3/5ths Of RPS, Quasi-Live On Stage

Nathan had a good excuse what with being American, but why Jim wasn't involved is AN ETERNAL MYSTERY

Rezzed had many highlights, and it’s faintly possible that insane people believe watching me try to construct a little man out of chewing gum and my own spittle was one of them. This was just one of the many strange and possibly dangerous tasks in the live trial by that was the 5th International Indie Mudwrestling Championships, an on-stage panel show hosted with golden-voiced aplomb by Mr John Walker. Adam Smith and I headed up a team respectively, with ample support from indie devs Andrew J Smith of Spilt Milk and Dave Johnston of Smudged Cat. Surprisingly, at no juncture were we booed off stage. We had a live pun thread, Adam and I almost exploded, we listened to the Donkey Kong rap and John kept forgetting that RPS only covers PC games.

Watch our mouths move and words come out of them, sometimes followed by the reassuring sound of laughter, below.

Drinking foul machine coffee in an antechamber behind the conference room just before this might just have been the most nervous moment of my life. Only for that title to be snatched away mere hours later when I found myself presenting the results of a chaotic one-hour mass gamejam to an even bigger crowd…


  1. pakoito says:

    Not probably the best place to put it, but one of your ex n-ths has posted a diary/article about his experience with Dota 2: link to eurogamer.net

    • pakoito says:

      I know we generally avoid talking about little girl Quinns, but it’s actually helpful and well written.

      • misterT0AST says:

        We avoid talking about Quinns?!? I, personally, am just careful not to speak his name in vain.

    • Malawi Frontier Guard says:

      Have I mentioned DotA today?

  2. Dances to Podcasts says:

    I can’t watch at work, but sortof like a Have I Got Games For You or Mock The Games? I can see some potential there…

  3. bglamb says:

    I was the last questioner. Sorry to throw such a curve ball.

    I had that one prepped and ready to fire off at Molyneux, but I never got a chance to ask it. It seemed a shame to let it go to waste.

    I was in the Ghost Recon session too and nobody wanted to ask anything, so I asked them what the scariest dream they ever had was. They didn’t appreciate it and I felt bad. :-(

    It was lovely to meet you all though!

    • Premium User Badge

      Adam Smith says:

      Curveballs are good! I don’t think we’d have known it was over unless we all felt a deep sense of regret.

      • Xerian says:

        I felt a sudden pain in my chest when Kieron was mentioned – And then realised that I was remembering when my heart was torn out… For the second time. L(ive).I.P Kieron & Quinns..
        Oh and good on you guys! I utterly loved the pun bit, and damn Adam, you’ve become more handsome since I last saw a picture of ya’! And god oh god, I really do hope you could turn Rezzed into an annual event much like PAX and such, cause despite not actually being there (If I could walk from Denmark to Brighton I would’ve come though!) the coverage was just hillarious and the bits I’ve read and seen thus far is really just all-around excellent.

  4. JohnArr says:

    It was suprising to find out how much taller Alec’s voice is than the rest of him.

  5. Jason Moyer says:

    The DRM In ZooKeeper 2012 Is Unbearable

  6. Hirmetrium says:


    Just kidding.

  7. sinister agent says:

    Needs more rum.

    • McDan says:

      Needs more pun.

      I am really annoyed I couldn’t make it now, that live pun thread would have been great. Also annoyed I have to wait until I come back from spiderman, “sigh” White people problems.

  8. Eddy9000 says:

    For a second I thought I’d missed an opportunity to see 90’s indie band Quasi playing live at rezzed, never do this to me again RPS!

  9. MadJax says:

    Damn my voice sounds shit on camera :/ I’m the guy who didn’t get a hug :P

    • bglamb says:

      You missed out. I’d put it in my top 7 most enjoyable hugs.

      • MadJax says:

        Now I’m really gutted. Though the Introversion guys were a tad suprised when I hugged em ;)

  10. CaBBagE says:

    After the lemonade and liver salts round I was hoping there would be a ‘how many cream crackers can you eat without taking a drink’ one… ;o) Good quiz!

  11. Soon says:

    You need an intros round!

  12. HexagonalBolts says:

    It’s really interesting watching videos of you guys, to see what the person behind the articles is like. It’d be great to see more, perhaps like the podcasts?

  13. fr0y0 says:

    I am SO pissed no one got that Deus Ex quote.

    • Premium User Badge

      Adam Smith says:

      If I hadn’t been so pissed the night before, I reckon I might have done.

      • MadJax says:

        I’m suprised you lasted as long as you did with a gobful of salts and lemonade, was a tad scared of being soaked :P

        Although the volume in the front row did nothing for hangovers :P

      • Petethegoat says:

        I stumbled in and nearly missed the start because of the night before too.
        Meat Circus, if you read this, thanks for the drinks and for the floor.

  14. Premium User Badge

    Hodge says:

    I’m sorely disappointed that you didn’t all jump onto the table and break out into a boy band routine, wot with those headset mics.

    • Josh W says:

      Or a live re-inactment of the donkey kong rap, they had the words after all…

  15. wodin says:

    Adam is damn cool looking…

    from up North..explains it.

  16. wodin says:

    Do popacap in your arse games cause violence

  17. BurningPet says:

    Damn, i wish i was british. i will even be willing to put up with all that queen stuff if that means being in events like this in person

    • woodsey says:

      I find if I leave a bowl of water out by the front door she doesn’t bother me too much.

  18. lowprices says:

    So no mud wrestling then. See, this is why I didn’t buy a ticket to Rezzed and instead spent my Saturday getting trollied on homemade beer in Manchester.

  19. The Hammer says:

    Surely, “Anyone who commits violence against another human being should bejailed”?


  20. lynn_kraken says:

    I should have claimed that hug. Imagine the whole room rushing on stage to claim theirs… Truth is, Mr Meer, you had the audience fooled with that quiet composure of yours.

  21. JakeDust says:

    Gosh, I wanna marry Adam. Am I the only one?

    • wodin says:

      no your not…see my comment further up…he is a cool looking lad,,,turns out he is a North west lad like myself…doesn’t surprise me..

  22. Adventurous Putty says:

    Please, for the love of all things free and brave, host something in New York!

  23. Gnoupi says:

    Jim’s currently being hunted.

  24. OfMiceAndMods says:

    I’m still not too sure why I was the biggest RPS fan xD

  25. Muzman says:

    Although amusing, if you think this buys you like 6 months without a podcast or something YOU’RE WRONG.

  26. wodin says:

    Some of it was great viewing, some a little uncomfortable…still round of applause…

  27. Milos says:

    On my tiny screen Adam reminded me incredibly of Mickey Rourke in Barfly. I don’t even know why, I didn’t see it since I was like 11.

  28. Anym says:

    Any chance to get this as an MP3?

  29. sonofsanta says:

    That was lovely. I’d humbly submit Grievous Bejewelled Harm for your punnage.

    Also: 3/5ths? When did Nathan get made official? Surely this was post-worthy news!

  30. Xerian says:

    Adam! My loins are throbbing for your attention!…
    So yeah, are there any plans for rezzed being an annual kind of event? Or atleast repeated once more? It was nothing short of brilliant, and you got some biiiig names and players despite the size, which is awesome.