It’s Rezzed Tomorrow! And It’s Going To Be Rather Good

Be there, or we'll cry.

We have indeed posted lots about Rezzed. (It’s actually been 13 posts out of the 920 since it was first announced – Passive-Aggressive Ed.) But here is a generous reminder to encourage you to join us at the inaugural PC and Indie Games show, taking place in Brighton Friday and Saturday this week. Because it’s actually going to be really great!

Not only will a bunch of hotly anticipated unreleased games be playable on the show floor, but there’s also a bunch of super-famous gaming types giving presentations, and perhaps most excitingly of all, the opportunity to meet Eurogamer’s Tom “Tom Bramwell” Bramwell, along with the RPS hivemind and Eurogamer collective. And I’m guaranteeing a free hug for everyone who buys a ticket.

Most important, of course, are the two events RPS is directly in charge of. There’s the extremely ambitious Rock, Paper, Shotgun Gamejam, at 4pm on Saturday, during which a collection of gaming creatives will attempt to make a game in less than an hour. That could be pretty interesting, and well worth heading along to see.

Our other event is the 5th Annual International RPS Indie Mud Wrestling Championships. That’s at the hangoverly hour of 11am on Saturday, but we implore you to struggle along anyway. The deeply peculiar panelquizgame will genuinely involve hangover treatment, along with many rounds of oddness, featuring John as your host, with team captains Adam and Alec, along with indie developers Dave “Smudged Cat” Johnston and Andrew “Spilt Milk” Smith.

But as well as our unbeatable impositions are a really rather impressive array of games and speakers. If you’re there, you’ll be able to play Borderlands 2, Aliens Colonial Marines, Far Cry 3, Shootmania, Ghost Recon Online, Day Z, End Of Nations, Krater, Missing Ink, Monsters Vs. Pirates, Natural Selection 2, Prison Architect, Q.U.B.E, Raiderz, Rift, Serious Sam 3 (and an exclusive DLC reveal), Skulls Of The Shogun, Sniper Elite V2, Strike Suit Zero, Stronghold Kingdoms, Tengami, Tera, WarMage Battlegrounds, and Xenonauts. Blimey.

There are 13 panels in total, featuring names like Peter Molyneux, Randy Pitchford, Day Z’s Dean Hall, Paul Wedgewood, Creative Assembly’s James Russell with some exclusive Rome 2 info, The Indie Stone, Stainless Games, Introversion, Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon team, Unknown Worlds and Nadeo demoing ShootMania. Phew.

At the end of Friday, we’re inviting people to join us at Above Audio, where a fair few of RPS and EG will be staring at walls, confused by the noise.

So, for £12 for a day, or £20 for both (pick Saturday! come ready for 11am!), it seems a pretty decent deal. See you there!


  1. felisc says:

    I’m sure it has been asked many times already, but : pretty please film the talks and conferences so we can enjoy them on youtube. thanks.
    and have a nice weekend there.

    • Shortwave says:

      Pretty please!

    • Maldomel says:

      Some video coverage would be awesome, for all of us who can’t go there.
      So here, Pretty please film this!!

    • edinforth says:

      Yeah, some coverage would be great! I really wanted be there for the talks, and mainly to meet people! But nope, no chance this year… I hope those people enjoy it!

    • Miltrivd says:

      Please do it… I’m across the globe.

    • Psihomodo says:

      Definitely film all the stuff, there is bound to be ton of content :-)

  2. djbriandamage says:

    I’d love to hear the story behind Tom Bramwell’s nickname some day.

  3. Totally heterosexual says:

    “mud wrestling”

    Oh yeeeeeeeah~

    Im there

  4. Chris D says:

    I’d be there if RPS weren’t oppressing their Scottish readership by having it in Brighton :(

    • Zakski says:

      ¡Glasgow! I rest my case

    • mrwonko says:

      I’d be there if RPS weren’t oppressing the German readership by having it in the UK. Oh well, take pictures!

    • mondomau says:

      Oh hush, you Scots aren’t happy unless you can complain somebody’s oppressing you. Don’t know what you’re going to do if you get independence – you’ll be sooooo bored.

      • Chris D says:

        Well, as you’ll be the ones stuck with the Tory government, I think we’ll probably split our time between smugness and schadenfreude.

    • plugmonkey says:

      I’d be there if RPS weren’t oppressing Friday ticket holders by doing all their stuff on Saturday.

    • Bobsy says:

      “Oh! If one could but go to Brighton!” exclaimed Mrs Bennett.

  5. mondomau says:

    This is going to be one of the few big events I’ve been to in the last few years where I actually bother to queue up for the panels and speakers. This looks even more appealing than Eurogamer Expo (which was very good last year).

  6. Rageman96 says:

    Typical, a month later and i could have gone, I dearly hope they host another Rezzed next year.

  7. sonofsanta says:

    Stupid Brighton being so far away. I wanted a John hug :(

    (would it be weird to ask to be called Dexter while you did it?)

  8. Ross Angus says:

    Please remember that John Walker is giving out free hugs to every ticket-holder, at the event. This offer is non-transferable.

  9. Hammers says:

    Why, why, oh why is this on the same weekend as the fast-cars-drive-round-a-track weekend at Silverstone? The £12 I’d have spent on this would’ve been far more worth it than the £200 I forked out for F1. Oh well, I now know better for next year!

  10. Durkonkell says:

    I will be there! On Friday at least since I am required to work on Saturday. Saturday. The day where all the RPS things happen.

    Ah well. Creative Assembly is on Friday as is that Molyneux bloke.

    I’m hoping that this is going to be a success, we need a proper PC Gaming show that we can point to as a demonstration of our not-deadness.

    • plugmonkey says:

      And the Zomboid guys. That looks like the pick of the day to me, tbh. I’m very much looking forward to hearing what they’ve learned about how not to make a game after the run they’ve had.

    • Psihomodo says:

      Yes, a show where you don’t see gamepads used for everything under a guise that is it easier to showcase, and where dumbness and oversimplification is not whored for mass purposes that nobody wanted in the first place :)

      Oh and nothing is or was dead anyway, only the brain of that marketing machine.

  11. MadJax says:

    All this sadness at not being able to attend :(

    See ya tomorrow (And Saturday in a very fragile state!) folks :D

  12. OddsAgainst says:

    Wah. I’ll be flying through London tomorrow on my way to Germany. Is a two hour layover enough?

  13. wyrmsine says:

    Looking forward to this :D

    Edit: Still a little unclear about this “Brighton” place, though. Should I be bringing a laptop, or does this town have an engaging offline mode?

    • MadJax says:

      I hears it uses the latest in “always connected” DRM. So expect crashes and multiple exploits :P

      LFG to Brighton Rezzed :P

  14. lowprices says:

    I’m starting to think Rezzed is just a front that John set up so he could get as many hugs as possible from strangers.

  15. Psihomodo says:

    On a side note, I went and looked around for mentions of Rezzed and it’s quite evident how certain sites, or should I say certain journo zone… khm..khm…yanks…khm… are actively trying to market how consoles are the only thing that ever existed. Like for example gametrailers and to a lesser extent destructoid.

    I mean those people were always rabid and humping the marketing machine, not just in games but cars and other stuff too, and they always seem too happy and content… not even slightly suspicious, right?

    Sorry to all of us readers, but you’re journos know crap, and they don’t even want to improve. PC Gamer is the only one I can think of at the moment that are worth following, but then again, they are PC so no wonder.

    Anyhow, thumbs up for the show!