Space P-Body: Portal Goes To The ISS

Next month, the Adventure Core goes to Peru

Does P-Body sound at all like ‘oddity’? I don’t think it does, does it? That’s why I’m torturously explaining my lame gag here. That’s why they pay me the almost adequate bucks. Not to mention that the gag, if it can indeed be called a gag, is entirely redundant as this story doesn’t involve Portal 2’s co-op robo-chum P-Body in the slightest. Rather, it’s solely to do with the Space Core, who’s found himself – or at least his image – on a trip to the International Space Station courtesy of an anonymous fan at NASA.

Oddly, the official Portal blog has decided it’s actually the very similar-looking Wheatley rather than the Space Core who was engraved onto an ISS-bound Japanese HTV-3 resupply craft, despite the whole ‘in spaaaaace’ caption. I suppose they know best! Edit – I am wrong, it is indeed Wheatly but with Space Core’s quote underneath. I am always wrong :(

Lest we forget the Space Core’s sterling work and boundless enthusiasm for space, here’s his greatest hits and the happy ending he so richly deserved. FOR THE LOVE OF THE SWEET BABY JESUS DO NOT WATCH THIS IF YOU HAVEN’T FINISHED PORTAL 2:

D’aww. And videogames finally go to space – no greater honour, I think. What remains unknown is just who at NASA was the perpetrator of this off-planet graffiti. Will we ever know? Play it cool, here come the space cops.


  1. wccrawford says:

    The eye gives it away. It’s clearly Wheatley and not Space Core. But it’s the thought that counts, and we love them for it.

  2. Burning Man says:

    I demand that we all link funny SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE videos.

    I’ll start.

    Space Trial

  3. Suits says:

    Surprising they had enough space for that

  4. alice says:

    The mention of Space Cops reminds me that Valve has yet to deliver their promise on Fart Cops: link to

    • EPICTHEFAIL says:

      Barefoot doing a serious analysis of something related to Valve does nothing to diminish the hilarity of that whole article.

    • Hastur says:

      Does this mean Fart Cops qualifies as vaporware?

  5. lasikbear says:

    Should have just gone for the brute forced version, Space P-Boddity

  6. djbriandamage says:

    “And videogames finally go to space”

    British did it! Sorta.

    link to

    • Eddy9000 says:

      “Tabula Rasa, which launched November 2007, is an intense, fast-paced, sci-fi MMO PC game that puts you in the middle of the never-ending intergalactic fight for freedom against a hostile alien race called the Bane. Players use high-tech weaponry, alien powers, and the help of other Allied Free Sentients (AFS) soldiers to rid the universe of the Bane threat.”

      Sounds fantastic, I’m going to go and play it right now.

  7. diestormlie says:

    They already put the space core in space. It landed in some fantasy world and some twat turned it into a helmet.

    link to

    • Spengbab says:

      Goddamn, that core landing in Skyrimium (or whatever the place is called) is making me regret I didnt buy Skyrim during the sale.

  8. IcyBee says:

    Anyone know where a UK based person can buy one of these:
    link to
    …without paying extortionate shipping rates?

    ….shame it isn’t actually 100% off.

    • Eddy9000 says:

      I think this has to win the “post that looks most like spam but isn’t” 2012 award!!

  9. devlocke says:

    Wouldn’t “Space Core Oddity: Portal Goes to the ISS” have made the same joke with a lot less tortuous explaining to do?

  10. Dr I am a Doctor says:

    My favourite perfume is ‘With Love’ by Hilary Duff.

    e: I laughed, mr. Alec. But my smell is Cerruti 1881 and I wouldn’t change it for anything else.

    Also: NASA. Cretins, or, more politely said, people because of whom I am embarassed to say I like video games

  11. Mungrul says:

    You know who voiced the Space sphere don’t you?
    Go on, take a wild guess.
    The omnipresent Nolan North.

  12. Jahkaivah says:

    I though it would be cool to make a model Space Core with a little weighted gizmo inside it which is designed to detect gravity, or the absence of. That way when it’s on earth it’s able to spout it’s lines about wanting to be in space, and it’s lines about being in space when it isn’t

    • PoLLeNSKi says:

      I’m wondering whether to be a pedant and point out that there is still gravity in space, you just don’t feel the effects whilst in orbit because you’re in freefall with the other objects around you…

      Oops, too late.

  13. boundless08 says:


    I was actually really annoyed I had to say that as no one else has, what’s wrong with you people?