Where The Wildlings Are: Crusader Kigns II GOT Mod

You’ll likely remember that in May we alerted you to the Game Of Thrones mod for Crusader Kings II. It’s first release was already incredibly impressive, packed with features and civil war. And now they’ve released a version 0.2. Goodness knows how good this will be if they ever reach 1.0.

Version 0.2 of the Crusader Kings II Game of Thrones mod stabilises some of the features already added to the game, weaves a few new quests into the Westeros tapestry, and adds playable wildlings. The free folk, doing their thing north of the robust prog rock album guarded by the Night’s Watch, aren’t wholly compelling yet, although as more scenarios are added, they should become more interesting to play. Work has also been done to make the Night’s Watch themselves “more interesting”, although that might simply mean they’ve adopted a diversity of hobbies. I haven’t had a chance to check. Also worth a look is the CK II plus mod. Early days, but it’s making interesting changes to the base game without converting it to a fantasy land. The files are here.


  1. Meneth says:

    Since we’re talking mods, can I shamelessly plug my own? Thanks.

    Balansegang is an overhaul mod focused unlike CKIIPlus for example, on preserving the vanilla gameplay while making it more balanced. Efforts have been put into curtailing excessive expansion, mainly by restricting holy wars and the special muslim CBs. Things like the spread of technology and culture has also been improved.

    Edit: Also relevant is the Crusader Kings II Wiki which was set up recently.

    • Malibu Stacey says:

      Can I suggest one change? A better name for it. Stalker Complete got widespread recognition because it was easier to talk to people about than that horrible portmanteau you’re using.

      • RaveTurned says:

        Never knew portmanteau meant “Norwegian word”.

        • Malibu Stacey says:

          Well I don’t know any of the Scandinavian languages so I assumed it was a horrible portmanteau since it looks pretty much like one at first glance.

          • mnx61545 says:

            Pick the Freys. Do nothing all game. Highest score on the board.

          • notenome says:

            The bots, my GOD, they’re evolving faster than we can cope!

            mnx61545 actually managed to get me to click on the link. I was stunned to see that it was an Android tablet something or the other.

            Our new overlords are coming. Woe to the rest of us.

      • Meneth says:

        I’m open for suggestions ;)

        And as RaveTurned says it isn’t a portmanteau, it is simply a Norwegian word.

        • Roshin says:

          “Crusader Kings 2: Balance”. Easy to remember, easy to say, should work fine.

        • lordcooper says:

          I’d like to suggest the name ‘Dave’.

        • syndicatedragon says:

          Civ5 has a great balance mod called “Vanilla Enhanced”, so perhaps a similar name?

        • pipman3000 says:

          The Rise Of An Empire: Glory of the Third Rome: Imperial Eagle: Culus tibi purior salillo est, nec toto decies cacas in anno.

          It’s simple, easy to remember, and straight to the point!

          You can call it TROAE:GotTR:IE:CTPSENTDCIA for short.

      • MattM says:

        I think the name helped the Complete series, it promised improvement with out alteration of core gameplay.

      • bglamb says:

        I agree. Call your mod Stalker.

        • Baines says:

          Now I want a Stalker mod for CKII. I’m not sure how it would work, as I’ve never played CKII, but I want it.

    • doma says:

      soo…. plan to go work for Paradox yet?

  2. Malibu Stacey says:

    Best release notes I’ve read in a while:

    I’m playing as the North. Why don’t I have any boats?
    We tried giving the North boats. The Paradox military AI went haywire and spent the entire War of the Usurper taking Ned’s troops to the beach instead of actually fighting. So now they’re not allowed to have boats anymore.

    I’ll be honest this is one of the reasons I bought CKII in the recent Amazon sales & I’ve yet to give it a go due to CKII being so much fun as is.

  3. KoldPT says:

    Bit of a typo in the title, “Kigns”.

  4. Skeletor68 says:

    Must give this mod a look.

    Anyone interested in sharing stories of the vanilla?

    I’m still on my first game, at about 1190 and am King of Scotland and Ireland (started in Thomond). Would really love to get England too but it’s way too stable and massive to beat right now. Not really sure where to go from here except keep upgrading my holdings.

    How are you guys getting on?

    • Jason Lefkowitz says:

      Just be patient and you’ll get a shot at England. One thing about CK2 is that big, powerful kingdoms rarely stay stable for long — when the ruler who pulled them together dies, there’s frequently a few years of internal violence as the various dukes and whatnot sort out at swordpoint who’s going to get to sit in the big chair next. So England may be too imposing to take on now, but hang in there for long enough and they’ll give you an opening.

      As to where else to go… you’ll probably find yourself frantically trying to hold your own empire together before too long :-D

    • The Godzilla Hunter says:

      I started as a German count, and I decided I wanted to become the Holy Roman Emperor. One thing led to another, and I am now the king of Poland waging a holy war against the Golden Horde. Due to my kingdom having primogeniture succession, my family has had a long history of Mysterious Boating Accidents.

    • Aedrill says:

      I started in Dublin, managed to become a ruler of nearly half of Ireland, and then it got funny. I started two wars at the same time – one to obtain a county, and another to take the county from my vassal by releasing him from prison and waiting for him to revolt. Turned out two was too much since one of opponents had some alliance with someone and I had to admit defeat in both cases. And then… and then my grandson, future heir, boy who loved me to bits stripped me of all my titles and put in jail. I have absolutely no idea how and why he did that. I was quite old, so I died quickly, and took control over my son, which meant my own son was my liege. I saved and loaded with control over said son, to make sure AI doesn’t do something stupid.

      Long story short I became the king of Ireland and Wales and married queen of Denmark so my son was going to be heir to three kingdoms. I was so happy about it at the time. Unfortunately, my beloved wife died prematurely (assassinated by someone) and my underaged son had to go to Denmark to become a king. I lost control over any of his actions, I couldn’t even find a wife for him. Meanwhile I conquered Wales and became a king, as I said before, and when I died, loved by everyone and his dog, my son inherited very stable, advanced and rich kingdom. And then it started.

      All of my Irish vassals revolted against me, my uncle tries to take the throne for himself. Denmark is at war with pretty much everyone in the world, and I’m suspecting that with some aliens too, because the bottom of the screen is flooded with those “war-meters”. I knew that Denmark’s had it’s problems and was planning to take care of them after merging the crowns, but now I have war in every single kingdom I rule, so it’s really not that simple.

      To add insult to injury, my demesne is waaaaayy too big. As my dad I’ve had 10/10 and now I’ve got 16/8 so I will have to make a lot of people happy which is kind of problematic with all those uprisings around me.

      I will come back to this game after weekend (Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend!) and try to untie this knot, but it looks like quite a puzzle right now.

      I’m having a blast with this game. Definitely GOTY. Also – AI is a moron, and cannot be trusted, so try to keep your heirs on a tight leash so they can’t fuck up your game plan. If your heir is ruling over something, be sure you will have a lot of fixing waiting for you after you take over.

      • wcanyon says:

        This makes me want to buy this game. Thanks for sharing.

        • Aedrill says:

          This makes ME want to buy this game. Seriously, I’m reading this and remembering how incredibly fun it was and, while it’s going to be tough from now on, can’t wait to return to this game.

          I mean buy it again:) I’ve bought it on Steam Sale, didn’t pirate it;)

    • Gothnak says:

      I’m in the early 13th century, so just after you and also playing as the Scottish Leader. I’ve taken the whole of ireland, and all the islands north of Scotland (looking at Iceland at the moment). I took a couple of northern English regions when the time was good, but lost one again later when my new monarch took over and his stats are weak. I’m just biding my time now, but England is now an ally, so i’ve branched out and taken a couple of Islamic regions in Spain which is helping the income. Maybe France is next on the list…

    • Tei says:

      I started in spain as one islamic region, and half the time I don’t know what I am doing. I have finnaly designed a strategy to backstab kings and ducs and steal his regions, so I am expanding. But this seems one of these games that don’t like expansions. I am expanding anyway. I have fight at least two wars against myself.

    • sinister agent says:

      My first game was as the King of Castille, and most of it was spent alternating between defending my idiot neighbours (who are also relatives) from the horde of Muslim soldiers they kept bringing down on themselves by declaring holy war every fortnight, and an absurd and wonderfully entertaining feud with an upstart Count and his ambitious family.

      I’m a bit reluctant to get back into it, as it will take over my life. So much fun.

    • Arglebargle says:

      Playing through my first run through as an Islamic ruler. (Previous one took Bretan Duke to Emperor of Britannia).

      The Almoravids have suceeded in controlling most of Spain and part of Africa. Kingdom of Leon was the last to fall. Due to a marriage, got a claim on the Crimea, and now control a huge chunk of that area as well. Assassinations are my friend.

      Early on Arp Arslan crushed the Byzantines, throwing them out of Asia Minor, leading to a succession of Turk or Greek rulers and eventual decay into small kingdoms. Most amazing to me is that the Cumans have managed to ride out the Mongol invasions, and still exist as a large buffer state between the Golden Horde and the Ilkhanites. Poland is not so lucky. The Mongols have run out of steam, and the Fatimids are now expanding.

      I expect that my 69 year old ruler will fall to decadance, as I can no longer manage to slow it down enough. But maybe not before I help my ally, the islamic Arslan-dynasty Greek lord of Thessalonika, take Bulgaria from the Byzantine remnants!

    • kaffis says:

      I started off as the Duke of Anjou under King Louis V, who was, of course, underage at the time. My duchy was quite modest, so I married and had a few children. When King Louis came of age, he decided he wanted to go on a bunch of Holy Wars, and, as my Duke was quite the skilled martial expert, he asked if I would be his Marshall. I accepted, and he proceeded to drag me off to war, where I lead his troops (AI controlled, since they weren’t my forces) in glorious victory after glorious victory on the Mediterranean shores of Africa and the Iberian Peninsula, earning plenty of reflected glory, prestige, and positive traits for myself in the process.

      After a year or two of winning his wars for him, Louis liked my Duke enough that, childless himself, he appointed me his heir.

      I thanked him kindly, and then turned around and paid to have him assassinated.

      Most of the more powerful Dukes resented my incredible turn of good fortune, and rebelled. I spent a good seven years or so putting them in their place one after another, before the stress must’ve gotten to me and my guy keeled over.

      Took up the reins of his son, who ruled under regency a bit (and, in my experience, it’s not so much that the AI sucks, it’s that it’s playing towards the interests of the regent, not your own character — it just sucks for you and sometimes your dynasty). He went on to live a long and prosperous life, earning the moniker Henri the Wise.

      I’ve had some ups and downs, and lots of wars of succession to keep my crown. But held on to it, I have, and I’ve made strong inroads into the Iberian Peninsula, conquering the Moors and converting many of their wealthiest regions to kneel before the Papacy. The Crown of Aquitaine is mine, and I’ve managed to sit a cousin on the throne of Denmark, as well. Another handful of Holy Wars in the Iberian, and I’ll have finished kicking the Moors out, and can set my sights on wresting Burgundy from the HRE. I’ve picked up the greater part of Bretony along the way, and it’s my dream to take Normandy and some other English holdings away.

      When I get around to finishing this game up and starting a new one, my new goal will be to create a dominant Kingdom of Wales. Because I want all of Northern Europe spelling things ridiculously and calling them words and names. :p

    • IC says:

      I wrote this in an email to a pal, encouraging him to get the game:

      In three generations, I’d gone from Earl of one poxy county to King of a united Ireland…

      But I was single. And more importantly, I didn’t have an heir.

      So, I rushed into marriage with a Polish princess who also happened to be heir to the Isle of Man – just across the sea from me. Excellent, I thought. Our son will inherit my Kingdom AND the Isle – could be a good springboard into mainland Britain.

      Soon, a son was born. And indeed, he was heir to my entire kingdom – all my lands, titles, everything. And the Isle of Man. When I died and took him over, this was going to be sweet.


      In my haste to marry, I’d unwittingly agreed to a matrilineal marriage – meaning my son wasn’t of my dynasty, but my wife’s. He was still my heir, but I wouldn’t control him. He was considered a Polish royal.

      When I died, my line would die with me, and the Kingdom of Ireland would pass into Polish hands. For the honour of my fathers, I could not let that happen!

      So I made a plan. First, I needed a legitimate heir. So, I secretly had my 17-year-old wife assassinated. Nobody suspected a thing. I was free to remarry – patrilineally this time.

      Meanwhile my 2-year-old brat of a non-dynasty son inherited the Isle of Man from my now-dead wife. But he had no siblings, in fact no male relatives at all. And his mum was dead.

      I was actually my son’s heir.

      I had to kill him. There was no other choice. The claim to my Kingdom would pass on to my next son – of MY bloodline this time – and as a bonus, I’d personally inherit the Isle of Man that I’d wanted all along.

      But I had to wait until he was 6 before I could launch an assassination plot. King Diurst is moral like that. So I held out for four years, praying not to die of TB before I could put things right.

      Eventually, the time had come. I spent substantial gold to send assassins after my son – but I got caught out, TWICE. Despite the clear political advantages of the murder, my vassal lords balked at the brutality of murdering the boy – and one even rebelled. He wasn’t a relative, so had no stake in my succession – and wanted independence anyway. He was quickly crushed, though, and eventually I succeeded in bumping off the boy. Nobody suspected a thing this time.

      The Isle was mine. And a couple of years later, my new wife bore me a son. The future of my dynasty was assured – for now.

      Of course, a few years later, an English count swaggered in with a claim to the Duchy of Munster. And with English military might behind him, I was forced to surrender and hand it over – even though I managed to capture and execute a few of his bishops. I’m still the King of Ireland – but it’s a reduced, disunited Ireland. But I’ll get it back somehow – by sword, by intrigue or by marriage.

  5. Gusj says:

    I’ve been playing this mod in multiplayer. Currently in our game Westeros is split into several factions after the king (a Targaryen) got assassinated and Mace Tyrell (of Highgarden) inherited the throne. The second he landed the throne he decided to grant independence to most of the smaller countries, including Dorne (me) and the Westerlands (my friend). The throne is now fighting a war against the combined forces of the Vale (which for some reason controls Oldtown) and the Riverlands as well as a bunch of smaller rebellions. I love this game.

    This is what Westeros looks like atm: link to cloud-2.steampowered.com

    • Malibu Stacey says:

      Looks like the Tyrells have taken the entire north too unless the Starks allied with them. WTF happened there?

      • Gusj says:

        Well, everyone was part of the Iron Throne before Mace took over. I don’t know how many countries he actually released or how many rebelled, but I do know that he released Dorne, the Westerlands and Vaith (previously one of my vassals). I guess Ned just likes him enough to support him.

        • Galle says:

          Dev team member here – from the looks of that screenshot, none of the “independent” kingdoms are actually independent. The Vale’s rebellion’s triggered a civil war, which in our mod causes all the major vassals to become de facto independent for the duration of the war, so that they can either choose sides or remain neutral. Once the war is over, you should automatically become de facto vassals of the Iron Throne again (unless you’re still fighting a different war when it ends, in which case you’ll be revassalized once THAT one ends)

  6. ozmonatov says:

    Just a nitpick. Since the title says ‘GOT/Game of Thrones’ and not ‘AGOT/ A Game of Thrones’, i thought i’d mention that this mod is not based off of the TV series at all, which have that subtle difference in it’s title. The mod actually has that latter title, and chances are most people realise this already but what the heck, it might just leave someone a little bit less confused.

    • bglamb says:

      Whilst we’re nitpicking, generally you would base something ‘on’ something else, rather than ‘off’ it.

      The word ‘off’, whilst related thematically to ‘on’ (and also sharing some of the major characters), is, in a lot of important ways, the exact opposite and thus largely nonsensical.

      Anyone else have any nitpicks? Maybe “its” vs “it’s”?

      • lordcooper says:

        “generally you would base something”

        Did you mean to type “generally I would base something”?

        • bglamb says:

          I meant “generally one would base something’, but that’s a rather archaic usage and in common parlance you would substitute ‘you’ for ‘one’ so as not to sound like royalty or something.

          But you are right that it does lose something when one is not as exact with their word choice as they might be.

    • Malibu Stacey says:

      If you’re going to be that nit-picky then it should be named “A Song of Ice and Fire” as “A Game of Thrones” is the name of the first book in the series while the series itself is “A Song of Ice and Fire” and this mod is set in the War of the Usurper which is what puts Robert Baratheon on the Iron Throne long before the events of “A Game of Thrones”.

      • Connor Magee says:

        While we’re nitpicking, ampersands are generally only used to join two nouns together rather than as a short-hand replacement for “and”.

  7. Jams O'Donnell says:

    Oh god, CK2 had better come back on sale! I had no idea this mod existed.

    • TillEulenspiegel says:

      How have you not bought it during any of the two or three recent times when it was heavily discounted?

      You are a very bad person.

    • Malibu Stacey says:

      Plentiful Paradox Package is still on sale on US Amazon as is the Pint Sized Paradox Package which gets you some of the DLC’s for cheaps.

      Use a US billing address if you’re from the UK. Worked fine for me & you get Steam codes for all the games so you can simply give away any duplicates you might end up with. Works out around £13 if you buy both packs which isn’t bad for 8 games plus a bunch of DLC for some of them.

      Alternatively check the Steam Summer Sale regularly as there may be a flash sale with a bigger discount than the 40% currently being offered. It was 75% off on the first day of the sale which is when I picked up the Sword of Islam expansion and the 2 other DLC’s I didn’t already have from the Amazon bundles (Songs of the Caliph & African Units Pack if you’re interested according to my Steam purchase history). You could also hope it comes back in the last day of the sale but I wouldn’t bet on it, much easier (and cheaper) to grab the Amazon bundles.

  8. occultrabbit says:

    I’ve tried it around when it first came out, and most of the time the war ended in a couple of months and Targaryens reigned in peace forever. One time Robert Baratheon begged for forgiveness and was made King’s Hand. Does 0.2 give you an actual war?

    • Gusj says:

      The last time I played the rebellion ended almost as quick as it started with Robert dead, Stannis in prison, and Renly as the head of the Stormlands. The problem is that Robert winning is so unlikely that it won’t really happen unless the player(s) help out.

      • Malibu Stacey says:

        Hope I’m not spoilering anything here but that’s sort of the entire premise of the War of the Usurper. It wasn’t simply Robert Baratheon killing Rhaegar Targaryen & taking the Iron Throne, Ned Stark & the whole of the North had a little bit to do with the whole thing plus the Lannisters didn’t exactly take a back seat either.

        • Gusj says:

          At the start of the war Robert is pretty much screwed because he’s stuck in the Stormlands between all the richest countries in Westeros. He’s got Dorne in the south, Highgarden and Westerlands in the west, and of course the Iron Throne in the north. When left on his own Robert is very unlikely to succeed because he will be mobbed by the massive amount of armies unless the player can ease the pressure by attacking from the north (assuming he’s playing a northern country).

          • Malibu Stacey says:

            Seems a bit strange to place Robert Baratheon in the Stormlands in that case. IIRC he defeated Rhaegar at the Trident which is to the north of Kings Landing along the Kings Road near Harrenhal with his best friend Ned Stark commanding the armies of the North, the Vale & the Riverlands. Ned then marched on Kings Landing to find Aerys already dead. All that is due to Rhaegar running off with Ned Stark’s sister Lyanna whom was betrothed to Robert (Rhaegar is already married to Elia of Dorne at this point) and his father Aerys murdering Ned’s father & older brother Brandon.

            Stannis held Storms End against the Tyrells & Redwynes alone from what I remember then got shipped off to Dragonstone once Robert took the Iron Throne. Not sure where Renly was during that whole period though, don’t think it’s mentioned in the books or it wasn’t of enough significance for me to remember.

            Ned could’ve taken the Iron Throne for himself but defers to his best friend Robert due to the Baratheons having a Targaryen Grandmother (or Great-Grandmother or something like that) and not wanting the burden of ruling Westeros. Robert isn’t even with him when Ned shows up at the Iron Throne as he was injured in the battle at the Trident.

          • Unaco says:

            Robert went from the Vale to the Stormlands, to raise his bannermen, after Jon Arryn refused to give up Ned and Robert to Aerys. So Robert was in the Stormlands/Storms End at the start of the war. Robert then won the battle at Summerhall, against those bannermen of his who refused to join him. Summerhall is West of Storms End. He continued to march West, into the Reach, unopposed… until he met the Tyrell’s and their bannermen who outnumbered his own forces significantly. He was then forced North, to join with the Northmen, Valemen and Riverlanders. The Tyrell’s went on to invest Storms End, which tied them up for the rest of the war.

            It was on the way North that the Battle of the Bells happened, where Robert’s forces were caught by Loyalists from King’s Landing. Robert was injured and hiding out in Stoney Sept, which was surrounded by the Loyalists under Jon Connington. The Northmen and the Riverlanders arrived and saved Robert. Up until this point, however, Aerys had not really considered Robert much of a threat, and so hadn’t done much against him (Dorne and the Martells had not been called up even). After this, he recognised the threat, and assembled the majority of his forces.

            The Rebels moved North to amass, as the Loyalists were also gathering, for what became known as the Battle of the Trident, which was the decisive battle of the war.

            I’d put it down to subtleties and nuances etc. of the ASoIaF situation that aren’t possible, or modelled in CK2 (Aerys not considering the Rebels as too much of a threat until it was too late, Rhaegar disappearing until the Battle of the Trident, Storm’s End holding for an extended time and thus holding up the forces of the Reach) if it doesn’t play out the same way. But Robert was definitely in the Stormlands at the start of the war, and travelled North to unite with the other Rebels.

    • HothMonster says:

      Yes they have set it up so things will continue to be interesting after the initial war ends. There was a propensity for long and boring peace no matter who won that war. It’s better now, or seems to be I have only played 1 game in .2 but its in the patch notes.

  9. The Godzilla Hunter says:

    CKII is an awesome game. While it may look intimidating, its actually quite easy to get into. Just do all of the tutorials, and then (I suggest) start your first game as an earl in Ireland. By playing in Ireland, you wont have a liege, but you wont have powerful vassals. This means you can easily learn the ropes of the game, and you even have a nice easy goal set out for you (uniting Ireland).

  10. Synesthesia says:

    What are these Kigns you mention? Some sort of pelvic muscles?

  11. pakoito says:

    Pick the Freys. Do nothing all game. Highest score on the board.

    • kaffis says:

      And playing in character!

      • Unaco says:

        I had a quick look, and took a screenshot. I think they’re doing Walder Frey right. Though, to keep in character he needs 2 more wives, and at least 6 more children over the course of 18 years.

  12. wodin says:

    Not sure how it would work but I suddenly want a CK2 Mod set in a steampunk setting.

  13. Muad'Dib says:

    Cool kids listen to Pink Floyd.

  14. lociash says:

    I did my best to play the GoT mod when it was released, but it was like having to learn an entirely new game. Took me long enough to get the hang of CK.

  15. Mirdini says:

    Might want a more consistent link for CK2+ (which really is an excellent mod) than a Turkish fan-forum which doesn’t even have the most recent version of the mod listed.
    Here’s (link to forum.paradoxplaza.com) the mod on the Paradox forums (which anyone with a legit copy should be able to access) but in case you're just window shopping or too lazy to input your CK2 key you can grab the most recent version at Wiz's filedump here (link to ck2plus.adjacentminds.com).

    • Premium User Badge

      Adam Smith says:

      Yeah, updated that link. I’m baffled as to how I ended up with the one I had originally.

    • Saiko Kila says:

      Not “anyone with legit copy” but anyone who bothered with registering the game in their discriminating system. I personally refuse to register any game until they allow me to register all of them. Currently (and as they claim – forever) it is impossible to register some Paradox games because of their fuckup with codes. People who got the games from some sources legally can register, people who got from other sources legally, cannot.

      And their forums aren’t very friendly, because they often assume, that people who haven’t registered the game do not own a legit license. This is for forums, where it is possible to view without registering your code. Most forums don’t allow even for this. You can’t see what other say about the game, or what technical problems they have, until you buy and register it. Shady practice.

      • Mirdini says:

        Yeah sorry, their code system can be a piece of work at times and I conveniently forgot about that while tossing those links together – I haven’t had any problems with codes but I do know a couple of friends who haven’t and denying the tech support forums to them just because of that is well indefensible :I

  16. Mortegro says:

    Watch some of the videos of dudes playing the game on youtube. You’ll pick up all sorts of tips and tricks.. and you’ll know your ready for your own game when you start yelling at the video to “Pause the fucking game while you do that! Ahh Moron!”

    They will have taught you all you need to know at that point.

  17. bulletbill88 says:

    I’ve not played this mod, but CKII truly is a fantastic game. It is one of those games that you think about even when you aren’t playing it.

    I’ve played one game so far, and have just started my second. In my first game I started out as Lord of the Isle of Man, and through careful marriage alliances, wars and dastardly murders, ended up as King of Scotland, England and Jerusalem and had half of Ireland to boot. Of course, then at the very hight of my powers I died unexpectedly before I had time to get rid of my idiot heir who everyone (even his wife) hated. So I become the idiot and all my vassals rebelled. I couldn’t hold the empire together and lost it all except for a couple of holdings in Scotland.

    In this second game, I’ve started out as Duke of Brittany, but I’ve found the going much tougher. Everytime I try to get a bit of land off the French King, he comes over and stomps on my head with about 20000 troops. Plus my vicious children keep killing each other off so I’m struggling to form any alliances.

    Anyway, great game.