Rezzed: 5th RPS Indie Mud Wrestling Championships

This is the real reason to be there.

Oh good gracious, Rezzed is this week. Friday and Saturday, in fact. And if the line-up wasn’t already flipping impressive enough for you (playable Borderlands 2, Far Cry 3, Prison Architect, Natural Selection 2, Xenonauts, Skulls Of The Shogun, and tons more, along with speakers like Peter Molyneux, Randy Pitchfork, and RPS’s very own game jam), it just got one hundred and seventy three thousand times better. Yes, we’ve waited until almost the last moment to organise announce the greatest event of them all: The 5th Annual International Rock, Paper, Shotgun Indie Mud Wrestling Championships.

This will take the form of a panel game quiz show thing, quizmasterhosted by me, Earth’s John Walker, with two teams made up of Adam “Newboy” Smith, Andrew J “Spilt Milk” Smith, Alec “Not Called Smith” Meer, and David “Smudged Cat” Johnston, for possibly around 35 minutes of what might not be the most sensible of competitions. Perhaps not including mud wrestling.

Yes, sure, it’s at 11am on Saturday, when you’ll all have headaches from staying up too late on Friday, giggling and eating so many fizzy cola bottles. But if you missed out, and then heard about it afterwards, you’d be inconsolable.

Tickets are only £12 for the day on Saturday, or £20 for Friday as well. Which is pretty bargainous. Buy some! And included in that price is one big hug from me.


  1. Didero says:

    And included in that price is one big hug from me.

    So many people are going to hold you to that.

    I wish I could make it, but England’s a bit far for an unemployed student, even if I am right next door in The Netherlands.

    • BlackestTea says:

      I’m in the exact same situation. Bummer that, really. Have tonnes of fun over there, though!

  2. SpinalJack says:

    I’m gonna take you up on that hug John!

  3. Solivagant says:

    Mr. Walker I will hold you to that hug.

  4. lynn_kraken says:

    How nice or not nice do you smell anyway?

  5. MOKKA says:

    Reading those posts when you can’t come is like delibaretely cutting your own arm.

    • Maldomel says:

      I never thought typing with my feet would be so easy though.

  6. Jason Moyer says:

    Randy Pitchfork!

    Also, damn you Atlantic Ocean.

  7. Shortwave says:

    I take it this won’t have any online stream?

  8. LieutLaww says:

    hmm Brighton is only down the road from me wonder if i should head on down after work both days.

  9. Premium User Badge

    Hodge says:

    Yes! Video, at least of the big name speakers and the game show thingy, would be wonderful for those of us who can’t make it, .

    Or maybe you could do audio recordings and make them the next batch of shotcasts.

  10. Gap Gen says:

    I am reminded of this: link to

  11. nutterguy says:

    Nooooo, I’m only going on Friday. *sadface*

  12. Bobka says:

    I wish I didn’t live a several-hundred-Euro plane ride away, and wasn’t in the middle of writing my Bachelor’s thesis. I really, really hope that Rezzed is a smash hit; it’ll be good for PC gaming to have its own show. Good luck fellas!

  13. Kemuel says:

    This just makes me even more sad that I won’t be able to get time off work. =(

  14. HothMonster says:

    If you can fly the Brighton Centre to the Great Lakes region I will buy two tickets. If you can put some kind of holographic live recreation in the United Center I will by 1.5 tickets.

  15. tehfish says:

    This sounds gloriously silly :D
    I’m looking forwards to it!

  16. lowprices says:

    So… no indie dev mud wrestling then? Got my hopes up for nothing.


  17. McDan says:

    Why does it have to be Brighton. Curses, missing this will be one of my biggest regrets this year.

  18. Lynchbread says:

    Everyone check out the Ground Branch Kickstarter, we need to get this funded. It’s made by the people who made the original Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon, we must fund this.

    link to

  19. Belsameth says:

    Man! I wish I could go. All the other stuff doesn’t interest me, especially prison Architect, but this!

    I demand a PPV Live steam!

  20. sinister agent says:

    Unfortunately I will be being be be being be hung over for this. Also skint. Have fun all, but not so much fun that I’m too envious. Have some fun.