from the first game, but that’s not new news. The fresh meat on this data morsel is the availability of all mutations at all times and Valve promise “other surprises and details” soon. July 24th is the release date. That’s the release date for the DLC, by the way, not the guinea pig. The guinea pig is too uncanny to release into the wild so top scientists have sealed it in a lead box which is currently being dropped into a furnace.


  1. Galcius says:


    Poor Mr Guinea Pig ;_;

    • McDan says:

      He’ll be fine (I’m going to say his nane is squeakers), if the nuclear blast did nothing more that lightly ruffle his hair, though he was probably wearing sunglasses as well, I’m sure squeakers can easily get out of this conundrum. He’ll be back.

      I just hope Adam informs us of his further adventures.

    • Synesthesia says:

      dammit demon beaver, beat me to it.

  2. battles_atlas says:

    When I played this as a beta about a year (or two?) ago the map was basically done. Valve Time continues to astonish. They should have hired a physicist to go with the economist. By this ecample HL3 can be expected shortly before the sun goes out.

  3. EPICTHEFAIL says:

    I haven`t played this campaign since they introduced the mile-long running crescendo event. Seriously Valve, we`ve had enough of this in Dark Carnival. Please lay off the dumb mechanic, having 3 full health bots die on normal and the player limping into the safehouse on 10 hp while black and white isn`t very good.

    • RobF says:

      Yeah, there was a hefty reliance on throwing massive mobs at you at the end of maps. They’re still there but the first stage is now not so bad, the second is still frustratingly awful and the final run to the end has been tweaked enough to be not so bad if you can evade or get rid of the first tank prior. They’re still not the greatest maps L4D has ever seen but at least now they’re mainly playable and a lot more interesting than they used to be.

      And now cutscene free. The fuck they were thinking with that, I’ll never know.

      I’m still more pissed that they wrecked Terminal in Dead Air by patching in uber mobs though. That used to be one of my favourite stages, now from the metal detectors to the safe room is just a grind.

      • EPICTHEFAIL says:

        Ah yes, Terminal… Way to ruin awesome atmosphere and VS gameplay at the same time.

    • Vandelay says:

      Huh? On lone survivor limping into the safe house is how all the levels of L4D should end, but never do.

      L4D is too easy for the survivors, particular when you figure out that everyone sprinting for the exit is the easiest way to win.

      • Juan Carlo says:


        Especially in versus it’s much more fun if team wipes are more frequent. The survivors are way overpowered most levels, so I actually like the horde crescendos in Cold Stream, Dead Air, and Death Toll.

  4. Roarster says:

    Isn’t this already out on the PC? I think this might be referring to the release of the Xbox 360 versions (hence the mention of DLC).

    • Premium User Badge

      Adam Smith says:

      It’s kind of already on PC but when the 360 version releases, the PC one is ‘complete’ and gets the mutation change and the hinted at ‘other stuff’. I..think.

  5. Dana says:

    It’s for the x360.

  6. airtekh says:

    Man, I haven’t played Left 4 Dead for ages. I think I was even humming the theme tune the other day.

    Think I might jump back in just to fill up the zombie-shaped hole recently vacated by Day Z.

    • Wunce says:

      I recommend learning some console commands/cheats to spice things up a little.
      Setting the chargers charge speed and the smokers tongue drag speed to ridiculously high levels never ceases to amuse me.

      • Vandelay says:

        Versus, no medkits, on hard. The way L4D should be played.

        Well, hard might be a bit much, but is a good base to work from. Definitely no medkits though, which completely destroy Versus mode.

        • Malk_Content says:

          I like medkits in versus. It might just be me as I only ever play on a team with friends over mic, but giving the survivors an ability to heal makes playing infected that much more fun. We have to co-ordinate better and execute either perfect killing moves or pace ourselves so that pressure is at a constant. No med-kit games are basically a cakewalk against anything but an equally organized team.

        • RobF says:

          Lord, if we removed health kits from our games, there’d be no point playing. We’d be spending more time looking at loading screens than playing given we’ve each got near a thousand hours in playtime to our names.

          It’s already pot luck as to whether anyone will make it far enough out of the safe room to make a difference *with* healthkits. That’d just be an bloodbath and I want a fight not just victory.

  7. Flukie says:

    One thing that this game deseperately needs is Steam Workshop implimented in the game so you can download campaigns/content on the fly.

    Infact i’d like a Left 4 Dead game built around that idea, similar to LittleBigPlanet where the best content will come from the community with the tools provided, My girlfriend would certainly be happy.

    • EPICTHEFAIL says:

      We do kind of already have that, courtesy of l4dmaps (I think that`s what it`s called), and valve do make map spotlights on a regular (-ish) basis.
      Steam workshop would be preferable, of course. As for Left4Little Big Planet, maybe. Probably sometime `round the heat death of the universe.

    • Magnusm1 says:

      “best content will come from the community”
      I don’t know what LBP you have been playing, but in my experience it’s bloody impossible to find anything decent in LBP, since “sort by heart (=favorite)” and “sort by like” has been broken by achievement-hungry idiots have done this “heart4heart” and “like4like” thing.
      I have yet to find a single level that is better than any of the story-maps.

      • Dominic White says:

        They patched and reworked the rating/sorting system literally years ago. There’s thousands of levels now at least as good as anything official.

      • RobF says:

        Yeah, I’m fairly new to the PS3 and I’ve had no trouble finding loads of brilliant things in there now. Sounds like I missed the worst of it?

      • Juan Carlo says:

        I’ve played some that are way better than the official versions.

        THey say that steamworksop would be hard to implement for L4D, though, just because the maps tend to be huge (like 1 gig or more). Supposedly Valve is going to do it at some point, but it might just come in the form of a link to L4Dmaps.

  8. RamoneSXE says:

    It’s nice to see that they’re still updating a game from 2009.

    • misterT0AST says:

      It’s not like they have anything else to do at Valve anyway.

      • PopeJamal says:

        They could be making more hats. Or porting all the TF2 hats to LFD.

        LFD in Pyrovision!

      • terry says:

        Separating Steam coin into piles takes time, y’know.

    • RegisteredUser says:

      Pretty much what I thought(awesome to still be getting content for a years old purchase).