Delawere: AssCreed III’s Co-op Wolf Pack

There are no lycanthropes in AssCreed III but I might manage a smile if AssCreed IV, which will probably be the fifteenth game in the series, had all manner of shapeshifters and undead running around in its industrial British setting. The American Wolf Pack aren’t a band of teenwolves though, or indeed a group of increasingly unpleasant men with sore heads, but rather the teams of assassins in the game’s new co-op mode, details of which IGN has extracted. Teams of up to four will work together to take down mark(s) against the clock across 25 waves. The news from Comic Con is that the PC version will be here “before Christmas” (Edit: Ubisoft’s now claiming that the delay’s not real and we all just imagined it). Here’s some footage of Boston, with commentary.

Jolly good fun, what?

The co-op sections will necessitate communication and teamwork, and the idea actually impresses me a fair amount. It could mean using one person as soldier-bait while another moves in for the kill, which instantly amuses me because it means somebody is soldier-bait.

I still need to form a brotherhood and endure some revelations to bring myself up to date. I had a long conversation with someone at Rezzed about Assassin’s Creed and only realised the next morning that I’d referred to Desmond as Duncan throughout. I am made of knowledge.


  1. Brun says:

    I too did not play Brotherhood or Revelations. Might pick them up if they show up in a sale.

    • Tuggy Tug says:

      me too

      something to do with low expectations re: innovation in the series?

    • Inglourious Badger says:

      Brotherhood was good, if you liked 2 it’s more of the same. And re:innovation, see the multiplayer which was bloody brilliant and such a refreshing change from bang-bang-shooty games, pleased to see they’re expanding on that for 3. The Asscreeds are one of those games that when I’m not playing them I think they’re not that good, never live up to the grand open-world, too many ‘exciting’ set pieces, ridiculously jarring sci-fi storyline, etc. But then when I actually play them I have the best kind of fun. This video just reminded me of that…will Revelations be in the Steam sale? Might have to get up to date.

      • Borengar says:

        AC:Revelations was choice of the community yesterday, 75% off. So you are kinda late :D But it´s still 33%, better than nothing.

  2. CaspianRoach says:

    I just love how fluid the acrobatic movements are now, honestly, they could’ve just left them as a gameplay and remove all combat and I would buy the game anyway.

    • tomeoftom says:

      Yeah, I didn’t play the last two but I’ll definitely be getting this just to parkour around.

  3. BlackeyeVuk says:

    It flow nice , almost unreal. Nobody can go up a tree like that.

    Meh. Im from Europe. I’ll cheer for them redcoats.

    • liquidsoap89 says:

      I don’t believe it’s possible for a person to jump off the colosseum in to a pile of hay either. It’s a suspension of disbelief situation.

      And while it might be unrealistic, it looks DAMN good!

      • pcgamerpro says:

        It’s a game guys. It’s supposed to be like that. What I wondered was during the fight with red coats at naval yard every one had a rifle but no one tried the range shot at Conner?

  4. Anthile says:

    I just hope this isn’t the next stage of the AssCreed feature creep. The entire design philosophy seems to come down to “sure, throw it in”. Sure, it’s always nice to see a game with lots of content but I’d rather have a few well-done gameplay elements instead of many half-assed ones.
    Bombs, mediterranean defense and den defense felt like people put a lot of thought behind them but they’re simply not very good and they feel too disconnected from the main game. Not to mention the now preposterous amounts of different weapons you carry around by the time of AssRev. It’s a thin line between leaving people a choice and clutter.

    • liquidsoap89 says:

      I remember reading (and it’s something that was sort of brought up in this video) that they’re taking this game back to basics, so to speak. Someone said that all that fluff is either being re-worked or removed. The item count as well is apparently smaller.

      And in regards to bombs, did ANYBODY actually craft different bombs? I don’t think I ever opened up those crafting bird houses other than that initial time where you learn how to…

  5. Heliocentric says:

    Assassins creed Coop sounds excellent, if they make good on its potential I might be picking it up on release.

  6. Ross Angus says:

    I enjoyed the adventures of Derek in the first game. I’ve not followed his antics since.

  7. dsch says:

    – The ‘not actually saying Brits are evil’ argument is continuing to take a beating.

    – New feature: the up-kilt view if you catch a highlander right.

    – Wonder what the little circle above Connor’s head is. Sometimes it sends out rays to other people’s heads.

    • CaspianRoach says:

      I believe it’s a new “hidden” indicator as opposed to previous games’ making you black/white. It looks like they changed it because of the “stalker zones”, you can barely see your character in them and it would be unreliable to show the hiding status on the player character. It sending rays is probably an indicator of people you blend with atm.

    • lordcooper says:

      Hey, we were pretty evil back then.

    • Roxton says:

      This trailer re-mixes so well one could think it was deliberate:

  8. airtekh says:

    Soo excited for this.

    I love me some Assassin’s Creed.

  9. Gap Gen says:

    If I wanted to fight British people by the docks, I’d just head out into Bristol on Saturday night.

  10. ZIGS says:

    So wait, this is coming at the same time as the console version?

  11. TwwIX says:

    I love how dynamic and fluid the gameplay is. This should be a lot of fun.

  12. Meldreth says:

    Hey, this actually looks pretty fun. Much more promising than the previous videos that have been released, I’d say. I just hope they rework the AI, and I’m not just saying this because of how dumb or blind enemies usually are, which is almost a feature of the game now, but also because of how annoying the whole ” detection ” system is. If a guard considers you hostile, suddenly everyone will be alerted of your presence and of your position. ( Walkie-talkies ? Hmm, more like telepathy. ) Or maybe they could just remove those damn missions where being spotted means instant failure. This was particularly infuriating.

    • Vander says:

      Well, its the only ounce of difficulty in the game, and you want to remove it?

      Because you can let your guy alone for 10 minutes against two ennemy and still not die…so not being detected ,if its not an instant failure, mean nothing.

      Off course they could put different level of difficulty…but they didnt do it previously despite the complaints, so….

      • Meldreth says:

        Well, it might have added some difficulty, but it also made no sense at all. If guards started yelling and running around when they spot you, then I guess I could accept being ” fucked “, and thus a game-over, but right now the guards’ reaction is more like : ” Huh ? “. And even if you kill the guy who spotted you half a second later, you’re still fucked, because somehow everyone else knows this guard saw an assassin.

        • Yar says:

          Remember, you’re syncing with a memory. This is all stuff that already happened, and you’re puppeteering your way through it to find out what happened. If you deviate too much from what “actually happened” then you lose sync with the memory. In some cases, being detected at all, even if you take out the guy, is just too much out of sync with the actual badness that was the Assassin. So you lose sync and start over. It’s a dang brilliant way to imagine a game mechanic IMO. Not to mention that the one thing that was awesome about the first AC was that you actually had to be a stealthy assassin and figure out a way to get close to your target without being detected. It seems each game wants to make you more and more of an OP tank, and it’s nice to get to be stealth again now and then.

  13. Docm30 says:

    I got a good chuckle about 2:30 minutes in when that British officer’s head collapses into his body.

  14. Maxheadroom says:

    Despite loving the very first game, my interest in this series has exponentially dropped with every release to the point where I cant even read about the latest installment without my eyes glassing over and my mind wandering off

    • Orija says:

      Same here, this good vs evil thing was boring enough in AC II. I’d rather have a game that has you take revenge against the colonists as a native american rather then get chummy with the people who raped your nation.

      • ChargerCarl says:

        “chummy with the people who raped your nation”

        umm you mean the british who established the colonies and populated them? wheres the problem?

  15. caddyB says:

    Yeah let’s wank the americans a bit more! AMERICA!

  16. Milky1985 says:

    So if the founding fathers are Templar are the current cannon (what with one of them using the apple to control the populace and passing it down) i assume later on you kill something other than British soldiers right?

    The “grey area” is looking less grey with each trailer.

  17. WinTurkey says:

    “About his mixed heritage, he’s half Native-American half European”

    I like how they changed it from half British to just half European.