Mana Reservoir Dogs: Magicka’s Other Side Of The Coin

Necromancers leave the worst hickies.

While it’s definitely about time to bid a fond farewell to Magicka’s colourful mages and their crazy spell-slinging ways, we can always find a moment for one of Paradox/Arrowhead’s live-action trailers. In The Other Side Of The Coin, you’re evil. Things are about to get… darkly.

Cthulhu to the left of me, Vietnam to the right, here I am, stuck into co-op with you…

Ahem. The Other Side Of The Coin is all about switching to the dark side, swapping the mostly-noble wizards of old for the vampire Alucart (It’s Tracula backwards) and his army of necromancers. It came out last month, but is inevitably part of the Steam Sale – on its own for £2.39, or as part of the complete Magicka Collection for £14.39.


  1. Ninja Foodstuff says:

    Goodness Richard, take a break! Have a cup of tea!

  2. caddyB says:

    I buy these just because of the live action trailers. I never actually played magicka in multiplayer.

    • Fumarole says:

      Multiplayer is the One True Way to play it.

      • caddyB says:

        My friends only play Diablo 3. So, yeah. I need better friends.

      • Ninja Foodstuff says:

        But only because single-player is so badly thought out.

        • Theon says:

          But that’s just plain wrong in my opinion.
          I played through the entire thing alone, twice, and it was incredibly marvellous.
          Never experienced any of the glitches people talk about, either, so I’m guessing that has been patched out or something.

          • Ninja Foodstuff says:

            They might have patched out all the crash to desktops that I encountered, but they certainly haven’t patched out the inability to save mid-level. So you’d play for like an hour to get to the end of the level, then it would crash (or you’d want to stop to go do something else) and bang you’re at the beginning again.

      • LionsPhil says:

        When it works.

  3. says:

    I’m guessing they put this out late to be there for the Steam sale. Maybe.

    Either way, Magicka is one of my favorite titles of the last year… and a half. I still pick it up occasionally.

  4. ChiefOfBeef says:

    So, the safe-word isn’t ‘banana’?

    • tungstenHead says:

      He was pronouncing it wrong. It’s pronounced “Bananner”.

    • Shadowcat says:

      That was priceless. In fact, the trailers for Magicka have been fantastic right from the beginning. I was basically sold as soon as I saw the “why the gold master was delayed” video.

  5. Tacroy says:

    I’m waiting for them to make a Magicka roguelike, it should be red-themed and called Going Rouge.

  6. bear912 says:

    I love Paradox/Arrowhead.

  7. Caddrel says:

    Strangely erotic.

  8. grinxen says:

    This makes me think of this video.