Fighting In Continents: Planetside 2 Beta Splashes Down

Soldier? Pilot? Pffft. I'm a Level 47 That Guy Who Hangs Around The Base But Nobody Quite Knows What He Does.

Ready for war? How ready? Ready enough that being on the edge of your seat is starting to feel comfortable? So ready that you don’t merely dream of epic battles on continent sized maps, but consider the time spent doing so to be mental training? If someone said “You might be able to play Planetside 2 as early as Monday?” would you nod politely, or explode with excitement? If the latter, read no further – at least until you’ve put down lots of plastic sheeting.

No, really. You wouldn’t want to get giblets in the carpet now, would you?

Who's the best Planetside 2 faction? Well, Terrans are grounded, Vanu can do, and the New Conglomerate are... uh... there as well.

Barring any “unforeseen circumstances”, the long-awaited beta is due to kick off on Monday or Tuesday. John Smedley didn’t just say so, HE SHOUTED IT. And that makes it Official.

It’s going to be a staged roll-out, so just because you have a beta key doesn’t automatically mean you get in at the very start – for starters, there’s a split between “Priority” keys and regular beta ones. You’re within reach though, a little like Tantalus in his pool of undrinkable water, only after mobile artillery to quench the thirst for battle and probably not in Greek Hell.

If you don’t have a key yet, it’s not too late. You can sign up here. Bear in mind though that this is actually going to be a beta-beta, not a glorified-demo beta, so expect a little roughness along with the necessary roughness of fighting for the future. It’s also going to look quite different from this recent CG trailer, but what the hell. Let’s embed it anyway because Guns.


  1. InSaNe-O_o says:

    signed up aeons ago still havent received a key :(

    • MaXimillion says:

      You don’t get given a key for signing up, you’re just automatically let into the beta eventually. But you will be behind people with PS1 accounts or beta keys from PC Gamer, E3 or Twitter.

      • lincolnton says:

        So PCGamer keys get in first wave? Awesome. I had almost forgotten that I signed up last decemberish.

        • westyfield says:

          John Smedley twittered that the order is “active subs > anytime subbed > priority keys > normal signups”.
          I.e. PCG priority keys get in before regular signups, but after PS1 veterans.

          link to

          Edit: He also said that keys from PCG, E3, and Twitter are all the same.

          link to

          • Kelron says:

            I had a Planetside sub and never got anything :(

          • westyfield says:


            The beta hasn’t started yet, the thing that a few people are currently playing is the tech test. It’s like a pre-beta but not alpha. The beta for PS1 vets should start next week as per the article, as far as I know veterans don’t get keys, their Station accounts get access to the beta in the same way that regular signups will get access. It’s only PCG/E3/Twitter people who get an actual code to enter.

          • Asurmen says:

            One thing they haven’t clarifiied yet is what happens if you’ve entered a priority key but you’re a past/present subscriber. One would assume the past/present subscriber flag on your account overides the priority key but you never know, this is SOE.

          • Davee says:

            @ Asurmen:

            It would appear to override the way it should. I can’t go into more details than that. ;)

        • jp0249107 says:

          Nope, it’s going to be a couple weeks for those keys to get in and even then they may be mixed in with some of the previous keys so non-vets will take quite a while.

  2. Trent Hawkins says:

    what a Metro Last Light ripoff

  3. westyfield says:

    Alternate headline: Planetside 2 Beta Indar House.

  4. Yargh says:

    I signed in to Sony’s station just now to check on the settings.

    Got a little frisson of anticipation when I noticed – Planetside 2 account: Active

    No idea what that means for beta access though…

  5. Smashbox says:

    Oh man – is this NDAed or will we be able to watch our more fortunate keymasters on Youtube?

    • westyfield says:

      The tech test (that’s currently happening) is NDA’d to hell and back – you’re not even allowed to say if you’re in the tech test.

      • Obc says:

        The Candy_man just posted under us that he is in the closed beta…….soooo

    • lagga says:

      Matt Higby regularly streams from the tech test when he can on link to but he’s in china atm. Some of it is on youtube, link to for example.

  6. The_Candyman says:

    I couldn’t believe it when I got in last week, must be the first closed beta test I’ve ever got an invite to.

    And to any Australians interested in this game – there doesn’t seem to be any noticeable lag on US servers surprisingly, they must have wizards writing the netcode or something.

    • Brise Bonbons says:

      Are you even allowed to state that you’re in the beta? Best be careful, I’d hate for you to get so excited and then get kicked out for silly NDA nonsense. :) Congrats anyway! Hope you have enough fun for all of us who aren’t in.

    • Cooper says:


      Also; check the RPS forums if you fancy playing with RPS-ers who may – or may not – also be in the tech test.

  7. rockman29 says:

    Oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God……


    • Orija says:

      I didn’t really expect to like it but I did. Blur Studios does know how to do its job.

  8. AmateurScience says:

    Mr Cobbett, may I suggest some Tena Man, rather than Planetside, to help you deal with this terrible affliction.

    Look you even get a free sample!

    link to



    • Richard Cobbett says:

      I’m not convinced by your modern ‘medicine’ ever since people told me the one tiny good bit in Alan Wake would turn it from an incredibly boring pill to swallow into a homeopathic Remedy.

  9. tlarn says:

    The first time I got a taste of a game with persistent combat throughout a world, it was Tabula Rasa with its bases being constantly attacked and such. It was in an MMO(TPS)RPG setting, but I adored that about the game. When I tried to find other games that had this sort of feature, I couldn’t find much, aside from the first Planetside.

    I’m incredibly excited for Planetside 2; it looks like it’ll be the kind of game I’ve been looking for.

  10. wodin says:

    Can’t wait for the day that ingame graphics look like that trailer. That will be the day i really do start playing online FPS games more.

  11. shadow9d9 says:

    F2p for this cannot end well… I can’t understand for the life of me why people would be excited for this.

    • jikavak says:

      I don’t see why not.Can you specify at least?

    • Popcornicus says:

      Just like it failed for TF2, Tribes, DotA 2, and Blacklight? The Planetside 2 devs are stringent about not selling pay-to-win items. You’ll be able to buy additional XP, cosmetic items, and resources used to buy vehicles (which fill up from owning territory anyway). F2P will keep the player base huge. I expect SOE to make a ton of money on this one.

      • Smarag says:

        Money != good game
        It failed for tribes, definitely and it isn’t that good at Blacklight. Let’s hope they stay at trying to be TF2 and DotA.

  12. jikavak says:

    I hover over this “community” menu at their site but I can’t see a forum?Do I have to use the PS1 one or is it just hidden?

  13. PudgeTheButcher says:

    yo richard, i will trade my very exclusive info about half life 3 for ps2 beta key,will u trade sir?

  14. Wubble69 says:

    I thought I was watching filthy Smurf Propaganda … until the end!

    Vanu FTW!

  15. Brise Bonbons says:

    All the videos I’ve seen have very much made this look like your typical action shooter. I’m just not excited for one of those, even if there is a persistent world backing it up. If I want raw shooting I’ll play RO2, and if I want virtual world I’ll play DayZ, and for 3-way territory control there’s GW2, which seems to have a more sophisticated metagame, though I could be wrong there.

    Can someone explain to me what PS involves on the strategic level? What sort of choices are you making in loadout and maneuver in order to adjust to the enemy and mesh with your team?

    Then again, I’m probably just about the only person thinks the ideal setting for a persistent online shooter is WWI. Think of the atmosphere! Digging trenches! Brave scouting missions by cavalry units! The long opportunities for just sitting and chatting with allies!

    • Napalm Sushi says:

      The appeal really has nothing to do with the solid yet, undeniably, utterly standard shooting and vehicular mechanics.

      It puts you in the middle of a full blown war; one whose scale isn’t just suggested by set-pieces, background animations and looping sound effects, but actually manifested in the form of the 1997 other players (665 of them on your team alone) on any given map.

      The dozen strong tank column rolling alongside your marching company, the squadron of gunships shooting overhead, the ten dropships behind them bearing an infantry squad in each of their holds, the storm of tracers and flak erupting from the enemy base on the horizon… all of it is other players and their actions, even the decision to attack that particular base at that particular time, and the situation described above is just one portion of what’s going on on the map as a whole.

      This marriage of vast scale and entirely player-driven gameplay produces an emergentism that forms the bulk of the game’s appeal. The battles aren’t just matches: they’re crucial parts of larger territorial struggles that give rise to war stories that players will talk fondly of afterwards like members of some virtual veterans’ club. The time when they desperately held an outpost against a withering assault for two hours. The time when their air wing stopped a massive enemy tank force in a dusty canyon complex. The time when their 150 man galaxy drop went wrong and the survivors had to barricade the tiny foothold they’d established in the enemy base until reinforcements arrived.

      It takes on a life all of its own, a life breathed into it by the sheer number of other experiences happening alongside yours.

  16. Blaaaaaaag says:

    I’d have signed up for the beta, but some jerk stole my handle. Who would do that? It’s a terrible handle, I should have a monopoly on it. If any of you see some chumpass in game called Blaaaaaaag, please do me a favour and make that persons experience lousy.

    Now I have to bang my head against the wall for a few hours to try and come up with a different handle. As you can tell, I’m awful at this, this is gonna take me a long time.

  17. JToTheDog says:

    I doubt it. I’m not getting my hopes up till I have a downloaded client shoved down my throat.
    All this hype and intentional “misunderstandings” about beta have made my mouth bitter with pessimism. I mean, there’s a reason non other than the president of SOE himself had to spam Twitter with explanations about when and how beta is coming. Either that or most of us are to stupid to understand simple sentences.

    Kinda like “I’m not crazy. The rest of the world is!”.

  18. The Army of None says:

    Anyone remember the Daily Victim series of articles, via Gamespy (with the artist from Penny Arcade now), about Planetside? Man those were good, but they seem to not exist anymore :(

  19. Kuraudo says:

    So apparently, according to the trailer, Planetside 2 is about being a lonewolf player punishing the foolish peasants who use teamwork to accomplish objectives?

    I wonder if mario-skipping fully loaded galaxies and shooting the peasants inside dumb enough to wait for orders to drop on to the objective is a gameplay feature?