WoW Loses Movie Director, Turns Players Into Mounts

Sadly, I am not a Batman character - though I can see how you might make that mistake.

These are, I must regrettably inform you, two stories related to World of Warcraft – not two stories related to one another. I apologize for dashing your dreams of Blizzard angrily stirring from its mountain lair and – blind with rage over losing Spider-Man and Evil Dead director Sam Raimi – hurling a spell bolt from on high that immediately transforms its playerbase into horses. Instead, I decided to collect today’s big WoW news in one place – mostly for convenience’s sake but also slightly to mislead you with a headline. I apologize for this most grievous of sins, but gosh, it was so, so worth it.

First up, Sam Raimi sat down with Crave Online during Comic-Con, and the conversation eventually drifted into WoW territory. In short, Raimi was too busy, so Blizzard and Legendary Pictures found someone else to fill his directorial shoes. In slightly-less-short:

“Actually, they don’t have me directing World of Warcraft anymore because when I took the Oz job, they had to move on to another director. They had to start making it.”

Which, I suppose, is kind of a good sign – given that these things have a habit of fizzling out precisely because all the big names scatter to the wind and never return. In this case, we’re at least getting something, from the sound of things. As for who the new director is, it’s a mystery at this point.

Meanwhile, within in the actual World of Warcraft, Blizzard’s fired up the ol’ Recruit-O-Tron again, but this time with a twist: If a friend you’ve lured into the MMO black hole’s all-consuming depths sticks around for two months, you’ll gain an item called Heart of the Nightwing. Here is the glorious thing that it does:

“Teaches you how to transform into an Obsidian Nightwing, allowing you to carry an ally on your back. This is a flying mount.”

Let me reiterate that: you get to become a flying mount, presumably via the magic of friendship. Less amazing, but still pretty neat: the accounts of recruiters and recruitees are linked, which yields “benefits like bonus experience and the ability to summon each other nearly anywhere in the world.” Sure, some newer MMOs already have built-in convenience features that nearly make this sort of thing unnecessary, but it’s still pretty neat, I think.

Will these features have the disenfranchised masses returning to WoW in anticipation of Mists of Pandaria, though? Only time will tell. I have to say, though: I kind of want to roleplay a mount now. No speaking, no doing anything without my master’s express command. And in the game.


  1. jezmabez says:

    While I’m glad you cleared that up in the first paragraph, the headline still got my hopes up :c

  2. Chaosed0 says:

    Maybe I’m just thick, but I had to read the first paragraph several times before I got the joke in the headline. At first, I read it for what it was actually supposed to be, two separate occurences.

    • AngoraFish says:

      still struggling to get the joke here

      • mnx61545 says:

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      • inorite says:

        What the headline meant to suggest was, that Blizzard lost the movie director for the WoW Film, and as a result nerd raged and started turning people into mounts. I think maybe it requires a certain alignment of imagination to make it obvious at first glimpse… but then again, it also wouldn’t be the first RPS headline that I struggled with, either :)

  3. Muad'Dib says:

    “I kind of want to roleplay a mount now. No speaking, no doing anything without my master’s express command.”

    I thought that was exactly what you were doing this couple of months, working for the RPS black leather whip wielding chums.

    • Hoaxfish says:

      The Rope Piercings Stilettos group?

      • TsunamiWombat says:

        Like any good british, their sexuality is repressed and kinky

        • Kdansky says:

          Especially in the bible belt, where oral sex with your wife is illegal.

          Sexuality in the UK is only more repressed than in the US in “A Fish Called Wanda”. Reality begs to differ.

    • MiniMatt says:

      50 Shades of Gray(son)

  4. DSR says:

    > Sure, some newer MMOs already have built-in convenience features that nearly make this sort of thing unnecessary

    I see what you did there…

  5. mire says:

    Uh, players transforming into mounts has been in the game since the beginning of Cataclysm. It’s called the Vial of the Sands.


    • Captain Joyless says:


    • Dragon Master says:

      True, but he doesn’t have to be all familiar with WoW and that doesn’t justify calling him an idiot.

    • Highstorm says:

      Are you sure it is only in the game, Nathan? ‘Cause mire here has turned into something of an ass.

    • Meldreth says:

      Sure, but previously you could not carry anyone on your back. You could only grab people. And yes, calling him an idiot was, well, idiotic.

      • therealPH says:

        you can carry other players in your party/raid on your back as the Vial of the Sands.

        needless to say, the ‘idiot’ remark was unnecessary.

    • Nick says:

      Uh, you pay to play WoW.


  6. Snargelfargen says:

    I got an email about this yesterday.

    “Turn into a mount” sounds like garbled english, so I wrote it off as a scam and deleted the mail.

  7. Tei says:

    Would OkCupid enter the MMO space with a glorious LFG tool?

  8. Hoaxfish says:

    Does the director of the WoW film have to grind actresses all day?

    • EPICTHEFAIL says:

      Ahem *wink wink nudge nudge*

    • HothMonster says:

      If he gets a new actress to work on the film for 2 months he turns into a mount and she can ride him all day.

    • atticus says:

      As director for the WoW film you would have to grind actresses all day, yes.

      And once in awhile you’d receive an epic mount.


    • caddyB says:

      “Come on baby, I’ve got Blessing of Protection!”

    • Valvarexart says:

      What happens in Goldshire stays in Goldshire.

  9. ocelot113 says:

    I’ll go back to WOW when it’s F2P. Too many other games coming out: Guild Wars 2, Planetside 2, Firefall, and I’m sure a few more notable ones.

    WOW’s just not worth the sub anymore.

    • Dragon Master says:

      My thoughts to a tee.

    • Valvarexart says:

      See, I don’t get this mentality. I myself, had I been subscribed to WoW, would immediately stop playing the game if it went F2P or adopted a model similar to that of many other games. Guild Wars 2, for example, I would much rather pay a subscription fee for and have everyone be on the same footing. I encountered this phenomenon when I was trying to convince some people to play Mortal Online with me… They did not want to play it because it was not free to play!
      It does seem like people have been so accustomed to the freemium/p2win models out there that they feel that they should be in every game instead of a subscription fee. I understand that in many cases the model can of course be more profitable than a subscription model, but in most cases it also lowers the overall focus on game quality!
      Are these people just thrifty, or do they lack a source of income thus disabling them from paying subscription fees? I would be interested to hear your thoughts!

      • Vorphalack says:

        TOR has a subscription fee and is absolutely shite. Everything in the GW2 store can be bought for game gold (yes, everything) in addition to their being no ”advantage” to gain through using it other than saving time. It also has a box price, so it’s not free in any sense. I think your perception of ”free to play” is too generalised, and your faith in subscriptions is unjustified.

      • Dragon Master says:

        I’ve played WoW for some time as well. While I do not regret that I have paid the subscription(while some people with the mindset you speak of try to convince me I should be), I just feel the game is not worth a fee anymore. The whole question with a game having a starter cost AND a subscription fee aside(I have all that came out btw). To answer your other question, my evaluation of the subscription’s worth is in fact influenced by my income so it’s not simple money vs. game gain matter, it’s also money vs. game gain vs. real world gain.
        As a counter point I’d say I don’t get people with your mentality. What do you consider to be p2win? I could be misled by your example of GW here but tell me, If the WoW store took off the heirloom trinkets from the game and put them for real money only, would you still consider it a p2win model?

  10. Vorphalack says:

    Just as I had managed to vent the useless knowledge that a WoW movie exists from my brain, they throw it right back in!

  11. LionsPhil says:

    WoW players have been mounting each-other for years.

    Yar yar hump hump.

  12. byteCrunch says:

    Blizzard has been riding the WoW player base for years.

  13. Bobsy says:

    Sorry to be a massive killjoy, but there’s been the ability to turn into a dragon since Cataclysm was launched. I actually spent much time, effort, tears, blood, soil, soot and sweat gathering all the materials together, but instead of finding the alchemist who would turn it into the Flask of Dragonification (not it’s real name) I decided to stop playing forever instead.

    Funny ol’ world, innit. Tea?

    • Solar says:

      Oo’long for me.

      Funny, I stopped shortly after acquiring aforementioned vial of the sands. This new recruit drive yet again devalues ‘achievement/grind/pride/value/challenge’ that was built into the game. A nice enough perk for those playing together though. Before that was a two seater rocket, before that a zebra mount. Unfortunately this only works for recruiting new accounts I think, not for old players returning.

  14. frightlever says:

    A WOW movie is surely going to have a hard time ahead of it. How do you make a film with standard blockbuster tropes, and not piss off half the playerbase?

    Game of Thrones successfully gave us a cast of characters without explicitly saying who we should be cheering for, to an extent. Movies don’t do that so much.

  15. alway says:

    World of Warcraft: The latest in multi-level marketing technology! “And if you recruit 5 people, you get 5% of all the sales they make PLUS a free vaccuum cleaner we normally sell for $15999.99!”

    • po says:

      Well the laws of some countries prevent their residents from taking part in the recruit a friend scheme. Laws made to prevent pyramid schemes.

  16. Torgen says:

    @Nathan: the ruse may have worked better with the two subjects transposed:

    “WoW Turns Players Into Mounts; Loses Movie Director” would imply behind the scenes drama at Blizzard.

  17. MrEvilGuy says:

    use semi-colon

  18. Shooop says:

    “I kind of want to roleplay a mount now. No speaking, no doing anything without my master’s express command.”

    Just play any modern FPS game’s single player. When it says FOLLOW you FOLLOW.