Day Z Heading For Half A Million Players

Speaking at Rezzed, Day Z‘s Dean Hall said: “We’ve got 420,000 now. We’ll have 430,000 tomorrow.” The Arma 3 developer reckons that his mod will end up selling more copies than Arma 2 did originally. “Currently we’re running 22,000 concurrent at full peak, and 10,000 off peak, which is pretty huge numbers considering the original data structure and system was designed to handle 100 concurrents, and two servers… We now have 1000 servers. We’re getting 110,000 players in a 24 hour period at the moment.”

Game of the year so far, for me at least. And for a few other people, it seems. [I missed Rocket’s session, sadly, so thanks to Eurogamer for covering it.]


  1. Sardukar says:

    For me, the fun is matched only by the frustration. Bugs, frequent changes, exploits and so many hacks. It can’t really be said enough – this mod IS in alpha. And it shows. Be aware of this and you’ll have a much better time, I think.

    That’s why I’d never call it Game of the Year -or game of anything, yet. Best Almost-There Idea I’ve Played In Years, though. Still eagerly waiting on 1.7.2, curse you Rezzed and your Rocket-distracting powers!

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      I think my main issue with it is the amount of time it eats. I have too much else to play.

      • felisc says:

        by the way Jim I’m curious, are you still playing solo ?
        Dayz is my game of the year so far too, but I’ve never teamed up with anyone for more than 30 minutes, and I’m getting a bit bored of solo play. I guess in a month I’ll be back on it and love it again, but I’ve hit a point of “well, I’m done for now”.

        • lamontagne says:

          Be very very careful with who you play with. I was doing really well last night and thought I should try and team up for added protection; long story short even on Steam groups you will be taken advantage of and be starting on a beach in short order. I would suggest only ever teaming up with people you trust or where betrayal would have IRL repercussions.

          Solo for me from now on, I think.

    • varangian says:

      @Sardukar That’s why I’d never call it Game of the Year -or game of anything, yet. Best Almost-There Idea I’ve Played In Years, though.

      A very apt summary. Right now the game has two modes: The hide in the bushes and shoot someone wandering by in the back mode and the wander round exploring until someone shoots you in the back mode. For a zombie apocalypse survival game the zombies are basically an irrelevance. The basic idea is great, so obvious you have to wonder why nobody else didn’t do it earlier, but in its current state the implementation so broken that even with an alpha testing hat on there’s little fun to be had.

      I played it for a bit over a week, found easy ways to survive but failed to develop the long range X-ray vision necessary to avoid being shot by snipers in bushes half a kiick away. In the process I added 4 new Steam friends with some vague plans to try and meet up in-game but I don’t think any of them lasted as long as I did, within a few days they were playing something else. Rocket may brag about the numbers who’ve tried the game but I wonder how many will stick with it, if the next patch doesn’t move it forward much my guess is those numbers will head south pretty rapidly.

      • phelix says:

        Personally I think decreasing player amount would be good for the mod (and base game ArmA II), considering most of the recent players are just ‘mainstream’ gamers who jump on the hype bandwagon and consider the game a refined deatchmatch. Less of those kind of people would do the game good.

        • fenrif says:

          Yeah it’s hard to be the cool hipster kid when other people like the same things you like!

          • lexoneir says:

            I think he just said very plainly that they don’t like the same things he does. They just play the same game, but not the same way. They want a deathmatch. He wants a survival game.

          • oqwudbsa says:

            Here’s a gem from that from Dean, ‘He said that currently, he’s experimenting with the heartbeat and also wanted to look into possibly changing facial features, to make players scowl if they have low humanity.’

      • UmmonTL says:

        There’s a third mode you can sometimes see in livestreams and that is “get annoyed/amused by hackers”. I saw a guy get turned into a cow and teleported to a field in the middle of nowhere. I saw a Hacker drive by in a Boat on land before giving the streamer a gold plated AK. I also saw death by getting a helicopter or two spawned on your head as well as hundreds of zombies out of nowhere.

        • varangian says:

          @UmmonTL I saw a guy get turned into a cow and teleported to a field in the middle of nowhere.

          Now that would definitely be worth playing again for, even as the victim of the prank. Problem is I guess without advance notice you’d have to spend more time than I’m prepared to give it before you came across the more inventive kind of hacking, though there seems to be plenty of the ‘make myself invisible, invulnerable and armed with the best guns’ type of hacking to go round. Perhaps they should set up a few Hack-all-you-want type servers as a playground for this, that would lure me back for a while at least.

      • Zelius says:

        There is also mode “head inland, and actually stay hidden.”

        Believe me, if you employ stealth, and stay away from the crowded areas, your chances of survival increase tenfold. I rarely even fire my weapon, and my current character has been alive for about 50 days.

        • Axyl says:

          Yes, but filling your inventory with food and drinks and sitting AFK in a field for weeks at a time doesn’t exactly sound like the most thrilling time to be had.
          It’s VERY easy to stay alive, but that comes at a cost..

          Before now, I have spawned and within 20 minutes had an Alice pack. Another 20 minutes later and it and my “pockets” are full to capacity with tins of food, soft drinks and a few medical supplies (bandages, painkillers and morphine.. 2 of each) and headed inland.

          Within another 20 minutes.. I’m sat on a hillside, totally surrounded by thick forest, tucked even further out of sight behind a rock formation with some shrubs.

          I sat there doing literally nothing but “Survive” for 3 days. Logged in most of the time.. but alt-tabbed out doing something interesting, tabbing back in now and again to occasionally drink and eat.

          Bored out of my tiny mind.. but as you stated, greatly increased chance of survival.

          I’d rather die doing something fun, than survive bored. I can do that in Real Life tyvm. :P

          You can’t simply say “Oh but you’re doing it wrong.. that’s why you’re not having as much success”

          • mouton says:

            The best way is to play with friends. They will always fuck things up and provide tons of things to do.

          • methodology says:

            sandbox games may not be for you

        • varangian says:

          Well as I said it’s pretty easy to survive, which I suspect is why the game doesn’t work very well right now. But I didn’t consider that a gameplay mode of hiding in the woods and server surfing your way to supplies really amounted to anything approaching a game. Tastes differ of course, but I don’t play games to enhance boredom, quite the opposite.

  2. Luringen says:

    After a long walk to the airstrip, i found myself a unscoped M4. Next time I logged on I was in Debug Plains.

    I’m not playing again for a while before the worst bugs are fixed.

    • fenrif says:

      The best thing is that if you get dumped in the debug area (which has been moved so far from the map that it’s impossible to walk back like you used to) and you kill someone, it’s a battleeye CD key ban from all ARMA 2 multiplayer.

      • derbefrier says:

        Which is.complete bullshit and a big reason I am afraid to play. I have heard of people getting banned for picking up hacked in weapons from dead survivors not knowing any better. Fix your your fucking game and don’t ban people just for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. It’s a big reason I decided to wait on this because honestly its not worth the risk of getting banned because you stumbled onto a bug or someone else’s hacked weapon or vehicle.

  3. Mr. Mister says:

    For now, only JC2 multiplayer has the potential to beat this.

    • Axyl says:

      Agreed! Well.. that and Mine Z, which also looks suitably awesome. :D

      2012 really is becoming a magnificent year to be a PC Gamer..excellent mods and F2P games landing this year.. (Planetside 2 and End of Nations being the F2Ps i’m referring to)


      • golem09 says:

        I would refer to Path of Exile as THE f2p game of the year. Or overall game of the year.

      • Jon Tetrino says:

        If MineZ is the Minecraft mod I think you are referring to, it looks everything BUT awesome.

        What it does look like is a desperate cash grab by people who don’t know much about game design.

        Seriously who thinks that banning you for dying for a set amount of time is a good idea?!

        It also currently costs $25 to get into the mod. For that price I may as well buy ARMA2.

    • says:

      JC2 multiplayer actually got off the ground? It was only a shoddy youtube video when I last saw it in 2010.


  4. Miltrivd says:

    I think so many players are frustrated because they “think” they know what alpha means but in reality they don’t, they whine about bugs and glitches and don’t understand that usually in alphas features are just added and added then removed and is just trying stuff out. The developers have been kind and patient enough to actually focus on a lot of bugs (during alpha) so the game is playable with almost no hiccups. When the mod gets to the beta stage is when bug searching and fixing takes priority.

    People get too attached to gear, if you die by a glitch, who cares, same thing as being killed by another player. Chances to die are plenty any way.

    • LionsPhil says:

      If you take the historic (fuzzy) meaning of the terms, nobody really “knows what alpha means” any more, because it was supposed to be an internal testing release.

      “Just another version number that happens to use the greek alphabet” is Wrong on the Internet.

      • EPICTHEFAIL says:

        So was Minecraft, remember?

      • Aedrill says:

        It still is an internal testing. The difference between DayZ’s and say, CoD’s alpha is that DayZ creators don’t have the busget to hire entire QA department so they need to use community, which makes said community a part of developing team. Problem starts when people fail to realise that and start acting like clients instead, and it’s no longer “our game we need to look after” but “their game and they must provide”.

      • UmmonTL says:

        I’d say that the whole “internal” part is a bit outdated now and just up to the developers. I’d agree with Miltrivd in that it’s supposed to be testing of various features with minimal effort to keep it stable, little more than throwing stuff at a wall and see what sticks. Fixing bugs of the features that do stick is not a bad idea but right now my guess would be that dayZ never gets out if alpha status.
        With numbers like this they would be crazy to not make it an official part of their game, a standalone expansion for arma 3 would be my guess.

      • kyrieee says:

        Neither term had anything to do with external testing, but beta has taken on a new meaning now.

      • trjp says:

        Alpha and internal never had any relationship.

        Alpha means ‘not feature complete’ – testing done on only part of the final product.

        Beta means ‘feature complete’ – nothing will be added, some things MAY be removed

        Minecraft is still alpha – basically…

    • Chaz says:

      Well that’s why I haven’t bothered playing this yet. It might be a great experience right now, but I’d rather wait until the builds have settled down and a good number of the bugs have been squashed. So mid to late beta perhaps.

      Much like Minecraft this game is obviously going to be around for quite some time, so I can wait. Lots of other games to play right now.

    • fenrif says:

      I think the confusion comes from people getting their CD keys banned from playing online because of some mod that’s in Alpha (so nothing matters guys, you can’t get mad about anything because alpha!)

      See, you can’t take it super serious, and say that shooting someone in self defense in a debug area which you get put in entirely because of the buggy state of the game is a bannable offense for the main game, and then turn around and say people don’t understand because nothing matters and it’s all subject to change and it’s just an experiment. It’s eating your cake and having it too.

  5. jower says:

    The hide in the bushes and shoot someone wandering by in the back mode and the wander round exploring until someone shoots you in the back mode.

    • Astroman says:

      Exactly. DayZ is by far the most overrated game of the year. Apparently the key to success in the online running simulator genre is hiding items in shacks and making night time 98% black.

      SPOILER: The stranger you just met? He’s going to shoot you.

  6. Beelzebud says:

    Wait, so this isn’t really an amateur mod, but something made by the company? I had no idea. That’s cool of them to give it out like this. I’m amazed they didn’t just call it a new game and charge for it.

    • Runs With Foxes says:

      The guy works for Bohemia, but he did this in his spare time.

      • Sarissofoi says:

        He works for company before tho he know how to do things.
        Then he make a mod in spare time which was amazing shenanigan to boost Arma 2 sales and great promo for Arma 3.
        So company give him a full support and resources for DayZ and rehire him again.
        Actually this not happen often.
        I mean support for mod scene. Although that he work with them before probably helps.

      • UmmonTL says:

        In an interview he said it was originally something he made for his friends in the New Zealand military in an attempt to make ressource management a big thing, something that military simulators didn’t do before. Why he chose to use Zombies I’ve got no idea but it was apparently the best idea ever, he got rehired(?) by Bohemia and is now helping on Arma3 I think?

  7. Tei says:

    The mod will be much better with a starting weapon. In 2 or 3 days that I have played the game, I have never found a weapon.

    I usually visit 4 or 5 towns before I am detected by the zeds, then I have to run for one or two hours and I die.

    The zeds seems to never lost agro, so if you get one on your back, you may need to literally cross a continent until you meet the beach, or you find some lucky buildings where the zeds can get stuck. Running for 2 hours of my life, with a zed groaning in my back is not my definition of fun. I suppose is a completelly different experience if you play with other people, or manage to find a weapon.

    Just now, the game is “Serial Jogging Rapist Simulator: Run away from moaning people for hours”.

    • Sardukar says:

      Tei: get thee to a barn! Barns are a great, reliable place to find a weapon and are typically a bit out of town, thus with less chance of magic sniper bullets or zombies, zombies everywhere.

      This map is fairly good: link to

      Find where you spawned and then find a barn.

      • grundus says:

        And deer stands, I’ve found M1014s and AKs in them quite frequently. I’d say 70% of the time I visit one I find something I want to keep enough to justify dropping something else I once wanted to take it with me. I met up with a friend once who had done nothing since spawning except head to Zeleno to meet up with me, when he turned up I nearly shot him because he had an M16 and an ALICE pack so I assumed there was no way it was him… He’d found both in the same deer stand just outside Pavlovo.

        Oh, and firestations used to spawn military gear (I found an AKM in one) and I’ve found an M1911 in three of the four supermarkets I’ve visited.

      • Tei says:

        Thanks, this will probably change my life on cherno :D

        • jellydonut says:

          For the love of god, find friends to play with! I can’t imagine this game being any fun alone.

          • sinister agent says:

            It’s great alone. That’s the only way I really want to play it – it retains the sense of isolation and paranoia. Teaming up with people becomes a huge gamble, and rarely lasts for even an hour before you part ways or someone dies. Great stuff. Much more fun than having real-world banter and game-talk pulling you out of the world. Plus you’re more likely to team up with other people, which is always fun/terrifying.

      • airtekh says:

        That map is good, but I recently discovered this one which is I think is even better.

    • Kilrathi says:

      when you have a zed after you, find a rather steep hill where you run upwards in a criss cross (zig-zaggy) fashion. the zombies won’t be able to run like that and will lose your trail.

  8. SkittleDiddler says:

    Sigh…I’ll get to Day Z eventually. By the time the required expansion for Arma II is cheap enough for me to justify buying it, the worst of the temporary players will be gone and I’ll be grudgingly guided through what’s left of Day Z’s world by a scarred, jaded, and cynical survivor who managed to make it through the period known as “The Noobian Crisis”.

  9. arigram says:

    A summary of Rocket’s presentation:

    link to

    • varangian says:

      Here’s a gem from that from Dean, ‘He said that currently, he’s experimenting with the heartbeat and also wanted to look into possibly changing facial features, to make players scowl if they have low humanity.’

      Personally I’ve never heard the heartbeat thing, and I got shot a few times, and the scowly face idea has to be one of the silliest I’ve ever heard of. He doesn’t seem to have realised that most of the time everyone is shooting everyone else on sight and the fact that the guy up on the hill who sniped you was scowling when he did it wouldn’t have been a great deal of help to the target.

      • rebb says:

        So true. All of the recent “tell if someone has low humanity experiments” have been based on distances where no low humanity player / bandit in his right mind would ever let anyone else get without shooting them first. Especially not since they know about these mechanics as well.

        • varangian says:

          Let me qualify my remark, if other mechanisms were introduced to make co-operation, to a greater or lesser extent, a vital part of the game then something on the scowly face lines might be useful. Various ideas on such lines have been floated in the forums but I don’t get the impression that the devs are actually that engaged with their players, they certainly don’t seem to give much feedback about ideas that come up.

          • Arglebargle says:

            Just an outsider view, but they really need to boost cooperation for some tangible goal. Being able to seize and build defenses in a farm or town could be one. Make the working vehicles lead to some goal. I’d throw in something like getting a flying vehicle or boat running would allow you to move to a different place. Different tiers with different challenges dictated by the map/local organization.

            Off the top of my head I could think of a few interesting situations to add in. I’m sure they could come up with some too.

  10. Erzeal says:

    I wish I knew I could run ARMA 2 so that i could buy it to play this. But I don’t think I can. :( sigh.

    • Mattressi says:

      You could always download the demos…

  11. bill says:

    Are they planning to release it as a standalone/bundle or something?

    I know it’s still in alpha, but considering the number of Arma2 copies its’ selling you’d think there’d be a lot of potential for a “boxed” copy that had everything set up out of the (digital) box.

  12. Syra says:

    I’ve been making a video series for DayZ on youtube, just because it’s so much fun and I don’t want to forget some of the amazing experiences I’ve had… wish I had done it from the start months ago (I was writing stories down! How primitive!) but atleast now I have video evidence xD.

    link to

    I’m still buzzing off this car race right now!

    • plugmonkey says:

      Is there an RPS server? Or another one that’s not full of arseholes?

      I would love to try some of that stuff, but I’ve yet to meet anyone who doesn’t just want to shoot me in the back.

  13. hamish says:

    bring back bandit skin and side chat, I am not a bandit but since they removed those its just a big DM, i played for a few hours with my char, (akm with 7 mags and lots of other stuff) and Ive been PKing lots more than usual, bandit skin will at least let me know their intentions. otherwise you must assume everyone is hostile or meet a swift end yourself.

    my worst moment was shooting a noob survivor as he crawled away from a house he was hiding in after i made repeated chat attempts, he turned back and looked at me with puppy dog eyes, that event will always haunt me.

    one thing i found is that i love stalking people, just to observe and follow.

    great game while it lasted (lasts) anyway.

  14. Fincher says:

    The worst of the worst is over.

    Slowly but surely the awful player stories, together with their unrelenting purple prose, are finally drying up.

  15. Kong says:

    Eventually Bohemia realized what is possible within the fantastic environments they create.

    The final mission of Flashpoint was the best. Where you collect your warbuddies from all over the country to have a party. The first time that you got an impression of how big the game really is. Arma 2 has the manhattan mission which gives me an idea what would be possible to do. But Bohemia…sigh. Bycicle mission (unfuckinbelievable) need I say more?

    I hope and pray that DayZ gives Bohemia ideas, motivation and enough money to eventually exploit their potential to its fullest. Or hire someone who does have ideas and wears combat boots to kick ass, drills the guys hard and thorough.
    Gunny: “No more Staropramen until your tanks do not sound like turboboosted wheelchairs anymore. No more hippieshit babydrugs until you learn how to spot the enemy through high grass. Bohemia Interactive: do you think this is funny?”

  16. jellydonut says:

    I don’t mind the time it takes, I only have one other game to play anyway. (EVE)

    The problem is the amount of time the game plain doesn’t work. They keep claiming ‘oh no we’re an alpha don’t expect it to work’, but at the same time they’re bragging about how many players they have, and how many ARMA 2 sales they’re causing?

  17. cairbre says:

    I played this game last night it was my first real go at it (five hour session). Myself and a few friends on TS managed to meet up near Bop. We then went to a barn and I got a shotgun. Now I need food and am thinking of heading to the nearby supermarket. It was very cool. Probably my best gaming moment so far in 2012.

    I enjoyed the game much more playing as a group felt it had more purpose first trying to figure out where I was and then meeting up. Could also be because one of the lads in the group had played it more and getting tips and explanations from him really helped understand what was going on in the game.

    Before last night I only played it a couple of times and didn’t really know what I was at. I lost a zombie by running up a steep hill and doubling back on myself. This game is amazing.

  18. DickSocrates says:

    For all the talk of the game being realistic due to persistence, the truth is it isn’t anything like real life and that’s why there are so many bandits. There’s no punishment for being a murderer, either in law or morality. There needs to be a punishment for being a murderer. As it stands there is only punishment for not being a murderer.

    • Kong says:

      Lucky for you to live in a peaceful reality. Reality is relative to the individual point of view.
      Just how many bandits does Anarchy create you think?
      In DayZ as in real life people make groups to hunt and punish bandits I guess

    • jellydonut says:

      In Mexico, bandits routinely engage the military and the police, and kill them with impunity. They decapitate civilians and leave body parts as a message. In Africa, people kill, mutilate, and rape, sometimes to send a message, sometimes just because they *can*.

      If there is no order, if the territory is completely poor and lawless, this kind of shit happens. Humans are savages.

      Yes, it’s a game, but if you think about it from a viewpoint not centered on functioning civilization, it isn’t too unrealistic either. In fact, I’d say it’s actually nicer than what real life would end up as if this situation occurred.

      • Kong says:

        agreed. In some unhappy countries the military and the police are the worst bandits. Governments all over the world are the most successful of bandits.
        The wonders of civilization.
        Order means organizing society’s psychopaths in armies to send them far away to kill and rape. If that order is destroyed, the psychos and their financiers will work at home and sooner rather than later there are only psychos left who hunt down the last survivors…DayZ is realistic to the point of perfection. What players do in the game mirrors human behaviour. DayZ deserves a prize as cultural achievement of art.

      • Mattressi says:

        But in those countries, what is the ratio of murderers to innocents? I’m willing to bet it is nowhere near as high as in Day Z. People have to live somewhere in real life, they have a recognisable face, they (generally) hang out with the same people. This isn’t so in Day Z. Someone can go on a lonewolf rampage (or just snipe everyone in the same spot), then log off. You can’t say “let’s get that bandit that keeps shooting us – we’ll set up an ambush and wait for him tomorrow”, because the guy mightn’t come onto the same server again or might not log on at the same time. Plus, even if you do literally wait in ambush for this guy for a day, he comes on, you finally kill the bastard – he just respawns! IRL, it would be dangerous to be the guy always shooting at people (because people who shoot at people, funnily enough, are in more firefights than people who don’t) and eventually you’d be killed, never to respawn again. This would keep the ratio of murderers to innocents reasonably low. As it is though, currently the ratio in Day Z is too high for me to play any more. Some people kill everyone because they’re bored (yes, people have said this to me), some for the kill count (again, someone admitted this to me), some because they know it’s prudent to shoot everyone on sight, lest they do the same to you, and a few even kill, you know, for food/resources.

        Come back and comment when 90% of the population of Mexico shoots each other on sight and I’ll believe you that Day Z represents what would happen IRL.

        • varangian says:

          Just so. Rocket removed bandit skins and sidechat because they weren’t ‘realistic’ and reduced immersion. In so doing he decreased realism instead by removing the (already trivial) consequence of the kill everyone approach and nerfing the ability of those who preferred a different one to organise themselves. Various mechanisms to correct this – without bringing back bandit skins or some similar deus ex machina approach – have been suggested in the forums but so far the best he can come up with is the ‘heartbeat’ thing (never done any good in my experience) or the scowly face idea he floated. It’s possible that he’s already hitting the limits of what is possible on the Arma 2 platform and this will prevent him from coming up with an acceptable fix for this.

  19. Shooop says:

    Congratulations to them, but I’m really not at all happy with how Day Z has ended up today.

    It’s become a giant FFA. This isn’t Rocket’s fault so much as it is just his failure to realize that’s how gamers are. But he is also showing a great deal of arrogance that really annoys me.

    When he announced bear traps someone said, they’d be great in theory but most likely would be used to grief other players. Rocket’s response: “Where’s your sense of adventure?”

    If it were someone from Activision, Blizzard, or EA that said this the internet mob would be in full uproar mode. But whenever someone makes any criticism of Day Z they’re immediately jumped on.

    The game’s fine, the community it’s attracted is shit.

    • rebb says:

      At least he didn’t comment the change with “i can’t wait for your delicious tears” like back when he removed the bandit skins.

    • jellydonut says:

      In other words, *if* it was a big publisher, this game would be turned into a carebear snoozefest and be identical to the other games out there.

      The only thing that makes this game so good is that it’s a pure sandbox. No established publisher would do this, except, heh, CCP. They’re busy making a fucking console shooter instead, unfortunately.

      • Shooop says:

        Newsflash: It already is just like all the other games out there except it’s more difficult. You’re just deluded if you think it isn’t.

        It’s just one big FFA with some zombies thrown in. That’s what happens when you open the pool for kids – they piss in it.

  20. cairbre says:

    I think taking out the guns when you spawn was a good idea it forces you to try and survive rather than going on to shoot the first zombies you see. I would imagine that it also acts as a deterrent for people who want to play it like its COD

    • Kuze says:

      You can get a weapon in 5-10mins just hit up the first barn.

      As for endgame well it doesnt exist sadly. Me and a group of 4 friends thought about building a car but why? So we can zoom about and grief folks? It doesnt follow you around so after all the effort of building the thing whats the reward few hours with it then bang its gone? Killing zombies isnt fun unless your just going for high numbers and even then its stupid easy.

      I think half the reason people grief / PK (and i’ve started doing it now) is boredom. There is a rush from stalking people and once you have ok gear (can be done in 1-2hours) there is nothing else to do. As someone else pointed out surviving is easy, find a water bottle, cooking gear and a field/pond. There you go your set for life and never need see another soul, dull dull dull.

      Its fun atm cos I play as a group and we are exploring and trying to get awesome gear for everyone but the most fun I/we have at the moment is looting stuff and killing others.

  21. Poet says:

    If you were one of the 97% of people that moved to Trammel from Felucca then this game is not for you.

    This is NOT a zombie game it is a strategic and tactical simulator. You can cry about being killed and quit playing like everyone above or you can stop sniveling and get you some.

  22. newprince says:

    I don’t know how any avid gamer these days can honestly have clear-cut ‘game of the year’s every year, but whatever.

    All I know is DayZ is the kind of breath of fresh air we need in the FPS genre, and video games in general. It has shown developers that there is a thirst out there for systems that go beyond regenerating health, and even *gasp* non-combat systems! Maybe you spend an entire life looking for a gun. I’ve had several lives where I felt okay about my situation even though I never fired a shot. Developers need to find out why this game is popular despite it not being a Bros-n-slaughter game. Hint: it’s doesn’t have to do with shooting people from other cultures in a desert.

  23. Ultra-Humanite says:

    Game of the Year, please. Now you are just being ridiculous.

  24. R1ckyChav3z says:

    Hi guys!
    My friends and I started playing Day Z and we are recording our adventures as we play the game and so far I have Day 1 up and we are currently recording Day 2, where we started playing together as a team. Also I shot one of my friends accidentally in the face. If you’d like us to add or change anything or want us to make a video explaining how to do something, leave a comment below.

    Hopefully you like the video and subscribe to my channel, as we continue making videos for the Day Z community.

    Day 1 – Introducing the Game and running around in circles in Utter Terror:
    link to