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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Derezzed

All the cool kids are at Rezzed today so it has fallen to me – professional uncool kid Tony Heugh – to be your bargain guide. Don’t focus on the fun they must be having without us, grab your bindle and come with me on a discounted adventure across the very best digital distributor bargains. For more deals you can find us at

This week there’s still no sign of the Steam Summer Sale but we have bundles aplenty, a Double Fine triple and even a chance to break out MS Paint.

GOG’s Strategy First Global sale
Quite a few games on sale here but the highlight is the Jagged Alliance games. Jagged Alliance 2 is such an important PC game that it made it into Quinn’s very important list of PC games:

This game had it all. It was cinematic yet believable, serious business capable of kidding around, huge yet human. You fought battle after battle, but the pain of losing a merc was horrific. You were the best of the best, but you weren’t above repurposing an ice-cream truck to get around (or teaching one another different skills). You fought tanks, but you were scared of the bloody things.

Jagged Alliance 2 is £3.22/$4.99/€4.06 and I would encourage you to rummage around the other games in the sale too.

Plethora of Paradox Games £12.9/$19.99/€16.27
This low price gets you RTS Crusader Kings 2 with six DLC packs, Civ with wizards (Wizardization?) Warlock: Master of the Arcane, fantasy RTS Majesty 1 and 2 with the expansions, historical RTS Victoria II and finally the game that can balance the most DLC packs on it’s nose, multiplayer friend-abuser Magicka.

Given that Warlock: Master of the Arcane is only a few months old, this deal borders on silly value for money and you should probably tear it from Amazon’s hands before they realise what a terrible mistake they’ve made and hunt us down for even mentioning it. If you’re reading this, you are the resistance. This is from the American site, so you’ll need to enter a US billing address and affect the accent of your choice, they’ll take your money and give you keys to plug into Steam. I would suggest checking whether your naughty banks charge you for buying in a different currency, the ocean-phobic money-phillic scamps are known to do things like that.

Psychonauts, Costume Quest, Stacking £6.50/$9.99/€8.13
Three delightful Double Fine adventures for ten American dollar-coins. If you haven’t played any of these, do so now and your life will be richer. John had this to say when Psychonauts emerged on digital distribution:

It was and still is outstanding. It never repeated an idea. A level in a lungfish’s head was a Godzilla-riffing metropolis to stomp on. A depressed love-ruined artist had Italian streets and buildings regularly stampeded by a bull. A man who thought he was Napoleon had a multi-scale board game for a brain.

This is another deal from so the same buying advice for those outside of the US applies and they register on Steam.

The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena £3.86/$5.99/€4.88
You may have to be quick to grab this one. Includes the prettied up remake of Escape from Butcher Bay – which was far better than a game based on a failed attempt to launch a movie franchise had any right to be – and the disappointing Assault on Dark Athena. You can read Jim’s thoughts on the first game here and the remake/sequel here. If you haven’t played Escape from Butcher Bay, I would pick this up

Bulletstorm, Burnout Paradise, Mercenaries 2, Mirror’s Edge and The Saboteur £9.68/$14.99/€12.20
You may have noticed that have a good sale on right now. I’m not going to list everything but I think a pack that contains two of Lewie’s favourites – Mirror’s Edge (Mirror’s Edge! – Lewie) and Burnout Paradise – is worth a mention. Remember to use a US billing address and check with your bank for charges.

Also of note:
Just Cause 2, Kane and Lynch 2, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, Supreme Commander 2 and Tomb Raider: Underworld – £4.79/$7.49/€6.10 All except Tomb Raider: Underworld register on Steam.
Painkiller Complete Pack – £4/$4.80/€4.80 Includes Black Edition, Overdose, Redemption, Resurrection and Recurring Evil. ‘Recurring Evil’ is either the worst or best name for the fifth entry in a series.
The Commandos series, The Void, Ion Assault, Air Conflicts: Secret Wars, Cargo: The Quest for Gravity and Trauma – minimum £4.04/$6.25/€5.09 Still a good deal, if a strange choice of games for an indie bundle. All with Steam keys.
McPixel – Newly released McPixel is offering a cheeky $1 discount for submitting fan art or a $2.50 discount for sending in a video ode to McPixel. Fun idea, you can even view the fan submissions on the site. Normal price is $9.99
Arma 2: Combined Operations – £14.99/$24.74/€18.74 For those who wish to get started with Day Z.

Check for the latest gaming bargains, including Steam Summer Sale coverage, which should launch any month now.

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