A Song Of Lightning And Poison: Firefall’s Summer Update

Feel threatened by us, mighty future warrior. Look at how sharp our appendages are. WooooOOOOooooOOOO!

After giving us a glimpse of the assault battleframe’s quick-drawing, rapid-firing revamp, Red 5’s now taking a leisurely fly-by trip through Firefall‘s entire summer milestone update. The short version? No class is safe. From having their space stockings stuffed with tons of neat presents! So now we’re onto the Engineer and the not-a-Medic-anymore Biotech. Yes, they’ve renamed that one. Apparently constant use of poison is grounds for having your medical license revoked. Who knew?

I’m definitely liking the Biotech – at least, conceptually. And that’s actually kind of weird, because I don’t usually play medics or debuff-heavy classes in other games. For some reason, though, the idea of being both at the same time appeals to me. Maybe it’s the potential diversity of roles I can assume on the battlefield. Or perhaps I just really like the idea of having a monopoly on all the activities that make other players very, very angry.

Engineer seems solid as well – though less theatrically so. Lightning gun, shields, and turrets are nice in that they all come across as relatively simple, but Red 5’s added just enough┬ámechanical depth to each (for instance, the lightning gun’s damage increase/decrease timing-based trade-off) that I imagine mastery – and bulging biceps, a thunderous voice, and any other Zeus-like symptoms it may produce – won’t happen overnight.

I would not fear for my frail mortality too terribly much if I bet my life on the idea that we’ll see more battleframe updates in the near future – probably even this week. So while spiders and jagged, low-hanging tree branches (one will claim one of my eyes someday – I just know it) threaten to end our existences, we can at least feel safe in that knowledge.


  1. Flukie says:

    Don’t know why I’m still not in this beta.

  2. Luke says:

    So that’s why I’m no longer allowed to practice medicine!

  3. Geger says:

    Biotech, i’m really happy for you and i’m gonna let you finish,
    but Bile Demon had the best gas attack.

  4. Kestilla says:

    More fat developers we don’t want to see taking time away from showing visuals of the game we want to see more of.

    Also hype. Just the goods, bare and plain, please.

  5. Skabooga says:

    Is that person in the leading screenshot . . . is that person not wearing pants?

  6. NightShift says:

    This is really starting to remind me of Global agenda. Problem is, I keep hearing that it’s terrible.

  7. shadow9d9 says:

    Doesn’t look like this will come out any time soon… it was supposed to be out early this year. I really don’t care anymore.

    • Nethlem says:

      Yeah, looks like they used up all their hype without actually delivering.
      When they first announced this it looked like really cool and new thing.

      But now? Planetside 2, Tribes, TF2, Warface and like a dozen other F2P titles make this look like they came late to the party with Firefall, when they had been among the first to actually start the “High Quality F2P” party.

  8. MonkeyLord2121 says:

    I’ve been in the beta for a month and I got a key the second day I made my account from a contest, so I can’t say how long it takes to get a key from being active on the forums. What I can say is that this is actually probably the best beta iv ever seen for a game. The developers are constantly on the forums looking at threads and suggestions and taking feedback and just started to build the actual core combat. That being said the game only has about 2-3 hours worth of actual gameplay and bugs are common. Its not that the game is horrible it just feels really unfinished, I know I was having fun before there was nothing left to do but grind.

  9. Felixader says:

    I really like the sound of this game. I REALLY want to play this. But… the female armor design is JUST SO SHITTY.
    Yes that is actually a problem for me as it is only on the female armor and so shows a certain one sided kind of attitude towards females and it really saddens me.

    I don’t even know why that causes such an emotional immense impact one me but it just keeps me from playing the game or any game that has an attitude like this.

    • ShrikeMalakim says:

      Agreed, and it didn’t help that they’re committed to Orson Scott Card writing story for them, and I refuse to give money to anyone who supports that homophobic prick. I got one of the first beta invites for the game, and emailed them to revoke it because of OSC.

    • Wret says:

      I know, but never fear because there will be in the future a way to chose between Pants Or No Pants. It has to do with the customization system.

    • RegisteredUser says:

      It saddens me in turn that there is the kind of person that has these issues.

      If I skipped every game that had an overtrained, deep-voiced etc otherwise overstereotyped male in it, I’d be looking at 20 years worth of gaming boiling down to 5 minutes of Tetris. (Btw, this should also make you avoid about the same amount of cinema and series, come to think of it. Near infinite stream of “There was no need to have/do/see THAT”)

      Ah, Tetris, salvation of gaming sexism. You unsexy, unsexy block you.

      On an overall layering of firstworldproblems, this really has to be in one of the narrower spots near the top of the pyramid.
      I will also never understand why killing people dead, at times gruelly so, is so infinitely less of an issue than a bared leg, e.g.

  10. alilsneaky says:

    Why is the fat guy looking up all the time, probably thinking of all the candy and hamburgers he is going to eat right after the recording ends.

    • ImOnTheRadio says:

      Am I evil for laughing outrageously at this? :DD
      – A guy who is struggling to eat enough to gain serious mass

  11. Blackcompany says:

    I used to want to play this. Back when I thought it would release. But I think they have spent more time on hype & cosplay outfits than development.

    If it ever releases I will have a look. What I won’t do is sacrfice precious free time tripping forums in vain hopes for beta invites. Given the nature of most game forums it baffled me that the devs would do something to encourage that behavior.

    Ah well. Back to playable games with real release dates.

  12. Atrak says:

    Fun game, but currently needs more PVE content as to not get dull quickly.

    Oh and you don’t need to post on the forums to get an invite just reading them seems to be enough.

  13. Crispy says:

    Someone’s been playing League of Legends. This ability is straight from Singed.