Realms Of Ancient War Appears In September

Back in the mists of ancient May, John Walker was pleased and excited to see another ARPG announced for 2012 – year of the ARPG – and the one he was pleased about was this one, Realms Of Ancient War. (ROAW! I call it.) Focus have announced that the game – which is a clear instance of the “Everything Is Gauntlet/Nothing Is Gauntlet” methodology of game development – will be allowing you to collecting experience points, and therefore level up, from September, and there’s a fine AOE-firing trailer to illustrate that. You can see that trailer below, as is traditional in the realm of RPS.

Looking solid enough, it seems. Presumably a few people might have released their knuckle-whitening grip on Diablo 3 by September, too. It’s okay guys, it really did come out. And you played it! It all worked out in the end…


  1. Greggh says:

    “Titan Quest” echoed in the back of my head, the reason? I know not.

    • Dreforian says:

      Probably the very visual talent spending screen (also a bit similar to Dungeon Siege 2’s) and maybe the ability to charge up attacks? Mainly, the assigning skills to quickslots and being able to switch between 2 sets. In TQ you could switch between 2 different weapon sets and your action bar would switch with them.

  2. Enkinan says:

    Something with that announcer’s voice really cracked me up. Almost like he was announcing prizes for a game show.

    • Highstorm says:

      Agreed. This is now one of my favorite trailers. It felt like stepping back in time for some reason and I half expected him to finish with something like, “Additional parts sold separately.”

  3. Dreforian says:

    Except for the mind control bit this video could very nearly be an “overview” of just about any ARPG. Dunno if that’s a weakness but at least it makes the game look solid. Just solid. I’m curious to know how long they intend for it to be. Dungeon Siege 3 went graphics heavy and ended up waaaaaaaaaaay too short. If it’s more DS2/DS1 length, I’m probably already sold on this. I HUNGER.

  4. tumbleworld says:

    Well, it looks like it might be less of a crushing disappointment than Diablo “BUY LOOT WITH CASH!” 3.

    • MuscleHorse says:

      I’ve been having lots of fun with a few friends on D3 since it’s release. Ignore the real-money auction house and fluff like that and it’s a very solid, fun game.

      • fish99 says:

        Yup, if you believed everything you read on the web about D3 you’d come away thinking it was the worse game ever made, but really that just shows how most people online are incapable of expressing a balanced rational opinion. Not saying the game doesn’t have issues, but there’s no way I regret buying it.

  5. MuscleHorse says:

    Apologies for this being somewhat off topic, but what was the ARPG mentioned a few weeks back where you could ‘edit’ the maps with gems etc? I was going to pay for it and then promptly forgot the name of the thing.

  6. Jim9137 says:


  7. mseifullah says:

    O when will we ever get a true Gauntlet Legends successor? This just looks like another Titan Quest, Dungeon Seige, Diablo 3 where every button is a skill.

    I was hoping for something that would take me back to mashing dedicated fast attack, strong attack, and magic attack buttons.

  8. golem09 says:

    I doubt that anything this year will be able to top Path of Exile. The rest is just too formulaic

  9. mr.ioes says:

    September 2012: Torchlight 2, Borderlands 2, ROAW (also known as RAW or R.A.W.). This is madness.

  10. spindaden says:

    ROAW, huh!
    What is it good for?

  11. Trent Hawkins says:

    oh man this game has Level ups? that’s amazing!