Student-Made FPS Grim Looks Pacey, Explosive

Also: pretty!
Boasting a Quake/Unreal sort of pace, Grim, by MorePolygons, is looking like my sort of thing. Much of the FPS stuff is familiarly run-and-frag, but it also allows crazy jumping, as they explain: “One of our unique mechanics (as seen in the video) is Leap, allowing you to quickly move around the level and escape enemy fire, or jump right into the action.” You can see some of that going on in the video below, and it’s mighty fine. They’ve also got an interesting assault-variant game mode, which you can read about over on their site.

I’ve not had a chance to play this yet – just off to Rezzed! – but you can download the beta from here. Trailer ‘neath click.


  1. squareking says:

    I miss games from the Quake 3 school. Also LEAPFACE

    • Shortwave says:

      LEAPERFACE!! >.> Kay, done.

    • zeroskill says:

      Gonna check it out, since yeah, im desperate for a decent Quake style shooter. I wonder why still nobody has picked up on making a new Arena game (a good one). So we will see how this will turn out. Impossible to say from just the video.

      • Theon says:

        You mean like Cube 2: Sauerbraten?
        The best and smoothest arena-shooter in existnace, which also happens to be a free and open-sourced game with native linux compatability?

    • diebroken says:

      Looks just like enabling the low grav mutie in UT to me…

      /loads up UT, ahhhhhh home sweet home!

    • Yammo says:

      Miss Quake you say?
      Have you tried Tribes Ascend? :)
      Brilliant shooter… absolutely brilliant.
      link to
      This link should give you (I think) 5k XP at lvl 5. :) not much but at least something. :)

      • ThTa says:

        They’re nothing alike, and I do enjoy both T:A and Quake.
        It’s fairly unique, even relative to the previous Tribes games (for better but mostly worse).

  2. Shortwave says:

    You mean these six students on their own are able to make a pre’ damn solid looking fps title without needing a million dollaz to do it?! : O Heh, all jokes aside. This is look brilliant to me. The leaping seems like it will be epic. Ha. I’m down, loading! Yay, free stuff.

  3. Gonefornow says:

    One weapon model to rule them all.

    Is it intentional, change mode/ammunition to get different results, or just a demo thing?
    Probably a demo thing.

    Well I just read about the Mateba on their site so..
    not quite either.

  4. mollemannen says:

    how is this newsworthy? it just looks like unreal engine with one modded weapon?

    • marvelza says:

      its about a game, right? obvious answer is obvious

      • mollemannen says:

        it’s about a new gun and lowering gravity in unreal 3. why doesn’t people write about all the amazing stuff i created in paint that is inspired by games i play?

        also im all for indie and student stuff but come on!

        • The Infamous Woodchuck says:

          Can we play the stuff you created in paint, inspired by the games you play?

          i don’t think so.

          • mollemannen says:

            no but i made my own soundeffects for guns in half life. come on man your just being pathetic

        • Jackablade says:

          Send it to Kotaku.

    • zeroskill says:

      Yeah screw student projects. We want more Battlefied 3 DLC…

      What is this “PC Gamer”?

  5. BobbyDylan says:

    Not my cup of tea, really.

  6. kud13 says:


    ok, i’ll stop now

    • Zakski says:

      I was gunna go with WARGRIM personally, but I thought I might get sued by Games Workshop :P

  7. wodin says:

    I’m sure years ago I played shooters where you could jump dead high..surely that isn’t innovation or even a unique feature these days is it?

  8. The_Great_Skratsby says:

    Even as a student project, that was a bit underwhelming. I was expecting a bit more fluidity and the usual UDK like running about plus quick dodging and jump mutator. But hey, perhaps the trailer isn’t really conveying things well.

  9. RegisteredUser says:


    The click to view on youtube button returns.

    • Stochastic says:

      FYI, you can also click on the video title and it’ll open up a new tab that takes you to the Youtube page.

  10. Bork Titflopsen says:


  11. McTerry says:

    That is one of the biggest muzzle flashes I have ever seen. It blends the hell out of me. :S

  12. voidburn says:

    Can’t see anything…..
    Giant muzzle flash blinded me….

  13. PitfireX says:

    Just another fast paced FPS…. nothing to see here.

  14. DazedByTheHaze says:

    For people waiting for a new arena game… watch jp’s talk with 2gd. Its way too long but he speaks about a arena project he wanted to start with old pros like fox… but investors wanted an mmo for 100mio instead of an arenagame for 2.5mio… search youtube for it, 2gd is the guy when you are looking for that kind of info.

    Ps: he cancled the project for now… started 2gd studios instead.

  15. jonfitt says:


  16. wyrmsine says:

    The truth of the Unreal/Quake comparison pleases me.

  17. Dances to Podcasts says:

    As a student you don’t have any shareholders to please, no families to feed, no business to keep in business. This means you’re free to experiment. Wildly. Seeing students make something that’s so generic always disappoints me. :(

  18. Shortwave says:

    Any old schoolers should definitively check this game out.
    I played only a few rounds and I was really impressed with the mechanics.
    It’s really a lot of fun, for being beta it’s very stable and enjoyable thus-far.
    I’m more than excited to see where this goes. I’m balls deep.
    Help pop the servers y0.

  19. TwwIX says:

    Meh. It looks like a glorified U3 mod with hardly any content.

    • Theon says:

      Don’t see what’s really “glorified” about it. It actually looks worse than UT3 in many ways, to me.
      It’s on the now stand-alone UDK, though, so it’s not -technically speaking- a mod, and thus won’t require UT3.