Quake Live Map Rotation, Free Spider Crossings

Every few months I find a reason to play Quake Live. I used to mainline Quake III for all waking hours as a younger man, and I still enjoy my time with a railgun. The problem with Quake Live, of course, is the general inflexibility. No premium account means certain maps are off limits. However, that’s now changing, with the premium accounts simply giving you access to all the maps, all the time. The Quake Live team explains: “As announced in our recent QUAKE LIVE Premium Pak 13 news, we will be now be cycling the Standard arena pool on the first Monday of each month. Rather than only having access to the same standard arenas day in and day out, each month we will now feature 21 arenas selected as playable for Standard-level matches.” That means that my favourite Quake III map, Spider Crossings, is available to all this month.

If you want me, I’ll be on the Capture The Flag servers.


  1. 7hink says:

    This is a pretty good idea I would say. All the premium maps did before was splitting up the community, making it so that premium arenas never got played at all due to lack of players. Whether this will actually change a lot remains to be seen. There is still the skill diference between the players that kinda ruins things for both old and new players. Qlive just doesn’t have enough players to make their tier system work like it should.

  2. The First Door says:

    I was a huge Q3 player back in the day too, but for whatever reason I’ve struggled to really get into Quake Live. It still feels brilliant, but I think I lack the time and patience to really learn the maps and get hooked again.

    Having said that, I suspect Shootmania might be my go to fast-paced shooter from now on as it seems more focused on reaction speed and skill than map learning, which is nice.

    • Herzog says:

      Better wait for Reborn!

    • Malibu Stacey says:

      You might want to give Warsow and/or Xonotic a spin while you wait.

    • AlexMax says:

      To be frank, I wasn’t terribly impressed with Shootmania. By stripping out all of the weapons (except in special situations), it felt like it simply removed too much. Hopping around with nothing but a shock rifle and 2HP got really boring really fast.

      One thing it was on to, however, was reducing the importance of items. In Doom 2, you had a choice between weapon stay with no item respawn and weapon and item respawn on a 30s timer. For dueling, the first option was the standard (since nobody wants to wait 30s for a weapon), and the game was better for it; death came quickly at the end of a perfectly-aimed SSG blast and a combination of aim and positioning mattered much more than making sure you always had a blue armor. Even though modern ports added the option for weapon stay and item respawn, most dueling levels don’t have anything worth hogging, as a level allowing you to become “too stacked” (Blue Armor, Cell Pack, Megasphere) is frowned upon by the community.

      Shootmania, of course has no items at all, which perhaps might be too far in the other direction, but Quake’s “hog the items” gameplay is why I could never get into Quake dueling.

  3. Vagrant says:

    I’ve always enjoyed Quakelive while at Quakecon, but I’ve always hated playing it online. Took me a little while to figure out: Onlline has too many players in a server. 16 (I think) for Deathmatch is way too many for me to enjoy.

  4. frenz0rz says:

    Oh man I remember that map!

    Its been years, but if I recall correctly it was (like many old school CTF maps) an absolute bastard to attack properly.

  5. rapchee says:

    why not play openarena? it’s actually free and as far as i can tell (not a huge quake fan) identical to q3