The RPS Bargain Bucket: Tremendous Time

I’ve just got home after spending a lovely week or so partying in Brighton, meeting a bunch of you lot at Rezzed, and then other games industry folk during develop conference. The downside is that I know how a post-conference flu. Which is why it’s taken me this long to bucket up these bargains today. Better late and existent than never at all. For more of the cheap games, you can rely on for updates throughout the week.

Darksiders, Metro 2033, Nexuiz, Red Faction: Armageddon & DLC & Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance – £9.62/€12.24/$14.99
This is from, so you’ll need to enter a US billing address. All of these activate on Steam.
I wasn’t too keen on Darksiders, and Red Faction Armageddon was not the Red Faction sequel anyone really wanted, but I can vouch for Metro 2033 & Supreme Commander being solid. RPS opinions for each game can be located here: Darksiders, Metro 2033, Red Faction: Armageddon & Supreme Commander. Stinking good value for the lot of them.

Bulletstorm – £3.20/€4.07/$4.99
Another Amazon US deal, so same rules as above apply. Here’s what John said about this in the RPS verdict:

DICKS! I’m definitely enjoying it. I’m constantly shouting at it for being so idiotically needy and controlly. But then it gives me another battle and I forget what I was saying. I think I wish it were more of an arcade, or more of a shooter, because it frustrates me by not being quite enough of either, but too much of the other. But I’m still having a tremendous time. Summarise, dicks.

More here.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning – £9.99
That link probably only works for people in the UK, because EA still have region specific store pages. They’re also one of the worst offenders for regional pricing bollocks, and region specific promotions, so this may not be of any use to you if you live somewhere else. Jim said this:

Ultimately, Kingdoms Of Amalur is generous but uninspired. This is a game that has been carved out of the bedrock of action RPGs by a team of well-paid professionals. Their work is fine, even nuanced, but their vision is not one that will leave you feel enriched or changed by the experience it produced. You can sense of the results of committee conclusions in almost all areas of the game.

EA have got a few other games at an IP-protecting 50% off too, including:

Syndicate: The New One – £7.49
I thought that this was basically a waste of everyone involved’s time. I’d have preferred another Riddick remake. It’s a vaguely stylish FPS with nothing interested of any substance. It’s also got the worst doors in any game ever. Let me tell you about the doors in Syndicate. Sometimes they shut behind you for no discernible reason, and seal you in an room to fight some baddies. Worse still, sometimes they require you to mash buttons for several seconds whilst a cinematic cutscene showing the bloke you are playing as put his hands on the door, then pull it open. It’s a cynical mess of a game, resurrecting a bit of IP in a way that no one really every wanted. I hear the multiplayer is a bit better, though. RPS opinions here for the single player, and here for the coop.

Deal of the week
The Steam Summer Sale.
Steam’s big mid-year mega reduction festival is go. I’ll be doing my best to keep track of the best short-term reductions on this page on SavyGamer, but in their quest to stop me ever being able to sleep at night, Steam have introduced flash sales, discounts that last less than 24 hours. Right now you should be getting Plants vs Zombies, Frozen Synapse & The Binding of Isaac.

Get over to for gaming discounts across all platforms throughout the week.


  1. rockman29 says:

    It looks like the daily sales last an extra 12 hours too, into the following day.

    I agree… the flash sales give me more of a headache than I’d like to admit. But I did buy 3 Tomb Raider games for $10 :-)

    • malkav11 says:

      It’s starting to look like the flash sales and community vote sales are just mirroring prices that appear on daily deals anyway. Like, Legend of Grimrock is currently up as a community vote for the price that it was at the first day of the sale. Trine 2 got voted as a community sale and is now a daily deal for the same price, as is Saints Row the Third.

      • LionsPhil says:

        Indeed. Makes them more of a second-chance if you miss a daily, I guess; as long as the set of games in either is the same.

  2. Jayson82 says:

    Everyone is waiting for Arma 2 to go on proper sale lol its still selling well though even at its 20% discount.

    • Norton says:

      Giving arma2 to away with a bigger discount would be stupid, since it’s been on the top5 list for months now and dayz is getting more popular by the minute

      • Wreckdum says:

        My Day Z addiction lasted less than 24 hours. Not because Day Z is bad. More because ArmA 2’s movement is so ridiculously clunky. I hate walking in that game. I’m hoping they do an overhaul with ArmA 3. It’s like a simulation of a day in the life of a handicapped person.

        • fish99 says:

          It’s still gonna sell a crap-load more if they put it in a daily, which they probably will.

    • Jams O'Donnell says:

      All the ARMA you need to play DayZ is on sale on Bohemia’s site for £15. Also, I seem to recall BI saying they didn’t want to put it on sale in the Steam sale because they’d prefer people bought it directly from them.

      Long story short: get it from BI where it is cheaper.
      link to
      link to

  3. Memph says:

    I really want Amalur, but I want the steam version with the achievements and the steam and yeah, but it’s more expensive than Origin even before the sale price… Grr

  4. Unfair says:

    One new indie bundle this week, and of course the Steam Sale is FINALLY here. I’m covering many of the indie bundle games from each day’s sale as well as a couple of the normal games.

    You can find playlists for each day over here: link to PLEASE NOTE – I upload some ahead of time, so check back throughout the sale for more games on the current day’s list. (Flash sales only go out to my Twitter account, not on the daily playlists)

    Now, for the regularly scheduled indie bundle:
    Reddit GameDev Bundle
    link to

    Girl With A Heart Of …
    Cardinal Quest

    P.S. I just put out my first video in 1080p yesterday – PAYDAY – and all videos now on will be equally nice quality :)

    • TillEulenspiegel says:

      Who would be stupid enough to release an unremarkable bundle when the Steam sale has everyone’s attention? Oh right, Reddit.

      also, lol bitcoins

      • thristhart says:

        They’d been planning that since long before it was known the steam sale was coming up.

        • Solidstate89 says:

          How’s that? We all know Steam does a major sale for Christmas and one for Summer.

          This isn’t brand new to anyone.

          • Unfair says:

            Well they were actually supposed to launch end of June, but they missed a couple launch dates. If the people on the bitcoin reddit had their way it would have been delayed another day too. (BC payments weren’t working on launch)

    • Atrak says:

      Have they fixed the Cardinal Quest not showing up on Desura issue yet?

  5. malkav11 says:

    Unfortunately, Origin doesn’t appear to have any sales at all in the US. Much less half off Kingdoms of Amalur or its DLC. (I already own Amalur, so the DLC at a discount wouldn’t hurt.)

    • Mac says:

      They are obviously preserving their IP :p

    • Melliflue says:

      In Germany they are doing the 50% off sale, but that means Kingdoms of Amalur is now only 25€. EA with their regional pricing.

      I suppose they could argue that it costs money to re-do all the voices into German (assuming they did) but even then it would be nice to have the option to buy the English version cheaper.

      • RegisteredUser says:

        Adding insult to injury, any gamer I know with half an IQ over 80 _wants_ the games in their original versions, uncut and undubbed, so its twice as enraging.

        Then again KOA is dead and pointless to support anyhow, but the general issue remains.
        The german market deserves to be rid of this idiotic forced localization logic(especially if games don’t ask what version to use, but simply force it and have zero option to change it unless you install an actual american/english OS version) and of course of the silly censorship even for adults shit.

        • Melliflue says:

          I’ve never had a problem with Steam or Gamersgate in getting the English version, although it is still the European price. I have never used Origin though so maybe it is possible there and I was too dumb to see it.

  6. iainl says:

    Hmm. Thought Skyrim would be less than that, I admit. Was hoping to justify replacing my 360 copy (look, my GPU was crap when it came out, OK?)

    • Solidstate89 says:

      50% reduction is pretty significant as I’m almost certain this is the first price-drop on Skyrim since the game was released.

      • Vinraith says:

        Not even remotely. Hell, it was on sale (not at nearly this steep a discount, of course) in the Steam Xmas sale.

        • Solidstate89 says:

          Was it? I had the game pre-ordered so I guess I just didn’t notice.

          Ahh well, my mistake.

      • trjp says:

        Lowest Skyrim has been before today was £23ish – retail at Gamestation and Tesco and on Steam in their anniversary sale doodah – so it’s a good price.

        It took Oblivion 8 years to dip below 50% of it’s original price retail or online!

        • iainl says:

          The price is great value, it’s just not “buy it again for the better graphics” price yet. Still, don’t desperately want to give up the hours put in on my cat anyway.

          Only purchase for me so far is Civ V, but tempted by the MS Flight bundle; I got a few hours of fun out of the free part.

    • Wut The Melon says:

      Yeah, generally speaking, it seems that if games are still full-price no discount is going to do any good… Skyrim at 25 euros is street retail price, so was Alice: Madness returns at 12.50…

      I mean, I want to buy both of the Alice games, but the first is not for sale due to EA being stupid (as in, they have the game, they actually sold it through Origin for the few lucky Americans that preordered Madness, then completely removed it again -.-), and the second costs almost as much in the Steam sales as the regular Origin price (which is probably due to EA being dicks as well)…

      • Baines says:

        Alice: Madness Returns was just down to $5 US on Steam, wasn’t it? I picked it up a month ago when it was $6 for a day. Both are better than the current list price for the game on Amazon, Origin, or Steam’s regular price. (Origin’s base price is the current highest, asking $30 where Steam and Amazon only ask $20.)

        But yes, I’ll hardly even look at a “full price” game unless it is at least 66% off. Basically, if I really want a game, I’m willing to pay more (including full price), but it takes a substantial price drop for me to consider anything that is only borderline.

        (I bought the first Alice long ago in its retail discount shelf packaging, bundled with some other game for $10 or so. Haven’t tried installing it on a more modern machine, but I recall reading it needed some kind of widescreen fix or something applied.)

    • Carra says:

      Skyrim is the top seller today on Steam so putting it at €25 was a good choice for them.

      And it’s worth it, it’s one of those games that you can spend dozens of hours in. I must go back to play some more one of these days :)

  7. Solidstate89 says:

    I must say, I find myself purchasing less and less during these Steam sales if for no other reason than the fact I already purchased them in the previous Steam sales…

    Although that didn’t stop me from picking up the Anno 2070 collection for 30 bucks. I’m very glad I waited for it to drop in price from its original reduction which wasn’t nearly as much.

    • LionsPhil says:

      Put off that one by the third-party DRM.

      Between that and the general lackluster nature of so many modern games, it’s a cheap sale so far here too.

      • Solidstate89 says:

        I’ve been wanting to get that game for a while now as I loved the previous one. Even with the DRM, for only 30 bucks, I couldn’t pass it up.

      • RegisteredUser says:

        Its actually saddened me quite a bit to see so many top-tier DRM titles in the best sellers toplist.

        Obviously far less people care about abusive restrictions than one would think.

        • mwoody says:

          Those of us who once considered Steam itself to be the worst of the DRM find the irony in that statement hilarious.

          • RegisteredUser says:

            Admittedly though, most of the normal DRM doesn’t work in a way that let’s you say “turn off and work regardless”.
            Though I am of course in complete agreement. Steam should be purely a delivery platform, not a copy protection check.
            Some games / indie titles actually do that, afaik(checked, Dungeons Of Dredmore would be one such example that runs without steam despite being delivered through it – complete pack on sale right now for 3 EUR, very much worth it).

            To be fair – the only reason I created a steam account in the first place? Counterstrike: Source, an online-only game.
            Having a check that I am online to be playing the online-only game felt to be about the only concession I was willing to make. And the second title I got was L4D2.

      • Vinraith says:

        Yeah, I’ve been holding off due to the DRM as well, and I’m a huge fan of the series. Honestly, I don’t think I’ll get it on Steam, because Steam + UPlay + Tages is too damned much DRM. I’d have to wait for Steam to launch the launcher and that launcher to then launch the game. Yeesh.

      • wu wei says:

        I held off on Anno 2070 because of the DRM as well, but recently grabbed it when g2play had it for <$20. The DRM is the usual UPlay bollocks but it doesn't require a permanent connection to play. I think I've only signed on the once and since then have played completely offline on my laptop. All up it was nowhere near as onerous as I feared.

        Having said that, I'm loathe to recommend it if you've played Anno 1404, as it feels like a very light near-future reskinning. So far, I don't think there's been a single campaign mission I haven’t had to restart due to broken quest triggers. Hunting through multiple build panes for each faction to find the one unit you want to build is kind of tedious too.

        • Vinraith says:

          How about if you couldn’t give less of a damn about the campaign, and only play these games for the sandbox mode?

          • wu wei says:

            In that case, I guess I would recommend it. There are enough minor tweaks over Anno 1404 to make it play faster, and the SFish theme is quite compelling. It also looks very pretty.

            Definitely agree with avoiding it on Steam, though. Steam’s offline mode was down for about a week recently and the non-Steam bound Anno 2070 was the only thing I could play on my laptop during that time.

          • Carra says:

            Anno 1404 is the better game, I’d recommend you play that.

            I bought that game once they removed the DRM in a patch.

    • Lemming says:

      Bought Anno 2070 complete for £20 on Steam during the sale and was horrified to see some Uplay bollocks show up when I run the game. Should’ve known. :-(

      • trjp says:

        You’ll be even more upset to know that it still has some of their DRM in place including limited activations doesn’t it?

        Not sure if it demands online but it does need to check it from time to time IIRC?

        It was also cheaper at GetGamesGo – and that way you only have UPlay and not Steam as well to worry about :)

      • RegisteredUser says:

        See if you can still refund it, point to the new EU legislative decision if all else fails.

        Say you weren’t aware of just how atrocious the DRM is and you should have the low actual playtime to prove you aren’t scamming them.

        Make a point of saying how the DRM is the reason you regret your purchase / don’t want the purchase.

  8. MythArcana says:

    Torchlight II Pre-Order deal is on GamersGate now. $20 gets you the first game now and the second upon release. Just an FYI for the non-trendies out there.

    • Melliflue says:

      Is that not the normal price for Torchlight II? In Germany, Gamersgate and Steam both list Torchlight II as 19€ and both offer the original Torchlight for pre-orders. I wanted to see if there was an offer in Europe too but since I already own Torchlight there appears to be no benefit to pre-ordering for me.

      Is the price new or the fact it is on Gamersgate?

      • MythArcana says:

        This was their S-exclusive deal that finally came to GG.

        • caddyB says:

          Torchlight 2 has been 20$ forever on steam.

          • 2Ben says:

            True, Torchlight 2 has been $20 since the beginning on Steam, but having it on GG means that if you’re one of the happy few that got the free IGN 15% rebate (or if you’re a current IGN member), then you get it at $17 :)

  9. RegisteredUser says:

    So I got tired of Tribes: Ascend real quick (far too many ultrapros beating the crap out of you if you’re only medium good), but I am wondering about Section 8: Prejudice which is on sale for about 5 quid if you get all the addons, too.

    Does anyone have any compelling “Fuck yes, awesome game” arguments on it?

    Thankfully it is on sale until the 23rd, which is how I wish all titles were handled on this sale. I am so not made for impulse buys.

    Edit: Ah crap. I just realized that it uses GFWL. I’m not supporting that, even with cents. *sigh*
    What irony that Totalbiscuits video on it is called “This is why we can’t have nice things”, but means the lackluster sales as opposed to the GFWL idiocy..

    • LionsPhil says:

      Steam’s short sales usually mean that I put something in my basket, think about it slightly too long, and then the sale ends so I go “welp” and take it back out again rather than “sure, why not” and hit checkout. (This effect is greatly strengthed by their habit for “if you wait for the right day it might get EVEN CHEAPER” sales.)

      I’m sure their econo-smarts reckon that’s cancelled out by people hitting F5 on the storefront continually and buying shiny things impetuously, though. They’re probably even right, given they have all of the money.

    • hamburger_cheesedoodle says:

      S8 Prejudice is a very sad story. I bought the game on launch for $15, and even though the single-player was horrible and bad and not worth playing, the game was an absolute gem for multiplay. Buuuuut it was plagued by horrible decisions on Timegate’s part which essentially killed off a small but active online community within three months. A number of the problems have been fixed, and there is support for play against bots, but I have to recommend it as a not-buy. Haven’t seen anyone playing it for months.

    • Tams80 says:

      The GFWL implementation it uses isn’t bad. Sure, to save you have to create an offline account, which is not very straightforward, but it still works. Not that the single player is really worth playing. The story is ‘meh’, the gameplay rather dull and it’s short.

      The multiplayer was fun (the gameplay wasn’t dull), but there weren’t that many people playing it anyway. I wouldn’t be surprised if there isn’t even a single full server now.

      Dropping from orbit is great fun though!

  10. RegisteredUser says:

    Are there any co-op / online only games on sale right now < 10 EUR that I should be aware of?

    I own CS:Source and L4D2 already, as well as Serious Sam 3.

    I'm unsure about Payday: The Heist, as it felt a bit cheaply made when I tried it, and some of those "chase across town" missions didn't come close to the coolness of the original break into a bank idea.
    Not sure if it could blossom into a beautiful flower with the right people or just turns really ugly really quickly once you realize that those gfx and guns are just not going to improve.
    Been a while since I looked at it though.

    I really adored ET:RTCW(still think the structure of the maps and co-operation within the teams is unbeaten in anything else I’ve seen), but don’t really like TF2 thaaaat I’m not easy to please, but still looking for the next Mr/s Game-Right.

    • Soapeh says:

      Saint Row the very Third is a blast in coop but you may have missed the boat if you wanted it mega cheap. However it may reappear on the last day of secret sales. Sanctum, FEAR 3, EYE and Dungeon Defenders are also worth a peek. Beware that FEAR 3 randomly cant be arsed to work properly in coop for no apparent reason but it was fun while it lasted. Again, if they have been on sale once they may return at the end of the sale with the same discount.

      In terms of competitive multiplayer, Dota 2 takes up all of my time but I highly doubt Valve will be releasing it during this sale, or even dropping the price of the starter pack.

    • Swanny says:

      Try Dungeon Defenders- it’s like a co-op Orcs Must Die with towers instead of traps, and different classes.

    • shaydeeadi says:

      Borderlands GOTY is £4.99 right now.

    • Cytrom says:

      You could try Tribes: Ascend for free if you haven’t done so already. Its not for the instant gratification crowd though, so don’t expect to own after 5 minutes of playtime. If you like challenge, skill and speed in your shooters, there’s a good chance you’ll like it… and it’ll feel like its pay to win at first, but people really are just better than you, regardless of their equipment.

    • RegisteredUser says:

      Thanks guys.
      Borderlands wasn’t for me, Dungeon Defenders I tried the demo and wasn’t overwhelmed with it, either tbh.

      Tribes Ascend I played for a while, unlocked 1-2 classes, but just uninstalled it an hour ago, admitting to myself that what initial Juggy-fun I had with it, it didn’t really have the long term appeal I would have thought for me. I suspect its because I just can’t perfect precision shots when flying becomes involved and a lot of others apparently can. :P

      Sanctum I actually own from a HIB, but haven’t tried yet, EYE I found to be frighteningly unfinished and the FEAR franchise I didn’t even check out for MP when they released that free fear combat MP thing.

      I’m thinking about looking into Blacklight F2P, League of Legends. I haven’t played any of those MOBAs (LoL, demigod and DOTA, right?) or what that genre is called yet.

      I actually own Saints Row 2, but besides the aggrevation of the worst port in history(actually managing to crash in a way that hangs Win7 and locks up the pc completely is a fairly unique feature these days) I also couldn’t seem to get it to have that “OMG yowza, hilariously over the top fun times” effect on me.
      It seemed like a bit more of a gang oriented GTA clone with just more gag-like missions(I did play the paint the neighbourhood “poo” one, e.g.) and attempts at mayhem that didn’t really come close to what I felt in Carmageddon or Just Cause 2 or Red Faction: Guerilla on a good day.

      Its not easy..

      • SkittleDiddler says:

        Blacklight: Retribution is Pay2Win, just so you know. The weapons and equipment are wildly unbalanced and the only pros in the game are the ones that pay actual money for the best permanent setups (you can also “rent” better equipment, but it only lasts for 24 hours AFAIK).

        • Dominic White says:

          You have a strange definition of ‘pay to win’ if you can get top tier gear from 20 minutes of play. Yeah, it’s temporary, but I reiterate: You can get pre-built guns using top tier components for 200gp for 24 hours. You get 140-180gp per 10-15 minute match played.

          • SkittleDiddler says:

            20 minutes is hardly going to get you “top-tier” weaponry. At most, it will get you something like a mid-range assault rifle with a suitable scope and some other decent components latched on. Renting won’t get you the permanent access to higher level weapons and equipment that many players are straight-out paying real money for.

            Cash-paying customers have immediate access to the best competitive items in the game, some of them exclusive. How is that not Pay2Win?

    • malkav11 says:

      I don’t know what the Euro prices are on these, but right now Dead Island, Two Worlds II, Frozen Synapse (with Red DLC, at least), Borderlands, and Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet (in Indie Bundle III) are all daily deals and support cooperative multiplayer. I can vouch for Dead Island and Borderlands being a good time. Two Worlds II is supposedly a lot better than the first one but I dunno how good the coop is.

      Renegade Ops is on sale for a little longer and supports coop. Space Marine has a coop horde mode and apparently pretty decent competitive multiplayer from yesterday’s sale.

      • RegisteredUser says:

        Renegade Ops looked cool, and I got it via a friend as an xmas gift. Will check that out sometime.

        Frozen Synapse I own, but was quite disappointed with(and I love turn based strategy).

        Was not aware Two Worlds 2 had MP of interest, will read up on it.

        Already own half of what is literally in every single Indie bundle so far as well, and got those at half the price of what steam is charging thanks to Indie Royale and the HIB.

        I was kinda thinking more in the direction of games like Borderlands(just not Borderlands, I really couldn’t get that to be terrific for me) that are built around 4 player co-op or only play online(like L4D2). A lot of games that try to do both too much end up being so-so instead of really good at one of them(SP vs MP).

        • mwoody says:

          I can heartily recommend Two Worlds II for single player, but stay away from it for co-op. They had this neat idea wherein you each build your own towns using points earned in multiplayer games, with shops you can place and upgrade in specific points around an empty field… and then they forgot to put a game there. Just a few linear missions that net you enough cash for a shop or two. I can only assume they figured you’d play these four hours worth of missions over and over again for… some bizarre reason, but no sane person would do so, rendering that entire mode pointless.

          • malkav11 says:

            Hmm. That’s a pity. All I knew is that it has one, since I haven’t played it yet.

          • RegisteredUser says:


            Killing Floor is on flash sale for a 5er now, I think I’m gonna take the plunge on that, without the character packs which seem to just be skins / aesthetics.

            I hope the graphics aren’t too horribly(no pun intended) antiquated.

            Edit: Got it. Still 4 hours left.
            Not the most genius or varied game concept from what I can tell after 2 maps, but its got gore and the guns aren’t all that bad(though some shotguns are a bit meh).
            Still trying to figure out if there’s more to it than shooting 100 monsters a few times and then one really tough one. :P

            P.S. Why didn’t anyone tell me that the game doesn’t use a crosshair? I dared to ask about that and got a “This isn’t counterstrike!” and subsequent kick vote. Yowza. :p

  11. Real Horrorshow says:

    These sales always begin when I have no money.

  12. cptgone says:

    remember that summer holiday when it rained every day?
    and the summer steam camp was just a sale?

    at least we had a good laugh when we saw this deal:
    Civilization Collection -80% = €24.99 (NOT including Gods and Kings)