Goal’d Pieces: PES 2013 Demo Allows Us To Play Ball

When I read PES, I always think Pez, but they’re really not the same. One is a simulation of wholesome, manly sport, while the other is a slightly bizarre synthesis of licenced intellectual property, plastic, and synthetic confectionery. One of these is always on my desk. The other is not. For your own purposes, why not illustrate this vital difference for yourself by trying out the demo of PES 2013, which is next year’s football game released now, for some reason. You can download it here, if you like. For additional data on this fresh football sample, I’ve posted an informative trailer, just below. The demo reportedly contains the Brazilian teams of Santos FC, SC Internacional, Fluminense and Flamengo, and the national squads for England, Germany, Italy and Portugal.

Diving! Dribbling! Passing! Goaling! Legging! Balling? No, no balling. That would be wrong.


  1. mzlapq says:

    How is Pez a simulation of a sport?
    And how this screenshot is related to PES?
    I always thought it would be more of a TIM style game.
    (link to youtube.com)

  2. Jim Rossignol says:

    On another site this would have been a popular story.

    • lordcooper says:

      I’ll try it out if that’ll give you happies?

    • Jimbo says:

      I heard from Sources that this will have really bad DRM. Put that in your title.

    • frameset says:

      I pick up PES most years, it’s not only much cheaper on PC, at about £18 for PES 2013 pre-order, but thanks to the fine folks at link to pesedit.com you can get updated likenesses, additional leagues, and more teams than Konami bought the licences for. This year they even released a mod for PES 2012 that added a Euro 2012 cup mode, complete with Polish and Ukranian stadia.

      You guys should definitely highlight this, maybe as part of your mods of the week section?

  3. lasikbear says:

    This title was so misleading, I thought the world would finally get a football game where you could play AS the ball.

  4. Faldrath says:

    Brazilian teams are a nice unusual choice for a demo, but then I guess PES is still pretty big here.

  5. BAshment says:

    Anyone ever play Libero Grande?

  6. wodin says:

    Football game graphics have stagnated, if anything shows the problem with consoles and how they stagnate tech wise Football games how it the most.

    Besides that the best ever football game made was Sensible Soccer and Sensible Soccer 2 on the Atari ST\Amiga 1200.

    • sinister agent says:

      Ironically, football games have become too nerdy. Football is the nerdiest sport, see – the detail and obsessiveness of even casual football fans is truly something to behold, and the games have been running with that for over a decade now.

      You can’t just pick teams and kick the ball around anymore – you have to faff around with formations and tactics and lineups for ten minutes every half, plus learn the 462 types of pass you can make if you want to get anywhere.

      I do like the “be one player only” mode that some of them have, though. That was the best innovation they’ve had for years. But they still don’t get it quite right, and make it far fiddlier than it needs to be.

      • Faldrath says:

        I agree, I used to love football games when you only needed two or three buttons to do everything. Nowadays they’re more of a chore, really.

      • DiamondDog says:

        Nonsense. You can never have too many options in a football game. If you want simple mechanics go play a 4x or something.

      • Mad Hamish says:

        That be the player mode was actually the most fun I’ve had with a football game in ages.I played it on FIFA back when they made the first decent FIFA in years. 2010 I think. It was like at football RPG. I was some poor Mexican kid playing for a shitty club team. In the beginning being a “video game expert” you expect you’ll shoot to the top of world football in no time. A mere football game will not best me, I’ve played “real RPGs”. I eventually got to the national team but I never made it out of Mexico, club-wise. Still a successful career though

      • sophof says:

        Amen. How hard could it be to introduce a ‘coach’ that handles all the details while you at most just give it the strategy. subbing 3 people at once in the 80th minute because I forgot AGAIN gets a bit annoying and looking at the millions of options for tactics makes it seem like I’m missing out.

        What is especially clear for someone like me who buys one of them every few years, is that these games are only made for those that play them obsessively. Controls get harder every time, not easier for instance. That really doesn’t make sense to me…

      • Canadave says:

        Correction: baseball is the nerdiest sport. The depth of the statistics and analysis in that game is ridiculous.

    • Jimbo says:

      No, Sensible Massacre is clearly the best football game ever made.

      New Star Soccer on iPad is far more enjoyable than it has any right to be.

  7. lord0o says:

    Nice Graphics…but the legs keep crossing on with other ones.

  8. Desmolas says:

    I love watching the trailers for Fifa and PES every year just to see how technologically they advance every year or so in animation. The animations themselves are nice, but it’s about time somebody mastered gracefully transitioning between animations. There’s always that really clunky split second between animations where the computer is mashing them together whichever way it can.

    • John Richardson says:

      Yeah, all the little touches like the flicks and close control look nice enough and the ball seems to behave quite realistically but those animations are jerky. They’re like football playing robots with a tourette twitch.

  9. Was Neurotic says:

    Thumbs Up if you thought this was a Stargate game news item… Oh wait…

  10. Lobosolitario says:

    Pez also means “fish” in Spanish :)

  11. luckystriker says:

    PES 2012 was a return to form for the series, so I have high hopes for this one.

  12. nimzy says:

    I hadn’t even heard a word about PES until 4chan started running CPU-vs-CPU tournaments with player-created teams. Game looks good.

  13. Ian says:

    I shall be having a try of this later. Hopefully, one day, FIFA or PES will put out a football enjoyable enough for me to actually want to buy one again.

  14. Sheps says:

    Konami, introducing features that other games have already had for years.

  15. annejanejames says:

    Hello Anya…

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