Picross My Heart: Pixel Blocked!

block rocking beats

What an exquisitely lovely thing Pixel Blocked! is. In a soon-to-be-shared interview with the developers of piratical romp Caribbean! I asked if there were any other games that should have exclamation marks in their titles and now this delightful puzzler has arrived with the sole intention of proving that it deserves that little rocket ship at the end of its name. With 8-bit inspired graphics and over 180 (181?) puzzles, it looks like the kind of game I’d happily tease my brain with. The video below introduces the basic principles of block-slotting.

There’s a shorter trailer with some later levels shown as well. Look!

Pixel Blocked! can be yours for $5, DRM-free, direct from the developer.


  1. craigt says:

    Inspired by Guru Logic Champ? – link to youtube.com

    • damnitruong says:

      Haha I see the similarities. Believe it or not I’ve actually never played Guru Logic Champ. I noticed in the video that we’ve made different design choices. Pixel Blocked! has multiple block types with different behaviours. We also treat misplaced blocks differently. It looks like in Guru Logic Champ you have to place blocks in empty spaces to correctly fill the image whereas in Pixel Blocked! you would never have to do that.

  2. fredcadete says:

    Don’t be fooled by the apparently easy system requirements.

    The game page says “Must have a video card that supports, at minimum, Shader Model 1.1.”, but the actual game does not launch if your system does not match XNA HiDef profile.

    5$ down the drain for me, it seems.

    • damnitruong says:

      Hi frecadete it’s Daniel Truong, creator of Pixel Blocked! I’m very sorry about that. I’ll update the system requirements. Send me an email to damnitruong@gmail.com and I’ll offer you a refund. I accidently grabbed the system requirements for the old XNA 3.1. The current requirements can be found here: link to msdn.microsoft.com

  3. scottyjx says:

    I gots to have this game.

  4. aurens says:

    it’s a shame this isn’t getting more attention, but on the other hand i’m not really sure how it could, being “just” a puzzle game. it seems like you need to have already done a big game or have a great gimmick to get any momentum. or maybe puzzle games simply aren’t as popular as i would think?

    whatever. you’ve made a great game, daniel. cheers.

  5. damnitruong says:

    Thank you aurens for the compliments. Getting attention is definitely difficult. Some people say that marketing is half the battle. I’m now learning that first hand. Whatever the case, I’m grateful for every sale and really glad you’re enjoying the game!

    • Premium User Badge

      Ingix says:

      One suggestion: Make a demo. It will make sure that problems like those fredcadete had will not (or at least less often) occur. I’m running XP 64 bit, so I’m not sure after reading your web site if the graphics card requiring DX 10 will be a showstopper on my PC or not (the card certainly can do DX 10, but the operating system can’t).

      In addition, players can find out if they actually like that kind of gameplay (though the trailers give a good indication, IMO). Make it easy to upgrade the demo to the full version and you might get some impluse buyers.

  6. Trip Skyway says:

    Looks very nice.

    I made a puzzle game with some similar ideas called ThunderBlocks which (if you’re interested) you can try on kongregate :)

    link to kongregate.com