Crazy Like A Roguelike: ElonaPlus

Resurrect all roguelikes, goes out the cry, even the ones that have not died. Fundraising for further ADOM development is already under way and Indie Games Magazine notice that Elona is now back as ElonaPlus. The team working on the game are new and they’re mostly fixing bugs, although there are apparently several new features. It’s hard to tell what’s new since Elona already contained pretty much everything, including Big Daddies, alien bodily infestation and the ability to have children. Glorious madness. The new version is here and there’s a useful Wiki too.


  1. bglamb says:

    You guys are either very punctual, or are a robot.

    See you in Brighton!

  2. hemmingjay says:

    Sadly my japanese is a bit too rusty to navigate the download page safely. Any of you geniuses out there that can provide a decent, english link?

    • 7hink says:

      I don’t really feel that much like a genius, but here is a translated link:

      link to

    • The_Terminator says:

      Click the button labeled “C_169161.zipをダウンロードします。”. After that, there’s just enough English for you to figure it out without knowing Japanese.

  3. dE says:

    Played this some time ago…
    Quite a bit too creepy for my tastes.

  4. Cooper says:

    Oh christ.

    Elona is probably the most intricate, complex and convoluted rogue like ever. Pretty much everything is possible and then some weird shit on top for extra effect. The idea of there being a “plus” version is just scary.

  5. dibkins says:

    That wiki redirected me to some porno. I’m busy with dungeon crawl stone soup and it’s porn free wiki at the moment anyhow.

  6. BooleanBob says:

    Was a big fan of Elona, though I felt like I never really got beyond the surface. Definitely interested to see what’s new. But my greatest love among the Roguelikes will always be Alphaman.

  7. Neurotic says:

    Is the actual game in Japanese too?

    • Malk_Content says:

      You get a choice between Japanese and “occasionally a bit iffy but always understandable English.”

      • namad says:

        to clarify the majority of the new dialogue in game is all shown as “this text is untranslated’ in the english version.

        however the base elona game was full translated so all of that english is still there, meaning elonaplus is still mostly translated when played in english mode, except it’s not really anymore translated than elona itself was.

  8. namad says:

    bad reporting here. elonaplus is in development in japanese, this means there are TONS of new features that are untranslated, hard to understand and only explained in japanese on this wiki here:

    link to

    there are actually a dozen fragmented japanese mods of elona going on like elm, orehack etc…

    the only english based continuation of the game is the java port for future extensibility.

  9. Beelzebud says:

    I’m sure it’s great if you speak Japanese….

    • Dominic White says:

      The vast majority of it is in English – the game is bilingual. There’s some text strings that don’t have translations yet, but it’s usually flavour stuff rather than important key info.

  10. Deadyawn says:

    “alien bodily infestation and the ability to have children.”

    Aren’t these the same?

    • onyhow says:

      If the “make gene” option is the have children here, then no…otherwise, yes.