De L’Ombre: Worlds

Worlds is a curious thing. It’s a cartoonish, cell-shaded, third-person stealth game, with lots of violence. Like a sort of lo-fi Splinter Cell. Before today it was only available in French, but has just been translated into English. There’s a video below, so you can get a bit more of a grasp on what the game is about, and a demo over here for an even more vivid impression. In it you play an interdimensional espionage agent who is tasked with stopping different worlds being aware of each other’s existence.

I think that’s got to be worth a look, eh?


  1. Slinkyboy says:

    Looks like Madness from Newgrounds. Is it by the same guy?

    • Dominic White says:

      Nope, but the dev says that Madness is a fairly big inspiration. Still, it’s slower, talkier and thinkier than it looks at first glance.

      It’s very low-fi, but I’ll be playing this preview copy more later.

  2. lordcooper says:

    Downloading the demo now, this looks weirdly cool.

  3. Gap Gen says:

    Holy shit the video is violent.

  4. Hyetal says:

    That trailer went from mundane to crazy really fucking fast.

  5. Maldomel says:

    ‘In it you play an interdimensional espionage agent who is tasked with stopping different worlds being aware of each other’s existence.’
    By violently killing everyone who could be aware.

  6. deke913 says:

    Bizzaro Rayman.

  7. Just Endless says:

    Wot I think someday?

  8. Just Endless says:

    anyone figure out how to get out of the prison cell? I could think of many logical options, none I could translate to game.

    • Dominic White says:

      There’s a piece of wire in the corner of the room, which you can use to pick the lock when the guards back is turned. It’s not too pixel-hunty – the item is highlighted when you’re facing anywhere in its general direction.

  9. Geger says:

    sound fx remind me “chex quest”

  10. VelvetFistIronGlove says:

    The concept intrigues me, and the trailer had me interested until all the killing at the end. The bloody, brutal violence is more off-putting when it’s done by cute cartoon-like characters somehow. That the trailer ended with so much of it suggests that the game is mostly focused on killing (which is not what I was hoping for from it). Anyone know if that’s the case?

    • Vagrant says:

      The demo (once you get out of the training facility) is actually a lot more like Zelda with Splinter Cell combat.

  11. Jackablade says:

    Tried the demo. It feels like a solid stealth game in the early stages of development. The basics are there and more or less functional, but everything about it needs a lot of refinement and finessing. It is apparently still in active development, so they might get there eventually. For the time being, I’d probably suggest waiting until they get a few more versions down the line before diving in.

  12. Commissar64 says:

    I seem to be stuck endlessly wandering through my apartment. How do you progress through the tutorial?

    All I can do is walk from room to room and click on things the Protagonist is uninterested in.
    This is all feeling very pomo.

    • Matrix101 says:

      Try to interact with the TV set. ;-)

      • Commissar64 says:

        Thanks Matrix101.

        Made it to the shooting range. Think the game may have had a technical hiccup as I shot all of the targets but the door wouldn’t open.

        • Vagrant says:

          Did you get 3 or 4 targets? There’s one hidden in hole int eh wall, you have to go first person to shoot him.

          Currently I’m stuck trying to find the looter in the town.

          • xHexx says:

            I have found two ways to find it so far : try to denounce someone to a guard to gain access to the HQ or talk to a grumpy citizen in his house to learn about a secret passage (or find it by yourself, third solution)

            The demo seems pretty huge, I’m yet trying to figure out what I’ve to do in the second world (and I have neither completed all the side quests nor all bonus training missions!)

          • godfatherbrak says:

            I haven’t found the secret passage but I did turn someone in and talked to the boss. While looking for the looter, I’ve had no luck and the only info I could find was a french walkthrough in several parts on youtube. Somehow, he got into the basement and I have no idea how to do that or find the actual looters that will get me the card back.

  13. rafaeleao says:

    Damn anyone found the password for the jeypad in the grey tower, at the Lesna world? I’m stuck on it, I’m sure it’s one the room with the PI number -.-

  14. pixelpusher says:

    Yep, can’t for the life of me figure out the password for the keypad. Too intense a puzzle for so early in the game if you ask me, or maybe I’m an idiot?! =]

    • rafaeleao says:

      Wow ignore my other comment (non reply) just found the answer in the french forum, with the help of my old pal, google translator.

      the password is 724. Because you will find some parts of the codes around the tower, like the 22, 34 and 17, and u take the last number of them, and try diferent orders till u find that pass.

      • pixelpusher says:

        Excellent! Thanks for taking the time to share the info as that puzzle had me completely baffled.

      • njursten says:

        Actually I think the first number in the pairs tells you the order to use them, so it’s probably 724. I only figured it out after I bruteforced the order, so no way to test. :P

        There’s a button in the room with the birds, that opens up access to the room with the numbers.

  15. rafaeleao says:

    Exactly my thoughts, I was like “damn its not math, still I can’t figure it” and I really want to play the game -.-

  16. Inzimus says:

    this game immediately fell into the category of: “Games I don’t need a demo, in order to find out if it’s worth the money”

    bought it, installed it, ran it

    I’m blown away by not only the art-direction, but the size of these worlds

    once done with the first mission (in the first world), there is the option of returning there for more missions

    right now I’ve made it outside the first city and fighting off looters and gigantic chickens

    sure, I’ve stumbled across a bug and the music doesn’t always keep in line, but apart from that, this is an amazing game

    and as been mentioned before, this is more in the lines of Zelda, but also more in the lines of Fable, rather than Splinter Cell, although there is a lot more choice and a lot more consequence to your actions

    (example; the woman in the first world, who’s husband is cheating on her – you get the choice to beat up her husband (or kill), or get a mission from him to kill his wife and thereby getting a different reward. once you return to this world for a second run, they will explain to you why they were having issues (if you let them live, that is))

    a great amount of detail, as well as a living world, where NPC’s have schedules, etc.

    well worth the $6 (although you can throw more money at them, via Indievania)

  17. pixelpusher says:

    Has anyone managed to figure out the code for the second keypad in the tower on Lesna? I have all three groups of numbers but cannot for the life of me see any logical pattern in them.

    EDIT: Got it. Turns out I didn’t have the correct numbers in one of the three groups.

    • lanks says:

      What is the code to the second door in the grey tower on Lesna?

  18. njursten says:

    Finished the demo and really liked it, so I bought the game. Really liked it. It seems to be still be under development; At first I thought there was a bug when I finished them all, because the admin guy just said “no more missions”, and nothing else. Could’ve been a bit better explained, had to mail the developers. :P

    There’s a really cool logic puzzle later on in the game, where you have to figure out a foreign number system. Was really fun, though there were a bit too many things that could go wrong, so hard to test out your theory. I had some trouble with which end of the switches corresponds to the highest numbers, so spent almost half an hour extra with the puzzle, trying to figure out what was wrong.

    I definitely recommend the game!