Diskette Boy: A PC Gaming History Mashup


Hosted by Polygon, an absolutely extraordinary video manages to portray a (very US-centric) history of PC gaming, in a really stupendous way. Meticulously edited together, Reverse Enginears (you may know them from their exquisite Alice remix) have created an elaborate mashup, crafting its music entirely out of the clips of games it features. It’s pretty special. You can see it below.

It’s one of a series of videos Reverse Enginears are making for Polygon. You can see another one here.

For a full list of all the games shown, head over to Polygon. And here, let’s be ungrateful idiots and mention the games we can’t believe weren’t in there. Like, where was Darwinia?! And No One Lives Forever?! And, er, World Of Warcraft. (Or Ultima Online or Everquest for that matter.) (Or TF2.)


  1. Xocrates says:

    “(Or TF2.)”

    TF2 was actually there for a fraction of a second.

  2. JackShandy says:

    What was that star wars game at 1:20? Looks like an adventure game?

  3. Stochastic says:

    It’s interesting just how iconic some of these sounds are, to the extent that you can identify a lot of these games solely based on a 2 second sound bite.

  4. Morlock says:

    Okay. Thief is missing.

    • Yar says:

      Garrett’s light gem was black so you couldn’t see him.

    • Geen says:

      If you actually see Theif, it’s not Theif.

      • greenbananas says:

        If, and only if. But if by Theif you mean Thief and not The If, then… er.. go back to school? ;)

        • SuperNashwanPower says:

          You are seated at a desk. To your north is a computer. To the south is a door. On the computer, you notice someone has made a spelling error. What would you like to do?

          >point it out_

          You point it out. Everyone on the internet thinks you are slightly more of a penis than they did 10 seconds ago. A grue eats your face. GAME OVER.


          You are seated at a desk. To your north is a computer. To the south is a door. On the computer, you notice someone has made a spelling error. What would you like to do?


          • Rhin says:

            >point it out_

            There can be no other choice.

          • Zeewolf says:

            Hm, I think you put the cursor in two different locations at the same time.

          • greenbananas says:

            TALI: Shepard! Shepard!! Someone on the internet is making fun of your girlfriend’s spelling again!!

            (Blue) Console girlfriend.
            (White) Ignore. Maybe she’ll take the hint.
            (Red) Invade Krypton!

            SHEPARD: Prep the ship! We’re taking Krypton! That’ll show ’em!

            TALI: But Shepard, that’s obviously not the dialogue choice that leads to awkward sex! Also, Krypton’s been-

            SHEPARD: Oh, right. I’ll ‘ave the blue one, then.

          • jrodman says:

            I would just like to say that I read “Console girlfriend” as a girlfriend that you have on a console game system.

          • SuperNashwanPower says:

            The cursor is a glitch, which we will patch. Internet Pedant: The Adventure Game is due for release in Summer, 2025. (Augmented Grammar Nazi Pack DLC available for pre-order customers only)

  5. Paul says:

    This video should have been 10 minutes long at least. Fantastic, over too quickly.

  6. Avish says:

    Was I the only one who expected the last frame to be “Error 37” ?

  7. greenbananas says:

    Captain Power! I used to love that show when I was a kid. I’d have killed for that game in all its CGA glory.

    The show’s pretty awful, though, even if somewhat unintentionally funny.

    EDIT- But boy, does that video end on a fucking downer. (Any complaints about the swearing are to be forwarded to mr. Meer)

  8. MadMinstrel says:

    Hey! I’ve played almost all of those games! ….. I suddenly feel very old.

    • VelvetFistIronGlove says:

      Same here. It’s a slightly scary realisation.

  9. Net_Bastard says:

    Where’s Crysis 1? What about Trackmania? How could you make a video about PC gaming and forget those?

  10. pilouuuu says:

    Where’s Origin? Where’s Social Club? Where’s Game for Windows Live? This video is not complete without them.

  11. danimalkingdom says:

    WHERE’S SYNDICATE gyahhhh British PC fan frothing at the mouth here.

    But seriously no Bullfrog games? I know you warned us in the post but good heavens!

  12. jonfitt says:

    The early part of the video is interesting because up until ’91-’92 the crowning achievements of what would now be called PC gaming appeared on the Amiga/AtariST.

    • mashakos says:


      Also, the whole thing did not sound coherent to me. If I sent this link to someone who wasn’t an uber-hardcore gamer it would be just noise. Hmmm…

      1. Store audio in small chip
      2. Place inside small plastic casing with tiny but very loud speakers
      3. Sell as Mom Annoyance/Torture Device
      4. PROFIT!

    • VelvetFistIronGlove says:

      Both of which were personal computers. “PC gaming” does not mean “IBM PC compatible gaming”, but refers to gaming on general-purpose computers.

  13. spectone says:

    Artic Fox. Aliens have come to change the atmosphere of the earth so you need to get into this futuristic tank to defeat them. Great game.

  14. MrEvilGuy says:

    That was so much fun trying to name the games rapidly out loud as they were shown. I knew most of them!

    Also, the Diablo 3 abrupt ending was fitting.

  15. MadTinkerer says:

    I for one am grateful that Alley Cat and several Text Mode games were included near the beginning.

    I would almost argue that Zork doesn’t belong as it’s a port of a mainframe game, but is that too picky?

  16. Uberman says:

    MULE !

    I haven’t thought about MULE in ages. or M.U.L.E. I guess. I have to find a copy and play it now. Because … you know. MULE.


    • TheComputerGamer says:

      You should look up MULE Returns and Planet MULE, look for it on the iPad!

  17. Dozer says:

    No Solitaire? No WinMine? No Mah Jong? No YouTube Snake? No potatoes? No no no no no?
    I liked the video!

  18. RegisteredUser says:

    Its almost as if the focus wasn’t on including every game ever made, but instead using some standout examples that lent themselves well for the musical composition they were going after.

    So weird, when clearly they set out to please every nostalgic moment ever with a 3 minute video.